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Nicola Tesla

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Nicola Tesla

Greetings from Eros! First, let me introduce myself. For convenience sake, I can be called Nikola, as I once lived on your earth planet some years ago and was known as Nikolas Tesla. I might say that many of your inventions in electricity and of other things came to you earth people through the channel of my mind; and while this is of small importance inasmuch as all of the modern conveniences and the wonders of your present-day world have come to you from this planet, I would like to say that we here do not assume any burdens of responsibility for the misuse and misunderstanding,' in applying the knowledge and wisdom which has been given you.

As you were told, from the previous book of Venus, there are actually seven portions called Shamballa, and that they relate in their particular aspect to seven different dimensions of expression. On the planet Venus, they express their relationship to you in the field of spiritual therapy and with the adjustments and various other factors which enter into man's spiritual evolution. As we continue in the explanation in the various other books, it will become apparent to you that the evolution or reincarnation of mankind, individually and collectively, assumes vast and staggering proportions. It was previously pointed out to you that such evolution was something of a spiraling staircase. I might say too, that you might liken it to a great wheel with many spokes, that you appeared and reappeared countless numbers of times around the outer periphery of this wheel; and that the hub was actually the God-Force or Fountainhead, as it was called, wherein stemmed all of the Radiant Energies from and to the many dimensions and planes of expressions. It was in your traveling around this giant circumference that you would be able to view and gain wisdom and knowledge in your relationship with the God-Force that would ultimately expand your consciousness into abstract proportions whereby you could gain a complete and introspective view of all things.

As in the case, however, of all people who are reactionary in nature such as your earth plane people, it is often customary to go off balance; by so lacking the proper proportion of introspection, they may manifest an off balance or an overbalance of certain values. Your pages of history will relate you and show you how this has been done through your many pages of time. In your present day, you are expressing a preponderance of materialism. However, this too shall pass and you will pass into another age where you will express a preponderance of your spiritual nature. These, in themselves, are factors which will, as I have said, relate you eventually to a true introspective place in your evolution.

As on Venus, we are expressing ourselves in a particular dimension wherein there are various and multiple factors whereby you can distinguish such things in your earth life; for instance, we might say that color was also expressed here just as it was on Venus. There their particular color relationship was of the blue nature; here it is of the white. While, of course, in all of these dimensions there is a great deal of what is called color; however, the relationship of what is called color here is different than it is on your earth plane. I would like to point out that the translation of color on your particular planes means the quality of absorption or reflection from the various energy masses with which you are surrounded. Nothing in itself contains color, as you would so think but only has its own property of reflecting a particular part of your color spectrum. You have many people on your earth plane who are partially or wholly color blind; they do not have the proper value of perception which will relate them to the vibrations of energy which you call color. So color in itself merely means a preponderance of energy which has been expressed in a particular direction. Such energy, as it fills the void which you call space, is of a pulsating radiant nature and supersedes all values of your known color spectrums. I would also like to say that I am going to keep these discussions down to a level of understanding that can be accepted by the greatest number of people. However, our dimension here is purely scientific and relates man with God in the scientific nature or aspect of His being. Such a relationship as pure science is, of course, vital and essential to his spiritual evolution and introspective position.

Going directly to our planet of Eros, I would like to say that we alone, of the seven Shamballas, have an unfixed position; in other words, we travel in an elliptical orbit which comes in contact with a large number of planets which are similar to your earth. We make this orbit about once every 3800 years in your earth time. By dividing this into half, you will see that we will come into position, either exactly opposite your earth or exactly in its affinity in this proportion.

About 2000 years ago, you saw our planet over a certain portion of the earth which has been called the Holy Land. Many people saw the planet at that time although it is not generally visible by any known astronomical or astrophysical means, as we here are in a dimension or relationship which is not reactive to your sense of sight. However, at that time, it was necessary to make a very close contact with the earth for various purposes. Great infusions of radiant energy were projected from our planet at that time which permeated and infused the minds of many earth people which made possible the many miracles of the Master Jesus.

It was He who had served his apprenticeship and mastery on this planet which enabled him to go to your earth plane and perform the many miracles in the spiritual sense in which they were performed. If you will also recall, He spoke of the many other miracles which would be worked on the earth plane at a different time. (Greater things than these shall ye do also.) In this He was, of course, referring to the many things which you have about you today.

As on Venus, we too have many levels of expression some of which are not, in a proper sense, the very highest or the purest values of science if we can use the word high or pure. Many times individuals will reincarnate or appear in these lower levels and after receiving some instruction and scholastic abilities, will reincarnate into your earth plane through their own will and dominion and thus reproduce many of the scientific inventions and knowledge which they learned here. Thus it is sometimes that knowledge is given to your earth plane which is not conducive to the best way of life, or that many of these inventions and appurtenances can sometimes be destructively or selfishly used.

There is in your present age a great number of these mechanical and electronic inventions which, in a more pure esoterical sense of relationship, should have given mankind on your earth plane a greater freedom and understanding of life. Now they have become a burden, one in which you must all struggle for the bare necessities of life. Thus it is that you shall learn through the evolutions of time that while there is a difference between know ledge and wisdom, it is one thing to know of something but it is not wisdom until such know ledge is properly applied. So it is through the age which you now call your atomic age.

Let us now go directly to our planet and obtain our first view of the fifth spiritual plane of Shamballa which is the scientific plane. Now we find ourselves sitting on what apparently looks like a mountain top; and while you are looking at the substance upon which you are sitting as something similar in shape and form to your familiar earth planet as rock, yet it possesses some peculiar transparency or brilliance to which you are unaccustomed. As in the case of Venus, all elemental substances are in a much higher state of evolution than your earth planet. This principle of evolution was somewhat explained to you and in a more proper understanding of this principle, you will begin to understand that there is nothing happenstance or by chance in God's great Celestial universe, but is all a thoroughly and completely integrated relationship. And so it is with the things around you on your earth plane: your mountains, your trees, your streams, your lakes, your cities, and so on, are all just a very small fragment of manifestation of the Infinite Mind. If you will think a moment, you can see that this same manifestation will take place on and on up into many, many other dimensions which are completely foreign to your understanding. Thus it is with Venus, and so it is with us and numerous other great planets and solar systems throughout the universe.

The astronomer or astrophysicist looks through the telescope and sees what is apparently a vast mass of unrelated stars and star systems. While some may appear as nebulae or star clusters in such shapes as may be likened to a pinwheel, others appear as cloud masses. He may think this is rather an ordinary circumstance, whereby they seem to have been tossed by a giant hand out into the sky, but this is not so. lf he were clairvoyant, he would see that around all of these star clusters and various galaxies that there as a definitely related pattern which extended through many other dimensions. So it is with Eros; while we, in a sense, can and do sometimes direct our planet as it best suits our needs, yet as I have said, we do travel in an orbit. This we have been able to accomplish simply because of very high values in our relationship with the Infinite emanating Source of radiant energy. Now that we are sitting here upon this mountain top, I see you are looking out upon the planes below you, that you are seeing what looks to you like a giant wheel, and that this presents a very strange appearance to you. And while the whole world about you seems to be glowing and pulsating with a white radiant energy, yet as you will become more accustomed to this, you will, as you did on Venus, see that it is a planet which is composed of many hundreds of different kinds of pulsating or radiant energies. What appears to you to be a vast wheel is a city; the center hub is, of course, like a more familiar earth plane equation of the wheel, the center or the controlling force of this whole city. Through the many spokes and out into the rim which covers the plane for many miles in all directions are, shall I say, buildings which are constructed, just as in Venus, of the radiant energies which have been somewhat crystallized or held in form and shape. The difference here, however, is that these seemingly solid crystalline structures reside in a somewhat different dimension, and therefore possess somewhat different qualities. The buildings in themselves are very beautiful and streamlined and modernistic in appearance and in all cases as you will walk through the various corridors or spokes, and into the various other portions of this huge and vast city, you will find that there are great centers and laboratories. There you will find that they are teaching countless thousands of souls or individuals not only your earth plane experience, but of many other earth plane experiences. Many of these souls, I might say, are being taught for some future day when they will make their appearance in some other earth-like planet to teach a new science, or they may be people who are from your own planet and teaching in your own time. However, in all cases, these things relate more to the scientific nature of man's expression and being on the particular planet at which he is at the present time living.

Thus, in the city below, you will find hundreds, yes even thousands of places where mankind, in all levels of life, is learning a new and better way. We might say that these Centers express themselves in the field of biochemistry or with the various organic substances which enter into the bodies in these earth-life expressions or they may be mechanical inventions and contrivances. They may also relate to the more physical field of medicine, where are taught such things as drugs and various processes for healing the human body by the more commonly known physical aspect. While in a pure sense physical healing should be related to mankind from his higher self, yet such forms of physical healing on your earth plane are very necessary and vital for your present stage of evolution. Thus it is that you must set a broken bone and tape it up with splints, but there have been others on your earth at different times and even some in your modern day who could heal these bones by the thought projections of the radiant energies. So will you and others like you, in your evolution through what you call time and space, learn of the proper usage of the radiant energies and in your relationship to these energies, you shall be able to correct those conditions as they arrive.

Some of these spiritual healers who have appeared on your earth plane have been known as the Kahuna or the fire-walkers or priests of the ancient origin, who knew of the various practices which completely separated man from his lower physical nature and enabled him to walk upon fire or to heal broken bones and other organic disturbances. So it was with the Master Jesus upon the earth plane and with many others who have appeared from time to time. I might say of your present medical science that while there are many doctors who are practicing medicine on your earth plane and are somewhat intuitively aware of the God-Force from the infinite nature of man, yet they are too traditionally steeped in the practices of the test tube and the scalpel to fully recognize the God-Force which heals all people, irrespective of the nature of treatment or operation which was performed upon the body. So in the end, the earth doctor will, in his evolution, learn to discard such implements and will learn the true nature of science and the healing therapy as it is expressed from the inner nature of man's being.

Let us now descend the mountain and enter into this great city which you see stretched before you. As we approach one of the main entrances which appear from time to time upon the outer rim, we will see that it is glowing with a strange iridescent color. While at first it appears to be white, now you see that it is glowing almost like a rainbow. This is because the radiant energies which compose these buildings in their crystalline structure are of the radiant energy nature which stems from the Central Vortex, or as it has been called, from Venus, the Fountainhead.

It has suddenly occurred to me that I have not allowed you sufficient time to look about and properly evaluate the things which you have seen about you. So before we enter the city of Parhelion, let us look back and review somewhat what we have seen. Looking back up the mountain from where we were, you will see that we have descended through what looks like an earth pine forest. You may be somewhat surprised to see the likeness of the more familiar coniferous trees which abound on the mountain slopes of your native planet. However, here the difference is quite apparent, as they too, like all of the things about you seem to be glowing with a particular sparkling brilliance. There are also what appear to be streams of pure crystal-like water, tumbling down from over the rocks. Overhead the sky is filled with great cloudy masses of rainbow-hued colors. They are not like the clouds of your earth planet but are the actual radiant energies which fill space. These cloud formations of energies very often fall as a mist or rain which is collected on the mountains and flows into the streams, just as it does on your earth planet. If you will pause and think for a moment, you will see that the rain which falls on the earth, though it comes from a great cloud-like mass, yet it is essentially a form of energy, inasmuch as it turns the wheels of the dynamo which furnishes the power to run your great cities.

In the case here, as in the other planes of Shamballa, a much more highly evolved state of energy transmission is entered into. Therefore, as it was previously explained, the forests and the trees of your lower earth planets are first manifest in the spiritual planes. They are counterparts or spiritual natures of the trees as they appear in the lower planes. You will notice too, that there is some difference as to the coloration and the general appearance or feel of the things about you compared to what was on Venus. This is, of course, due to the relative nature of the plane in which we express ourselves, or from which we live and is somewhat different than on Venus. You will notice also that you are walking on a particularly brilliant shade of green grass that feels much like a deep soft carpet to your feet; this grass seems to sparkle like a million jewel-like emeralds.

Before we enter the building, we will enter a path which, instead of the more familiar drab or gray stone-like surfaces with which you are familiar, will also be of a rainbow-like beautiful substance. The city which you saw from the mountain top would be worthy of a little more adequate description as it was generally summarized as a wheel-like city with a large center hub with seven radial spokes, all extending out into and through a rather thick rim. Each of these seven spokes, in emerging from this rim, form an entrance into what you might call a dimension or plane, inasmuch as the various other planes, which are connected in the Shamballa, all use the separate entrances respective to the dimension from whence the persons come. Such things are, of course, necessary because of the nature of vibration and energy in which they work.

Around and about the city are great areas which are devoted to a particularly beautiful type of landscaping. While on Venus much of the city and of the landscaping was of a more, shall I say, less formal nature, here everything is laid out with the utmost precision in geometrical patterns, all expressing some idea or form of the science which is being expressed from this planet. You will see great trees and hedges, beautiful flower beds, all formed and sculptured with the utmost precision. The flowers themselves are wonders of beauty. This one in particular, as you stoop over and seem to touch it, looks like a flame of glowing red color, where actually it is a rose and very similar to one on your earth plane, except that here too it is expressing a spiritual counterpart. And so you might walk for many days through the parkways which surround this vast city and see wonders and beauty which defy description and are beyond the imagination. Towering cypress trees are sculptured into various forms and seem to pierce the very heavens. Other and numerous groups, types and varieties of trees are in profusion and in abundance. There are also the familiar forms of lakes or small bodies of water which you would naturally associate with this type of landscaping. Here too, is an expression of life found in your lower earth plane orders. lust as in Venus, you will find forms of your various types of bird life and water fowl in abundance all, in themselves, expressing their own higher state of evolution.

You will notice that we do not have sunshine here in terms of what you might call sunshine on your earth plane. As the sun here is in a more normal relationship than the earth's sun, there is not such a sharp contrast; therefore, the sun does not assume a personal brilliancy or a focal point of light. Instead, it is infused with the radiant energies which form from the heavens above you. As you can see by looking upward, there are great masses of energy that seem to form clouds. These are in a number and variety of colors; the blue, purple, gold, pink, and red shades are in abundance, and in a way they are somewhat reminiscent of your more familiar earth clouds. They will, in turn, sometimes form or precipitate themselves in energy streams of rain from the mountain tops.

The city which you see before you, now that you are closer to it, assumes a much different proportion than it did on the mountain top. Actually this city covers several hundred square miles in circumference, and there are not one but many floors or levels in the crystal-like structures. The city is divided into very definite sections or planes wherein the persons of different levels of evolution from the other planetary structures can enter into somewhat of a clairvoyant or suspended state and thus be taught. It might be well and interesting for your earth scientists to know that many of the scientists who formerly lived on your earth are here in this city of Parhelion. Such men as Galileo, Archimedes, Plato, Pythagoras, Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, and a host of others who have at different times expressed something of a scientific relationship with your earth plane have been in this city at different times.

As on Venus, there are other cities which we can say are something of the substructures which relate to the lower or elemental type of science; here however, we are expressing a more pure and esoterical or spiritual science in regard to the lower orders of the earth planes. And while we do teach in the various laboratories things of an electronic or even a more material nature, yet there is an overall plan wherein the student is participating in such an active part as it would engage a futuristic plan. Such a program was entered into with the man called Jesus; and while He did not actually go into some of the materialistic aspects of science, as it is expressed on your present day earth plane, yet He did go through the various necessary degrees on this planet which enabled Him to obtain a very conclusive and constructive relationship with mass, energy and of all things pertaining to an understanding. Not only did He become acquainted with all of these things, but so set Himself up in a plan whereby He was able to demonstrate the spiritual side of life to the earth people. Science can be expressed in two ways: in a material sense or in a spiritual sense. It is thus that man on this plane is learning the difference between the material and the spiritual science. With his twentieth-century day, electrical mechanisms and motivations, he will learn that these are primarily motivated by his sense of material values. In other words, he has not yet ascended into his mental scale of evolution whereby these things will be superseded by a much more intelligent approach and evaluation to his true position in God's great Celestial universe.

In the evolutions of time man will put aside the various and sundry equations which he has materialized into his physical world and they will, in turn, be superseded by a new science which deals with the spiritual nature of energy. So the scientist of your present world is due for many surprises and many shocks in his evolution, unless, of course, he evolves into these things in a more lengthy and natural sequence. Presenting these things to him at this time as a verbatim description will, I believe, defy the utmost length and confines of his imagination. He will be unable to perceive much of what will be given in this and other books, but do not be troubled for we here know factually and without error that these things do exist in much higher states of consciousness than man on your earth plane has ever dreamed of. It is our purpose to put aside the preconceived and well-defined conventional lines in which man has lived for many hundreds of years on your earth plane. It is the time of the new awakening, the time in which the spiritual values must be brought into man's consciousness; otherwise he shall surely perish, because he has completely overbalanced his world with a preponderance of a false material superstructure which will come crashing down upon him, unless he so properly constructs his life that it will be a more substantial and a more worth-while world to live in. Our future exploration of the city of Parhelion will be necessarily, and for obvious reasons, confined purely to the aspects of teaching. Because of the mental obstructions of the earth people, we will not attempt, at this time, to give any dialogues or dissertations from individuals or from former inhabitants of your earth plane. These things are, in themselves, relative and mean something which may be, at the moment, very pertinent or 'vital only to the person who is so exploring the scientific reaches of God's Infinite Nature. Our purpose here is more thoroughly defined, but until a little further along may I close this particular transmission and wish you all, for the moment, the most gracious and abundance of God's love.