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Robert and Elizabeth Browning

Cheerio to you, brother and sister. This is Robert again. Elizabeth scolded me a little for keeping you so long last night on our previous tour but she also added that as I had done such a good job, I must take over again for the conclusion of our visit here to Coralanthea. Now let's see, I believe we were somewhere in the artistic section when we discontinued, so what do you say if we get on with it and go right to the center which is devoted to sculpturing. I was a bit surprised, just as you will be, when you see what sculpturing really is. A long time ago I thought that sculpturing was just some man hammering on a piece of rock with a chisel and mallet but that is not the case. Now that we are entering into this large section, as you see it is like the others, constructed of that very beautiful pink or coral-colored crystal. The building itself is like the others of a huge or an immense size. Now, getting into the doorway proper, we are standing in the main and central corridor. On each side of this corridor are the many numerous and different classrooms. Let us duck into this nearest one here and see just what is going on. I have been here before so I am not entirely unaware. However, you may be somewhat amazed. This classroom, as you see, is also of a very huge and immense size. Here there are various students and instructors who are learning the art of the lapidary or the carving or sculpturing and facing of the various semi-precious stones which are found not only on your earth plane but on the many earth planes with which we are associated. It may be of interest to you to note that there is a wonderful bit of science attached to the carving and facing of all of these precious gems that, in themselves, are crystals and assume various geometrical forms and shapes. The lapidary has to learn the lines of cleavage and how to properly so face the stones as to bring out their inward radiance and beauty. He is also made acquainted with such factors as the coloration of the stones, as these colors are the result of various chemical combinations of other elements which enter in at the time of the infusion or the inception of these crystal structures in the volcanic or cataclysmic eruptions on the earth plane.

Such things as iron, aluminum, gold and other elements which enter in give these gems their brilliant coloration. About the hardest thing on your earth is a diamond and about the only thing that will cut a diamond is another diamond. Here is a student who is busily engaged on a wheel-like contrivance where he is using diamond dust to face a diamond. He is learning the processes which will later enable him to reincarnate into the earth plane and thus display a great deal of this science and talent. Now let us go into another of these numerous classrooms with which we are associated. Going into this place we will find students and instructors who are engaged in various arts which relate to carving in the different materials as they are found in the various planets. Here is a student who is carving on a bit of ivory. Another student here is shaping something with bone and there are various other innumerable types of carving in the various materials as they are found in the different planets. The many kinds of softer stone such as soap-stone are also sometimes carved into numerous shapes which are both ornamental and utilitarian. Before we proceed any further, however, I would like to philosophize a bit upon your particular earth planet. If I do this, perhaps you may be able to understand just a little more fully what sculpturing is. In studying the histories of your earth planet you will find that many different times in the past, various periods of sculpturing came into expression, a sort of renaissance, as it were. In China there was one, period which happened about 6000 years B.C.; in India there was also a great renaissance that came in before the time of Buddha. Many of the Indian temples that you see nowadays, just as the Chinese art which is dedicated to a very flamboyant expression of art which is depicted in the various types of ceramics or vases as cloisonné, so in India they too have gone into great lengths to express their own type of sculpturing and art. The lavish displays of the temples in which you will see a great deal of the mosaic type of sculpturing which means that tiny bits of shells and pearls were so cleverly interlaid as to form beautiful designs or depict certain historical scenes. The exteriors of these temples are carved with an innumerable variety of gargoyles and various symbolic figures, not to mention the spires, minarets and the vast array of very intricate symbolism which enters into the expression of these temples. Going into Egypt, this may too be somewhat familiar as you have seen pictures of the great stone pyramids, the carvings in the mountains of the various Pharaohs, such as the Ramses. We know of Cleopatra's needle which is an obelisk which is now in the museum in New York. Coming up into your more modern times, just before the time of Christ there was a Grecian renaissance of sculpturing in which the marbles and other types of materials were carved into the innumerable figures of the gods and goddesses who were supposed to be ruling the world at that time. A little later on, there was also an Italian renaissance of such carvings. Your muse urns today are full of these various marble figures such as the Venus de Milo and others who are more or less familiar historical figures in your history books.

Now here is another section. As we have somewhat discussed the sculpturing in marbles and in stone, we will go into this section and see that there is also another facet which can be said to be very similar to the carving of stone and that is carving of stone in its pure sense. It relates to stone as it enters in as a building material in the many and different edifices upon your earth plane. Here in the ancient times, stone was carved roughly from the mountain quarries in such rectangular or cubistic shape as would best suit the purpose for the building which it was designed to construct. In your more modern recent times, substances of a biolithic nature such as concrete were compounded. The ancient Romans knew of a concrete substance also they knew of a tar-like composition in Arabia which is something like the asphalt of your streets today. These biolithic compounds are, as the term denotes, compounded of two or more substances, the adhesive and the foundation. In concrete it is the Portland cement with the sand and gravel, so these biolithic compounds are playing a very large and important part in the sculpturing of your modern cities today. Your skyscrapers are frameworks of steel upon which these biolithic compounds are formed to add strength and rigidity.

Now here is another section which is devoted to an expression of sculpturing which is somewhat familiar. This relates to the carving and fashioning of wood and such kindred substances on your earth plane. In a sense of the word, this classroom looks almost like a furniture factory. Here you will see students who are undergoing scholastic teaching which will enable them later to reincarnate into suitable planes of consciousness and thus express their craft as designers in the more utilitarian or functional articles in the home such as the chairs, the davenports and other familiar objects which you see about you. Such instructors here who are teaching have been responsible at a different time in your earth plane of periods of furniture design. I might name two of these as Chippendale and Hepplewhite. Wood also is used in various other phases of sculpturing. The Alaskan Indian constructed his totem pole and his dugout canoe. This was sculpturing. So did the Chinaman who carved the very intricate designs which festooned the ridges on the roofs of his temples, such as was done in teakwood and in other woods of the harder and more compact nature. There are statues and figures existing today which have been constructed thousands of years ago of the harder and more compact woods such as ironwood, that have existed in the temples and shrines of worship for the many centuries. Here we may also see students who are carving beautiful cameos. A cameo, as you know, is the shell of a mollusk which is taken from the bottom of the Mediterranean. The outer shell is stripped off, leaving the coralline substance underneath exposed. The craftsman then proceeds to carve the face of some beautiful woman or some such similar configuration upon the surface of this shell.

Now here is another classroom which we shall enter into - As we have more or less gone rather swiftly for the obvious reasons of time and space which are limited to the length of our transmission or tours. This classroom is devoted to the fashioning of the various types of metals - metallurgy, in other words. Here we see craftsmen or students of all races and from all physical planes who are learning to fashion the various precious and semi-precious metals which are indigenous to that particular planet. Such things as gold, silver, lead, platinum and so on. They are learning to draw these materials out into the various shapes which are either ornamental or utilitarian or combine the virtues of both into such things as vases, vessels of various types and shapes, ornamentations for the body such as rings, bracelets, etc. A great deal of art and craftsmanship is necessarily entered into as the designs and shapes of these various types of craftsmanship often enter into very intricate and an amazing array of configurations.

One of the teachers here who is teaching in the classroom which we have just visited, and I would like to interject this little story here at this time because it is very apropos. This particular instructor is of Italian origin from your earth plane and was known as Antoine Canova, if you will pardon the hesitancy there for just a moment. This story relates to the time when this very famous sculptor as a lad was serving an apprenticeship in a tavern in Italy when a nobleman in passing through was very much impressed by the figure of a crouching lion which this youngster had carved in a large chunk of butter and set upon the table before him. So young Antoine was given the advantage of being a protégé to this wealthy nobleman and was thus enabled to bring into the world many and great works of art in the field of sculpturing.

Now if I may indulge your kind patience for just a moment, I will enter into somewhat of a resume of just what we have previously explored in these five centers of Coralanthea. As it was quite obvious that we could not thoroughly and completely obtain a full view of the many and varied activities going on, I would just like to roughly run over these five centers a little more, as it were, and point out some of the things which were previously somewhat omitted. We are sorry friends, Robert lost control at the beginning of this transmission and it has been carried on by someone else, however, we will explain these things a little more fully later on. And as the power has somewhat been disrupted, let us rest while we reorganize for a future transmission.

Greetings again, this is the Brownings. Elizabeth is here with me this time. We had some to take up in sort of a summation and to further enlarge or to bring out some very pertinent points which may have been neglected in our previous tours. I have been checking over the lists with Elizabeth and there are a few things. The first plane we explored, the literary section, was somewhat covered and it is not complicated. We will merely say that the chronology of the worlds, as it is portrayed in the written word of the book form in its numerous facets and phases, would involve a very vital and important subject in itself. But this was somewhat rather thoroughly covered, so let us skip over to the next section which I believe was drama. Here too we explored some of the many facets which are relative to the portrayal of pageantry and plays and things of that nature, however, one important facet was neglected as we did not attach too much importance to it at the time. This is the science and art of motion picture, television and radio as it is portrayed on your earth plane at the present time.

Now I am not one to pass judgment nor will I render any form of condemnation. It is unfortunate that such a wonderful science as it is expressed in the technical phases as well as in the dramatic relationships on your earth is used for the portrayal of the baser and more carnal natures of man. I will not say or make comparisons with Gary Cooper or Humphrey Bogart with such personages as John Wilkes Booth, nor will I say that Lana Turner or Marilyn Monroe could compare with Sarah Bernhardt. The movies of your present age are tailored somewhat to fit the needs of the times. It is, in reality, a psychological equation I as you know the various inhibitions, frustrations and fears such as they are in the races of mankind on your earth plane are repressed emotional factors and that in attending the movie theaters, they see portrayed on the screen such things as are relative to their own repressed inhibitions. By seeing others perform and do the various things which they are afraid to do or have been repressed in so doing, they feel some sort of a relief or they are somewhat pacified. However, I would say that the outlet of the theater or the motion picture screen, the television and radio could be very wonderful and valuable assets in promulgating and promoting educational and inspirational works of such nature that it would soon change the course of destiny of the races of mankind on your earth plane.

To those who think that such things are relative to your time and place, I would like to say that motion pictures, television and such kindred sciences have been known and are known on other planets in your: solar system. Mars has been using television for many thousands of years. There are other planets which have long ago even ceased to exist which, at one time in their destiny or their evolution, used such electronic devices. These planets flourished in the height of their time even millions of years before your own earth planet even knew the first constructive form of life. Do not flatter yourselves, my friends of the earth because you think you have brought into realization some invention or some contrivance. These things always have existed in more or less relative concepts and phases in other dimensions or in other worlds long before there was a realization of time or place as it concerns your earth plane. Now, however, I must not spend too much time in philosophizing. I am going to leave that for a little later on to some of my more worthy colleagues in another planet.

So let us skip on in to the next center which I believe is devoted to music. Here also we explored somewhat the various rooms or dimensions in which the numerous facets of your musical world was expressed. There were also numerous other expressions which related to other worlds or other dimensions with which you were not so familiar. Here was also explained to you some of the principles of vibro-therapy or the healing and stimulating and inspiring nature of sound or music. The secondary wave forms of healing energy which could be superimposed or interwoven with such harmonious conclusions of chords and structures of musical intonations were too vast and innumerable to enter into. This, like many other of the facets of science which relate to the five inspirational arts, would in themselves make up a whole large complete volume and would take many years to do to the fullest conclusion.

Our next section, I believe, was devoted to the exploration of the more artistic concepts of the earthman and of the other planets in the various solar systems. Now, we do not confuse the term art with a man standing by an easel and daubing paint on a canvas. Here we found out that art expressed itself in an innumerable number of ways. Some of these ways were, of course, not mentioned for the obvious lack of time and space, yet art does express itself in countless thousands of ways in your earth plane. Even the housewife who is interested in harmoniously expressing a decorative scheme of some sort in her house is an artist in her own sense. She is even artistic when she bakes a cake and does so with a great deal of flourish and self-justifiable pride if the cake turns out well. There is art in every craft and in every expression of life on your earth plane. Even the bricklayer takes a great deal of pride in seeing the completed wall or structure and that the bricks are symmetrically lined up in a complete structural alignment which is very pleasing to his artistic and his scientific eye. We can also say that even the little girl playing with mud pies is expressing a good deal of her artistic temperament and learning the relative values of such factors as placement, background, etc., as she begins her first embryonic expression in your earth plane relationships. Now our last phase, I believe, here relates to sculpturing. Here you found out and explored the different relationships and the different types of sculpturing. However, there was one facet here, I believe, which was not fully entered into.

In your age and your present time, the evolution of the world can be called a synthetic age. There is so much about you in your present age which is either processed or synthetic. You cannot enter anyone of your stores which relates to the selling of merchandise of any kind which you find in your homes or which you use in your daily life which has not been processed or is not of a synthetic nature. You ladies wear synthetic clothing, you adorn your faces with synthetic products of the cosmetic nature and thus if I can say, you are also artisans or artists in your own sense of the word. Your homes are decorated with many of the synthetic products which are of a very artistic nature. In your kitchens you find many synthetic or plastic materials which have entered into your daily lives in the past few years. All these products and their understanding and usage is, in a sense, a relationship of art and sculpturing. Such utilitarian forms and decorative forms of these synthetic and plastic-like materials have also existed in other earth worlds or in other such material dimensions long before the time of your earth. The old saying that there is nothing new under the sun is very factually true. Those of you who are living in the earth plane today, are in a large way, merely repeating the evolution and course of such similar worlds which have existed in other solar systems in the countless ages of time which have long since passed.

And so for such future explorations of the other centers of our Shamballa, if we here in Coralanthea have omitted any of the factors which you seem to feel were necessary or which would need further explanation, I believe you have no need to fear. Such explanations in the future transmissions will be given to you. I believe also that as you read these lines and such concepts and factors are entered into that you will be able, in a large sense, to fill in some of the vacant places, as it is obviously impossible in one narration or in one book to give you a complete and factual word picture of all that takes place in these seven centers of Shamballa. So until such future time, may I say that it has indeed been a great pleasure that we have renewed our contact and our friendship and our feeling of brotherly love with you earth plane people in your new world and in your new time.

When we were on your earth, things were not as they are now. We did not have the electrical conveniences or the automobiles that you people have now. Our life was comparatively simple. We lived by candlelight or by lamplight. We centered our life around the open fireplace. Home was a place which was conducive and harmonious to the fullest and most pleasant experiences of our lives. We almost feel a sense of pity for you people who have so complicated and confounded your lives with the thousands of your civilized appurtenances. Such things have been, as we could say, a two-edged sword - one that has seemed at the time to be a convenience. And yet has in the end only served to lop off a portion of your peace of mind. We believe that in the future that much of these things which you consider necessities or even luxuries will pass off into the oblivion of history and that the more spiritual values of life will return to you earth people. And with the passing of this mechanical and electronic age and all of the monsters which you have created for yourself, you will find the return of the dove of Peace not only among your nations but within your own selves and in the relationship of your heart and your mind with the great spiritual and inspirational force which you call God. So until such time, we the Brownings and all here in Coralanthea bid you not adieu but until we see you again, in God's greatest love – may you live in Peace.