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Maha Chohan

Auka Makaula to you, brothers and sisters. Just in case my greeting startled you, it is merely a salutation which means, the Peace of God be with you. It is a little greeting which is customarily used in the ancient languages which existed on your earth plane thousands of years ago in the ancient lands of India and Tibet. My identity is Maha Chohan, as I was known in the histories of the earth plane of a long-ago age of India. We welcome you to the third section of Shamballa and the symbol above the entrance way which you see as you are about to enter is the torch which is held by the hand giving light to the world. Please enter in and feel that you are most heartily welcome, for indeed it is so. We have long awaited this opportunity but come sit here beside this fountain of radiant energies. While your eyes become accustomed, I will explain to you something more of the mysteries of heaven and earth just as they have been promised that they would be given to you. There have been many questions which have been occurring and recurring in your minds which are associated with the mysteries of the Eastern world. To you Western minds, it is indeed a paradox that those who call themselves Christians and read in the Bible that they know so little of the inner mysteries of life and of these things which have been written and practiced for many hundreds of thousands of years on your earth, long before your Bible was instituted.

I will attempt to clear up some of the mysteries which are attached to the Eastern theologies as they are expressed in such concepts of Buddhism or Brahmanism as you know them in the Western language. You were rightly led into somewhat of the more theosophical explanations as they exist in your earth books and in the tenets of the minds which so deciphered and were conceived in them through inspiration. But it is my purpose to further simplify such knowledge and wisdom as it is far too vast and too preponderant in its expression and terminology to mean little or nothing to the average Western mind. As you have been told, our purpose is to simplify and to completely denude any mysticism or esoterically evolved concepts which may have arisen to confound the many earth minds who have, as a consequence, been at a loss to properly orient their minds into some semblance of a spiritual philosophy which would give them greater advantage over the problems of the various reincarnations. To you who are on the path of truth, may I salute you and may I wish you and project to you all the intensities and the strength of the love of the Immortal God. As I have detected in your minds that you have wondered much as to the progress of the cycles of reincarnations and to the names which have been attached to the various Avatars or exponents of spiritual philosophy in your earth plane and so, for your benefit and others, I will clear up some of these mysteries for you.

I may begin with Osiris who existed as the Sun God or 'Ra' in the Egyptian spiritual concepts ten or twelve thousand years ago or even beyond that time. The story is one which follows a strange parallel to many of the Avatars who have appeared on the earth plane and that they have all been born into and conceived of such immaculate or 'divine' conception. So it was in the time of the worship and spiritual theology as it was expressed in Egypt at that time. Osiris overshadowed Isis who was mother of earth so that she bore the son Horus. It was Horus who later reincarnated into the land of Egypt as Hermes and for which we have named this particular section of the Shamballa and called it Hermes as it relates to the great philosophical and spiritual interpretations which were collected together. Hermes, in a word, conforms much with Kung Fu or Confucius in the collection of the philosophical works which relate to the spiritual interpretations of mankind in Egypt at his time. Please do not confound him with the Hermes of the Grecian era, who came later.

If you will count on your fingers, I can name off those who have appeared on your earth plane as Avatars or Messiahs. You have confounded also the term or the phrase Buddha which, in itself, means a spiritual leader or a Messiah in its pure sense. There have been seven Buddhas who have reincarnated on your earth at different times. Such as they are, they have become the spiritual leaders and directors of the Shamballa, and while we here in expressing these as the seven personal identities are doing so under the direct control and cooperation with the inner conclave of the thirty-three Logi who are ruling several thousand other planets besides your own earth plane in a natural sequence and evolution of cycles which revolve into countless and innumerable numbers of reincarnations from earth plane to earth plane among the races of mankind. Some such theory was expounded by one of our colleagues here who is, in this plane at this moment, a Grecian philosopher by the name of Plato. Plato, as you know, was a student of Socrates who is also teaching in this center at this time. So it was with these various seven, one who is known as Zoroaster, who became Lord Maitreya and rules the seventh plane. This is not known to your earth people at this time. It was Krishna who later became known as Hilarion. The Gautama Buddha, who you know as the man who sat under the fig tree six hundred years before the Avatar Christ, later reincarnated as an immaculate conception and was known as the Shankara and who also lived the same number of years as the Avatar Jesus, thirty-two years.

The great Manu himself has his identity buried in the unwritten pages of history which concerns a civilization which is directly linked to the Oriental version of Shamballa which existed in a great civilization half a million years ago in the northern reaches of Tibet or Southern Mongolia. It is said that this city was destroyed but it was not so. It was carried into heaven. The elements of the buildings and all of the people were transmuted into higher elemental substances and so it became one of the teaching esoterical planes which is part of one of the present Shamballas. Manu is further personified in the books of the ancient Indian teachings as they are revealed in the writings which relate to the various translations and works of the Veda. You will read of the m in other works on your earth plane but to avoid confusion I will avoid going into them too deeply as I know this work is appealing to a great mass of people who are, for a large part, only earnestly seeking the first step of becoming an initiate. (Please rest now for a moment but do not terminate this transcription as I will return shortly).

We will continue. A few moments ago I was explaining to you some of the mysteries of reincarnation as it regarded or affected those who were working in the higher realms and dimensions and who were known to you by such titles as Lords or Masters. I also mentioned factors which related to the reincarnations from such material and physical worlds with which we worked at one particular time so that through each incarnation as we gained strength and wisdom, it was necessary, and through the call of mankind through the epochs of time on these earth planes, that we must come again and again in physical form. The reasons for these appearances are sometimes very obvious as you will study the New Testament of your Bible and see that at that time the appearance of the Avatar Christ was of the utmost importance. I might say also that these reincarnations or appearances into the lower material planes serve a twofold purpose, inasmuch as they too help us to solidify and to further consolidate such concepts and wisdom as we have succeeded in learning in the higher spiritual realms.

In the second section of Parhelion, it is at the present time supervised by the person who you called on your earth plane, Buddha. Before, however, you get to that particular section of Parhelion I would like you to know that a much better name for him would, of course, be Shankara such as he is known here among us. Now enough of this for the present. A little later on we will go through the various centers or as they have been called classrooms here in this section which relates to the philosophical philosophies or doctrines of the many earth planes and we shall meet some of the, shall I say, ancient Grecian or pre-Grecian philosophers as well as some of the more modern or contemporary exponents who have contributed somewhat to a more factual and better way of life.

We will continue these tours on the premise and the understanding that we come to you not as personages who would deliver to the earth plane any sundry or new expressions of such philosophies as we have either expedited on some former previous earth -plane reincarnation nor would we further impinge such philosophies as we have learned in these dimensions since our beginning and inception into these higher orders of spiritual understanding and learning. May I repeat that our service here primarily is to acquaint you with the functional nature of the various centers of Shamballa. Later on I will leave it to those who are more justly and aptly qualified if it is such a time and a place to do so to bring such philosophies into the plane of consciousness of the earth people. We here know that your earth is undergoing a spiritual evolution in which it will be a reversal from the great karmic plague of materialism as you are living under at the present time . Your great preponderance of superstructures of the materialistic world will gradually give way and be replaced by such spiritual concepts as will give a much greater peace of mind. However, for the present moment, Auka Makaula.