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Robert and Elizabeth Browning

Good morning, dear ones. We are the Brownings. I am Elizabeth and Robert is here beside me. It was thought apropos at this time by lona and others that as our story is somewhat well known to you people on the earth, that we should conduct you in our next tour into our fair city of Coralanthea. Robert has insisted that I do all the talking so if you do not hear from him, he will be here nevertheless. We have not yet arrived back into the immediate vicinity of the orb of Muse so now we shall take a little astral flight. The purpose here was to enable you to obtain something of a bird's eye view of this fair and beautiful place before we descended properly within the city limits. There is a particular ceremony which is going to be taking place a little later on. There are a group of plebeians from the lower astral planes and from several of the sub-planets which are going to go through the ceremony of initiation so that they may become full-fledged neophytes in our fair city.

But see, now we have arrived somewhere at a point where we can obtain a panoramic view of the vista before us. In the far distance you are seeing two very beautiful peaks. There is a story from the earth that we are familiar with of the twin peaks of Copernicus which stood above the city of Athens in Greece. These twin peaks are somewhat similar in shape to the much publicized mountain of Fujiyama in Japan, except that they are very beautiful crystal structures which seem to glow with all of the iridescent beauty of the rainbow. At the base of these beautiful peaks is the city of Coralanthea. Jus t in case you are a bit confused with the difference in names to one which was given you previously, I might say that this city is known by several different names in different planetary systems. However, as William once said, "A rose by any other name would be just as sweet;" so we will continue with our exploration.

Stretching out over the plain in front of these two beautiful peaks for a hundred miles in each direction, you will see the various dwellings and centers which comprise the city. It stretches out in somewhat of a fanlike fashion. If you remember the old-fashioned fans the ladies used to use at the balls and social functions many years ago, that they were composed of beautiful ostrich plumes or of some such similar material. We might say that these streets and cities converge down in a fanlike fashion toward the central hub which is actually a large group of buildings. We are not confined or cramped for space in this fair city and as you saw by a previous exploration on the surface, that all of the dwellings are in themselves small estates or parks. And that is the reason why so much territory is covered, because everyone here insists on having plenty of room, and well it is so.

As we are getting somewhat closer to the central part of the city, we can see that it is something which we might compare to a half section of a pie and that we divide this half section of a pie into five equal slices. Each one of these portions of the pie is a representation or functions as its own center of learning and teaching in each of the five inspirational arts as they have been classified for you. The buildings themselves are something like about twenty or twenty five miles long with a diameter which is equally divided among themselves so you see that they are quite a vast and large size. They are also many storied and tower into the air which would compare with some of the larger buildings in your earth cities. At the very apex or center of this half section, there is a huge temple which will remind you somewhat of the temple you saw in Parhelion. This, too, is also of a very vast and large size although it is not as large as the one in that particular city. So let us make a landing here, as it were, and we will walk on up one of the streets which divides these sections. A little later on we will come back into one of these sections and explore more fully just what it is that takes place and what the particular functions are within these various sections. But now the time has almost arrived for the initiation ceremony.

As you will see as we approach the temple, there are three different tiers of steps and that each tier is composed of three steps, then there is a landing, then there are three more steps and so on. There are also five different entrances which are spaced equally around the outside diameter or periphery of the face of the temple. Each one, of course, corresponds to its own section or center.

We shall enter the center section which is nearest to us and as we do so, we will see that there is a difference here in this temple with the one we saw in Parhelion inasmuch as it is much more like a large theater of your earth plane. At the extreme rear of this huge temple is an enormous stage with a great canopy or dome-like structure over the top. At the apex of this dome are huge crystals and prisms and just as in the case of other temples you have seen, these are used for purposes of focusing energy beams from the outside dimensions into the theater. Such are the functions of these crystals that they can thus bring the energies into a fuller and a more utilitarian purpose. In looking about you, you will see that this huge temple or theater is already filled and that it looks something like the great metropolitan opera house in one of your earth plane cities except that here everything is constructed in a beautiful streamlined manner with great balconies which are overhanging each other and extend on and on up into the huge dome-like overhead structure. As you can see it can very easily house several hundred thousand souls. Down on the center of the stage, you will see a rather elongated cube which is actually composed of three different stages or elevations. The bottom layer is of a red structure and about a foot high, the second one is yellow and the third is blue. They are sitting one upon each other something like layers on a cake. Each layer is somewhat smaller than the other so that it forms a step. At the rear of this great stage, a group of people are standing. These are the leaders of the various sections as they are standing waiting for the proper moment when the initiation takes place.

Now that we are comfortably seated, we will see that it is about to begin. As we wait expectantly for a moment, then there is a sort of a sing-song chant which you have begun to be familiar with except that in this case it seems to be more like the more familiar choruses that you have heard the large groups give in stage presentations on your earth plane. It is something reminiscent of Handel's "Chorus of Elijah". You can hear the music swelling and diminishing in a great cascade and torrent of sound within your mind and as you look about you, you do not see the lips or any of the facial features of the people here moving, yet within their mind is the swelling cadence of this enormous chorus. Now looking at the stage, you are again seeing something which is very fantastically beautiful. From the three prisms and the lenses above the stage are focused three beams of energy which converge upon the center of the elongated cubes. There is a long red beam, then there is a beautiful golden beam and there is a very intense blue beam. As these beams are focused like spotlights, you will see that at the base of these beams there begins to grow something like a dancing, pulsating flame of energy. Slowly these flames grow until they are about the height of ten feet. They have the appearance of a fountain cascading and pulsating in a very beautiful display of iridescent colors. They, however, maintain the overall primary radiance as we first mentioned, the first is red, the second is yellow and the third is blue.

Now everything seems to be in order. The music has swelled to a very loud and tremendous volume. Now from one side of the stage, there is formed a long line of a group of people. They are all dressed in very simple, white flowing tunics. They are the plebeians who are about to take the initiation ceremony. Slowly as the music begins a chant-like rhythm, keeping in step and in harmony with this chant, they walk toward the stage. As they pass by the stage each one pauses momentarily beside a pedestal upon which is placed a very large thick book. As they pause momentarily, keeping in time and rhythm with the chant, they place their left hand upon the book and place the tips of their right fingers on their forehead, then they raise their right hand and pass on, each one doing the same particular gestures. These gestures are tokens or pledges of complete fidelity.

Now you will see that the first of these plebeians has approached the base of the three steps which lead up to the first of the red flames. Slowly he begins taking one step at a time, keeping in rhythm with the music. At the top he does not even pause but walks directly into the red flame and with the next step he emerges from the other side and so on; he will pass from the red into the golden and then into the blue. As you will see, as all persons walk through the flame and then emerge, they have taken on something of the color of the flame, and so by the end of the procession where they have passed through the three flames, they have taken on all three of these primary basic radiations; so that now instead of the white or drab appearance which they first had in entering the flames, they are now like the rest of us around here and they are pulsating in the full radiance of the colors. Slowly the chant-like music continues until the last of this group has passed through. There have been about twenty-five who have taken this initiation ceremony. They have come, as I have said, from the sub-planets and the higher astral realms of your earth plane. It might be a note of interest to say that several of them quite recently lived on your, earth plane. However, they were not generally or well-known in the sense of the word and so I will not mention their names at this time. Now that the ceremony has been completed and they are all now neophytes living here among us, we will take ourselves out of the temple so that we may visit one of the centers which is devoted to its own particular function that we may best examine and see just what is the nature of the things which are taking place.

As it was first previously described, it is a large, somewhat of a wedge-shaped building which is perhaps about 20 miles long and as high as a fairly high skyscraper or building. There are a number of levels or floors. The whole building, just as the other four, are constructed of a beautiful crystal - like substance, very translucent, with an overall pervading radiance which is something of a pink or coral cast and such is the name we have taken for the city, which is Coralanthea a. As we enter into the base part of this huge building, this one happens to be devoted to the inspirational art of literature. As we pass through the large entrance into the central corridor, we will walk down this corridor and will see that on each side, just as in the case of some of the other large buildings we have visited that there are various kinds of classrooms. We will go into one of these classrooms and see just what is taking place. As this section is devoted to the art of literature, we will therefore see that all duties and activities are more or less confined along the lines of composition as it is done in the earth plane such as relates to story writing, whether it is fictional or whether it is of a true nature, also such things as history, autobiographies and other and numerous phases and branches of the literary arts. As we emerge into this classroom, you are quite surprised to see that it is a very beautiful place, something like the classrooms which you saw on Parhelion. Here is a vast and a beautiful expanse which stretches out before you and while there are a great deal of beautiful plants, shrubs and trees which are growing around on the outside yet the center itself seems to be rather like a huge theater.

In front of the sphere through the several thousand seats which are immediately in front of this theater are seated and filled with a large group of children. These children seem to range in age from about eight years to about twelve years old. These children happen to be all from your own earth plane. As it is nighttime there and about two o'clock in the morning, these children are herein their astral consciousness. I believe that this way of teaching was explained to you in your visitation on the planet of Venus and it is carried on in the same fashion here, except of course that we do not teach the spiritual arts but rather, we teach the inspirational arts as they relate to music and art, drama, literature and sculpturing. You might be surprised to learn that the instructor who is teaching this group of children and telling them a story and teaching them in the various art of story- telling is one who was known on your earth plane as Aesop. I believe he gave quite a lengthy volume of some stories which were called Aesop's Fables and still exist in the classrooms of your earth plane schools.

Now we can pass from this center and go into other centers where you will see adults being taught the higher forms of composition and rhetoric. We can also see other functions which relate to public speaking or elocution and such other sundry and kindred things which are of the same nature. So, all in all, we can say that this section here is a vastly large and expanded college or university wherein the very highest phases and forms and technical aspects of composition in various languages and in various earth plane dimensions are here taught. Such scholars come from various planets in the galaxy of star clusters to which we are related and come across the vast distances of what is called space. They may live here outside in the city or they may actually come and go in different periods of time in their various existences. Later on, many of these students will of course complete their courses and graduate. They may thus become teachers and students in the higher centers of Parhelion or they may again reincarnate into some earth plane to begin a teaching career or some such career which will give them full expression of the art which they have somewhat fully learned in these particular sections.

Now let us pass from this section and go into the next one. Walking across the large central passageway, we again emerge into another section which is devoted to the inspirational science of drama, as it is called on the earth plane. What this means is the factual presentation of the various and innumerable concepts in people's lives as they are depicted in such plays or pageantry as you are more or less familiar with. All types of drama and presentations and pageantry are taught in these classrooms. It might be of interest to the people of Southern California to know that their own Rose Parade had its origin and was under the direct supervision of a group of students and graduates from this particular section. It was formerly instigated as a direct inspiration from this group of students and is thus carried on from year to year in an inspirational manner from this plane or dimension. So likewise we may say in a more or less relative sense or degree that other such ceremonies, observances and pageantry on your earth plane as well as many others are likewise of such inspirational nature that they are in some way linked and expressed through these centers here in Coralanthea.

As you will see, just as in the previous section that large groups of small and large children from the various planets in the different solar systems are here taught in their astral moments when they are asleep. So it is that many of these youngsters soon express a high degree of precocity in some relative dramatic art. This may somewhat account for many of the appearances of these infant prodigies, such as violinists or dancers in the various types of Terpsichore of ballet or other similar and kindred stage presentations. I would like to point out here that we do not teach some of the lower forms of music and dancing as it is expressed on your earth plane at this particular time. You have many forms of, shall I say, degenerative types of dancing which is called jitterbugging. There are also some types of music which are called bebop or jive which is also of a degenerative nature. We do not teach anything here of such an inharmonious nature, in which would give rise "to various inharmonic chords or discontents within one's nature. Such phases of music and dancing have their origin in the lower astral realms and come primarily from the forces which have passed over into spirit and which are malcontents or, as you sometimes refer to them, as dark forces. Our expressions in these various centers as they are taught in the inspirational arts are properly correlated with the innermost nature of man which has its infinite origin and as its source the great Fountainhead which is sometimes referred to as the Creator or God.

Now Robert and I would wish that you rest for a while and we will take up very shortly at this point and where we will leave off, so may you rest In peace until we see you in a little while.