Autumn Morning

The rustle of fallen leaves beneath my feet,stir within me memories of

past, present, and tomorrows to come.

I close my eyes and inhale its crispness deeply,

the early autumn morning of my life.

That frosted leaf beneath my foot, its time spent,

plays its sweet note with the rhythm of time,

and with each stride I make through these sweet notes,

I too will blend with that rhythm.

As the seasons come and go, its rhythm blends yet another note,

and it sings a mantle that covers and protects all that will slumber beneath,

until that time and moment when awakened once again

by the sweet note of a golden ray.

I, too, when that moment comes, will slumber beneath a mantle

for but a brief note,and then will I awake within a golden ray,

its rhythm sweet beneath my feet.

Love and Light,


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