Duality of Moderator

The following audio tape by Dr. Norman has a somewhat special meaning to me personally. As I have said at different places on this site, I made contact with the Unariun founder in 1960. I immediately knew that I had found what I had been searching for that spanned a long time - even beyond this lifetime. Being only 14 years old at the time made that statement somewhat odd, however, that is how I felt.

From the first physical meeting and subsequent return visits to his home, I persistently experienced psychic phenomena that would cross the border into the world of the unbelievable! From the start I would see him as a great and powerful radiating light - replacing the somewhat frail looking man in front of me. The body took on an inner ray like stream of intense light that emanated from every pore. He continually exhibited energies into the room that transcended one into a beautiful dimension of wonder that defied comprehension - yet it felt very normal and as it should be at the time! I always felt that I was in the presence of an advanced mind that did not fit into the mold of this world containing ordinary men.

Ironically, when I left his presence, I would wonder if what I experienced was real. I seemed to recognize him as an advanced mind, alien to all of us - projecting an intellect that towered into other-worldly awareness. Being an earth person, it would be almost normal to idolize and generate a temptation to worship this phenomenon. However, I always felt respect and admiration, but never did my feeling of idolization enter in - even to this day. He always exhibited an extreme humble demeanor, never wishing to become the center of attention. He always said that if idolized or worshiped, then his mission would be lost. I seemed to recognize his admonition which only increased my admiration. I always saw him as an Elder Brother - one who had learned a great wisdom and was availing himself as a typical example of a future evolution into this world which would help all and/or any who would recognize this transforming teaching. The bolts of lightening from his consciousness oscillates as the spiritual wisdom formulated by the Infinite resources of creation itself.

And so dear fellow student (both present and future), I fervently hope and desire that you too realize and experience this radiation of healing and higher understanding which is impinged (for all time) into the various liturgies and voiced transmissions brought to us by our Elder Brother which I personally felt and witnessed, and still do. For, these Higher Energies are just as potent and transformative today as in 1960 and each and everyone of us have the opportunity to fulfill our positive destiny - expressed in symbolic forms (words) - to be transcended into worlds that will bring about a new reality of intelligence that discards the old frailties and conflicts of a formative soul.

Tom Miller

Ernest and Ruth Norman when I met them

Ernest and Ruth Norman when I met them


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