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Leonardo da Vinci

Greetings again, and I believe I have correctly anticipated your eagerness to resume our exploration of the city of Parhelion. Before we leave this large ward of healing, let us pa use a moment and look back, so that you may have a better description in your mind to give to your earth brothers. As you see, it is somewhat reminiscent of the large healing wards which you saw on Venus. However, there are some differences. In the ceilings, instead of the parabolic reflectors or lenses, we see that there are prisms which are very large in size, usually about three to five feet from apex to apex. These prisms are constructed of crystal-like material, which have their own particular properties of separating various energy frequencies into streams or beams of pencil-like light which are reflected into the psychic bodies of the individuals resting upon their cots of energy masses. These particular frequency beams of energies are so relative in their dimension that they are all constructed for healing in their particular frequency and replace or regenerate and replant certain malformed vortexes within the psychic body. Thus, these people, while they may appear to be sleeping and entirely without any particular movement of body or seemingly unintelligent in any way, are actually in a very dreamy state of consciousness. They may be reliving some of the past scenes of their previous lives. They may even be going through some of the experiences in a psychic way which related them to their particular condition at the moment. Thus it is that these things are rectified and reconditioned and new and radiant energies are implanted into the psychic bodies to replace those which have been badly distorted or malformed.

You will also note that passing about through the corridors; there are a number of my fellow Eroseans. These are, of course, distinguishable from all of the others. They are, in some sense, what might be called interns and some of them have been in and out of these wards for something like hundreds of your earth years. There are others, of course, from the planet Venus itself. I have pointed out that our service from this planet, while it is one primarily dedicated to science and occupies the fifth ray position, yet it also serves in conjunction with the other six centers of Shamballa in teaching and in learning and in the reconstructive processes in which the other six centers cannot function properly in that pure sense of science. As I have said, all of these facets or phases are relative and dependent upon each other, and are very strongly interwoven. I would like to say at this time too, that while our city of Parhelion appears to you very vast and very large, yet there are other cities upon this planet in the lower dimensions which also relate to some particular function or transmission of learning and teaching to other astral worlds and in other dimensions. Ours, of course, is in a sense related to the higher forces which you call the Shamballa.

Now I believe that while we are passing down the halls, we will enter into another room. This room, as you will see in stepping through, is a storage room. I am showing you this because of the great numbers of various types of electronic apparatus which is stored in this room and used from time to time by the various factions which are so schooled in its use. These are somewhat reminiscent of the large search lights or the X-ray machines and various other types of electronic apparatus which are, at present, used on your earth plane; except, of course, here these instruments and electronic devices are all of a much more highly evolved nature, and their function is in realms which are, shall I say, supersonic or beyond the realm of any known earth-plane expression. Now that you have been gazing somewhat in wonder and awe about this great room and looking at some of these rather fearsome-looking pieces of electronic equipment, let us pass down the hall into what I will call an operating room. While we are thus occupied, I shall explain to you that the apparatus which you saw is very often trans ported into the physical world, into the operating rooms, into the wards, and into the homes and sick rooms of some of the earth planets just as your own, in cases where special types of therapy is to be applied and in which such rates of vibration or in which such barriers of time and space can be set aside temporarily so that the healing processes can be instigated. You must not assume for one moment that the pure power of prayer, as you call this, is the entire ingredient which is necessary in the healing process. While we may say, in the overall sense, it is the power of God and the Supreme Power which heals, yet it must be administered into its proper relationship and into its proper dimension. As God is infinite in nature, He manifests in an infinite number of concepts and dimensions, so that man in his various evolutions learns the proper administration of this particular concept. You eartheans must never feel alone in the hour of need for your thought consciousness, if it is properly projected as you call this prayer, will be intercepted and used either by us or some relative plane which is close to your existence.

Now we are emerging into this great, shall I say, operating room. As I said before, we do not use knives or scalpels, nor do we seemingly tear a physical body apart. However, we will approach the area in the center of the room where you see a large group of people who are standing around what appears to you to be a rather enlarged version of an operating table. Now that we are in easy eyesight of this procedure, you will see that there is rather a strange-looking object lying on the table. Overhead you will notice that there is a whole battery of prismatic lights which are reflecting a rather strange and dancing light onto this object below. Around and about this table are also grouped some rather strange-looking pieces of apparatus which are gleaming and shining and seem to reflect an innumerable number of very strange-looking contrivances. These things, in themselves, defy description. I will not attempt at this time to try to put these things into earth words. I believe you saw something of a similar condition in a laboratory on the planet Mars, however, you will agree with me that this particular thing supersedes and far outweighs anything which you may have previously witnessed. You will see also that there are two of my fellow Eroseans who seem to be manipulating various electrodes or devices upon this object which is lying on the table.

Now, let us get a little closer and see just what this object is. At first you may think it looks like some strangely distorted body. Actually it is two bodies. To point out this particular case, may I say that the operation taking place here is the separation of two human beings in their psychic forms. It began with a story of a mother on the earth planet many, many years ago who died from a cancer. During the period before she passed from the earth plane, she became tremendously obsessed with the consciousness of the cancer, and in building up this tremendous fear within herself, she constructed a thought form body which became very firmly enmeshed and entwined in her own psychic body. In passing over into the spiritual world, this body could not be separated from her by her relatives or friends, and in the confusion which followed; she in her fear and panic attached herself firmly into the psychic body of her daughter. Later on, her daughter became obsessed with the fear of cancer to such a point that the cancer was re-inflicted into the physical body of the daughter. At the point where she visited the physician to test whether the lump in her breast was a malignant cancer, she had not been at any time forewarned of this condition. The physician assured her that it was cancer and that an operation was necessary. In the following wave of panic and fear, the woman climbed out of a ten-story building and precipitated herself into the street below. Now these doctors here are attempting to separate the mother and the daughter. When they have done so, they will have to separate the thought form bodies of the gray masses which you see and which are interwoven and intertwined by tiny thread-like strings which seem to flow into the psychic bodies of the individuals, This is a very laborious and indeed a delicate process to do. When these things have finally been separated, you will find just as you saw on the planet Venus and in their particular convalescing wards that all that remains of the daughter's suicide body is something which will have to remain in more or less of a suspended state until such proper healing therapies can be administered which will enable her to reenact her earth-plane existence. As for the mother, she too will have to be conditioned at some other place and some other time. She, too, will have to have the vortexes of fear thoroughly and completely removed and cleansed from her psychic body. She too will have to learn to grasp the infinities of God's nature, and thus she will inure, into herself, the idea that life is perpetual and that the continuity of life is perpetual and that all we have to fear is the fear of ourselves.

As you have correctly surmised, we have related each definite segment of the city of Parhelion to its own particular office and function on one of the other planes of Shamballa. While we have, in ourselves, one of these sections which functions in the realm of pure science, we do not feel, however, at this time that it would be wise for you to investigate the other remaining sections of this city until you have been given a somewhat similar book as to the book of Venus in its particular relative field of science or spiritual leadership or of the arts or of the other particular relative dimensions in which this city expresses itself.

As I previously mentioned in another transmission, we are about to observe something of a ceremony which we have been conducting for the past several years in the relationship of your earth planet. You must know that your earth planet is like many other planets at this particular time tied up in, shall I say, a state of time or evolution which is very pertinent and vital to the welfare of the inhabitants. It has so been contrived and conceived in the divine mind of God that the various planets and the peoples who dwell therein must evolve into different relative states of consciousness. Thus they assume a proper proportion of balance in their viewing or their aspects of life. Your own earth plane is passing through one of these stages at the present moment. Thus it is that we here on Eros, as well as on the other six centers of the Shamballa, convene at regular monthly intervals (if I can put the time quotient into this) for the purposes of projecting a particularly strong ray or beam into the earth mind consciousness of all the peoples on the earth planes. While these rays are not, in themselves, felt or physically ascertained into any individual's particular physical mind or is his consciousness so disturbed that he may feel or manifest a consciousness of such wave, nevertheless, these energies are, shall I say, shone into his psychic body so that he will in the days following find a renewed strength and courage. He will also find a new sense of spiritual values. These rays are being directed particularly to the leaders of the two great nations of the earth. It is, I believe, part of the result of projecting these rays that you have found a renewed concentrated effort in the political fields in regard to your neighbors across the seas. We are in a sense using something of a broadcasting system which is done at certain intervals of time for the purpose of swinging the balance or the preponderance of weight against the great masses of negative force which are seeking to overwhelm your planet.

And so it is that we will step down the hall into the central temple, if I may call it such, where we may witness the first of the series of these projection sessions, As we enter this vast hall, we will see that it is far larger than any of your earth plane stadiums where you conduct the athletic carnivals. It might be said that it can seat approximately a half million souls. Now that we have stepped inside this huge great theater of our temple, we will take a seat here which is close by the corridor and we can watch the proceedings. As you will see, it is laid out in a circular fashion similar to the smaller Venusian temple in the city of Azure, and that it is also constructed of the intense white crystalline substances which are similar to that temple. However, there are some other distinguishing factors. Besides the tremendous size of this auditorium or temple is the ceiling itself. You will notice that around the central part of the ceiling is a huge circle wherein are placed a large number of giant prisms of light. Now that we are seated, you will see that as the temple is already filled, there are certain segments within this circle which are slowly withdrawing, something in sections similar to how you would peel or section an orange. These sections are sliding down into the roof below, leaving a large exposed circular area in which the radiant energies of heaven seem to be streaming. Immediately below this on the floor is a huge raised block of pure crystal which is about one hundred feet square each way. Around on the four corners of this crystal are arranged four different projectors, if I may call them such. They are a very highly evolved type of an electronic apparatus' which I will not attempt to describe. However, may I say that they are ray projection machines which will help intensify the energies of mind which are projected into the center area of these four dimensions.

Now as it was on the planet Venus and in the temple of Azure, we will slowly hear the sing-song rhythm of the energies which they are beginning to manifest and build up, You earth people, who are accustomed to the blaring of horns and to the strident noises of the voice and speech, will be somewhat disappointed as our ceremonies are simple and complete. We do not indulge in any frills or in any of the stage effects which are necessary to impress the earth people in the form of entertainment. Ours is purely a ceremony which is conducted and conducive to one purpose - to the projection of an intense ray of energy toward the earth. I might say here too that we have learned to turn our world upon its axis and thus we can turn it about and project it into such a way that it will shine directly onto the planet earth. We can also, at different times, so change the path or orbit of our planet Eros that it may seem to appear or disappear at different points of its original orbit. To you earth minds who have been so long steeped in the concept of time and space, this will be a little difficult to assimilate. However, it is truly so.

Now we will listen to the sing-song chant of the energies as they are building up. You will begin to see that there are great waves of energy which seem to be rolling toward the central platform of crystal. There they seem to be arranging and rearranging themselves into an innumerable number of tiny pinpoints and vortexes of light which seem to sparkle and cascade like a great brilliant fountain of energy in the center of this block of crystal. The four projectors are als0 by now in operation and they too are projecting an intense concentration of energies into this central area.

Now the fountain of energy rises higher and higher. It begins to form a long pencil-like streamer toward the central roof section which has been removed. Higher and higher streams this great pencil-like energy; then suddenly, in a great terrific burst, it seems to project in a long pencil-like beam outward, onward into space. At this moment, the crescendo of sound has reached an almost ear-splitting intensity, if I can use the word, ear-splitting. However, these are merely vibrations which are superimposed in your consciousness and not from the physical sense of the ear. It merely means that your whole psychic body is palpitating with these radiant energies. This pencil-like beam will endure for possibly the space of time of about fifteen minutes of your earth time. However, we shall not remain for the sake of brevity until these things have been completed as I believe, also, that your psychic body might suffer from an over-exposure of the tremendous intensities of these rays. I see also that what you are calling your psychic vision or sight is somewhat blinded and blurred by the intensity of these rays. This pencil-like beam, of course, will not be visible to your earth people since they are not attuned to the frequencies which are impinged within this beam. They are all, however, very wonderfully constructed energies which will recharge and revitalize the spiritual consciousness of your earth people. They will, of course, particularly appeal to those who are in the positions of scientific and political leadership.

So now, let us rest awhile. We will not wait until the energies die away for the termination of this visit. And so, may you rest until such further narration.

Rays of love to you again from Eros and from the city of Parhelion. I believe we were interrupted or discontinued our transmission shortly after the conclusion of the initial ceremony which opened the conclave of the seven cities of Shamballa. The purpose of this conclave which has brought many hundreds of thousands from the various centers through-out Shamballa is one of deep religious and spiritual significance. It also has a two-fold purpose, inasmuch as a new leader of the entire seven cities of Shamballa is about to be properly instituted in his office. A few days ago, you witnessed a ceremony of emergence of one of the Venusians who had been Lord and Master of Venus for two thousand years. He and his beloved Biune mate took their departure from that planet and have now been awaiting this ceremony. As you have been told in the previous narration that this man formerly appeared on your earth plane two thousand years ago as the man called Jesus. He is now to be duly instituted into his new office and duties as Lord and Headmaster and Avatar of the seven Shamballas.

These ceremonies are necessarily sacred and they are also of a very highly evolved nature. We do not like to use the word secret. However, I believe it would be of the best interest to all those who read the book and these narrations that this particular initiation should largely be kept secret as many of the various ceremonies are of a very highly and very secret nature. However, that is still to come about in the future hours. So for the present let us resume somewhere where we left off. One reason why you were suddenly taken from the large central temple was because the tremendous power which was being manifest was severely shaking the various centers in your astral body. If such energy transference had continued, you might have been severely injured. Now, however, you are thoroughly safe and in a position whereby we continue our explorations of this segment of Parhelion.

I will open first by giving somewhat of a dissertation which is particularly directed to the earth scientists and doctors who are laboring in the fields which are associated with what he calls virus conditions. If he is open-minded, I believe that some of the transcript here would be of tremendous aid to him in conquering these seemingly unconquerable diseases. While the earth scientist or doctor knows these things exist, yet he is at a loss to explain their origin or how they multiply or recur in the human body. First, let us thoroughly and completely understand that these tiny sub-microscopic particles are purely the generic by-products of your vastly complicated civilized age. You must realize that the mind processes which are continually being generated in the human mind in your civilized world are largely products of reactionaryism and very negative in nature. Because a person thinks a thought and discontinues that particular thought for something else, this does not mean that the thought has perished. Mind energy must and always does remain a part of the person from whence it was generated. This energy is also spontaneous in a certain sense, inasmuch as it relates itself in the law of harmonic relationship with all other such energies so generated. Thus the sum and total of all such continued and repeated generations of such energy, among the millions and millions of people who inhabit your earth plane, give rise to great seas of negative energies. These great seas or tides of negative energies hover around in the close proximity of the earth plane, something like the familiar morning ground fog that you are observant of when you arise early in the morning. However, in this case these negative energy fogs are invisible to your eyes. Nevertheless, they so exist.

Now, it is the nature of any of such generic energy that it possesses, in itself, a latent intelligence, if we can use the word intelligence loosely; whether it is constructively-minded or destructively-minded, it is still intelligence. Such energies as they are negative will not and cannot be denied unto themselves and so they must revolve around and around until they form tiny submicroscopic vortexes or hard nuclei of energy. They, therefore, manifest into such levels of subconsciousness with the individual who becomes slightly hypersensitive at the particular moment because of some dominant negative happening in his or her life. Children are particularly susceptible to such nuclei of energy which you call viruses. Thus it is, many of these nuclei or viruses enter into the nervous system of the child and polio is produced or perhaps it may be whooping cough or mumps or some of the other similar so-called virus conditions. These, in themselves, are purely the nuclei which you call viruses of negative thought forms or frequencies which are being continually generated in the minds of the people in the world today.

Proper therapy in the future will stem from such proper measures as will regulate the thinking of people into more productive and more useful and less reactionary thought patterns. Also, it will give rise to such machinery or such other types of instrumentation of electronic nature which can and does thoroughly dissipate or neutralize such negative nuclei which you call the viruses. These viruses, in themselves, are somewhat similar to the negative energies which cause cancer and some of the other incurable conditions throughout the body. Inasmuch as several of these nuclei, being intelligent, will, in a sense of the word, superimpose their intelligence into other atomic structures which are of a more productive intelligence, they will thus instill their destructive intelligence in the surrounding atomic structures and render them also unproductive and unintelligent. So this is a vicious treadmill chain-like fashion which spreads in a rapid form and through tiny threads throughout the human system. This you have called cancer or you may perhaps call it polio but remember whatever particular conditions which you may call these things, they are very closely related and all stem from the same fields of negative thinking.

Now that we have somewhat covered the subject of viruses, cancer and some of the other conditions, I believe it is time for us to move on into another portion of the great city of Parhelion. Thus we will remove ourselves into a quarter which is related to our own particular aspects of the function of this planet. As I summarized before, there are six other different sections which are devoted and related to the functions of the other centers of Shamballa but here we, in ourselves, function independently alone in the fields of pure science. Now as we have come through a large doorway which links us with another of the radial spokes which stem from the great center temple, we will walk slowly up the central corridor which is something like about three hundred feet wide. On each side and up through the center are great cases which are filled on either side and both sides and along in the middle with innumerable and countless inventions which have existed in the world of your earth plane as well as in innumerable other earth planes. There are countless thousands of these inventions some of which you may recognize as the more crude implementation of the savages who inhabited your planet hundreds of thousands of years ago - such things as flint-headed arrows and clubs or stone- headed axes, clear up until your present-day age wherein you will see some of the types of the more modern weapons. There are also innumerable other inventions which relate to your earth plane - some of the more useful types. Everything you will find from the safety pin, the egg beater and so on, are displayed here in one or some of the other cases.

It would probably take you several years to thoroughly and completely cover this one corridor alone, as it relates not only to your earth plane but, as I have said, to countless other planetary systems which are located throughout the galaxy or star cluster which is somewhat covered by the activities of the planet Eros.

Now that we have somewhat skimpily gone through this great central corridor, we will finally arrive at the other end. Here you will see stretched out on either side of the periphery or the rim or great wheel are huge laboratories. In strolling through these great laboratories, you will find students and interns who come from all nations not only of the earth plane but from many other planets in the various solar systems with which we are associated. There will be all races, all colors and all creeds. Some of these scientists are laboring and will produce inventions which are related to their own particular present day and age. Others here have been laboring to produce and to envision inventions which will relate you and the destinies of other planets into the many hundreds of years of your future life. It is quite obvious that here again we would be completely at a loss for time and that it would also take many, many years to go through these laboratories and make ourselves acquainted with even the more superficial aspects of these tremendous activities. However, it is my intention in the future, that as we cover the other remaining sections of Shamballa and that as you visit these various centers in their respective planets, that you will have a fitting addendum to each book which will relate the activities of that particular center to our own scientific work here. Thus it is that you will not only cover our particular scientific center a little more thoroughly, but you shall also cover the other remaining five segments.

It has been decided that while we were talking and continuing our exploration that you should witness the emergence of the new ruler of Shamballa. This particular part of the ceremony will be shown to you, and you will witness this emergence in the full sacredness of the rite for which it is intended. I may inform you that this happens perhaps once every two thousand years or perhaps even at a longer time. The sacredness s of this ceremony cannot be over-emphasized, inasmuch as all seven of the centers of Shamballa pledged themselves to the service of the great immortal Father and rededicate their lives in the complete fullness of such service. This they do in the full acknowledgement and in the full presence of a new Avatar of Shamballa. Now, we will again come down into the great temple where you previously were. It is not often or usual that any earthman or even some of the higher realms of the astral world are permitted to send an emissary to view such a ceremony. However, due to the great importance of the age and of the time in which your planet is particularly situated at this moment, we thought perhaps that it might be of great value and of great importance to the peoples of your earth plane if they could see the progression of some such person who had lived on their planet at one time; and though he came to the earth people in the position as a humble servant and as a teacher, in the end he made a wonderful and a complete demonstration of the immortal nature of man, the inner self, and was a triumph over time and over evolution.

Now as we have emerged into the central temple, you will see that it is strangely empty. Before when we came in, it was filled to completion; however, let us sit quietly here for a few moments and I believe the ceremony is about to begin. I may say to you that these ceremonies may seem to be lacking in some of the fanfare or trumpeteering and the other various noises which are associated with your earth ceremonies. We leave nothing here to the more demonstrative parts of nature as they have been completely eliminated through the evolution of time. I do not mean to convey the impression that we are entirely expressionless - far from it. We live and enjoy life in a much fuller and a more complete fashion than it is possible for your earth minds to conceive. Now as we have been talking, you will see that the entrances which lead from the seven great spokes which surround this great temple have been filled with some sort of a strange light, inasmuch as this light seems to be coming out of these great passageways or corridors.

Now we will begin to see that there are a great number of forms or shapes which are standing just within the portals of these great corridors. Soon all will be in readiness. Now we are again hearing the chanting sing-song of the energies. Slowly in unison and marching abreast, the people emerge from the various radiating spokes or corridors. Each of these corridors, of course, represents the particular Shamballa from whence these souls came for this particular observance. As they march slowly down the steps, through the aisles, past the seats toward the great center cubicle which stands alone in the center of the temple, they are seemingly chanting the song of this vibrant energy. Louder and louder grows this song until it seems to be almost deafening in its intensity. When the ranks of the foremost leaders of the files of these people reach the bottom of the steps just in front of the altar, they all pause momentarily, then gradually they begin to file singly into the rows between the seats. Thus it is that they fill the seats up completely. However, they have not been seated yet. They are all standing. As you saw the demonstration of the projection of the radiant energy before and of its blinding intensity, now this seems to supersede and eclipse this previous demonstration. Slowly, from the great corner projectors, there seems to rise a wall of radiant lambent flame which is of an immense white radiation. This seems to meet in the center and in converging has added to it the various ingredients of mind forces which are projected to it from the countless thousands of souls who are standing in unison around the room. Slowly this great mass of flame begins to take shape. Within it seems to sparkle, a cascading fountain of millions of tiny star-like flashes of light which are continually appearing and reappearing. This great flame is, in itself, one of tremendous intensity and seems to glow with all of the colors of the rainbow but yet remains at a particularly white glowing radiance. Slowly this flame begins to take shape. It is not the form of one human being but it is the form of two. Slow1y the head, the arms, the lower limbs, the bodies begin to form. It is two figures standing close side by side. Slowly all of the energies seem to melt and become absorbed into these two bodies which are standing motionless within the center of the flame. As the intensities of the radiance is absorbed into the bodies, more and more of the general aspects of the form are visible.

Now I see that you are beginning to understand who these two people are. You saw them in the emergence from the temple in the center of the city of Azure. They are Sha-Tok and Erza , They have emerged here in the great center temple at Parhelion to take their new office. Now as they stand straight and motionless and the song of the flame has died down, the great masses of souls who are in the surrounding seats around this great center cubicle extend their right hand upward in a gesture. They hold their hands aloft for some moments, and then slowly the hand is withdrawn to their forehead, where they touch their forehead. They touch their lips and then they touch their heart. This is a pledge of consecration and of service to the Father and with the complete cooperation of the Lord Avatar, who was once your Jesus on the earth plane. He and His biune now rule supreme over the seven Shamballas. So friends, my dear brothers and sisters, though you may be scattered far and wide over the earth plane as you read these words, let it be a personal message to each and every one of you of the .continuity of life, of the immortality of man's soul. Do not hesitate in your forward evolution, and though you may be involved in many flights and in many lives, do not lose sight of the sacred and consecrated mission which will always lead you closer to the great Central Vortex. Remember always the words of wisdom which He once spread in the gospel which was brought to the earth two thousand years ago. Remember the words of brotherly love which have been brought not only from his lips but from countless others who have come and gone upon the earth plane. Remember also that all of the elements and ingredients which are necessary for your own personal evolution are contained within your own consciousness.

The search for man's higher self begins on the more and the lowest of the elemental planes and continues onward and upward; and even though we here in the centers of Shamballa know that as we can look down and see the places in our progression where we have been, so we can look upward and see the places where we have yet to go. This is the message of life. This is the message of the Creative God-Force which is within you. Until such further time, may God's love rest in your heart.