For more than a week, I have been feeling mentally “scrambled”, as if shaken inside a timeworn shell held by some giant, aggressive hand. Of course, I endured, aware that the disturbing mixture of images, thoughts, and feelings would eventually cease. One morning, though, I was almost overwhelmed, wondering when I would see “the fruits of my labor”—my desire and efforts to get beyond this disturbance. Then I heard it, The Pedestrian, spoken by the Inner Voice and began to write, experiencing some relief afterward. The next day I felt just lightly scrambled, but unwilling to settle for that. I thought, “There’s something on the Site for me. Immediately, I went to The Voice of Venus and clicked on A Facet of Natures Beauty. I couldn’t remember if I’d read it before, but right then, it dazzled.

I could see the oak tree in its splendor. I read the comments of my Brothers and Sisters there, and  they were right about that light-filled vision, the healing it delivers. I felt a releasement and, within minutes, picked up the pen again and wrote The Second Pedestrian. The following day I penned Bird On My Shoulder, and now, The Sand Bird.  I too have an oak tree in my back yard that I carry wonderful memories of since childhood; it had appeared in my commotion!

I repeat here that Birds, for me, are symbols of my Higher Self. The Sand Bird reflects aspects of my journey to that Light, but I’m aware that the most important thing in this sharing is that we HAVE a Higher Self. I think of Dr. Norman saying that if we desire to live in a higher world, we must develop the capacity to do so by developing the Higher Self.  Enjoy!

No, it’s not a sandy shore,
but the wings of The Sand Bird … shifting.
I don’t lose my balance,
then I understand … I’m shifting
in this banal 3D world,
where I’m busy with life
and granules of Sand fall,
oh … sprinkle into me from The Sand Bird!

Where do I want to live?
You? The Earth Plane?
I want to live in The Sand Bird,
to look into His Light,  get more Light,
once thinking he was waking up,
but it was me!

He looked at me, glowing blue
seeking approval like a child,
but I understand, now; it was me!

Help me to speak of you I say,
And granules of sand create a Light Body;
I fly with it,
seeing beyond this 3D world, this life,
into the Lighted Shore of The Sand Bird.

He knows Love,
that I want to know Love and more of It,
then gives me what I can comprehend;

He carries me where I can’t go
without the Light—on and on.
leaving behind my dark fixations,
carried on the wings of lower birds—
all to their sepulchers.


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