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Robert and Elizabeth Browning

Greetings of the new day to you, brother and sister. I see you are standing before a case in this great central library hall of our section of Parhelion and that you are very much engrossed in watching the tiny figurines as they are enacting their various dances. The one you are looking at, as I see, is Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake Ballet but come, there are more wondrous things for you to see. Now as we walk along beside these many cases, here are others which would be of tremendous interest to you had you the time to witness them. Here is a scene from Verdi's Aida; here is also Rigoletto. Puccini's Madame Butterfly is portrayed in the next case. Here is a particularly beautiful rendition of Wagner's Tristan and Isolde and so on. Of course, all of the operas which have been written and produced on your earth plane are not exactly portrayed in these cases, just those which are of particular interest and which have, shall I say, a sense of immortality in their creation. In the lower centers you will find other such portrayals done not only with mechanical figurines but also in real life presentations very similar to those you have witnessed on your earth plane.

Now that we have come up into the section of the library which is devoted to the storage of books, you are looking with wonder and amazement at the tremendous size and height of these various cases which contain the innumerable volumes which have been produced on the hundreds and even thousands of earth planes. Here too all of the literature which is so produced on those earth planes is stored here. In this case, it is only that literature which has been produced by the Initiates or the Adepts or other highly intellectually and spiritually motivated forces. As you will note, the ceiling extends above you to something like a height of several hundred feet and that the cases are innumerable and extend down into the distance which is actually very many miles long. These cases store many millions of books which have been written by the many hundreds of thousands of authors who have been connected with these various earth plane experiences. I see there are many questions which are pouring from your mind but first let us examine one of the books. You will reach into this nearest case and as you see, these are all small cases which are divided into shelves which extend on and on into the distances around you.

Now you have taken hold of one particular volume which is very much unlike the volumes which you find in your public libraries. It is only like them in one respect that it has a cover and some pages inside. However, here the similarity ends. The particular book you have happens to be taken from the case which has been devoted to the stories of works by Robert and Elizabeth Browning. As you will note, the cover of this book is not like the covers of the books on your earth plane but it is of a very particularly beautiful plastic-like material which is luminous and iridescent in color. This is because of the very high inspirational value of the poetry which is contained therein. Now if you will open the pages here, you will also see some very marked differences from the volumes in your earth plane libraries. The volume itself is about one-third the size of any volumes you might expect to see of such a nature and the pages themselves are also of some material which you do not recognize immediately. It seems to be a sheet of very fine, thin, energy-like material which it actually is. It is not paper in the sense of the word that you would confine paper as a manufactured product on your earth plane. This is a pure form of energy which has been brought into use through mind force. The writings themselves, as you will see, are tiny miniature reproductions of not the commonly accepted vocabulary of earth-plane" forms but in this case, they are definite spiritual symbols. If you are properly tuned to these symbols, you will see that they will convey to you not the idea of thought form as it is expressed in a chain of word sequences but expresses to you the entire idea of what the person who was so writing this book was inspired by at that particular moment.

Thus it is with all of the books in this particular great section or library section of this city. I see you are also wondering as to how these books were written and how they are cataloged and various other factors which you might think relative. As in the case of the Brownings, that in writing these books as do all of the authors or composers, they all impinge, shall I say, their own particular rate of vibration. No cataloging system is necessary but any student who goes through these corridors and who wishes to contact the books of Tennyson or Keats or any of the authors who have been on your earth plane merely thinks of them and immediately he is there by the case. It is as simple as that. He has merely to select the proper volume, hold it in his hands and he will immediately be in tune and in contact with the particular inspiration which created that book. As to the actual construction of the books themselves, this has been largely done by the Initiates or Adepts before they ever emerged into your earth plane. Thus you will easily see how it was possible for Handel to begin composing music at the tender age of seven and Mendelssohn had already composed symphonies before he was fourteen. These things were merely brought into expression by these Initiates from books which they had previously composed in such centers which are similar to the one which you are in.

And so it is not only in the fields of literature, art and various other of the more highly evolved forms of spiritual inspiration in man's nature but also into the more relative fields of science and of the more materialistic natures. In most cases and generally speaking, a large part of such production in earth planes is usually brought into expression from the original plane in which the Initiate or the Adept emerged from into the earth plane consciousness. Now we could wander up and down these various corridors where these millions of volumes are stored and that we could select at random anyone of the hundreds of various literary components of expressionists on your earth plane. We could contact anyone of the more philosophical nature as well as those in poetry and literature. We find here volumes which deal with almost every relative concept of life. However, as I have previously explained, this section is devoted primarily to the arts of literature and their various and kindred and associated sciences, music, poetry, sculpturing and painting.

Now let us emerge into another section. Here you will see that the walls and the various partitions are devoted to the art of painting. Here again you will see in such miniature forms as well as in full life size, expressions of the various artists who have lived on your earth plane. Here you will be in contact with such notables as Van Dyck, Michael Angelo, Titian, yes even Leonardo has one of his masterpieces hung in one of these galleries even though he is the head executive of the scientific section of Parhelion.

Also in various corridors you will find the works which have been done in the art of stone or in marble which has been termed sculpturing. This work also is done in such other and sundry associated materials which will be found on the various earth planes. Wood, jasper, onyx and a host of other materials which were native to each particular planet are used to carve the various configurations either in the human form or in such symbology as may express the particular inspirational value of the Initiate or Adept who has worked s0 constructing these things.

You are also no doubt wondering at the vast amount of material which is produced in the field of literature on your earth plane as well as in various other fields which is not, shall I say, of superior nature. If we think for a moment that as we have only stored here such things as are of a very high spiritual nature that there must be indeed and there is a great deal of such material which is of a salacious nature and is not conducive to the highest rate of intelligence. This material is, of course, stored in its relative form in various centers which are revolving in the lower orders of frequency relationships down through the lower astral planes. Thus it is that you will find if you could go far enough that the so-called black forces also have libraries where they store much of this salacious or sadistic material which is relative to their particular plane of existence. They include a vast amount of books which deal primarily with the material issues of life on your earth plane such as the exploitation of sex and various other factors, heinous crimes of murder and violence in which magazines and books have been written in the nature of these things. Here too you will find in these lower orders of astral realms such vast storehouses of this material. They are in turn reproduced by, shall I say, initiates who emerge into the earth plane from these lower orders. You will be surprised that there are initiates from these dark regions who emerge into your earth plane but such is the case.

Your own Adolph Hitler was one of these and I will say he was not an initiate but was an adept. You have other shining and striking examples, if I can use the term shining rather loosely. We might say that the Gengis Khan and other of the great butchers who have bloodied the pages of your history have been products of these lower astral regions and they were adepts and masters in their own arts. However, I wish to avoid confusion at this ti.me so I will not go farther into these relative factors other than to merely suggest that their existence is very real and that in consequence, all earth people should thus wisely heed these words and in being cognizant of such relative factors as can be expressed in their daily earth plane lives and existences; they should be made fully aware of these things in such a positive stance or reactionary way that they can obtain some measure of protection from these lower astral forces.

In the past much has been written as to purgatory, hades and other places where the so-called wicked or the dead are supposed to be incarcerated. These things are, of course, largely fictional in value. However, the idea or form from which they sprang is indeed very real. One of the works which is stored here (in this center of Parhelion) comes from an Italian by the name of Dante who wrote the familiar "Inferno". In this he produced a very real exam pie of such ideology as could be expressed in the metaphor of the mental or the spiritual capacity of such people who have gone on into the astral worlds without sufficient knowledge and learning of the spiritual values of life. Thus it is that they wander in these hades-like formations of thought patterns until the day of liberation comes, not from without but from within their own minds and their own thinking.

A little later on we shall actually go to the planet Muse upon the Ray Beam and there you will see very accurate real-life presentations of the various operas, festivals, and plays which have been produced on your earth plane as there are many people there who are Initiates who produce much and very beautiful works which are relative to your higher spiritual values of life. This museum section of the spoke which we have just partially completed exploring, as I have said, is many miles long and our one particular difficulty here is in expressing even a very small fraction of the gigantic nature of the project which we have undertaken in creating this in the book form for the earth peoples to read. However, I believe that this will be sufficient for general purposes that you may gain somewhat of an idea. And so for this particular transmission, may I wish you the most pleasant and abundant of God's munificent blessings.