I posted the comment below on one of Amira Willighagen’s U-Tube videos. I thought you might like to read it.

Magnificent performance by Amira! However, performance might be a misnomer. I have been following Amira’s talent since she first appeared as a contestant on ‘Holland’s Got Talent’ - at 9 years old!! She immediately displayed a unique energy and phenomenal operatic voice. More than hearing her beautiful voice, literally millions of people felt and responded to her soulful inner self shining through!

Since then she has been working to master her vocal abilities and shows that her body is growing into maturity to match her wondrous enthusiasm. Yet, as I have watched her develop her art, I have noticed in her something special which is unique to someone who is internally striving to reach continual heights of expression. Unlike most people who learn the techniques and become proficient in their art, Amira seems to become totally immersed in the Aria she is singing - which propels her into another world. I see more and more that she is not performing to the audience but becomes at one with the song, and the audience disappears from her awareness! - she is not singing to them, but revels in the beauty of the sounds. She undoubtedly enjoys the people’s appreciation, but that is not her motivation!

As we watch her singing, most of us sense a certain Inner Light that beckons us to embrace her love of the music. We feel enfolded by her alternate reality. She seems to display a sort of mastery that transcends the normal world of love. Now this might sound a bit Meta-Physical and over the top. Yes, I am a fan of Amira, however not from idolizing her, but a true respect of her unique and splendid love of opera and her genuine concern for her fellow earth people (i.e. Playgrounds etc.). This respect is always felt when we notice anyone (in any field of endeavor) who has this Inner Light that is all too rare in this world.

The above analysis comes from my belief in reincarnation and the evolution of the soul, where, each of us learn from life to life the many different experiences that recreates the value of Infinity within us. As each person grows in wisdom and learns to master the many talents necessary to progress, these diverse aptitudes, which are learned from previous lives, are brought forward into this life - which we have through earned efforts carryover and are relived to further master talents like Amira’s ability to sing opera. Child prodigies reinforce this belief - expressing these proclivities, especially at such an early age.

Since she has come onto the world stage people have struggled to explain the feelings they have when listening and viewing her – given the thousands of comments on U-Tube (i.e. ;She is an Angel from God’ or ‘What an Angelic Voice!’) Of course, I selfishly hope Amira continues to grow and mature into a great opera singer, for if she wishes, there will be numerous Arias of beauty presented in her future wherein she could display her Inner Light for all of us to enjoy and benefit. However, even if she chooses another form of expression, I am sure she will help to bring us a wondrously different energy – an energy that is all important for this struggling and changing world.

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One of Amira's youngest fans!

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