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Now we are progressing step by step toward a more absolute and, shall I say, abstract concept of what is called time-space or energy transference in various dimensional factors. In the beginning it was said our planet travelled in orbit. Later it was explained that such an orbit was not a physical sense of travelling as you do in the earth plane or as an evolution around some particular distance of space but rather, a pulsation or a frequency which occurred as a major cycle of about thirty-eight hundred years duration. It was also explained that such frequency alteration could change the relative perspective point of the planet in regards to the various expressions which were necessary in manifesting such portions or parts as were deemed necessary to the various planetary systems.

Now to further evaluate this more absolute concept, let us create some allegorical equations with which you are more familiar. If we take a large pail and a hose which is attached to a faucet and after placing the end of the hose against the side of the pail, we will cause the water to run into the pail. If this is done slowly enough, the water will s tart revolving around in the pail in a circular fashion. If we toss in a few small chips or bits of sawdust, we will see that these small chips gradually revolve round and around until they converge into the center of the circular form or mass of water. Thus you have seen expressed two very fundamental physical laws. They are called centrifugal force and centripetal force. Centrifugal force means in the physical relationship that such masses are cast away by a revolving force, such as mud flying from the wheel of your auto. Centripetal force means that such liquid substance on a revolving disc will be attracted toward the center because of the fact that less energy is consumed with a decreasing diameter of the time it takes the liquid mass to move. If we speed up the circular motion of the water in our pail by increasing the flow of water from the hose, it will revolve fast enough so that the flat plane of water seems to be dipped in a cone-like manner toward the center. The little particles of wood will thus through the force of gravity increase their speed toward the center. This is the third factor which is quite important to remember in our further equations.

Now we will bring our attention and focus it upon another more relative earth plane expression which can be similarized to a storage battery in your automobile. There you have two poles. One is positive and one is negative. Here centrifugal force is expressed from the positive pole, that is, energy in a more electrical form flowing away from the positive pole. Centripetal force is expressed in the relationship of energy flowing into it. Gravity is thus expressed as the law of attraction which balances these two forces. Now if we can extend our equation up into a still higher realm or dimension, we can start first with your more familiar earth atom. Here we might say is a small space which is revolving in a pulsating manner. It is not space in a pure sense but is actually energy. As it pulsates it draws in energy from a higher dimension and in such pulsation in a circular form just as the pail of water; the energies of which it is composed will regenerate such smaller and smaller or negative fractions in the law of harmonic relationship. These smaller and smaller energies will decrease and decrease toward the center until there is formed a nucleus or a hard core mass of negative energies.

Now this energy must always travel and must go somewhere. If we can pause a moment right here and draw a similar equation in your earth plane again, I will point out if you take a piece of paper and a pencil and draw an elongated S. At the top and bottom of the S, you will place a plus mark or a positive sign. Then you will draw a line straight through the middle portion of the S. This is what you call a sine wave.

All energy in your third dimension of electrical nature or even a sound nature travels in such a form or fashion. We can see that energy travelling from the plus sign must pass through the negative portion in order to again become positive and positive back into negative. This is what we mean by alternating or reciprocating energy and this carried into a higher relationship or a higher dimension means actually the expansion and contraction of the great voids of space which aren't space at all but are actually filled with radiant energies so expressing themselves in a continual pulsating positive and negative fashion. Now to continue our earth plane equation, we will begin with the atom. As it was explained, energy will come from a higher dimension in a pulsating nature and in such a cycular form as was demonstrated in the pail of water. It will form and reform the smaller and smaller or more negative forms of energy to a hard core nucleus. We might say that this looks something like a rather flattened cone. At the apex of this cone is a very hard concentrated mass of negative energies. This is what you call the nucleus of the atom. Now this energy must go somewhere so that it must reform itself in a positive fashion. Thus it does in expressing itself into your third dimension as its own particular relative element. Thus it maintains its characteristics irrespective of anything that you may try to do to change it, simply because you cannot change it from your side of the plane. In other words, the atom now is expressing a certain relative quotient of intelligence; thus it is an element and remains so irrespective of what other things may be done to it. Your solar system is merely a blown-up equation of the atom. The sun is actually the center core or nucleus of the tiny, more negative wave forms which have resolved themselves through the lines of force which extend out beyond the limits of your last planetary orbit. It is this pulsating energy which comes into the plane of your dimension which you call your solar system. In revolving around and around in the pulsating fashion of frequencies, it regenerates and regenerates in the law of harmonic relationship such frequencies or exact multiples of itself, something like the chords on the organ. These energies continually revolve through centripetal force, as you might call it, in the lower earth-plane equation, toward the center. This centripetal force thus has gathered unto itself the hard core energies which you call your sun.

Now, centrifugal force must again express itself in a higher law or a higher dimension. Thus in a lower dimension the negative now becomes positive. The centrifugal force becomes the positive equation of the storage battery, so energy flows out into your third dimensional world. This is again contacted by the planets in a similar fashion to that of the atom. Actually your planets are hard-core nucleuses of the same form and structure as the atom. From each planet is a great mass or field of energy which is in a lower dimension from the preceding one above it. In revolving and revolving around and around, it in turn regenerates the smaller and smaller negative wave forms which condense through centripetal force as (we will call this equation) into what you call your planet. Thus again, energy is expressing itself in an infinite number of ways into your planet which, in thus expressing themselves into your planet, again become positive equations of such relative mass and energy as compared to the plane from whence it had just arisen. Thus you will begin to see the linkage all the way through the countless dimensions on down. You will also begin to understand that when such intelligence is interrupted in any particular way or form, it might even manifest itself as cancer in your body.

Now as far as our own personal planet is concerned, Eros might be said to be the cone or hard-core nucleus of a great central vortex which has been called the vortex, or the Fountainhead, by the Venusians. We, in this great central city of Parhelion, are merely expressing the same law of, from negative to positive equations, as we have just discussed. In other words, the energies, which are pouring down into this planet from a great central vortex or mass of energy from a tremendously high and elevated dimension, do so and expand into this planetary form or hard nucleus. Thus it is, we have constructed our city at the exact point of contact and emergence from this great central revolving vortex. We therefore express energy in seven different relative planes which resume themselves in a form just as your planetary system does in various spiritual planets which are scattered around throughout your celestial galaxy of stars. This is a wide circular band of seven planets. Now if you can count up past seven, you will begin to think that there are eight instead of seven centers including Eros.

Again we may make an earth plane equation. We shall say there is a mother hen who is white and has seven chicks, one of which is white. The other six are of different colors. We therefore express ourselves in a more personal relationship into a lower plane which is similar or compatible to the other six centers of Shamballa. The other six centers, in turn, express

themselves in the same relative equation or expression of such science. Now we will not confuse ourselves with the word science. Science in your earth plane understanding merely means something with which you have associated test tubes or microscopes or with something of that nature. However, this is not exactly so. There is nothing which you do on your earth plane or that you will ever do on any other earth plane that is not scientific if it is expressed correctly. There is science in everything. There is science in the way the painter mixes his paints and spreads them upon the canvas. There is science in the way that the poet composes the various lines or stanzas of his verse and in the meter in which he expresses his thoughts. There is a great deal of science in music and in the reproduction of music and composition. Thus it is, we cannot ever separate ourselves from science because science is the actual integrated and the most intelligent working concept of any particular thing which we enter into. It thus becomes scientific. So therefore, you will begin to understand how closely interwoven these various factions are which are expressed from Shamballa to the various earth planes and the various countless thousands of solar systems throughout the galaxy of the universe. I might also in speaking of this universe say that as your earth astrophysicist has pictured it as something like a vast radiating pinwheel, this will illustrate some form of what we have already discussed, inasmuch as this is the lower or the more relative physical plane of expression.

Just above this great vortex of starry clusters which seem to radiate or stem in a pinwheel fashion from a central vortex is another dimension. The central vortex of the universe you have thus pictured is actually the point or the cone on which rests this great spiritual dimension which is revolving about it in a cycular fashion. It is the regeneration and regeneration again of the negative wave forms of energy which precipitates into the central vortex and stem out into the radial lines of your universe and thus re-manifest themselves in countless galaxies of suns and planetary systems. The energy or the intelligence is likewise carried through in many other dimensions of expression and thus becomes the· various and innumerable types of life upon each one of these planets or in the number of the stars or the suns, as they are more properly called, in the expression of these similar vortexes as that we have just discussed.

In pointing out these facts to the earth scientist, if you will carefully evaluate these things and with such proper necessary diagrams or mathematical equations which I am not attempting to interject at this moment, you will begin to form a basis for the new science for your New Age. Your New Age will not and cannot be made possible until such proper evaluations are made. In your world you have a law you call the law of diminishing returns. You have long since reached that point and passed it in your science. Because of the fact that you have left out certain relative spiritual values which link you on and on up through the infinities of the various vast, shall I say, dimensions which surround you, you have therefore built up this preponderance or the false structure of the material appurtenances about you. So in the evolution of the next few hundred years of mankind upon your earth plane, you will begin to understand what a star is, what a planetary system is, what an atom is, what causes so many other innumerable mysteries which you have tried to solve, and falsely tried to solve them from your earth plane position which is utterly impossible.

In our previous discussion I made some statements which are apt to be challenged and arouse a good deal of controversy. I stated that in the natural order of atoms that it was quite impossible to change atomic structures. In an absolute concept, this is quite true. I am, of course, speaking of what has been called transmutation or changing from one element to another through some laboratory process. Now you say you have atomic bombs, such as fissionable or thermonuclear types. In either case, however, you have merely succeeded in so stretching or changing such atomic structures into an unnatural and unrelated perspective with their true source or dimension. Thus it is in triggering these atoms by some other smaller explosion, they, in trying to adjust themselves to their natural source or perspective, actually blow themselves to pieces. This is not atomic power. You may point out you have atomic reactors. This, too, means that you are more slowly destroying atoms.

A much more constructive evaluation of atomic power would be one in which the elements were not destroyed, rather, they became the channel through which the higher dimensional force was properly utilized. Each atom would thus in turn become a tiny power plant which would not be destroyed or degenerate but instead, transfer into your dimension a direct relative equation of energy into some usable form. This you have approached much closer in realization in what you call the great cyclotrons or other types of such electronic and magnetic properties which precipitate a tremendously accelerated stream of energy into such substance as cobalt. The atoms of cobalt therefore take on new superimposed wave forms within their vortexes which are gradually discharged over the period of time. They are thus said to be made radioactive. This, as I have said, is a much closer and a truer relationship of atomic power than you have achieved in your so-called atom bombs or your atomic reactors.

We do not become intelligent in our purposes to change things to suit our purpose or that we would not go around smashing things, nor would we take the iron ore from the earth and attempt in such a similar fashion to construct such as your necessities of life, the skyscraper, or the automobile. Iron in this case has been changed somewhat in its original molecular state by the addition of thermal energy and of other various types of minerals into the constituents of steel. However, the true atom of the iron has in no way been changed. Thus, all through the scale of your atomic elements, you do not change by adding to or taking away any of the particular atomic constituents of that element. I will not say that this has not been done on your earth plane but wherever it has been done, whether on your earth plane or in other earth planes, it must be done from an entirely different angle than by simply attempting to blow such atomic structures apart. It must be done from, shall I say, the more highly evolved or elevated spiritual concepts of life. I might add and point out that should you ever arrive at the conclusion of your atomic experiments and include an absolute and complete misuse of atomic power, you will no doubt reduce your little earth planet into a cosmic cloud of dust. Therefore, I would like to caution and warn you to the utmost that you must approach these things in a much more sensible evaluation.

In our previous discussions you will begin to see the sequence of such planes or dimensions as we have called them, and in their relative appearance and reappearance as negative and positive planes of expression, that you, in your atomic experiments of destruction and blowing apart, are sometimes quite seriously interrupting such natural sequences. These are, of course, very relative to your earth plane existence. You may find in a hundred years or so that you are producing nothing more or less than a race of malformed mutants. You may also wonder why your vegetation will no longer support your way of life. In this you have already partially passed the borderline. I might point out that these things all lie without the immediate vision of your perspective. You have not yet evaluated such proper frequency spectrums that lie beyond your immediate relative plane of existence. Just as in sunlight, you have not yet properly evaluated that sunlight does not exist beyond your earth plane in the perspective of sunlight or heat, that you evaluate it on the surface of your planet. And so in consequence, these things are constantly increased in magnitude as they obtain a higher and higher perspective in relationship to your earth plane.

To your earth scientists, I would urge you to appeal to your governmental influences into the utmost capacity to discontinue in their urge or their need to construct more fearful weapons against some fancied adversary. Likewise, to those who are across the sea, I would urge you also to discontinue this mad race to oblivion for surely that is where it will lead you if you continue on in your atomic experiments just as you have been doing in the past few years. There will be some time or other someone or a group of scientists who will come along, who will be sped by the impetus of these false experiments to the point where they have actually triggered your whole earth to pieces. So therefore friends and brothers and sisters on the earth plane, please be united and concerted in your efforts to stop this mad and continued race to oblivion.