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The third book in the Pulse of Creation series.

Hermes being the planet of Philosophy, represents part of the cumulative efforts of many thousands of advanced souls, living in the Higher Spiritual Planes of life.

We can therefore be pardoned for any feelings of pride in accomplishment, for indeed these works do and will represent to so many thousands of persons in the present and the future time to come, a new way of life, an inward realization of hopes, aspirations and visions, which, in it’s fulfillment, will free them from the dogmatic systems, material strife’s, and various dereliction’s of the earthly world.

In as much as Unarius is an Interdimensional Science, and that it is primarily concerned with acquainting the student with the higher, regenerative principles of life, and, as this regenerative principle is pure science, the student must therefore rightfully assume that he must gradually break away from the various religious systems and their associated protocol and dogmas, replacing these more primitive and elemental concepts with the higher science of life.