This is a continuation of my posts, ‘The false Teacher’ and ‘Freedom

I have been going through this cycle actually since the beginning of my trek into the past life therapy classes in 1978. Sometime early 1980s I received a reading of my psychic profile where it was stated, “You were a priestess in the cults of Atlantis and Lemurian time periods that spoke the words that mesmerized the people and was well known throughout these time periods.” And this was not all they said at that time; of course I didn’t know what to do with it yet. It took a lot of years to get to the place where I was ready to see more of what was meant. I didn’t start to see it until about two years ago, but I saw bits and pieces of it and knew it was a part of the cults but it all had to come together eventually and now it has.

My first experience was when I was about twenty and of course I had no idea what it meant. All of a sudden I started seeing some scenes psychically which I had never done before so thought I was going crazy. One night I saw a mangled lizard on my pillow and then it was gone. Later I saw a very large colorful spider on the wall by my bed. When it left, I realized that in reality it was too dark to have really seen it. The next time I awake because I needed to use the bathroom but I seemed to be on a platform in the middle of a snake pit and would have to walk through them to get there. After I came to the classes in El Cajon, I knew that that had something to with my then husband and also with the cults; I stopped seeing these things after I divorced him.

Every time I closed my eyes since about 2008 I would see people in my vision that were gray and sometimes very dark. At first it scared me because I thought this was a drop in consciousness and started worrying about where I was at. I kept watching and finally saw a beautiful woman in a cloud of pink and others saw her too when I would describe her to them. Two people said, “I see her and she is pure unconditional love. I kept watching until I realized what was going on was that these people I was seeing were being helped and then another would come. I now know that I have been given the job of helping people in the Astral that I was connected to from many past life time’s still didn’t know too much about it except it was on going. I had started seeing hundreds of people and it looked like they were in some big auditorium that looked like they were attending a class, soon realized these were all the people I was picking up through frequency relationship to be helped and they were all still in my consciousness. I’m having a hard time shortening this because it came to me in so many pieces.

After a few years of watching this I started to see very dark scary people coming to me at night and behind them were snakes, so I knew I was reliving the cult lifetimes. This went on many times with slight changes and I thought I would never get to the end and be able to say I worked it out. One day I realized that these were all the people that I took down the garden path so to speak as the Priestess of the cults the Brothers had related to me. I saw myself on the Inner with a healing going on and a small step up. It was a most beautiful seeing to behold. There were many healers there in the same pink Light but there was one more that was so white and bright and when I finally focused in on her I could see she looked like the Healing Archangel Uriel. There is a painting that Leonardo Di Vinci helped bring through a student, a most beautiful painting of his polarity Uriel, and this was what or who I was seeing giving me a healing. She was so bright and the energy was swirling around her and she was constantly moving her hands and arms and the energy kept swirling from her. The feeling was awesome and I will never be the same again.

But this was not the end of it for I was still seeing all of these people still with me, I often quested, when will they ever have their healing and move on, so I knew there was more to come and it did.

The next piece of the puzzle came in about a month ago. I was expecting a new computer to come to my house and while I was waiting, I realized what I would be reliving. As the years had gone by, I would see psychically words rushing by so fast that I couldn’t read them and I had no idea why I would see this. I realized I had been hooked up to a computer and it was telling me what to say, or what I was to do. The cult priestess. I was shown another reason my eyes would burn and ache because I was not seeing through my own eyes, they were cameras so I was not hooked up to my own psychic anatomy; the computer acted in its place, another words I was using my own mind.

I also had something in my throat that put out mesmerizing frequencies when I talked. I have known this for about a month now and didn’t write it up to help polarize it so it kept coming back with pain in my eyes until I realized it would keep doing so until I did. I have had a very bad memory at times and being disconnected from my true self is one cause of this. This is an important principle that If you have been severed from it in some way, like having your head chopped off that disconnect will have to be relived many times until you learn to work it out, your brain just won’t function and neither will your body parts.

In this case, my mind did not function, every time I tried to think of a person, place or thing, I could not bring it to the surface of my mind because I was reliving and the computer was doing my thinking for me. Disconnect me from the computer, no mind.

In that first reading it was mentioned I had used high energy physics but didn’t explain what that meant. I became aware of what that meant last week. After we would become cult members, we took over the Temples that the Higher Brothers had left behind and there were healing devises they had used for positive purposes that were electronic in nature and we used them to hurt people. I used one of these devises like a beam of high energy and it caused a lot of pain in the brain, eyes, back etc. It blocked them off and also could kill a person with it. This is another reason my eyes will not function and is the reason they hurts at times.

I have just realized I had laser like beams implanted in my eyes that did this. I have had what the doctor’s call a migraine but it didn’t hurt. I have had these zigzag silver visions in my eyes since 1980s, so I have been trying to figure the cause for all those years. Just recently, I was shown where the end of this energy would end everywhere I placed my eyes, if I was watching TV and at a person, as I would look at that person, The end of that silver malformed sine wave would end up right where my eyes were looking. My eyes feel better as I write this but there was so many time periods involved that I might go through this a few times more before I’m through with it.

One thing I have learned is you can’t see the whole thing at one time because it would be too much to take all at once, so it takes many viewings and reliving it before you have had a complete healing of the whole cycle. I know because I have had many cycles like this that kept coming back around. I thought that might help someone else understand that and why a cycle keeps coming around and around until you think it will never end.

Going through this cycle after I chose to leave the El Cajon group, is principle in action. I am now seeing the other end of the sine wave, what I have done only the same energy in reverse. As I wrote this up, it put me into the reliving once again to polarize it but with knowing what it was all about this time, it went away very quickly and my head and my eyes are well again at least until the next time.

I will tell more on this subject in another testimony another time.

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