For just over a month I was troubled intermittently with an impaling presence, seemingly positioned horizontally in my upper body. Finally, I got relief in the Light—the vision that engendered Lady on the Tundra. It was the ache of the loneliness I lived in a past life in the Ice Age. Of course, I lived among others, but as revealed in the vision, I would roam, searching. In this lifetime, I’ve lived much the same way—without “everyman’s” damaging common values and beliefs, with unanswered questions that had to be satisfied.

I’ve learned that as we reincarnate through the terrestrial dimensions, we pick up thoughts and patterns that affect us today, even if they were incepted 12,000 years ago. I’ve learned to go WITHIN for answers, knowledge of higher truths, freedom.

You, also, can do this! Hours after this vision, I thought of the saber-tooth tiger and was reminded of my love for the bigcats of our time. This morning (several days after the vision) I had a dream of my door bell ringing. When I looked out into the brightness of the day, my yard was filled with people, smiling, I’ve known and interacted with during this lifetime. Some since childhood.

Love and Light

The Lady On The Tundra

The menacing presence looms.
Feeling alone and useless,
I anticipate solace in the Light.
A persistent disturbance, a tenacious grip.
What is it? Too many days I’ve struggled.

“It hurts. When will help come?”

Mother speaks, “Your life is about to change."
Unusual. For only Father has spoken to me
since they transitioned.
Upon a vast, ice-covered landscape I am—
wondering where I am until, “Tundra!”
and the saber-tooth tiger growls from his shelter.

Neither the vastness nor I are disturbed.

So deep is the silence here,
and my lonely presence.
I come and go—none like myself out there.
Home is near the tiger’s,
and in Spring there is moist,
dream-green flora
when I am old and my daughter stands,
looking down at my smooth grave. A past life.

I share my vision with my Friend,
the attentive one who keeps the Light on
so others can find their way.
“Your life is about to change," he said.
I look around at all I’ve beheld before,
I’ve never seen this before!

My life is changing.

Love and Light

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