Energy manifestation.

Pic 1“The universe is precisely what we want you to see,” said an awakening voice unexpectedly out loud in my mind. No sooner, I saw a black backdrop where splashes of different colored dots appeared, some running over the other, but leaving a lot of empty space in between, soon to be filled-in by other dots as previous ones vanished in very fast succession. The voice then returned, saying, “And this is what you will see when you reduce the frequency down to its lowest point of expression.”

At first, I thought these dots were atoms or physical particles, but I would soon realize this was not the case. Rather, they were the ghostly images left behind by the “interaction” between countless dimensional nodal energy releases, where dimensional wave crests harmonize in a sense, giving rise to physical manifestation from which particles and radiation emerge.

I then saw a ball of energy or vortex that pulsed in and out of this dimension—could have been thePic 2intelligence behind an atom, particle, or something else; that did not appear to be important or relevant—lowering its frequency as it spun and compressed upon itself. It went from deep UV to blue, then green, yellow, and eventually red. Then, it turned about and went back up the other way. Where it stopped, it was an indeterminate dimension, having crossed untold others in the process of demodulating. There was no time, distance, or speed associated with this energy form as it expressed in creative interdimensional terms, not physical.

Pic 3Other nearby balls of energy, also pulsing at different rates and synchronization, suddenly appeared, sharing and creating through frequency association common carrier frequencies between them as these also pulsed in and out. The balanced most common carrier of all interacting frequencies became the base rate for this plane wherein time/displacement factors were established. The actual energy pulses of themselves had none, only the resultant interactive exchange between individual ascending and descending particle frequencies. That nodal point became what we can term a physical manifestation.

While these energy forms emitted a wide range of frequencies during their associative down/up cycles into this plane, the frequency spectrum segment with the most common energyPic 4—in other words, the most resonant energy common in the interactive plane—became the primary source of radiation for the particle by a process similar to heterodyning. Say, an energy form in its up/down cycle reached a frequency “X” common with nearby particles. This frequency resonated among all participating particles, establishing a standing carrier wave between them. This carrier, not the pulsing energy itself, then took the form we commonly associate with electromagnetic radiation, perhaps X-rays, light, or infrared. Thus, electromagnetic radiation is a by-product of relative dimensional energy exchanges in our plane. The difference in rates between standing carriers then gives the illusory relativistic effect related to time, and from time emerges distance, and from these arise those frequencies and velocities we can measure. Otherwise, there would be none. In short, space is the relative transference of energy between nodal dimensional points created by dimensional frequency heterodyning.

Thus, the universe is an energy hologram in action, given form by several interactive generations of demodulated dimensional energies. Its propagating properties and spatial dimensions are mandated by the resultant frequency deltas between interacting heterodyned energy carriers. Distance is assumed by the observer subject to his relative in-phase association with base dimensional energy carriers he is a part of. Once that carrier is superseded, new dimensional rules apply, a concept that can be used in “relative” space or dimensional travel and electronic telescopes to mention a few.

Roberto Gaetan

Submitted by Roberto Gaetan on 08/18/2015

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