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Nicola Tesla

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I salute you. Brother and Sister on the earth plane. I am he who has been called Hilarion. Although there seems to be somewhat of a mystery attached to my identity, perhaps a few words would be in order at this point. I might say that I am not indigenous to your earth planet but have made evolutions in other planetary systems far removed from your solar system. I did, however, make two evolutions on your earth planet at two different times, one in Atlantis and one in India where I was known as Krishna. At present I am holding the position as the executive officer in this section of the city of Parhelion in the arts and sciences which are relative to the higher phases of culture in the earth plane as is so in many other of the similar planets in other solar systems. It is only fitting that you be conducted through these various explorations, in the manner which is most befitting to you and one which will be of the greatest benefit and also one from which you will derive the greatest amount of personal gain in these explorations and visitations. It had originally been my purpose to meet you at the gate, however, as I am a member of the inner conclave of Patriarchs and Elders, I was unavoidably circumvented from making my appearance at this time, so I will beg your kindest indulgence. However, I do believe my colleagues Kung Fu and William gave a very good account of themselves in helping you to traverse our many halls and dimensions of learning here in the section of Muse. I see in your mind that you are still somewhat amazed and perplexed by the appearance of a high Avatar or rather, as we know him, as a Prince from one of the higher dimensions. He formerly held the position which I now occupy. He was Prince Serapis . No doubt many of your earth brothers and sisters will be greatly shocked just as you were at the appearance of a Celestial Being who had neither the arms nor legs or other of the rudimentary appearances of the physical body as you assume in your earth dimensional planes. However, you may rest assured that such appurtenances are entirely unnecessary in this highly elevated state of consciousness. We merely assume, shall I say, such physical appearances of such forms in these sections of Shamballa because we have not yet evolved, or shall I say to be more accurate, that it still serves a better purpose if we still maintain somewhat of a correct relationship with the lower earth or material orders of existence in these various planets.

Now that you have progressed so nicely through some of the settings here or the sections, there is still one remaining section which is actually the spoke part of the great wheel which stems from the central temple which you have not yet visited. So let us walk past the central fountain here which connects various corridors and enter into the spoke part itself. As was in the case of your former visitation in the more scientific part of the previous section which was devoted to science, this too is of immense size. Many floors or elevations with the central corridors are at least three or four hundred feet wide. In this case, however, as a museum it is devoted entirely to such exhibitions as are relative to our plane of expression. Thus you will find that up and down these corridors, you could stroll for many years and not see anything twice. You would find all types of things which relate to art, drama, to poetry, to literature, to sculpturing. You will see about you beautiful carved statues in all shapes and sizes made of strange and wonderful materials from foreign planets which you know nothing about. You will also see great cases in which reside all types of various other impedimenta which is relative to some artistic phase of life in some of these far-off planetary systems. If you confine your observations to the earth plane perspective as it deals with your own planet, you will find the works of literally thousands of people who have formerly lived on your earth planet not to mention several thousand who are yet to make their reincarnation at some future date into that planet. As it was partly explained to you by William, your planet is now undergoing an evolution into a higher rate or a sphere of consciousness which will not only change the basic atomic structures of the earth itself but will also change such atomic structures in all living things on the earth in their relative position to the preceding dimensions or vortexes.

Now as we stroll casually down one of these corridors, I will attempt to elucidate and explain some of these things and cast a little more illumination into some of the darkened corners of your perspective so that your vision may assume somewhat of a lighter transparency. In other words, we will do our utmost to convey a clear picture not only to your own personal perspective but to any and various sundry personalities who may read these lines. Our purpose here is to completely denude and to defraud any particular expression which has heretofore been given as to Shamballa. Your earth plane has long been confounded with a false preponderance of so-called esoterical values which have left the great masses of the population in a completely befuddled and be-muddled condition and by a natural consequence, it makes things increasingly difficult for we who are dedicated to the saving and the service of posterity to mankind to continually salve and to rehabilitate such personalities who have made wrecks of themselves by casting their own souls upon the rocks and shoals of a false religion.

Believe me, my friends, there is nothing artificial or superficial in your attitude or your belief of God. There is nothing which we will call esoterical or mystical. The processes which you are involved in on your earth plane shall fall away from you as a snake sheds its skin and thus it shall be, that you shall evolve through the countless eons of time and that you shall find the time or place that if you earnestly and conscientiously seek the answers to your problems that such answers will be given to you factually, without reservation and without malpractice. As my particular express ion here in this section is devoted to literature, therefore I do have a little more of the vocabulistic entirety in my expression and for this I am quite thankful. It has long been my earnest desire and purpose working here to impart some of the wonderful knowledge and wisdom with which I am constantly surrounded in these beautiful centers here in Shamballa.

Now I see you have paused in front of some showcases. They look like some of the more familiar large glass cases that you might see in some of your earth museums with the exception, of course, that such structures are all constructed of the crystalline substances and all have their radiant transparent appearance. You are watching and seeing the small settings. These are actual stage presentations of many of the operas and plays such as William presented in his earth plane existence. These were all very cleverly contrived electrical and mechanical devices with miniature figures of men and women in actual stage settings in the various operatic scenes. By merely pressing this little button here, these particular figures will go through their acts clear to the entirety of the complete opera or the complete play, whichever the case may be. Also you will hear in your inward mental ear the entire libretto of such an opera or play. You will hear the beautiful cadent swelling of the female voices, the bassos, and also you will hear the tenors or various other male and female voices which are associated, not to mention orchestrations of the large symphonies which you see in the pits before these stages. These particular stage settings were, of course, all very cleverly constructed by the more scientific genius who resides in the section that you previously visited.

The purpose here, as they exist, is, of course, of educational value for the students who go through here from various other planets as well as your own earth plane to study such plays as "The Taming of the Shrew", or "The Merchant of Venice", or some particular opera by Verdi or Rossini or Ponchielli or any of the composers of such operas or operettas as have existed on the earth plane. The cases here are very numerous and would run into the hundreds of numbers. There are other very clever and wondrous devices which you will see from time to time as we walk slowly along here which depict somewhat in the nature or sense of such musical and artistic expression which exists in other planets in more or less of the same relative dimension as your earth plane. These, of course, will be strange and unfamiliar to you and would require a great deal of explanation which we unfortunately do not have time for in this one particular book. We would hope that if these efforts on our part are thus favorably received at this time and are not too premature that we may in the future enlarge with such counterparts as may seem necessary to further explain and elucidate such various facets.

As William explained to you, many of the people who have lived and attained some sort of an artistic expression, or as far as that goes, any other particular expression on your earth planes, do not all necessarily evolve into our centers of Shamballa . Many of these evolutions take many such earth-plane reincarnations before a person becomes even an Initiate. If I were also to take time to explain to you the various factors which enter into such personal counterparts of the numerous evolutions which exist in your own particular planet, I could devote many years in explaining as to who became who and so on through the ages of time which have existed on your earth plane.

To make a short and brief summary, let me say this, that anyone who has ever left anything to the posterity and benefit of mankind on your earth plane has had at some previous time several or a number of evolutions not only on your earth plane but on such similarly associated planes of existence on other planetary systems. These people are, in a large sense, free souls who are making somewhat of a series of progressions as Initiates. Later on they will become Adepts and so on into mastery as they master their various sciences with which they have associated themselves. But you may rest assured that if you see some outstanding personality on your earth plane in your present day, you may know that he came not through once but through many lifetimes into the position which he now occupies, not from your own earth plane but probably from many other planets. And as you spoke, even your Abraham Lincoln made his evolution from a black skin through the planet of Vulcan before he emerged as the president and emancipator of your colored race.

If you further desire a re-visitation of this gallery to study more of the arts and sciences at some future date, I will be most happy to be of service to you. It is my purpose, in our next visitation, however, to take you directly to the relative planet of Moose, or Muse as you call it, which is swinging off here in some other solar system other than your own. There you will visit many of the Initiates and Adepts who have, as I have spoken, made many evolutions through the various earth planes, such people as Madam Schumann-He ink, and others of such like nature, Enrico Caruso and many other of the great noted musical and operatic stars of the past, not to mention the poets, the various and sundry personalities who are too many and too numerous to mention. As William and Kung Fu said, "You have only to consult your own encyclopedia or almanac to obtain some sort of an idea about which I am speaking." So for the present time, let us rest with God's love.