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  •     Voice of Eros Chapter 26

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(One month later.) Welcome back to Aureleus, dear ones, and we are most happy that you have made your adjustment and found your new home, a place which will serve and be to your liking. I believe we were somewhere in the vicinity of the temple of Solomon or shall I say, rather, the central temple which was copied by Solomon on your earth plane when we temporarily discontinued our transmissions. So let us move over into another section which you saw previously and which is devoted to the Grecian time or the Hellenic arts as they existed in the field of philosophy during and after the time of such exponents of philosophy as Plato and Socrates. Now let us ascend these temple steps in this large and beautiful temple and that it looks to you something like glistening white marble, although it is the same beautiful crystal structures. As you see, there is a facade of columns which rise in graceful and slender proportions across the entire front of this temple. There are also wide and ample doorways and passageways into the central portions of this beautiful academy. This particular building is an exact replica of the academy which was used by Plato in Athens in the Grecian philosophical renaissance. However, do not expect to see Plato here at this particular time. He does occasionally come to Aureleus but his services are rendered in another dimension in another teaching center which serves somewhat as our own Shamballa does in another part or another galaxy of the great celestial universe.

However, to best understand more of reincarnation and of such things as you have been pondering in your mind in the last few days which relate to the various astronomical structures of the universe, we will sit here beside the great central entrance of this beautiful academy building while you look about you and I will go further into the more pertinent facts which are relative to astronomy, astrophysics and concepts which deal with reincarnation. Up until the present time, your concept of the evolution through the various stages of man's reincarnation seems to be somewhat fixed in purpose as to Shamballa or with the astral worlds which were served by the Shamballa. Such, however, is not the case.

Through the great terrestrial and celestial universe, there are other galaxies of stars which are also served by spiritual centers, some of which are larger and some of which are smaller than our own Shamballa. In the future in my discussion, I will refer to two different planes of consciousness or concept. As far as the planetary systems or the star galaxies are concerned, I will refer to them either as terrestrial': those which can be seen by the earth astronomer or by some such person with the physical eye, and the celestial solar systems: those which exist in dimensions which are visible only to the clairvoyant. This is necessary because only a very small portion of the terrestrial and celestial universe is visible to the physical eye. Your earth astronomer with his latest reflector and refractor telescopes can see about three hundred million stars of various magnitudes in the universe about him. He is also consciously aware of other universes beyond this universe. For our purpose at the present moment, we will confine our discussion to the immediate galaxy which is under the supervision and control of the Shamballa in a spiritual sense.

As you know from previous discussions that each sun or star, as it is sometimes called, that is visible to your physical eye must necessarily have its creation through a vortex of some celestial energies stemming from another dimension. This was explained to you in a previous transmission by Faraday. The great swirling masses of Radiant Energy in so precipitating themselves by the factor of centripetal force (for want of a better name) toward the center will manifest as a star. In our own galaxy of star clusters which is under our control, there are about two thousand various stars of different magnitudes. However, all of these stars or suns do not have solar systems. There are a few of this number which are still in somewhat of a state whereby they are either not capable of supporting a planetary system because of lack of sufficient intensity or radiating qualities, or they may be of such nebulous nature as to be insufficient in density that they may appear more as a cloud-like mass to the number of suns or stars which have the planetary systems; however, these will average about six planets which support life somewhat similar to your own earth plane. Now all of these planets are of course comparatively small in the vastness of the s paces about you and that to the most powerful telescopes on your earth, they would be completely invisible. Also, there are many of these planetary systems which do not exist in your own third-dimensional equation of mass and energy.

There are about seven different levels or dimensions which come directly under our supervision and control. These various thousands of planets in their different equations of mass or energy and in their respective dimensions, become the summer-lands or the devachans or heavens as they have been described or the higher astral worlds as they are also known to you earth people. It has been hinted somewhat that these are the worlds in which the various artisans, craftsmen and people of your own world will in their evolution and reincarnation ascend into these different celestial worlds and thus maintain a continuity of their spiritual and material evolutions. In mentioning the number of three hundred million stars or suns of different magnitudes which are visible to your earth astronomer, may I say to him that this is only a small portion of the actual number of stars or suns which are in existence in the universe about you and that also this universe which you see about you in the Milky Way which stretches across the heavens is only one of a countless number of universes which stretch out into the vastness of what is called space.

Now it so happens that as I mentioned a few moments ago, that there are other healing and teaching centers which function and which somewhat resemble our own Shamballa and which serve their functional purposes with either a large or a small number of planetary systems in other parts of the great terrestrial and celestial universe, so that it becomes somewhat of a problem for your minds to conceive that an individual is not confined with a succession of evolutions or reincarnations into the higher spiritual planes which are served by our Shamballa. Neither is he confined by necessity in his higher stages of evolution to go through the various centers of the Shamballa as they are being described to you. He can and does so exercise his prerogative of will that he can transcend to other galaxies and star clusters of which there are an infinite number and existing in an infinite number of dimensions. As it is with the various peoples who have at one time lived upon your earth plane, many of these are not found in the teaching centers of our Shamballa, neither are they found in the various higher astral worlds as they are serving in their reincarnations or evolutions in various capacities, or they are learning new and more pertinent facts relative to their existence in other galaxies and in other Shamballas throughout the great universes.

Now you are beginning to grasp somewhat in a small way the vastness, the scale and the magnitude of the infinity of God's plan which He has for you and in which you can spend a ceaseless eternity of time and never come to the end of the evolutions into different dimensions and into different times and into different places. I may assure you that in the future also a great deal of what I have somewhat summarized here in these few lines will be further enlarged and that you will be given much more information concerning these other galaxies and other portions of the universe.

The astronomer, who is peering through his telescope or he is taking pictures with the camera and that as he classifies the various stars or suns as he likes to call them sometimes, is only seeing a very small portion of his universe, that there are great suns which exist beyond the vision of his physical eye. When he becomes clairvoyant in a future day and develops such telescopes of such nature that they can peer into the other dimensions which are more relative to the celestial portions of his universe or to other universes, then he will begin to grasp the true meaning of what is meant by astronomy. The term astronomical figures will not suffice in this case. He will have to invent a whole new vocabulary of superlatives to describe these various and innumerable universes which he sees about him. The invisible world or the world of space will no longer exist. He will see space filled not only with the Radiant Energies but he will also see great suns and planetary systems of such size and of such magnitude that he will be staggered and dumbfounded. He will see planets which, like Eros, do not necessarily evolve into the simple shape of a spheroid but they can exist in innumerable shapes and sizes being somewhat like the pictures of the snowflakes which you have drawn in the various cataloging of the various crystalline structures which exist on your earth plane surface. Can you imagine a planet which looks like a snowflake? And yet there are such. Do not confine your concept into such dimensions as involve the various familiar things which you see about you in your everyday walks of life because I can assure you, my dear ones, that there are things which exist in the heavens about you which defy your imagination.

There has also been a question posed here as to the qualitative and quantitative philosophies which might be expounded or portrayed in our visitations through the various centers of Aureleus as this planet and center is confined necessarily to the exploitation and the expounding of the various philosophical factors which have and are involved in the histories of your own earth planet as well as the many thousands of planets which are served by Shamballa. It occurs to the average individual that perhaps we here, as philosophers and knowing something of the philosophies of the earth, wish to expound some of the more familiar systems of such philosophies as they exist in the libraries of your earth. May I assure you, my friends, that most of us who have so expounded these theories on your earth plane are not necessarily proud of these works. We have long since ascended into such realms and dimensions where the books and the works which we have left behind seem pitiful in comparison to that which we can glimpse about us. We will say and we will quote a familiar earth plane term, that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. In all logic and reasoning and the assumption of logic and wisdom within one's own mind is a derivation of principles and relationships which come as a natural and logical sequence of life about you and that such derivations as they serve their time and place are only relevant to the existence of life about you and as you pass on into other dimensions, such factors as you have previously so conceived will fall away from you and you assume a new perspective and your horizon is consequently expanded to a much vaster and larger proportion. Also may I remind you that our prime purpose in the exploration of the different centers of the Shamballa is for the purpose of acquainting you with the function and with the services which we are rendering to the lower astral worlds and to the terrestrial planets which exist in the different solar systems.

So, my friends, do not expect us to expound our personal philosophies and may I say that if we did so they would completely confound you and would be entirely irrelevant to your own earth plane existence. As you look about you and see the vastness, the magnitude, the beauty of all of this great city just as you have witnessed and have been a part of the daily life in other such centers of Shamballa in your tours and in your transmissions, so these too shall become small and insignificant in ascending into other realms and to other dimensions which far supersede these. We here are servants to the earth people and to the various terrestrial and celestial worlds and that in our services we are doing this gladly and with the foresight that with such suitable servitude and the incurrence of the wisdom and philosophies which such servitude brings into the realm and dimension of our consciousness that this will enable us to ascend into a higher dimension and thus become a greater servant for the all-pervading and all-permeating intelligence which manifests itself throughout all dimensions. Until such further time, however, my dear ones, may I remain your true brother in spirit.