This is a copy of a conversation between two Students of the Book of Life... on June 5th 2013 about Tesla's Coils

Michael Leas said:  Here are some more creative Tesla coil ideas to check out. These Tesla coils never cease to amaze me as to how many variables one can obtain in the transformation of electricity....Tesla was a true genius of understanding "energy." The research into these energy concepts Nikola Tesla left behind, we could re-shape and transform our present society where the abusive usage of "Electrical Power" could be re-configured to mold a healthier living us access to the "stars."

Tom Miller Replied: Yes indeed!Tesla was hundreds of years ahead in energy propagation. If you are exploring these concepts now means that you are drawn to the EROS scientific spiritual center on the inner and can be inspired to accomplish many of his ideas in the future. Wireless energy action at a distance is the focus of his demonstrations and confirms the Moderator's teachings about the higher frequency forces within vortexual propagation - resulting as various harmonics that can be phased to regenerate without physical connections. This science is in it's infant stages at present and with a fuller understanding of the force behind the force will be used to build power sources for our various energy needs in the not too distant future! Cosmon

Michael Leas said:  I like this idea of the force behind the force..... The infinite intelligence supplying the ever present energy system with its cyclic regenerative supply. My quest has been to learn on how to tap this source. Not only in learning of the principles of how it works outside of oneself but how this infinite supply sustains the inner spirit being, within....the present need is in understanding this yin/yang - inner /outer relationship where the inner interdimensional spirit force become the source.

It would mean as the Moderator explains so many times we learn to "tap" the infinite "love" vortex. Its no easy task to reach this balanced harmonic resonance and make it work.
I can see things happen on the outer but the frequency does not sync up with the inner, the true source. Something is missing, I seem to need a catalyst that will "catalyze" the movement between the inner to the outer across the fulcrum of the moment.....somehow electricity and magnetism must shake hands in the middle combined with the mind of man and flow together as the water down a waterfall, where the combination becomes this "etheric force" that co- create a greater oneness of itself, Regenerating.....A deep equation to say the least.

I believe all who were is Uriel's presence felt something> I know I surely did....This force, this "energy" that she radiated had to be understood to be workable. This "Love" expressed is really the force, that can been seen, felt, as the catalyst between all systems. But it possible to run a system..... sustaining itself from itself.

I see I have so much more of life to learn....

Michael Leas said:  Woke up this morning was directed to the next chapter out of the book "Infinite Contact" chapter 8 on Psychokinesis.... this chapter opens more doors to understand this energy process.


Tom Miller Replied:  You need to see yourself as one of many who have and will incarnate into this plane to put the higher energy principles into actual working instruments! Remember, the conscious mind is only operating on a very reactive plane and ALL learning transpires in the higher plateaus of the Superconsciousness. This part of the energy body works and learns directly with the Brotherhood!

The great thinkers of the past have always brought advanced ideas and technology through true inspiration.

Tesla himself was sitting on a bench talking to a friend when he suddenly (with inner sight) envisioned the complete alternating current machine - no trial and error as the earth man learns but totally perfect and in working condition! Likewise Einstein, Newton and DaVinci among a host of other luminaries were inspired in the same way. We are afforded this same opportunity to express if we understand the principles in the teaching of Dr Norman. He has explained the general concepts and has left the necessary clues and Higher Energies for those who can tune into them from their higher selves. Study the teachings and relax the conscious mind


Tom Miller Further Replies: One more thought about Tesla's work - He was very intent on using the electromagnetic force fields discovered by Faraday within a very constricted band width. One of his demonstrations showed High Voltages or Pressure totally restricting the movement of electrons or amperage.

This way, He showed that besides the electromagnetic byproducts of Hysteresis there are many different types of harmonics generated by this interchange of energy at the source where mass - instead of being the terminus into this dimension becomes the point of polarity reversal where the oscillation between positive and negative displays the opposite of each other and is reversed - which is the frequency oscillation or Base pulse beat of the respective vortex. Think of the Venturi Tube - a symbolic representation wherein there are two vortexes inverted with the point of terminus as a manifestation of concentrated energy such as a galaxy, sun or atom .

The top vortex represents energy being compressed or pressured (in frequency demodulation) until it arrives at the point of measurable waveforms where we can detect our electromagnetic spectrum or mass. That's only one side or aspect of the vortex - the reversal side is the other or bottom vortex of the oscillation which regenerates up into the regenerated vortex except in the other direction, and so we see conservation of energy within the total vortex and does not end or terminate at the 3rd dimension point and can be called Hysteresis for lack of a better word..

The Harmonic by-products or energy propagation into this dimension becomes or is displayed in the four main forces referenced by the scientist. What they are unaware of is this: there are many forms of harmonics in this cosmic interplay of energy transference. Even space itself could not exist and is another set of complex harmonics which is the result of this Infinite expression! This becomes clear when we hear the present day scientist realize that all of the mass - galaxy clusters, suns, atoms, dust (including Dark Matter) only make up 25% of the necessary energy to sustain the shape and configuration of the universe.

They now call the other 75% Dark Energy. They can't detect or measure it but know it must exist!! In your efforts to understand and learn from the advanced Master Scientists on the Higher Worlds, you will begin to display clairvoyance wherein you will see beyond the limited mind of mankind and find yourself studying sciences of crystallography and the isotopic aspects of the atom combined to form that elusive formula you seek!!

Then Micheal responded with:  the further comments are much appreciated! makes total sense....just finished the next chapter of infinite contact "education- a fantasy?" to where it mentions this "thought train wave" contact to the inspirational mind within.....Very cool indeed.

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