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Maha Chohan

Greetings, dear ones, this is Maha Chohan again. Now I believe in view of what has happened, that it is a very appropriate time that some of the higher orders and equations shall be given to you as you were so properly led and guided that some of the further mysteries of heaven may be explained to you. I believe you have been made aware that there is actually a small planet or asteroid named Eros which is in the consciousness of the earth mind astronomer and that the existence of this asteroid is somewhat known in the scientific circles. To avoid confusion, this is not the true spiritual planet of Eros. This smaller planet which will be described is an asteroid which is somewhat smaller than the moon and in the rate of frequency vibration as it exists in the spectrum, exists somewhere between the high astral orders of Shamballa and the lower earth plane orders of terrestrial planets. This small asteroid is something like a halfway station or an Ellis Island or what you could call a customs service inasmuch as it functions in the service of your planets of the solar system whereby the Initiates or Adepts who have just recently completed their reincarnation in some earth life and have emerged from the flesh always go to this sub-planet of Eros. There they are conditioned in such relative factors as will change their vibration or that will cleanse their psychic bodies of the taint of the lower earth planes. They will also undergo such severances which will separate them from the close ties of family relationships which are somewhat overstressed and are quite needless in the higher orders of the understanding of vibrationary communication. An Initiate will go to this sub-astral planet of Eros and as he is thus conditioned he may remain for several days or he may remain for several years depending quite largely upon the individual and to the relationship and what it is that he is functioning in, in that relationship.

This asteroid, as it has been properly guessed and evaluated by the earth astronomer, is a cylinder but it is more than a cylinder; it is a seven-sided cylinder. Each one of the facets relates itself in a certain frequency spectrum connection with its own respective section of Shamballa. We might say that there is a beam of energy which shines from one to the other which makes it possible for the individual to very quickly communicate with the proper portion of Shamballa in which they are to reside.

This asteroid, in itself, also makes an orbit. It is a true orbit of an ellipsoidal shape or like an egg. At one end of this orbit, it comes in very close contact with the earth and with Venus and Mars. At the other end it extends on out into the planetary systems so that it will contact other of the more remote planets such as Neptune and Uranus. Thus you see it performs a very useful service and function in the proper orientation or segregation of the different initiates or individuals who have lived in these various planets from time to time.

Now this orbit, as it revolves around, has also been closely evaluated and that it actually takes thirty-six years to complete, thirty-six years of your earth time. In the opening transmission from Eros, Nikola went into somewhat of an opening discussion of an orbit which he described as nineteen hundred and thirty-six years. This is not pure coincidence as far as your earth time is concerned. The orbit which he referred to had its understanding or concept in a much higher plane of relationship. If you will properly understand, time as it exists in these planes or dimensions is entirely different than your earth conception of time. If you live on the earth for thirty-six years and transferred that thirty-six year period into living on Eros, you would actually live for thirty-six hundred years. What I mean by that is that you would evolve or that you would learn and you would progress, you would otherwise assimilate and render your services unto your fellowman the equivalent of thirty-six hundred years that you could do this same service and this same educational work on your earth plane. I believe that is clear; is it not? This also will now explain to you that as Nikola meant, the turning of your century which was 1900 and that the next close parallax of this planetary orbit from the astral planet of Eros would occur at 1936 and 1972 and so on. At the conjunction or parallax of each of these orbits, you will find if you will trace your history very closely that there were some particularly significant happenings of the earth histories at that time. At the opposite end of this parallax you will also see that there was somewhat of a recession of certain spiritual and scientific values as related to your earth planet.

The recession of our cycle was 1936. Shortly after that Hitler began to rise in power. Thus you see it was that while we were the furthest away from your physical planet in our physical vibrationary impact that the dark forces succeeded in pushing their way into your world in a much stronger relationship. So it will be in 1972 that here again we shall be in close conjunction with you and that again you will find a recession of the dark forces and a new impetus given to the spiritual and scientific factors in your dimension. Now you will also begin to see why there was some information which was somewhat of a nature which might tend to confuse you in the opening transmissions from Eros because this subject, as you have now determined in your own consciousness, is very broad and very vast.

Also a previous transmission which I would like to clear up and I believe was not made properly clear was the evaluation of the soul's individual progress as it was explained from the Platonian concept of ten thousand years. Here again we will refer back to a few moments ago and will multiply the 10,000 by 100. Therefore you will see that your soul progression has now assumed one million years if my multiplication serves me correctly. You will also refer back to the time when we told you that the Shamballa appeared on the earth almost a million years ago. This, in itself, is a very significant cycle inasmuch as it is now closing. In other words, the Shamballa is to appear again on the earth plane in a spiritual form. This means the Second Coming of Christ or the rebuilding of the City of Jerusalem, whatever you would like to call this spiritual age, as it is revealed to you in Revelations as the building of the City of Jerusalem or as the Second Coming of Christ. So you will see that we here in Eros and in the other cities and centers of Shamballa will actually come into such relationship with the earth plane that it shall know a spiritual age which has superseded anything which is possible for you to now envision. However, the full impact of this spiritual age will not be immediately realized. We mean by the turning of the 1972 period of time that as this parallax will be expressed in the earth plane consciousness that it will be somewhat of a revival of spiritual values and scientific relationships. But this, in itself, does not mean that the exact conclusion of the one million year cycle has culminated. The actual conclusion of this cycle will occur around about the year 2000. It will be from that time on that your earth plane will know the meaning and the true value of its spiritual impetus and its new awakening into the realm of the Second Coming or the new reestablishment of the City of Shamballa upon the earth.

Yes, I may truly say, brothers and sisters, that the great beautiful crystal structures of Shamballa will in a future day actually live on your earth again as they did a million years ago but you will not see them in your time. Perhaps some of the very youngest generation which is being born into the world at this time will be enabled to envision the actual coming of this great spiritual age and this beautiful City of Shamballa but it is even beyond that. So do not chastise yourselves mentally by feeling that you are to be cheated from seeing the appearance of the Shamballa because it is truly known that in your own spiritual progression, you will evolve and revolve into the earth plane consciousness for many evolutions to come. You who are initiates or have even become shall I say, adepts, have yet to work out many reincarnations which will involve not only your earth plane but the many planes which are associated with and under the direct spiritual guidance of the Shamballa.

We here know of these truths and of many more and as that we too know of this Shamballa and that as we are describing it to you, so that verily we know of other, shall I say, Shamballas which are far beyond the vistas and in magnitude to this one. In the higher spiritual dimensions in which the Logi, the Archangels and so on reside are far beyond the magnitude of conception in your third-dimensional minds. They would only confuse you to have such explanations given to you. In the freedom and liberation of your consciousness from the flesh, you will be able to better envision and to correctly interpolate such values into your consciousness so that they will not add confusion to such existing concepts which are rather burdensome in themselves sometimes; are they not? And so I, Maha Chohan, who am your very humble servant, along with all of us here in these great centers, have only your common interest at heart. We have only the greatest love, the greatest feeling of unison and in the expression of our unification, can we fully progress into the higher realms of consciousness. Until such further transmissions, please do not hesitate to send us questions as we know in your moments of attunement and consciousness with us what is transpiring in your minds. For there is no separation in the spiritual worlds of consciousness even though you may think the dimensions of time or space are tremendous, as they are relegated into the concepts of s pace and time as they exist in your earth consciousness. And so we remain as always, your brothers and sisters in the Shamballas


Greetings, loved ones. I see that you are sitting presently in the great temple in the center of Aureleus, somewhere in the position where we previously discontinued our discussion. Also I would like to clear up what otherwise might be something of a small misunderstanding in the identity of this temple. As it was previously stated, it looked exactly like the temple of Solomon on the earth plane except for the beautiful crystalline structures and that it was the temple of Solomon. Now this is not quite correct because the name Solomon was merely used in that metaphor to so describe the earth-plane temple. The true name of this temple is the Temple of the Four Graces. They are the Grace of Goodness, the Grace of Charity, the Grace of Love and the Grace of Wisdom. Over the top of this great temple as you see is the beautiful white radiant dome which somewhat signifies the inpouring nature of the all-pervading God Force. Now as Kung Fu would say, that wisdom like food should not be eaten in haste or in anger but in contemplation, so that we too shall pause momentarily while we so digest what has previously been given and to so enlarge these abstract concepts so that they may better be digested by your minds.

My worthy teacher, Maha Chohan, gave you some description and some of the equations of time in our dimensional factors which related to your earth-plane dimensional factors. In other words, we could, as we have worked out a formula here for you, use the multiple of 100 as Plato expressed the 10, 000-year period of the soul evolution. We will not say that Plato was wrong but say that Plato did not state entirely the absolute concept as it was evaluated into the spiritual dimensions. So we actually saw how the l0,000-year cycle of evolution developed into something like One

Million years. Now in your earth plane bibliography, you have a term which is frequently used among Christians and Bible students and that it is the' gathering of the ten tribes'. Now many people have pictured the 'ten tribes' as some ten large groups of people living in tents or something of that nature, perhaps wigwams, out in the badlands or in the wilderness. Such is not the case. The 'ten tribes' properly interpreted means the ten ages of time which have existed since the Shamballa came upon your earth, nearly a million years ago. By the multiple of 100, you will see that the thousand, as it was signified in the interpretation of Revelation, referred to the millennium. The word millennium itself not only means a long interval of time but means one million. Therefore, the one thousand which is termed the Millennium in your Revelation of the New Testament refers to a one-thousand year cycle as it might be expressed here or in other words, one hundred thousand years in your earth-plane dimension. Each one of these one-hundred thousand years, as it is a cycle or an age, refers to all of the individuals who have lived on the earth at that particular cycle, so that in the final conclusion as it has been prophesied in your Bible, that in the return of these 'ten tribes', you will see through the process of reincarnation and spiritual evolution that each one of these individuals who has so lived in your earth plane at one of these dimensions and that as his vibration may be so integrated as to be completely relevant at this conclusion of this cycle, he will so again reincarnate into your earth plane dimension in the next interpretation of earth time as was so mentioned by the millennium concept of the Bible. Here again is another age of one hundred thousand years so that prophetically speaking, you can say that the spiritual age of your earth is and has already started into its new spiritual evolution which will last for one hundred thousand years.

Now do not expect me to give you time beyond this equation. It is not necessary at this time and I would not so confuse or confound your earth minds. Now in the evaluation of time and reincarnation as it has been so expressed in the numerous transcripts or explorations as have been given to you, to each individual he may have evolved some sort of a personal philosophy or concept. He may become either very spiritually lazy or that he may assume some sort of a hasty attitude. He may say, "Well, I have only three or four thousand years more to live and I have a lot to work out. I must hurry." Or he may say, "It is entirely irrelevant. I have whole ages before me." Now neither one of these assumptions is correct. While you may have a few thousand years to work out certain karmic conditions, yet as it has been previously explained there is neither judge nor jury who resides over you. You become your own master and in the mastership, you will either use the whip or you will use the light of Supreme Guidance, whichever you so determine for yourself. In the other equation, the individual may say, “I do not need to hurry. I can do what I want here because I have hundreds of thousands of years to work out these conditions later on. Perhaps too at that time I may be somewhat stronger." I may remind this individual of the story as it exists in some of the texts in India and that there was a wonderful and wise adept who ascended into Nirvana and that in the full realization of this heavenly state of consciousness, he was full and complete with the wisdom of the immortal ages, so he said and proclaimed loudly to himself, "Now I am great and I have assumed all; my consciousness is complete and I have no need for such further continuance," and so that immediately he found himself in a low physical plane of evolution in which he suffered much pain and degradation. So you will see that there is a natural sequence of law or compensation or as it has been called, yoga. The law of cause and effect always works and that you in yourself express the fullest measure of that law of cause and effect. Until such further transmissions, Gamaliel.