Foreword: Below is a dedicated student's thoughts while witnessing a serious reliving entered into by another student. We are presenting this discussion because each of us can come within reach of our lower self and be waylaid from our progressive pathway.


Looking out of my kitchen window this morning with a cup of coffee in hand, I watched the trees sway from a steady breeze as I opened the window to let in the morning air. And with that same breeze, was sent the sweet fragrance from a flower called Stock which was planted in a pot and sitting on a stand outside that window. While enjoying all that my eyes took in, I was analyzing a recent event that transpired with a couple of students recently, and was trying to put that event into perspective to what I have conceived within myself from the Teachings. I have come to a conclusion at this juncture in my life and studies that no-matter how often or how many years a student professes to devote to the Unarius teachings, if we attack another student whether it be in person, or by mail, and do it maliciously and with that intent to hurt, then how can we possibly say we understand the Principles in the text that we are reading and that we are applying them in our daily life? Where is our brotherly or sisterly love? What happened to,"Do unto others as we would want done unto us"?

These students are our brothers and sisters, and when we feel a resentment, anger, jealousy, or yes even hatred toward one of them, then apply these precious teachings to what we have been trying to overcome, OUR LOWER SELF. It does no good to point our finger, but if we do then visualize a mirror before us when we point that finger and see who's face is looking back. With each negative life tKarma1hat comes to the fore is our chance to meet it head on, and yes it can be a big one and a strong one, but the Brothers will be right with us every time to help us through it if we let our ego go and face the fact that it might be us that we are seeing in the person that we have decided to attack. When these reliving come in they will bring the obsessions with them and it is up to us to realize this and not let them influence us. Sometimes we as students need to pull ourselves back from those who refuse to work out their past transgressions because we do not want the attackers obsessions trying to slip in our back door, we must be discerning. There are some students who are sensitive enough to not only feel frequencies but can see them, so please remember that too. We are all gathered here at this time as students and have been given that precious chance to work out our trespasses that we have inflicted on each other at one time or another, and have been given the tools to help us do just that. Let us work together to over come our negative past which won't be easy, but can be less painful and burdensome if we; and here I want to thank another dedicated student for posting,"Love in Action", put those words to use. I don't know about you, but I want to empty my can of trash as much as I'm able too each and every life that I'm afforded and fill it with Light that comes from knowledge and knowing how to use it in a Light filled way.

We must not take another student's burden of the choice he has made upon our shoulders. And we must not speak badly of him, he is our brother. The sadness we have felt is not from the physical of our being, but is from the spiritual part of whom we are acquainted, and with that, knows the consequences of his actions. If he has not and will not accept any help from anyone that will bring to his forefront for him to face his negative past deeds that are causing his irrational behavior toward another, then we must leave him alone for now, for he is totally reactionary and we need not be attacked by his obsessions. He will only accept past lives where something was done to him from someone or thing, but not the other way around. My experience tells me this is not how it works, you have to have a balance, you must face yourself either sooner or later. Later is never a good choice. But sad to say, he has made his choice.

The Brotherhood never leaves their brothers or sisters, it is of our own choosing if we decide to leave. Just because we read the Unarian texts and that we say that we are just fine, well in a selost soul2nse we are, because we have not totally disregarded the teachings, but although we still read the words and think we comprehend the teachings, we really do not, fore if we had, then we would not write destructive words about another student. This student's ego and his deep guilt at this time have taken hold and he has buried himself. He sees himself as the victim and will not see or accept anything else. I must add here that we are all reliving something every day that is why we must analyze all thoughts every day. However, we can not help those who absolutely believe that they don't need it!

Sometimes we as students may become overzealous in our conversations from time to time especially when talking about the Unarius Teachings and depending on the person who is listening, may take it as (preaching) if they are in tune and oscillating with negative lifetimes. WE ALL have egos and WE ALL are working very hard to overcome, and while we are working these things out we should not intentionally hurt another Brother or Sister, that is not nice. I love ALL my Brothers and Sisters unconditionally no-matter what, and I feel a form of sadness when Brother or Sister are at odds and act like the enemies of the past once again. This is when WE as Brothers and Sisters, with the lessons in hand, can put what we have learned, into forgiveness and truly demonstrate "Love in Action".

Love and Light,


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