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Leonardo da Vinci

Greetings to you again, brother and sister - Your earth scientist would be very surprised if he knew of the vast distance which he calls space and which you span in a split second of time that enables you to arrive here upon our planet and in our city. I see that we are standing again in the ward where we left off our previous transmission; but before resuming our discussion in psychiatry and obsession, let me say that your arrival here in this particular city was timed at such a moment that you would be able to witness at least a part of some of the ceremonies which were attendant to a conclave of various forces which came from the different planetary systems. These conclaves or gatherings are a part of the science which is taught here in Parhelion. However, this particular observance and ceremony does not start for a day or so and meanwhile, we will resume some of the more pertinent and vital issues which are expressed in this city. I believe that we were looking at some of the more convalescent cases which were ready for transportation to other planets. By now you will have rightly assumed that one of our functions here is that of a receiving hospital where many of the various types of insane and badly warped and distorted psychic bodies are brought to us for treatment. We also sometimes organize with the other members of the different planets, such as Venus, such organizations as are suitable to go into the lower reaches of the astral worlds and remove some of these obsessed cases which have been brought to our attention through the prayers and intercessions of their loved ones. However, in all cases, we must have some sort of intercession before such conclusions can be brought about and our attention focused on a particular case.

In the study and science of psychiatry, the earth scientists have only a small fraction of a portion of the things which relate to the particular state of consciousness of any individual who is under his care or observation. It has been explained in previous discussions from the book of Venus that such psychiatry takes place only in the immediate realm and dimension of the physical life of the individual which is at that moment on the earth plane. The reason for the large number of people who are incarcerated in your various asylums and penal institutions is the lack of thorough and complete knowledge of man's progression and evolution through the many stages of his development. In classifying the various types of obsessions, we say that there are two definite and basic divisions: those obsessions which are self- inflicted and those which are incurred through wrong thinking or lack of proper constructive evaluation of the life principles. Negation is, of course, primarily responsible for all types of obsession. However, you may be surprised to know that a person can actually, through a strong pattern of a continual recurrence of negative ideas, form such a substance in a spiritual world around him that it will assume a thought form body which will badly warp and distort him. These are particularly difficult to remove, as they are actually a part of him and usually entail some sort of manipulative process which you might almost think something akin to some of the more surgical processes involved in the operating room in the hospital of the earth. However, in this case, the energy is electronic in nature and no instruments are used. Instead, we use different types of beams or light frequencies or various other types of energy to remove these obstructing wave-form vortexes from the psychic body. There are many such types of rooms where this type of therapy is applied for different cases. However, because of the vastness of this subject and of the limitations of time and space, not to mention such factors as the element of confusion which might enter into your mind, we will, by necessity, be forced to conclude something of these in more or less of a general summation of such conditions. To the earth person, may I say this: that his continual thinking, as he calls his active conscious thought process in the world about him, can be similarized to a radio sending and receiving set for he is in instantaneous attunement with all the creation about him, and that he also sends out wave forms which will attract or repel such unlike or like frequencies. It is much the same as the radio that sits upon your table, except in a much more expanded scale of consciousness. A moment's thought and reflection into this will immediately alert a person to the tremendous possibilities of the state-of-mind consciousness and that he automatically tunes himself in with planes of existence as they are relative to his particular thought processes at that particular moment.

Now, if it were not for some very important and vital factors, it is possible that most earth people would, in their continual recurrence of negation, completely destroy themselves or become obsessed in such manner that life would Scion be impossible for them as they lack the more vital and constructive processes which are necessary for their daily life. However, the all-wise and the almighty Father Intelligence which comes from the Central Vortex has anticipated such relative negations and, in fact, it was He who so inspired and built these planes of negative relationships so that you might be helped in generalizing your various multitude of aspects of life. Thus it has been, at your birth, that you have been surrounded, in a general sense of the word, with such relative forces which are necessary and conducive to a better way of life. These better forces are, of course, not impelling. They are simply subject to your will and dominion. In other words, as you so wish them, so they will desire. They stand by ready at all times to help, to aid, and to rectify such conditions to the utmost of their ability. They are, in other words, your guardian angels. Some of the spiritual concepts of the earth people call them the spirit band; however, this is more or less of a general term because it relates only to such people or forces who dwell In relative planes that are on the same constructive or the same vibratory plane of endeavor.

If you will think now, there are also other planes which are not so conducive to a general and a better way of life. These negative planes are what you call the astral worlds and are such for people who have not lived a completely positive life and who will - at some time in their spiritual evolution, because of the lack of fundamental know ledge and a cohesive and adhesive relationship to life - revolve into these lower dimensions. Sometimes, of course, these individuals or persons assume such a distorted personality as to defy description. They are born from the ranks of such people who have lived on your earth planes as murderers, thieves and various mental and physical prostitutes of all kinds. They have continually recurred or reincarnated into such lower planes of expression and thus strengthened their thought patterns of life to such a point where they become almost demoniac and as they have sometimes been called, devils and various other types of the very destructive under-astral plane personalities.

To your earth people, may I say that a single destructive thought such as hate, envy, jealousy or rage will immediately tune you in, as it were, (using the vernacular of the earth scientist), to thousands or perhaps even millions of these lower earth plane astral entities. Were it not for your protecting and guiding forces, you would almost immediately be overwhelmed. This, in a large sense, explains to you that sometimes as these protective forces do break down after the continual indulgences in negation, such a person may go about with a stream of hateful or vengeful thoughts flowing through his mind that his forces will eventually break down and a lurking entity may come in, project him from his own body, and use his body as an instrument of murder and destruction. You have read these accounts in your daily newspapers of a person seemingly committing some heinous crime in a blacked out condition, awaking to find the body before him.

The psychiatrist of today does not deal in these pertinent facts. He refuses to acknowledge the dorninating factors which relate man to his life upon the earth plane. As I have said, it would be impossible for a person to sustain life upon this earth plane if it were not for the continual flow of energy into his body from the Central Infinite Vortex. This, I believe, has been explained to you in other writings and in other chapters, and I need not go to any length or dissertation to explain the processes whereby this energy flows into the body. It is an occurrence of misalignment of this ever-permeating force into your bodies which will cause other diseased conditions termed incurable, or which your earth doctor or scientist knows little or nothing about. He is continually looking for these symptoms in the human body or the physical body and in which place they are not, and cannot be cured. So until the future day when the earth doctor becomes clairvoyant and able to peer into the past or the akashic record of the individual or patient under observation, he will have little or no success with these conditions, nor will it be that the high rate of incidence of insanity and various mental aberrations which are confined in your mental and penal institutions be lessened. In fact, as you know from statistics, the load is increasing and growing heavier every day. It is estimated that at least one person out of sixteen is badly in need of such mental treatment. The way of life on the earth planet at the present time is not conducive to any lengthy or enjoyable state of peace of mind.

There are thousands and innumerable compensations in your daily life which give rise to frustrations and eventually to neurotic conditions which have to be, in some way or in some form, adjusted. Your earth doctor or psychiatrist has only made a partial step forward in the proper evaluation of these psychiatric conditions. He may have instituted himself into such a position and that by using such nomenclature or terminology of words has constructed for himself a dimension or a world within your world which is a superimposed facility of knowledge and wisdom which he actually does not possess. I am not, in any sense of the word, chiding or mentally castigating any of the earth scientists at the present time. I am merely pointing out these things so that they may be interwoven into your future daily lives.

The patients who you see in the wards about you shall, in a few days' time, disappear into other worlds and into other places and they will be replaced by a continually emerging stream of these badly malformed wrecks from the astral worlds. And I may say that these are only a small fraction of those who are thus cared for in other portions of this great city. If we were to explore some of these other wards, you might be almost shocked beyond the point of sanity in viewing some of these badly malformed wrecks which have been brought to us; and so for this particular purpose and this time, I will not endeavor to show you any of them. However, I may say that some of the things which you find in your penal institutions on your earth plane are but mild in comparison to what their actual psychic bodies in their malformed conditions are when they arrive here on this side of life in their spiritual sense. They, in some way, defy description and as I have said, they would completely nauseate you to a point where you might be seriously affected mentally.

Now for the moment, I believe I have discussed sufficiently this question of psychiatry. There are still some rather pertinent points which I would like to bring up in what might be called the realm of astrophysics. In the opening chapters of your book of Venus, an allegorical equation was brought to your mind of a soap bubble in which it was pointed out that the universe was some such a structure, or could be pictured as such. Under a powerful magnifying glass, it was seen that there were tiny round-shaped particles which were adhering to each other through the law of adhesive relationship. If we extend this picture just a little further so that we can picture to the earth scientist or astrophysicist something of what he calls his universe, we will begin to blow up this bubble into such proportions that it would completely enclose your solar system. If you were to stand somewhere on the outside of this vast huge bubble and see your planets revolving inside, then you would begin to grasp something of the size. Now, under a microscope, you would see that the tiny particles had expanded in size that they were no longer touching each other and that the spaces in between would be filled with some sort of a radiant energy. You would also begin to see that your own solar system, as you call this, would be but one of these tiny little specks. If we were to blow up the soap bubble a little further and if we could also enclose other soap bubbles within this soap bubble and then fill up the spaces also between these soap bubbles with radiant energy, we would begin to form some sort of a pattern of what the universe looks like. Now, if we could so adjust the soap bubbles so that they would be continually, over periods of time, expanding and contracting within themselves so that the outermost would pass completely into the innermost and vice versa, then you would begin to grasp some sort of an idea of what the universe actually is. In the overall expanded condition of the soap bubble, your own greatest telescope and the utmost in its magnification would only picture some such small portion as might be covered by the smallest coin of your realm, such as a ten-cent piece. You can, therefore, assume from that, that your universe is much more than you have ever assumed it to be. However, I might point out that such a concept will only be properly evaluated through the process of time. It is, at the present moment, completely beyond your physical senses, nor should you attempt to evaluate these things properly. It is a mistake to assume any proportion of intelligence in relationship to the creative universe around you, until you have properly instituted yourself into such fundamental concepts which are more relative to your own plane of existence. In other words, we will begin at home first and clean our own house up before we can go over and clean up our neighbor's.

So in the future, to the earth scientist and to the astrophysicist and to the doctor, let us begin thoroughly to conquer the conditions of the earth plane. When we can say that war is no longer present in your planet, that you have also emptied your asylums and your prisons and your various other types of institutions wherein human wreckage is incarcerated, and that you have fully evolved into such a conscious state that such things can be cured in a properly related manner, then it will be the time for you to start exploring the outer realms of space; and in such a proper time and place, so shall you be given the knowledge and the proper wisdom for which to do so. Until that time, however, we will resume our narration at a later date.