This happened a few years ago and it was the first time experience of this happening to me.

I went to Oregon to take care of my mother for about nine month’s while she couldn’t walk after a fall that broke her arm etc. She was 93 and ready to transcend the physical into spirit. While there, I had several realizations about my karma with her. The main one was one day my mother was trying to stand up and was trying so hard but her legs were useless. One of my brothers was standing there watching and said, “You need a new body mom!” Mom looked at me and pointed a finger at me and said; “She gave me one once,” paused then said, “yes she gave me one.” I had been in past life therapy long enough to know that this was what you might say was a reading and I knew already that I had been experimenting with heads and this verified it. Later when I returned to my home in San Diego, I had a dream that showed another student and then I saw my mother’s head placed on top of his body. I think this was at the time of Atlantis.

Towards the end of her life, I started to see people in the Astral, in a gray like misty place. I had never seen these things before and thought at first that I was really in bad shape psychically to be seeing these things. I kept watching and one entity would appear then another but over in another area, I saw sitting watching was a lighted being smiling at me so I kept watching and the realization come to me, that I was seeing what my mother was thinking about. She was thinking who was going to meet her when she passed over, and all of these gray entities were very low frequency and would pull on her when she crossed and would put her in the lower Astral and not the higher. So now I was prepared to help her when the time came. She went to a hospital the day before she left and I went to say good bye. She left the body as I was leaving and I heard the buzzer go off as I passed the front desk and knew it was her. When in the car after that I closed my eyes and this is what I saw.

I was psychically seeing the Hospital and a lot of blue energy coming together and then it came directly at me. First thought was it was my mom but found out later it wasn’t her, well maybe she was one of them. I didn’t see anything else until the next morning. Early the next morning I felt a high energy in the top of my head so I closed my eyes to see why. What I saw was a lot of gray cloudy place and a person floated by and I could see it was a man and he didn’t seem to know where he was or was going.

I was prompted to tell him to look up, see the Light, go to that Light and ask for help. To my surprise, he looked up and started to rise upward and was gone. Then a woman come that looked lost also so I repeated the same to her and she went up and was gone also. This went on for two hours until I was exhausted from it so quit and opened my eyes. A few minutes later I peeked in and saw it was still going on without my help. Finally I knew that the Brothers on the inner had placed a bright Light around me and used me because my frequency was closer to these people and I helped as a polarity to round up all the people that had died in this Hospital and had been earth bound because they had no idea about spirit and where to go. What an experience it was.

A couple of days later, I was thinking about mom and as I looked inwardly I saw her in her casket top open and eyes still closed, so I waited a while and looked again. Her eyes popped open and so I started talking to her and telling her to look up and go into the light and don’t go anywhere else and as I do this, I saw large energy ball wrap around her and she started to move upward, then she changed her mind and came back downward, so, I told her to go back to the Light and if she didn’t do that she would be bound to this earth and in darkness for an eternity and after a minute she started to ascend upward again and was gone.

After I returned to San Diego, I had a thought, “I wonder how mom is doing.” That night I had a dream where I was with her and she looked about 30 again, she asked me who I was and then started soaring all over the place then I woke up.

Her memory of this past life had been taken away so she didn’t know who I was but at least I knew my effort to get her to a better place had paid off. I have never stopped helping people in the Astral since that time. Of course this has helped me to turn around my negative past with all the people I have harmed in the past and so it has and I will help in any way I can forever more.

This is my proof that past life therapy really works for I have been healed of hundreds of past lifetimes. Don’t be afraid to jump in and asked to be healed and see for yourself because no one else can do it for you.

Love and Light to all, Billie