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Good morning, dear ones, this is Blavatsky. As I am quite well known to you on the earth, I shall not waste precious moments by discussing my own personality. As this subject in this chapter is very close to my heart, I begged to be the one who would conduct you in your next tour. Philosophy, as you know on your earth plane, to the individual becomes the code of ethics whereby he conducts himself in his daily life. Collectively to a nation of people the conglomerate philosophies of all the people become their political systems and their religious conduct. Roughly speaking, we may divide philosophy into three different categories': the physical or material which pertains to the expression of life in the baser and more elemental concepts, the mental which is so expressed in his business affairs or into such professions which abound in your cities and such other and numerous associated expressions, the spiritual philosophy which man has expressed, the most dominant and the most vital to his progress. It is the spiritual philosophy of a nation which guides its destinies so that it either becomes a great nation or that it passes into the oblivion of time. Before we enter directly into this large city and into the section which is particularly devoted to the ancient theosophical or occult cultures as they related to the beginning of the Aryan race of mankind, a brief digest of what has formerly been given would be in order here. As you were told, the Aryan race was planted upon the earth for a very obvious reason, that as in the future it was to become the seven root races of the numerous civilizations which have been so vital and pertinent to the history of your planet, inasmuch as these people, in themselves, were forming the conclusions or particular sections of their involutions and evolutions through the many reincarnations.

The Shamballa, as you know, began about a million years ago in your time. However, do not pay too much attention to such chronological statistics as may be given to you as such appearances of time in your earth planet are rough summations of such occurrences. Time, as you know, assumes a different factor and perspective in our dimension. Shamballa was the net and conglomerate efforts of the seven Shamballas in the higher astral spiritual dimensions, combined with the efforts of the numerous Lords and of the thirty-three Logi who rule our particular dimensional system. This was a very beautiful city as it existed on the great crystal plateau in the southern central section of what is now known as the Gobi desert in Mongolia. Through the many thousands of years, there came into being numerous tribes and races of people who surrounded the mountains, valleys and plains on this wonderful and beautiful land. Under the direction of these Lords of the earth, the land was very fruitful and brought forth a tremendous abundance of all of the necessities of life for man as he existed in these numerous places about this great Shamballa.

However, the time came when the spiritual evolution of the earth was such and that the vibration, shall I say, changed to such an extent that it was necessary to remove Shamballa from the face of the earth. And while this was done somewhat in a spiritual fashion, yet the final conclusion was such that it was like a great noise and a fire and wind which swept down out of the skies and carried away part of the earth into the heavens. Now as you have also been told that this Shamballa was constructed of seven different sections which functioned in direct relationship to the seven sections which are being explored by you in writing this book. This is the basis for the legendary tales which are still in existence on your earth plane. If you will remember your school histories and that such men as DeSoto and Cortez chased these imaginary seven cities across half of your fair America into what is now Arizona to try and find these fabulous legendary seven cities. There are also numerous other stories which pertain to these legendary seven cities, however, as you now know, their true origin is the Shamballa.

One of the very striking disclosures which will be made in this book is the numerous references to the Old and New Testament of your Bible and of the parallels in the numerous stories which have entered into its fabrication. One of these stories relates to the casting out of Satan out of heaven and that he descended upon the earth with his hordes of angel followers. The true origin of this story began during the time when Shamballa flourished upon the earth and that Satan was an actual person in the form of a man who was called Brahavada. He was later called something else but to simplify matters we will call him Brahavada as he existed at that time. He became a very powerful leader in one of the numerous tribes which surrounded the Shamballa and as he grew in power, he became an insurrectionist and revolted against the spiritual dominions of the Shamballa. So he was banished and taking his numerous followers with him, he migrated down into the southern part of the Asiatic continent which is now known as India. With the passing of many thousands of years and with the disappearance of the great city of Shamballa, the time came when the Aryan races as they existed there were confronted with a new and very vital problem. With the passing of the spiritual age, the land began to dry up and become desert-like in appearance so that they were forced to begin migrations to seek more fertile lands elsewhere.

One of these migrations which took place began several hundred thousand years ago and swung around to the north through the country which is now known as Siberia and into Russia and through what is Finland, became the Nordic or Teutonic races. As the original Aryans were very blond people, they were tall and of good stature, had ruddy complexions, blue eyes and light hair and they preserved these racial characteristics in these Nordic or Teutonic races. Another of the migrations which began carried them southward into the more fertile plains of the Ganges river basin into southern India. It is these peoples of whom we are more vitally concerned at the present moment. They have long ago forgotten much of the Shamballa and that it existed only as the various gods and their spiritual concepts. In emerging into the Ganges plains, they found a race of people who had formerly been driven from the original place of Shamballa. These were called the Oravidians, a very proud and haughty race who tried to keep themselves from mingling with the Aryans who were also a proud and haughty race.

Now it so happened that these Aryans had three basic concepts somewhat along the philosophical lines which I have previously described. It was in the frictions and intermingling of these two basic tribes of people which gave rise to the caste systems as you know them in India today. It was the trying to keep apart from each other which later developed into the four castes. Now in order to save a bit more time here, we will neglect for the present moment the more complex structures and the different factions of gods and goddesses who entered into the Brahmanistic or which was later to become the Buddhistic concepts of the Indian races.

At the early beginning before the time of the Gautama Buddha, these religious systems resolved themselves into three dimensions - the Brahmanistic which had its origin in their Brahavada, the God of all, or the Great One or the All Pervading Source. The second division was the Vishnu. This related to the more mental perspectives of life on the earth plane such as was symbolized by the sun and of the many beneficent blessings which this particular God bestowed upon the earth. The third, which is more generally prevalent and well-known in India today is called Shiva. It is this faction which relates the Indian people to the baser and more elemental perspectives of their religions. Such innumerable types of self-imposed punishments which they undergo are part of this ritualistic expression. In the earlier concepts, much of the sexual aspects of their religion were entered into from the god Shiva. In the evolutions of time, such other sundry divisions have sprung into existence, such as Jainism and an innumerable number of such smaller divisions which would, in itself, be a lifetime study. At the present day there exists a nucleus of the original Dravidians who have become mentalists and lexicographers of no mean reputation and have adhered very closely to their original concepts through the countless thousands of years. It was the Mahatma Gandhi who in your time freed and liberated India not only from the yoke of the British but also from much of the pressures of the caste systems as they have existed through the ages of time.

Now that we understand how it actually was that Satan was cast out from heaven, let us progress further in our discussion and enter directly into this section of the city which is devoted to the culture of the Indian races as it existed from the Aryan invasion. Here you will see historically depicted a vast and numerous number of temples, shrines and other such edifices and buildings which were characteristic and typical. Many of these buildings are actual counterparts of the original structures as they existed on the earth, except that here too like everything else, it is all crystal. I really like these crystal buildings. They are very pretty, don't you think? Now, however, they also serve a more utilitarian purpose and that all these various temples are also used as classrooms for the various students, initiates and such other people who come into these places to study the religions of these races of people. Progressing farther along in our tour we shall also begin to enter into other sections which relate to the excursions or the migrations of the original Aryan races into other parts of the world such as the· ancient land of Syria or Babylonia as it is depicted in your history books. Other migrations took place into Egypt and into Greece, Arabia and into other lands that were around the Mediterranean area at much later dates. It is from the pre-Babylonian, the Hittite and the various phallic cult systems which existed in that country from which much of the origin of your New Testament has sprung into origin. In your history books and your Bible, it tells you that the Jewish people were captured by the hordes of Assyrians and that they were brought back into captivity into Babylonia. It is here that they learned many of the stories such as the one about Satan, the flood and Noah's Ark and many other stories which I could name at this time which were later interwoven into the fabrication of the New Testament in a different form.

It was at a much later date that here too in the ancient land of Persia and in the country of Media that a great spiritual prophet was born into the world by the name of Zoroaster and that he came into life about a hundred years before the Gautama Buddha in India. You will also find in consulting your history books that in ancient Babylonia and before that time that they too had a Moses who was found floating in the bulrushes and who was later raised in the temple and became a great king and leader of the people. The name of Zoroaster himself conjures up one of the enigmas and puzzles which have entered into the spiritual philosophies of the earth plane inasmuch as he too was a son of Immaculate Conception being conceived from mother earth by the Ahura Mazda who was the God of all.

The Zoroastrian theology later on became the foundation for the Mithraism as it existed in the Mediterranean countries and that such concepts were entered into as the Spring Festival of the Vernal Equinox and the slaying of the bull or Taurobolia, which was later, in the time of Paul who became the founder of the Christian churches, interwoven as the ascension.

Now I see though I am getting ahead of my story somewhat and that we are getting ahead of our place here as we explore this city. Here we have finally come into a section which is devoted to the ancient and the more modern Egyptology. Here you will see the civilization of Egypt in some small way depicted in the numerous temples as you see about them. Here you will see an actual small scale model of the great temple at Karnack in Thebes and thus this Egyptology will be explained to you somewhat by the numerous books which deal specifically with this subject on your earth plane. We might start with the time of Osiris as he existed about twelve thousand years ago on the earth plane. He was actually a migrant priest from Atlantis and he came into Egypt to teach the fundamental philosophies and concepts of the spiritual religions as it existed from the higher planes of Shamballa. Osiris later became, through the passing of thousands of years, a legendary figure or a great god who was the keeper of both heaven and hell. It is the story of Osiris which also has the strange parallel to the resurrection and the Immaculate Conception such as is depicted in your New Testament. It was Osiris who overshadowed Is is, the mother of earth and conceived Horus who corresponded somewhat to the story of the man Jesus.

Later on in Egypt a great Seer and mystic arose by the name of Her m e s who collected much of the ritualistic forms as they existed at that time and compounded them into a great science which was later somewhat depicted in what is commonly called "The Book of the Dead" which is not the book of the dead at all but actually means a way of life.

In the beginning of the Osirian era, Osiris taught the separation of the spiritual consciousness from the physical body or trance as you know of it now and that such people who have separated themselves could travel in the spiritual dimensions for any length of time they so desired, returning in several weeks or in several months, and there in the temple they would write in their books the knowledge and wisdom which they had learned in the higher dimensions. It is also truly said that at the end of the Osirian Age that a hundred of the priests or initiates voluntarily entered into the lower astral realms which were closely connected with the earth plane and that their bodies were suitably embalmed or wrapped as they were in a suspended state of animation and that the bodies were very closely wrapped and sealed in waxes and gums and that they remain hidden in a deep subterranean cavern to this day. It will be part of what is called the Second Coming when these priests again re-enter into their bodies and manifest themselves to the earth people. Meanwhile they have been working closely with the various nations of the world for the good and the advancement of mankind.

Now we shall slip somewhat rapidly and go into the more ,shall I say, modern times such as the Hellenic or the Athenic period of time which was immediately before and after the appearance of Christ. There too you have been somewhat made acquainted with this particular type of the philosophical age or the renaissance as it was termed. Some of the foremost thinkers of that day in their numerous types of science were somewhat alluded to or mentioned and I will not further complicate the pages of this book by such explanations as I might give as many of these philosophers of that time are quite unknown to the earth people. I would like to stimulate their curiosity to such an extent, however, that they would look up in their encyclopedias and read somewhat of this race of philosophers, poets, historians and other people who worked in the expression of some philosophical science. It is from the foundations of many of these philosophies that we have today some of the basic concepts of your present civilization in the fields of not only philosophy but in the more scientifically related fields.

Now I see we have come into the section of this center which is devoted to the Hellenic or the philosophical expressions of that age and of that time. Here we will examine some of the things which are more pertinent to that time. We will begin by these large charts or diagrams. These were originally conceived by an astronomer and astrologer by the name of Ptolemy who was the personal adviser to Alexander the Great of Macedonia. Here you will see by close examination of this chart that he so conceived that the earth was the center of the universe and that the seven planets revolved around the earth and that the stars or the universe was on the outside of this system. Now getting into the more advanced types of astronomy, we will see here some of the diagrams of Plato and that now the universe is heliocentric with the sun exactly in the center with the seven planets revolving around and that the stars or the universe is on the outside of this. This was further enlarged upon by Copernicus and I might say that each one of these various Athenian philosophers had their own particular concept of astrophysics. It was not, however, until the time of Galileo and the advent of the refractory telescope that a more complete freedom and liberation into the astrophysical or astronomical realm was entered into. Galileo, as you know. was the Italian who lived at about the 14th century and suffered much indignation and persecution for his advanced philosophies and science.

Another parallel to Galileo is a little Dutchman by the name of Leeuwenhoek who made his first microscope and explored the submicroscopic realm and entered into the consciousness of man a full and complete new dimension which later became the foundation for your medical science.

This medical science incidentally had its beginnings as far as your earth is concerned in its modern interpretation, with a Hellenic interpreter by the name of Hippocrates. However, after the time of Leeuwenhoek, other men reincarnated into your earth plane with more fundamental concepts of the science or philosophy of medicine. Here again your history books will fill in much of what I cannot give you here, such men as you are more familiar with Pasteur, Koch, Lister and numerous others most of whom are here studying in the various centers of Shamballa. Now you will begin to see that even after the burning of the great library in Alexandria and while this can be truly said to have plunged the civilization of the earth into the dark ages for more than a thousand years later, yet at the beginning of the time of Martin Luther and of others of such mental stature that it was indeed the beginning of a new Age and as you will think more closely, it begins to assume the proportion of an Infinite plan, which it truly is. We here in the numerous centers of Shamballa before and after the time in which I took my place among them have been long working to guide and direct the destinies of mankind in his evolutions or epochs of time in the earth plane expression, such as it is necessary and has been so directed by the higher Angelic Kingdoms from those who are the Logi, the Lords and the Archangels who reside over these terrestrial dimensions. Now until such further discussions, I remain your true and sincere friend, with all of our love, Blavatsky.