November 1970

Since its beginning, an overwhelming mass of evidence has been compiled proving the Unariun mission as a continuation of the mission of Jesus of Nazareth. Furthermore, all such evidence verifies and corroborates the fact that the Moderator is this same Jesus reincarnate. This evidence, as it involves hundreds of thousands of people and their written testimonials, shows all such similarities, healing, power projection, tremendous paranormal faculties which were expressed by the Nazarene.

However, a distinction must be made: that this Jesus was not the man portrayed in the New Testament and that such portrayals in this biblical reference were largely falsified elements of intentional fraud, perpetrated by Saul and his henchman, Judas—the same Saul who became Paul. Also evident in this biblical translation is the complete vilification of the mission of Jesus, as it was (and is) in Christianity, interwoven with the Jehovan god-worship which was brought out of Babylonia by Father Abraham; that is, the true mission of Jesus was one wherein He lucidly explained the Interdimensional Cosmos and eloquently denounced the Jehovan god-worship and attempted to replace this religious edifice with a true comprehension of the ever-regenerative, ever-present, creative Principle of Infinite Intelligence which He called, "The Father Within". The nomenclature used was tailored to the mental level and in the idiom of the times.

A complete and factual portrayal of the true life of Jesus is contained in a Unariun Publication, "The True Life of Jesus", a book which the Moderator helped to write before he was born into this present earth life; a book delivered verbatim by Saul himself in a series of thirty five visions projected into the mind of one Alexander Smyth, who freely recorded these visions.

Incredible as it may seem, the Unariun mission has again gathered together all those sundry people who were involved in this life episode of the Nazarene.

Those who followed him and listened, those who were concerned in acts of violence, judgments against him, those who removed him from the cross, his true mother and father, his foster mother, the guards at the tomb; yes, even those who witnessed this tragic happening and vicariously suffered accordingly, all these and many more were, from the past through reincarnation, brought together in these prophetic years. And under the tremendous energy projections of the Unariun Brothers, and as they read their books and lessons, they were transported back in time and again witnessed scenes from this tragic episode; scenes in which they were personally involved. Today, most of these people still live. They have written their testimonials and they again stand ready to reaffirm these visions and experiences and wonderful healing, releasement, etc., which followed.

So it is, as of today, a man still walks in the pathways of the planet Earth; and through this man's Mind—a Unariun Brother and his attending Brotherhood—project into this world incredible energies, power beams of all sorts which transform all that which They touch. Through the vocal cords of this man, They have spoken the immortal Wisdom of Infinite Intelligence, they have portrayed the Infinite Cosmos.

By his side walks his wife, Ruth. Again, incredible as it seems, she was Mary, His dearly espoused—to be wed to this same Jesus, only to be forestalled for 2,000 years by the crucifixion, the same Ruth, as she is now known, who was his wife in other lifetimes. And amazing and incredible as it seems, is true; again reproving to its utmost finality, all concepts and constituents of the Unariun mission.

Read, then; perhaps you also were one of those who stood beneath the cross on that fateful day; or that in other places you met this man or even passed him by. If this is so, then as you read, this past may return to you; you may see the vision of those yesterdays, you may feel the great power which transcends physical barriers. It may render you drowsy or very sleepy; you may partially and temporarily lose control of your limbs. Yes, you may even see dazzling pinpoints of blue, white and amber lights; then you will know beyond a shadow of doubt, all this is true. And beyond, and into your future, stretches before you an incredible journey, a well-marked pathway which will lead you up and into these inner realms, these many Mansions, to the great Celestial Cities to study and learn wisdom beyond the earthman's comprehension, or even to prepare you for a return back to Earth where you also may start a mission.




The Twentieth Century has indeed proven to be an age of great transitions. The invention and development of the automobile and airplane, along with countless thousands of other mechanical, chemical and biological discoveries and developments have literally, in all ways and manners, changed life for man upon the planet Earth. This century also brought in a population explosion and two world wars. The second one was brought to a terrible climax by the atomic bomb which ushered in the atomic age. The explosion of these nuclear devices brought visitors in spacecraft from far-off planetary systems.

The years following World War II brought showers of these extraterrestrial "visitors" and countless thousands of U.F.O. sightings were reported. The 50s brought in the space age and unmanned satellites began circling the Earth; later all climaxed in the late 60s by manned space flights to the moon, two of which were so successful two men in two different flights actually landed on the moon and brought back rock samples for the world to view.

Most propitiously then and at the auspicious beginning of the space age in early 1954, the Unariun mission was formally begun. Planned and masterminded by millions of Super-Intelligent Beings from a higher world, this mission had been formulated to accomplish two important purposes: first, to rescue, as it were, a limited number of earth people who had certain preconditioning and life experiences which would enable them to be, in the future, suitably acclimated to a higher world existence.

The second purpose was to achieve through projection, a certain preparatory phase to millions of other Earth inhabitants. Unknown to these people, in moments of sleep, etc., certain energies would be projected into the psychic anatomy which would, after death, radiate certain signals which would enable the Unariun Brothers to come to their assistance and lead them into the halls of the Unariun Universities where they could be suitably trained for future incarnation, life in higher worlds, etc.

As might be expected, there were numerous other benefits incumbent to this mission. Great projections of energy constantly deployed, would often mean the difference in balance between a self-destructing world and a world turned from this destructive course with this valence of supernatural power. All of these and many other benefits and accomplishments have been manifested since 1954; evidence almost instantly available to anyone who seeks.

The Unariun mission had a very humble beginning, and well that it should. In its totality, and could all the peoples of the world have accepted it, it would have totally upset and destroyed all the time-honored and sacred rhetorics of mankind's life on the planet Earth and would have necessitated a complete and total change in all venues, methods of expression, sciences, medicine, etc. Such drastic and revolutionary changes, however, were not desired and, in Their Infinite Wisdom, the Unariun Brotherhood knew the value of evolutionary life as it concerned every earthman in an environment compatible with his evolution.

Furthermore, in its totality, the Unariun Interdimensional Concept would have been totally incomprehensible, much less acceptable, only to those who had, in their mystical experiences, approached the threshold of the Interdimensional Cosmos and were ready for the next step. The vast majority of earthmen born in this time would be served only with (unknown to them) projected energies and invisible help; their evolution continuing according to basic principles.

In the beginning, the Unariun mission started first with books of poetry and prose; life in the inner dimensions described as planetary bodies where huge cities and universities became the home and training place for countless millions of earth people who had left their bodies behind in an earthly graveyard. Then in 1956, a formal lesson course was introduced comprising the 13 Lessons. It was a basic introduction into the Interdimensional Cosmos. Also served were elements of personal psychology, self-correction, etc. Reincarnation and the disease of karma was correctly interpreted. All aspects of terrestrial and interdimensional life were incorporated in this lesson course. In each lesson there is a lecture followed by a question and answer period. All lectures were tailored according to the intellectual level of students who attended these classes. It should be said at this time, however, the Moderator was hard pressed at times to answer these questions, as you will discover as you read them.

Then in 1960, the Advanced Lesson Course was given. This was not given in a lecture hall or classroom as was the first course but rather, it was recorded and illustrated with drawings relative to the contents. Based as it was, on currently known electro physics and concepts, there was an expansion and development of these electro physics into the Interdimensional Cosmos. Also described and illustrated is man’s soul—more suitably called the psychic anatomy, how it works and how it lives in the Interdimensional Cosmos from life to life. Also very well described were suns and solar systems, galaxies and universes; how they were formed from this Interdimensional Cosmos.

These two lesson courses could most accurately be described as containing more information, knowledge and wisdom than would be contained in any known precepts of human knowledge. Equally evident is knowledge far beyond the scope of any known human precepts.

For many years these two lesson courses were available to students in a mimeographed form—all painstakingly put together and bound by hand. Due to their enormous wealth of wisdom, however, it was thought necessary to make them available in a book form whereby they could be placed in common channels such as libraries, in universities, etc.

We, the Unariun Brothers therefore give you these two lesson courses, again done as all the Unariun books have been, through our own channels by those who have prepared themselves in the great Unariun Universities and, with the aid of the Unariun Brothers, bring these works to you.

I, the Moderator, the Emissary of the Unariun Brotherhood, am most grateful to Ruth; and to Helen who works the Varityper; to Dorothy who helps Ruth type and edit; to those who are engaged in the printing and binding and to all those students or otherwise who will read these works.

As a note of interest particularly to those unacquainted with Unarius: These works, like all other Unariun liturgies, were given in a form of trance, an advanced telepathic communication between the Unariun Brotherhood in the Higher Worlds and the mental physical consciousness, and expressed through the vocal cords. This state of consciousness is not to be confused as dead trance used by spiritualists. Rather, I maintained normal faculties while in communication. As it is, my Higher Self or true spiritual embodiment is a Unariun Brother, therefore, I am, in reality, communicating with my Inner Being or Self which, in turn, is formulated into speech, drawings, etc.

Also, this form of communication is not to be confused with the controversial ESP, as it is presently discussed and bandied about. It is far more advanced than any paranormal investigations or studies currently in existence. Such a form of communication with a Higher World should be, in itself, an overwhelming testimonial for Unarius—a prediction as to what the future can hold; the promise of evolution for any earthman who believes these works—the evident promise of immortality which has been so presented. And should a proper dedicated course of action be pursued wherein this wisdom can be accomplished and incorporated in such future evolution, then surely, immortality in a Higher World is inevitable.


The Unariun Moderator

(Ernest L. Norman)