During the past week, I received ineffable assistance from the Brothers with support and healing that has delivered me to the frequency in which I am able to present this post. Their radiance was splendid, and I can say that I have never experienced such beauty and exhilaration. They appeared often, one with another. In the first vision, the Brother signaled for me to follow Him, but, feeling “heavy” in this 3d world, I couldn’t move. He was lifted by a beam of Light, and so was I after crying out for help. They also appeared anytime in my higher consciousness— sometimes when I was distracted from my ongoing shift—and were discernible, not just by their vibrant, colorful robes, but their gentle, loving, frequencies. One, donned in a golden robe, oscillated magnificently. His Light delivered ease and confidence, and immediately the mental strain I was feeling in that moment was released. Another appeared, carrying a golden globe of Light in both hands; as it became more brilliant, so did He, until His presence diminished.

In these incredible experiences, my attention was turned to minerals, particularly to onyx and crystal, but predominantly onyx. One of the thrones mentioned in the poem was constructed of white onyx, the other black, both with veins of gold; each was found in the same structure in the city as well as the resplendent bodies of the Birds. For several days, I had continual visions of onyx; the illumination is still Beautiful, and in this moment, I have a view of myself inside the natural structure of a piece of rotating crystal, receiving Light from all directions that oscillates in my heart and seems to issue from my skin into my 3d environment, reflected and refracted in prismatic Beauty.

(If you would like to view the various colors and types of onyx, use the link below.)
In Search mindat type onyx
Scroll down to Internet Links for Onyx
Under Search Engine. select Look for onyx images on Google

As I incepted the elements of this experience, I became more aware of my shifting frequency. In the City, Tom greeted me and instantly I recalled his message to me in his fifth radio interview: “I also know that you will expand on this wondrous event from your Higher Self, with the ever and constant help from the Brothers, and use it as a springboard to even greater freedoms!!” And so the expansion begins, radiant with the Light of the Infinite in Reflections!


In a white robe, the Brother,
a Being of Love and Light, walked with me.

“I am here to assist you”. In the distance, Birds flew
toward the Light behind the clouds,
dark like those portending a storm.

Everything was beautiful.

A large, dark Bird, a large white bird,
both radiant, with a golden band
shimmering on majestic wings,
flew past His shoulder…
one, toward the Light behind the clouds.

“You have to continue the journey”,
the dark one said,, flying, flying, flying.

I wondered when he would get there—
to the Light behind the clouds.

The white bird, hovering, greeted me: a Sparkle!
And Love, in the Brother who had summoned the Birds,
shone as golden Light in His white Robe.



He looked at me, and I beheld two thrones,
radiant, like the Birds in the Light behind the Clouds.

”Choose one,” He offered,
but I did not have the wisdom.

Asking for attunement,
I beheld each throne in the other,
in two cities that were one,
and in the healing,
seeing clearly,

Everything is Beautiful!

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