No work of this kind could be considered complete without including the much talked of present-day physical phenomenon called cosmic rays, for in the precincts of various concepts which involve cosmic rays, their origin and manifestation, will be found several of' the most important equivalents in the Infinite Creative Cosmogony. At the present time, science knows considerably more about cosmic rays than it did at the beginning of their discovery but it is commonly admitted by scientists alike, that their source or origin is still unknown. Present scientific terminology classifies many types of cosmic rays and, while these are primarily of interest in an academic sense to the scientist alone, we shall therefore not discuss them categorically or in such lengthy presentations, as further study along these lines can be pursued by the student who wishes to do so, from such concurrently publicized concepts existing at the present time.

Briefly, cosmic rays relate to a certain type of small electronic energy particles which are entering into the earth's atmosphere at tremendous rates of speed and these small electric constituents - to the scientist - represent a solid bit of matter. Yet here again, the scientist is confused by the terminology of what is called sol id and he will find, in the future dispensations of science, that this seemingly solid particle will again resolve itself, whether it is an electron in an atom or a cosmic ray particle and it can be determined in this resolution, to again present subinfinity in another subatomic or subelectronic form and he will be impressed by the common symposium or comparison to our present solar system.

The actual discovery, as far as modern science is concerned with cosmic rays, started almost one hundred years ago, in the late 1800's, from a commonly devised laboratory device called an electroscope which was simply a small glass sphere or globe wherein, upon a short glass pedestal were fastened two one-inch squares of thin gold leaf. It was found when subjecting this sphere to an intense radiated field of magnetic energy, the trapped air within the sphere became ionized or charged; that is, each molecule of air assumed a certain charge of electricity and, under normal conditions when the stimulating or the magnetic field was removed, this ionization would disappear. However, this ionization was found to immediately cause these two small pieces of gold leaf to fly apart at right angles and to remain at this obtuse angle over a long period of time wherein, by simply removing the electromagnetic field of force, they would have normally collapsed into their normal position. This slow rate of discharge in ionization was found to be supplemented by an external field of radiation, which has concurrently developed into our existing knowledge of cosmic rays.

It was first presupposed that this external radiation came from close association with the earth itself. However, in the early 1900's, experiments made by climbing mountains and balloon ascensions determined that the rate of precipitation of this electronic field was increased as altitude above the earth's surface was increased. In other words, the atmosphere formed some sort of a point of absorption, so far as this cosmic radiation was concerned. With the invention of the aquarium-like device known as a cloud chamber wherein a quantity of fog-like gas was imprisoned, cosmic rays could be seen to make vapor trails across this fog-like gas and thus be photographed. While the particles themselves have never been photographed, yet the scientist possesses thousands of photographs of various types of vapor trails left by differently charged kinds of cosmic ray particles.

At the present time, science has subdivided into various categories and divisions, about 20 or so different types of cosmic ray particles and he has determined, according to such positive or negative or combinations of electronic charges contained therein, their life duration, speed and the amount of curvature which they attain - either to the right or to the left - when entering into the earth's magnetic field.

However, science does not yet know the exact source or origin of these cosmic ray particles. With this thought in mind we shall enter into a new field of introspection which will open up to the reader a new vista or a new horizon of creative thinking wherein he can actually see within his mind's eye, just how it is that the seemingly so-called particle masses as they are presented by the earth, the planets, the sun and various other stars in our galaxy or our universe or even universes beyond were created - and even the very sustaining processes of the atoms themselves. For in a common term of reference, so far as the different kinds of energy transferences are concerned, they are synonymous in nature and relate in all respects, however, into such fields or dimensions which are presently unknown to our modern scientist. Herein is a case where the old adage is used, that the "tail is wagging the dog" for the scientist has been attempting in these different directions of investigation and research, to determine and to equate the whole Infinite Cosmogony on the basis of the few interacting developments in his third dimensional perspective.

At the present time, science believes cosmic rays to be originating from some distant part of our galaxy, or any given point in the outer dimensions of interstellar space from such various refractories as are contained in the expurgation of certain particles of energy into "free space" from suns or other types of heavenly bodies, exploding stars or nova. It is believed by the scientist, in going through this so-called "free space", these tiny electronic particles begin to be batted about in a Ping-Pong-like fashion from one particular sun or its electromagnetic field to another, and thus they start to attain these incredible velocities. It is known at the present time that various cosmic ray particles can penetrate as much as twelve feet of lead or go to the bottom of an ocean two mi les in depth. They can at so penetrate, at an incredible speed approaching that of light, through the very heart or nucleus of the atom itself, which is different than any other kind of energy our present-day scientist has as yet succeeded in generating.

If this Ping-Pong effect is true, then here too, we would find that science would defeat itself in its purpose of trying to relate a true and factual reason for the existence of matter in his present terrestrial dimension. In common everyday physics, nothing can exist without a cause and the basic cause of matter itself is whether it is concerned with the radiant field of force around the sun or into such other particular types or junctions of introspection. The scientist has not as yet, in this supposition of the Infinite Cosmogony, established anything which is relative to the actual existence or the procreative factors of existence in his material world.

Therefore we must start at an entirely new point of junction in our introspection which is far removed from our present known physical world as it is presented by the earth and the various star clusters around us in the Heavens; for all stars, solar systems, galaxies and universes can be considered only as tiny bits of surface matter which are floating upon the mind of the individual's consciousness. It was told in some of the preceding pages that space was infinitely sol id and presented, so far as reactance or resistance was concerned in different dimensions or in different spectra, a relative or quantitative amount of dimensional forms of energy, as they are posed in atomic structures in our present-day physical science; and conversely, so far as the Infinite was concerned, we could also have an infinite number of other existing energy forms which were not known in present-day forms of reactance or resistance to any of our five senses.

Now we shall find out just how it is that this seemingly empty space is actually an infinitely filled space, and that it must exist in some common denominator which will justify a true scientific relationship from one dimension to another, and relate all of this Infinite into a harmonious pattern of junctions and interpolations. Therefore let us begin our symposium upon a very simple equation which is contained in a familiar type of physical manifestation, by simply throwing a stone into the center of the pond; thus we can see the waves of energy stemming away from this point of impact where the stone entered the water and out into the surrounding area. By looking at some chips we have cast upon the surface of the water, we shall find that the water itself has not moved in any particular relationship to the center or the point of impact, except that it has moved up and down in a wave-like motion or in an oscillating manner. The chips always remain in the same place wherein they were first cast. We have thus begun to analyze that here again we have transferred energy from one particular point of perspective into another.

We can therefore begin with Infinity, in saying we have an originating or an EMF source of force, or motion, or intelligence, whichever it is that you wish to superimpose into your consciousness, and that stemming outwardly into an infinite number of types of transferences are different kinds of manifestations of energy wave forms. These types of energy forms, in themselves, all portray individually, a certain junction of relationship with the Infinite as it could be termed intelligent, either positively or negatively. However, unlike the waves which stemmed from the center of the pond, energy does not travel from the central, or infinite source of supply, into the other dimensions in these wave-like formations; instead, we will find energy is constantly regenerating itself into various types of patterns which are cyclic in motion, or possess a certain cyclic form. Each cycle in itself presents upon its surface an undulating wave-like motion which is composed of negative and positive wave formations which are all portraying a certain kind of intelligence; and in themselves, are linked and interlinked - just as the wheels within a watch or the wheels within a chain - so we find these infinitely numbered cyclic patterns stemming out into the various dimensions about this originating source.

We shall not attempt, at the moment, to interject an understanding of this originating EMF, for that, too, presupposes in itself a certain junction of harmonic patterns of transference into an even farther form of Infinity; and with such an abstraction or understanding of such an Infinity, the Infinite would of course be physically impossible with the presently existing terminating sources of consciousness as they are posed upon the conscious mind. Thus, we see from this central or emanating source a great interplay or interchange of an infinite number of cycles of motion, each in themselves, linking arm-in-arm with their neighbors and all relating in themselves an infinite number of patterns of various transferences of consciousness. These, in turn, regenerate into such harmonic structures as are compatible within themselves and other further extensions of such presupposed and concurrently existing forms of consciousness, or as were originally contained within the basic cycle or patterns of transference.

Herein enters the principle: In the regeneration of these various harmonic structures which is one of the creative principles impounded in Infinite Consciousness, there is bound to be within these various cyclic patterns of motion, certain junctions or combinations of junctions which are called parallaxes. At that particular point of terminus - as they are joined together in a certain combination of compatible unions of frequency relationship - there will be a certain hard core nucleus thus formed; comparatively hard, we shall say, because in common terms of reference, there are a large number of forms of consciousness being expressed in common union and at a common given point. In this hard core nucleus of consciousness, there sometimes originates certain vortical patterns which can be likened to the whirlwinds seen upon the desert. Here again is a certain pattern of regeneration as it stems down into a number of sub-infinities and, in the end, a certain terminus or terminal point wherein the vortex will focus itself into another form of the hard core nucleus, which can sometimes be entirely unrelated to the originating forms of consciousness as they were instigated by the higher forms of cyclic motion.

This can be compared in some respects to two known physical laws which are called adhesion and repulsion. If we find two kinds of liquids perfectly merging as in the case of water and alcohol, we will find that here the molecules are adhesively related to each other and can blend quickly. Here, too, the case with atoms is quite synonymous and some atoms can merge very quickly with other kinds of atoms and form certain types of molecules. Conversely the same principle is applied in repulsion; that is, a small quantity of oil placed upon a surface of water will easily demonstrate that oil and water do not mix. This is simply because of the fact that in the electromagnetic fields of the atoms themselves are formed either compatible or non-compatible unions of energy transference and thus become either adhesive or repulsive.

The same principle takes place in the formation of vortexes in the regeneration of cyclic patterns of energy or motional transference in the higher dimensions. We now find that the terminating end of a vortex has, so far as the Infinite is posed above it in different dimensions, adapted within itself a certain cohesive form of relationship with its originating source of supply. Thus it cannot revert back into some original form of cyclic motion, but is further expelled, so to speak, from the parent supply in a common trajectory and again relates itself into some dynamic movement through what we presuppose to be space and time. It must be remembered here by the reader that the movement of space or time, as it relates to the Infinite, does not mean there is such a thing as space or time in the Infinite. It means that we, as individuals in our consciousness and in sustaining life upon the earth, have only assumed a certain movement of consciousness with Infinity, and as we are moving along this predetermined line of consciousness as it is posed in its cyclic motion, we are moving through Infinity at the rate of 186,210 miles per second which is the supposed rate of speed of light.

Therefore, it is we who are moving in our consciousness and not the Infinite which is moving about us; and we are only terminating in the common denominator of space and time, a certain conjunctive relationship of consciousness with the Infinite.

When these particles of vortical energy thus become cohesive in their common terminating point, as they are thus expelled from the Infinite Cosmogony which so created them, they assume this same trajectory in regard to their former position in what we might call the terminating speed of light and thus are hurled into what the scientist calls free space. It means, so far as this tiny nucleus of energy is concerned, it is only trying, in its own way, to relive itself into Infinity, to again form within its own consciousness with a number of regenerative patterns and cyclic motions of transference, a common union or junction with its originating source.

This originating source can be said, so far as the common energy particle or cosmic ray is concerned, to exist anywhere in the Infinite because in the Infinite it can be presupposed that the originating sources of these energy forms can be terminating in vortexes simultaneously in an infinite number of points of terminus and in an infinite number of times per second. Thus, we have this great and abundant supply of tiny energy particles known as mesons, protons, or positrons and various other objective forms of energy coming into the earth's atmosphere, which are called cosmic rays or particles by the scientist.

This same principle in turn relates itself in a common form with the regeneration of every known so-called solid particle which science is able to equate upon a common atomic scale of interpolation. All common atoms, as they are thus posed by the scientist in this day, can be considered in their own way only as terminating points of certain vortical patterns regenerated from cyclic forms of motion from the Infinite Cosmos.

The foregoing is quite true with the formation of aggregates as they concern the earth, or in such larger junctions of aggregates as they concern a sun, either our own sun or one of the other suns in our galaxy or in our universe; in fact, the cyclic or vortical pattern of our universe is quite well known to modern-day astronomers. It, in itself, portrays very vividly the common pattern of cyclic motion which regenerated it from that great Infinite Cosmos and an infinite number of dimensions, and which the scientist cannot as yet see or determine in his present-day hypothesis either from the slide rule, calculus, or various other types of technical impedimenta.

Several years ago, a well-known scientist (Robert Oppenheimer), who is called the "Father" of the atom bomb, made a statement in a nationally known magazine that we had at that time reached the point of diminishing returns in our mathematical science. He further stated that any new advancement in technocracy of the various sciences would have to be made in directions which were yet unknown to the present-day scientist. Today has seen a partial justification of his prophecy; while man is struggling to hurl rockets into space or into orbit around the earth, he is going through the first stages of an entirely new and inceptive process of Infinite Cosmogony; and in the next few years, the scientist will realize the abysmal ignorance of trying to equate the whole Infinite in terms of third dimensional equation and mathematical formulae; therefore, he will become, through necessity, increasingly cognizant of this Infinite Cosmogony about him.

No attempt at this time, either in this chapter or in such succeeding texts, shall be made to enter into a full technical discussion as to equations, mathematical formulae, etc., for the simple reason that this work is intended to first spring the lock upon the dungeons of the various material obsessions as they are contained in our present-day terrestrial dispensations, whether they were religious in nature or were so diametrically opposed to dogmas in our existing scientific concepts; that this work necessarily had to appeal not only to the scientists but to those who possess a much more prosaic form of interpretation of life about them.

The seeker who is trying to evaluate a more spiritual relationship to this Infinite Cosmogony about him has somehow, through evolution, sensed or he has been able to bring some nebulous form of consciousness into his present-day life dispensations. In the succeeding years, our technocracy will gradually develop into various formulas, pattern analysis, etc., which will more factually relate, in an integrated pattern, the concepts which are posed in this work. But first it is necessary for anyone so interested, not only in his own personal destiny into the future but also in the destiny of his fellow man, that he should be made aware of the existing principles of creation as they are more directly concerned with that infinite future into which he will progress through the succeeding evolutions and lives he will live in that future.