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Infinite Perspectus by Dr. Ernest L Norman.

Here Ernest L. Norman explores several parables from the New Testament, in the idiom of our twentieth century science. It will be conceded by all who read this book, that it excels both in quality and quantity, any other expressive element in the curriculum of Unarius. It is, as with all other vehicles of Unarian concepts, a book created as a tool which can be used by any individual to dig himself out of the burrow of his material existence.


Note about Unarius:
In as much as Unarius is an Interdimensional Science, and that it is primarily concerned with acquainting the student with the higher, regenerative principles of life, and, as this regenerative principle is pure science, the student must therefore rightfully assume that he must gradually break away from the various religious systems and their associated protocol and dogmas, replacing these more primitive and elemental concepts with the higher science of life.