Bag of MemoBag of memoriesries;

Thursday, I woke up to a new concept that slowly took form. As the day progressed, I saw myself as a paper bag filled with slim multicolored folders. Then, I realized these folders represented memories and experiences I incurred in the past, reveries that influenced my every thought and desire at present. They were there by a preconditioned planned design, to be reviewed and understood in a dimension and setting similar to where these were originally incurred, “upgrading” their level of spiritual insight much as school levels would. However, I also felt the contents of this bag were not all of me. In fact, they were a tiny part of me, only what was deemed necessary in this life for purposes of physical interaction—according to my evolutionary plan—to learn or “upgrade” and polarize certain key past events or lessons. Just as Economics are not studied in first grade, certain past experiences and spiritual concepts were “reserved” for successive incarnations.

Previous physical conceptions, attainments, desires, defensiveness, even food preferences, all shattered immediately, realizing in some humble way the insignificance of my present awareness and its true purpose. I no longer felt a desire to protect the self or survive, only carry out the learning mission assigned for this brief cycle. “I” was not “me,” wants did not matter, recognition was not important. What mattered was to discover the hidden yearnings of the heart and the science of life, and present them without fear to the Brothers and the super consciousness, listening to its still small voice for advice on how to polarize it. In fact, I could not “fix” these past events, I did not have the “stuff,” only the super consciousness did. My job was to see, share, and listen/learn from both the event and inner awareness to effectively work out and polarize (or balance) that event over physical time, possibly requiring several incarnations.

For once, I felt I was NOT the being but rather a minute subset of it, a tiny cell, charged with homework to be completed, a puppet per say exposed to ancient emotions needing to be polarized so the entire me could progress into further infinities and concepts. My super consciousness purposely set up these select memories or conditioning to “remotely” polarize them through mental articulation in the physical. In other lives, it selected other events for “experiential treatment” and I had different interests and abilities in each according to needs then—enough for each life therein what was to be learned then. Thus, the physical expression was much like a submarine under water remotely controlled from shore by its captain to investigate a small segment of the sea under his guidance. But this realization was just the tip of the iceberg.

Beside the immediate frontal experiences Compositeplaced into the bag, there was a huge pool of other experiences stored in the background, much like a backup system, that were drawn upon by the frontal experiences through frequency association. The vision brought to mind being in Walmart and walking through its extensive video DVD section. As I walked by its aisles, I selected a few videos and put them into the shopping cart: Walmart represented all my past experiences, what I placed in the cart were the particular frontal experiences planned for inclusion into this life. The present life then became a re-run of these videos, edited along by emerging circumstances.

Upon activation by an in-life triggering event, frontal memories drew upon rear experiences for support. Best analogy I can find is how computer operating systems work. When you execute a program, it only loads the specific module needed due to resource constraints, keeping other parts of the program on the hard drive. When other parts of the program are needed and loaded (for example, in Word, calling the Thesaurus module), previous parts are temporarily put back into the hard drive or memory for later retrieval. This is called paging and swapping. In like manner, frontal experiences call upon and swap rear experiences, applying regeneration, modification, or polarization to them depending on the personal action taken.

Frontal experiences, much like dimensional measuring devices, reacted to sensory and mental associations regardless of distance. Any comparable frequency event within its accessible domains or associative thought forms, regardless of distance, instantly triggered or regenerated a frontal event that, in turn, triggered backup events much like a rolling domino file, thus strengthening and adding additional substance to the original experience. I saw how the event grew and expanded, “sticking” out of and throughout the psychic body like a wavy explosion due to environmental and backup memory stimulation. Beside the frontal, backup, and stimulating events, there was a fourth element involved that moderated the entire experience—the super consciousness.

Shopping CartLike a calm piercing shaft, a field of energy descended from a timeless source upon the triggered regeneration with corrective guidance, providing information on the particular physical conditioning that incurred the experience in the first place, and the truth about the behavioral or energy principle superseding one’s prior understanding. Adherence to this information determined proportionally the re-purposing or polarization of this experience, passing that knowledge unto the previous experience and thus reformatting in a sense its frequency structure. Likewise, all energy links tied to that experience were likewise reformatted according to their degree of adherence, propagating through various participants and astral levels as these would accept it. This same super consciousness, at that timeless instance, not only provided guidance on the particular event but simultaneously did so for all events in this and other lives to come since it is not bound by time or space. This implied that our illusory physical awareness, being a sequential point in time, is part of a much greater wisdom conglomerate, building learned experiences that transpire agelessly in a sequential dimension that shall host them in time forever, yet have been defined and learned in a single infinite thought, past, present, and future, all at once.

The misleading way of “I want” and “I can’t” are but a fear of truth and eternity, the basis of ego, and the foot stool of infinity, for infinity cannot be journeyed into and partaken of unless the foundation of creative giving, the root of existence, is first understood. The infinite cannot be if the finite are infinite, for rather infinity evolves from the finite in us and shall always spread before us. Once this journey takes us further into infinity, the evolved soulic essence shall support these foundations that nurture emerging souls much as it was once nurtured. Without understanding and trusting the guiding beacon of infinity, the small still voice, and going through the inquiring challenges involved in discovering the constructs of the soul much as a cave man discovers fire, that inner fire cannot be fanned—for oneself and much less for others. Thus in the learning there comes a flame, and from the flame there comes the nurturing of learning.

Roberto Gaetan

Submitted by Roberto on 8/14/2015

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