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Greetings, welcome again to Eros. From across the vast distances of space we come to you and while it is not s pace but filled with radiant energies, let us watch while we see something like a searchlight beam which seems to be forming and stealing softly across this void. It comes into your minds and it enfolds you swiftly, softly and silently and you are taken back here to us so that we again stand before one of the great entrances to the magnificent city of Parhelion. As you watch about you carefully, you will see much that is wonderful, beautiful and fills you with a great awe, for the planet itself is something like a huge luminous globe which seems to lift and fall with its radiant energies changing as it does from one of the many hued colors of the rainbow into another, and that all of the things about you are likewise glowing and pulsating in unison with this wonderful radiating power which comes from seemingly nowhere.

I will talk a moment while your eyes become accustomed to looking about you. I will ask that you will be a bit patient with my tongue for I have not used it in your earth plane language for many thousands of years. Now you are standing before a gate or an entrance over which there is the symbol of an ancient musical instrument which is called the lyre and, as you have correctly surmised, you are about to enter into the portal which is devoted to the cultural arts of not only your earth plane but of the countless other earth planes in similar positions throughout the galaxies of the universe. The arts I am referring to are music, drama, literature, sculpturing and painting. I believe I named them correctly. As is the case with the other entrances of this great city, you must pass through the portals which will condition you in a way whereby you may be able to see something of the nature of the culture and of the sciences, if I can call them such loosely.

This section of the city is devoted to such cultivation and to such enlarging of these respective arts or cultures in the earth planes. I have not made my name known yet and so, if you will, beg the kindness of your indulgences with me, may I say I am just he who you called Kung Fu (Confucius) on your earth planet and that I had collected together some of the truths which were expressed in my native Chinese some many years ago on your earth planet. So as I have said, I am not too familiar with your 'Engliss'. It may be possible a little later on that someone may resume the privilege of conducting you through the planet which is devoted to the cultures of your earth plane. We believed it best that we bring you here directly to Eros and Parhelion so that you may start from here as the distances or as the change in vibration which is more correct to interpret, is of a considerable change as this particular planet is in a rather peculiar position in our galaxy of stars. I may say that as we pass into the entrance which is dedicated to the arts and sciences of the world that you will see several of my fellow countrymen. One you knew as Lao-tse, also, Master Hilarion is here and rules this section of Shamballa.

Now let us pass through the portal and go into the foremost of the laboratories which is devoted to teaching and to the cultivation in the higher spiritual senses of these arts and cultures. There is a difference here in the former section of science which you previously visited inasmuch as you will now see that not only do you feel differently but all things about you are also of a much different character. Before, in the former section, things were devoted to science in a more pure and relative sense and were constantly bathed in a white light which also gained its strength from some of the longer rays which your earth scientist call the infrared spectrum. Here, in this particular section, however, we are using some of the more subtle of the stimulating shades of colors which go into the pinks arid coral shades. Color, however, is of a different nature and of a different expression than what you normally associate color with on your earth plane. There it is something you use merely as a convenience for identification of objects around you so that you may, as you term it, see. Here we do not have physical eyes inasmuch as physical eyes would be useless as all frequency spectrums are of a much higher order and relationship. Your physical eye would not respond to any of the colors we have here. Color here means that it is the basic, shall I say, the emanating source or the strongest radiating force which determines the nature of the particular function which we do in these various centers. We may also say that the same particular color is dominant in the planetary systems in which we teach and express.

Now that we are more firmly inside the building and walking into some of the great rooms which are in the front part or section which is the periphery of the rim, we will come into a great cathedral-like room which is several hundred feet high and many hundreds of feet wide. At the far end of this great cathedral-like room is a huge and massive pipe organ, something similar to those you may see in a great cathedral on your earth plane. Here it is that we teach something of the relative functions of such type of vibro-therapy which is necessary to the healing processes which are stimulated through the various organs and centers of the human earth bodies who go into the churches where these organs are. As the student progresses through his studies, he is made aware of the nature and the intensity of sound and of its action in the various nerve centers of the body. He is also made aware of such resonant chords and sound structures as will best serve his purpose.

I might tell you that the Master who is presiding over this particular section or room is a great composer on your earth plane who flourished and was known as Johann Sebastian Bach. It is he who teaches here with his students who will make their appearance in some of the earth planes in the future. I see you are gazing rather in wonder and awe at this organ. Yes, indeed it supersedes anything that you have seen, even in your Great Salt Lake tabernacle as the pipes themselves are made of some pure crystal-like substance which you have become familiar with in these various planets and that these various long pipes are assuming more strange and fantastic patterns and lengths and dimensions than you had ever believed possible. I might point out too that the crystal structures themselves give peculiar qualities which are unheard and unnoticed by your earth ears nor could they be properly identified by such ears as they exist in your human bodies. Yes, even the floor and the seats about you seem to be of some very beautiful pastel shade of pink which seems to be very stimulating and yet very pleasing and has the feel to your sense of being very soft to touch mentally, if I can say it as such.

Now come with me and we will go into one of the other rooms. Let us step through this nearby doorway here and we will enter into another one of the very large classrooms which is devoted to the art of drama. Here you will notice that the room is actually divided up into many sections and while there seems to be no visible partitions, yet there are definite partitions in a Here you will find that drama in its various expressions is being taught to the future teacher, who is at the present time a student. In the various relative earth plane expressions, he will in the future therefore find himself in such position that he will be able to give a much more and a correct interpretation of such particular plays or interpretations as are at the moment on your plane of expression.

Here we see the various interpretative forms of drama as they exist either in Terpsichore or in the spoken word or in such phases, as acting out the various interpretations, either silently or with the voice or with the song. Some of these have been, of course, written by great masters - Rossini, Verdi, Puccini and various other composers and musicians who lived on your earth hundreds of years ago. There are, of course, other teachers and masters who have come from other planets which are scattered around in the various planetary systems. As you can see, this room itself stretches away until it is almost invisible in the distance, it is so large. There is one thing that we would like to impress you with here, or those who read these lines, is of the vast size and the immense nature of all the things which are being done here. I am giving you something of a synopsis which will enable you to best enjoy and to view later on the actual existence of the planet under whose control this section of Parhelion exerts its will. There are closely connected here also other large classrooms which relate to various other phases of teaching in the field of music, of the written word or literature, such as stories, plays, historical narrations, which are of the more intellectual expressions of the physical man.

Now here is another large classroom which is devoted to the teaching of such forms of prose and poetry. As you will see, this particular room is especially softly radiant, much more so than any of the others. You would naturally associate classrooms with desks or such paraphernalia as would be found in the schoolrooms of the earth, however, this is not so. Almost all classrooms, if we can call them such, are not actually classrooms in the sense of the word that you would associate with your earth plane classrooms. Instead, they are expressive of their own particular art or science which is being taught there. For instance, here in this large room which is devoted to poetry, to prose and to such of the finer of the more literate arts, we find scenes which are of extreme pastoral beauty. We find the most beautiful verdant gardens which is possible to imagine. We find bowers which are covered with rose blossoms; we find pools of clear liquid crystal-like water; we find huge moss-covered stones and the softest grass. We find everything which is conducive to stimulating the more esthetic nature of the student and the teacher. There are none of the drab bare classroom appearances which you might associate with this particular expression of art.

I would like to point out that your modern educational systems would benefit much by changing the drabness of your classrooms into something which was a little more conducive to the more pure intellectual inflow and outflow of thought transference. As in the case of the room with the large pipe organ, there, too, you saw everything which was of the inspirational nature which you would attach to such a magnificent display of music and its reproductive mechanism.

Let us pass across the hall and enter into another room or a large section which is devoted to the expression or art of sculpturing. In your various earth planes, you will see much of this science. It is very necessary that mankind in the material planes should know of the proper usage of stone, not only in his ability to carve such shapes as may be suggestive of the human form but he must also carve or emblazon such insignia or shape such into suitable building materials for temples or other edifices. So it has always been thus through the pages of history that man is constantly associating himself with such a craft as carving the stone of the earth .. In the ancient civilization of Egypt, they were very adept at this art and knew how to harden their copper tools so that they were almost as good as the steel ones which are in use today. The ancient Egyptian was very clever in this type of science and he has left great edifices of stone which have endured through the countless centuries and will endure for countless more. So the art of stone or sculpturing is not necessarily confined to the carving of some statue which may grace a museum but includes many of the various expressions which are attached to such processes which use the natural stone of the earth planets.

In this room, however, you will not see any of the students actually using such things as mallets or chisels or any of the other laborious manipulative processes which you would customarily associate with this expression. Instead, he is studying and placing within his own mind the various fundamental concepts which are necessary to his expression. Later on, in his physical body on some earth plane, he will be intuitively aware of what to do in such a particular instance or he may develop some new process which will make him an outstanding exponent of his particular expression of sculpturing.

There are other sections of this particular portion of Parhelion which are devoted to such of the arts as the composition of music. Here again you will find that the students are not hammering out their learning on some piano keyboard, neither do they use any of the other stringed or repercussive instruments. Instead, they are studying the fundamental sciences which involve proper tone combinations, consonance of values which are relative and conducive to various types of harmony. He, like the sculptor, will also find in his future earth plane existences new and creative ways of expressing his compositions which will make him outstanding in his field. I might say that all of your great earth-plane musicians received such training here many hundreds or even thousands of years before they made their emergence in your earth plane. If I were to name even a half dozen or more, you would recognize them all instantly as those who have created the great masterpieces of the symphonies and of the operas which have endured through the ages. I might also name many others who have contributed equally great contributions to the posterity of mankind in your earth planes who have also received their teaching here before emerging in your earth plane. Your encyclopedia would furnish you with hundreds, yes even thousands of these names. You could start with Shakespeare and go on down through the list with such men as Browning, Keats, Shelley, Longfellow, not to mention innumerable others. Great painters have also gone through this section - Landseer, Van Dyke, Michael Angelo and a host of others which would read like a 'Who's Who' in your encyclopedia.

Again I must extend my humblest pardon for not being familiar with your 'Engliss' language. It is with great difficulty that we are even conveying one small fraction of what actually goes on here in this great city of Parhelion. However, as time goes by and such sections are added to your know ledge, you will begin to understand something of the vastness and scope of actually what goes on here and yet, my dear ones, may I say that even Eros and Parhelion is just one small part of such expressions through the vast cosmos you have called a universe.

It is as we have named it in your earth language, Parhelion, which means a bright spot on a halo, and as such it is, just a small bright spot on a halo. Our purpose is to impress you with the magnitude of the intelligent nature of the great Force you call God. This is extremely difficult but it must be so because of the Second Coming of what you call Christ and that the coming of Christ is not the coming of a personality but is the coming of a great new infusion of Spirit and intelligence into your world, where you will begin to live in such a way that you will begin to be spiritually interconnected with your fellowman. Each and every one of you will then express some small portion of the Christ. That will be the Second Coming. Now I see the power is dwindling so may we rest with God's Love.