Religion, Philosophy, Evolution, The Aquarian Age

The Pathway to the Stars
Lesson I General Summation of Entire Course, Religion,
Philosophy, Evolution, The Aquarian Age.

Friends, welcome to Unarius –

We have heard in our own circles and our own way of life various interpretations, such as the Aquarian Age, and we might even say into the terms of the more fundamentalist, such things as the approaching millennium, the second coming, and so on and so forth. There is also at this time considerable confusion which is naturally evident in times of a great change or a metamorphosis which is taking place among the races of people in the world. It is a very necessary part of such evolution. It means that such people are becoming more or less stratified or reaching certain plateaus or elevations in their own personal interpretations of these values of life.

Now I feel sure that every one of us here has considerable and a justifiable sense of pride for being American citizens. We pride ourselves that we have a greater understanding of life in this country, a greater interpretation, and a higher elevation of living. It is reasonably accurate to suppose that this country is also, if the human race is to evolve into a future dimension or time where such relative factors and the proper integration of spiritual consciousness does take place in the hearts and minds of people, that America will be at least foremost in the ranks and the leadership of such movements. It can also be assumed that America was created from some of the more divine concepts from the higher dimensions of life.

There are grave dangers which are very apparent to the people of the world at this time. It is my purpose if I can, to go into some of the more basic problems in the relative plane of introspection and to see if we cannot interpret some of these things for you. As individuals in this coming change or great evolution or cycle in consciousness of mankind, there must always be those who are the way showers, those who go ahead. It is they who perhaps take considerable of the brunt, the burden of the critical attitudes of the multitudes of the world. They are the inventors, they are the scientists, and there are other and various and sundry interpreters of different concepts of life.

Getting into some of the basic and more specific problems of mankind as he exists upon the planet Earth today, that it is quite obvious to the layman or student of Truth that we are indeed living in perilous times. Since the explosion of the atomic bombs over Japan in 1945, and while they brought a sudden and dramatic close to World War II, man has become increasingly aware of the fact that these were very perilous times. It has also become quite obvious that with the coming of this new Atomic Age and with the many hundreds of thousands of new electronic, chemical and mechanical inventions, there have been great changes in our daily lives.

The new methods and means of communication and transportation have shrunk our planet down to a very small size indeed. We no longer have the natural protective barriers of oceans and mountain ranges, and vast distances. We are constantly being reminded of the fact that enemy bombers can fly over our country and reduce it in a very few hours to a pile of atomic ashes. These are facts and compounded by great numbers and multiplicities of the numerous scientific discoveries and inventions have all given rise to new vague fears, problems, compromises and pressures, and consequently more distortions in the average individual's life. Further conflicts are added when such an individual tries to free himself or to solve these conflicts. Unless he is fortunate to have a completely objective mind, he may only find himself mired more deeply in these quick sands of the countless concepts, expressions, and derelictions which he is surrounded with.

Moreover, the average individual does not have a completely objective mind. It is a well-known fact that the average individual cannot think constructively from this objective mind, for this mind is merely the screen whereupon all the countless acts and experiences of his life are reflected. What he calls thinking is merely objective relationship of present tense to anyone of a number of such previous experiences and reacts according to such extractions of comparisons. Man's patterns of life are made even more confusing and complex by the realization of certain spiritual elements of life; these he may vaguely realize internally or externally; they may take on various vagaries of spirits, gods, angels, demons, devils, ogres etc., or they may be merely superstitions. He may also be impelled by some inward desire wherein he seems to feel an affinity with some great creative force or forces, which may or may not be inspirational wherein he may feel some sense of relief from the pressures around him.

Now individually each man's problems are different. He also looks upon life differently and interprets values according to his own concepts. Yet basically the elements which can solve every man's problems are the same, that one or several of these elements are missing in the average individual's interpretation of life is quite evident. Collectively as a community, nation, or all nations, our position in life is a direct by-product of the great masses of people. It is also apparent that while man interprets life in an infinite number of ways, yet man is collectively almost the same person.

In our analysis and introspection whereby we must arrive at a basic platform of evaluation whereby we will solve not only for ourselves this riddle of life, but assist substantially in solving the same riddle for the masses. How then can we attain this solution? It may appear first that it is a strange paradox that man has at the present time, just as he always had, the solution in his hands. Looking back into the written pages of history, we see the rise and fall of nations, empires and people, all with the same basic problems, the same internal and external strife to orientate themselves into what they believed as the best way of life. This is at present, just as in the past times, every individual's own interpretation of self-realization. The great collective masses of the world are torn between the values of material elements of this realization and the more vague inward desires of the higher self.

And so it is that as of today we see mankind in this same life and death struggle with these internal and external impulsions and repulsions. On one hand he has been brought up in a society of social structures which place great emphasis on self; therefore he develops a strong ego. This ego or selfhood is something which is composed of all the ingredients of reactionary thinking which the individual thinks necessary to support his life.

Here again is conflict, for he sees about him in the varied ways of his society, a necessary amount of integration and a dependency upon his fellow man. He is constantly forced to admit to his fellow man, is as much like himself with the same basic problems, relationships, and with a comparable amount or lack of intelligence. This strong material ego may also complicate a person's life inasmuch as certain deflations of this false ego structure give rise to various emotional conflicts which develop a neurosis or a neurotic thought pattern.

A further search in our analysis reveals much factionalism and a great deal of dependency upon these various scientific, religious, or political factions. These various factions also add confusion to the individual or to the masses of people, for as such dependency in these factional relationships always leads the individual astray. Such dependency is a form of a moral opiate, inasmuch as the person does not now face his problems realistically and solve them for himself. It should be apparent that as the moral fiber of a nation is composed of masses of people, we can therefore resolve its strength into individual structures; that if a person is weak, inadequate to solve his own problems, he becomes one more of those proverbial links in the chain, the weak links.

There are also other factors in the expression of these various factions of which everyone is quite aware, and there is much hypocrisy, self-attainment for wealth and power, exploitation of the masses, etc.

To bring our introspection down to a definite point of focus, it is quite evident that the world is drastically in need of a new philosophy, a new hope, a new sense of direction. It is also quite apparent that such new philosophy will not come from any existing structures, neither religious, scientific, political, or otherwise; neither will it come from individual leadership.

If Jesus appeared in person today, it is quite likely he would go unrecognized. John Q. Public has built up a strong resistance to all existing types of salesmanship, spiritual or material. Or even if he was recognized and established, it would immediately create and recreate the same reaction as was demonstrated in Palestine. Various minority groups who wield some sort of power are very jealous of their positions; so are various and sundry religious factions and their leaders; so it would only be a repetition of his previous life; somehow, in some way, there would be another crucifixion. We can imagine the trouble Jesus might have if he was here today and practicing without a medical license. What would the AMA say?

This might also be true as to form and pattern of any other Avatar who might reappear. Buddha's mission, like Jesus, did not materialize until more than two hundred years after his death. By that time serious distortions and malformations had taken place in the originally simple, straightforward philosophy. Zoroaster and his work suffered a similar fate. Only Mohammed was more fortunate, for under his direction the Koran was written and Islam established, which has withstood most of the attempts to reinterpret or distort its concepts.

So it can be said that of the vast welter of religions and interpretations, either in the East or the West, that while they all contain much truth, inspiration and virtue, yet it is evident that man will not for various reasons, try to readapt or reestablish a new concept or philosophy of life from these existing structures, which would reunite man in his numerous factional expressions into a universal brotherhood which would heal the world of its ills.

It has been truly spoken that love is the great directive force of God, and agreed by men of all nations, races and creeds, that to love each other would unite man in a common brotherhood. Yet love is not turned on or off like water in a faucet, nor can we tell others to love these neighbors when we do not. The attitude of self-deification which is generally assumed by the hierarchy of Christianity among Western nations is a great barrier in attaining international brotherhood. The same is true of our much flaunted democracy, and not infrequently do our eastern neighbors peer over our back fences and see our slums, our gangsters, dope addicts, sex maniacs, and various other derelictions of society. Even our mud-slinging political systems and elections cause consternation in the more simple straightforward minds of other nations. And while we are calloused and indifferent to what we call our American way of life, yet many of our habits and customs are quite shocking to others.

So it can be assumed that any new philosophy or international brotherhood will have to be gradually developed; it will not come about in one age, in one generation or even for hundreds of years. It will come through the hearts and minds of those future races of man which will inhabit the Earth. Some of these people in the future will be now in our presence; through incarnation, they will have come back from some higher dimension with the answers to man's problems and the necessary love to motivate and activate this wisdom. No one can be taught Love; this comes only through the psychic realization of self and God, and of the universal unity of all men, a psychic experience which transcends man into spiritual concepts which know of no material barriers of selfhood.

It is the common fault of man that he is quite inflexible in his thinking and in the acceptance of new ideas, as his whole philosophical structure of life is based primarily upon reactionary elements from which he attempts to conduct his daily life. And so it is that because of the inflexibility of man's thought patterns and because of such great stresses and unbalances between this scientific age and the old fundamentalisms of the past, man is torn between two worlds of expression. The world around him is filled with conflicts and pressures. Even the marvelous inventions which we have and use are in themselves all distinct problems and compromises in our way of life.

So it is at the present time there is distinct separation and conflict between the scientific world and the world of fundamentalism. There have been numerous attempts by individuals or groups to reconcile these factions, yet it is quite evident that up to date there has been little or no success. Science cannot accept the vast welter of religious occultisms, theologies, theosophy’s, etc., for science is based on certain definite evaluations of the physical elements which have been arrived at through much labor, experimentation, and such mathematical formulas which have proven true in the test of time.

Nor can fundamentalism accept Science, for such concepts as are contained in these religions are based primarily upon factors or elements which are spiritual in nature and have their origin in other dimensions or planes of life which science has to date not yet explored or even entered into. Even the fundamentalist is at a loss to give a comprehensive explanation of these spiritual planes or dimensions which would open the doors to both factions.

Fortunately there are many small or large minority groups, or individuals, which are composed largely of groups or individuals who recognize to some extent the deficiencies and their missing elements and are attempting to bridge the gaps and bring about an integrated concept. However, these groups or individuals either lack the necessary knowledge, or for various and other reasons have not as to date made any appreciable gains.

To obtain a more comprehensive view of man's many problems and thus form a more basic idea as to what these missing elements are, which would help bring about this great metamorphosis of life, let us go backstage to the various hospitals, clinics, and sanitariums, where science is trying to cure man of his many so-called incurable diseases, both mental and physical.

It is a great paradox indeed, that while the whole structure of atomic science is based on comparatively unseen factors as even the atom itself is still almost theoretical as far as science itself is concerned; moreover such a science is in itself approaching such unknown dimensions as were only vaguely envisioned by such men as Einstein, Planck, Newton, and others. Thus it is that the man of medicine, psychiatry, is using a science based primarily upon the so-called spiritual intangibles, yet he refuses to recognize that man is a spiritual creation and even the atoms of the human body are energy which is supported by these higher spiritual planes.

So it is that the doctor labors vainly to cure a man of this great burden of disease. To name such conditions as cancer, epilepsy, diabetes, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, dystrophy, palsy, arterial sclerosis, Berger’s disease and a host of others. The psychiatrist labors almost fruitlessly to find the cause of the numerous mental aberrations which he classifies as schizophrenia, paranoia, dementia praecox and numerous other distortions of human intellect; moreover like the man of medicine, he too is a paradox, and that while he attaches electrodes to a man's head or gives insulin shock therapy, he condemns the witch doctor in the jungle for exorcism, not realizing that shock therapy causes pain to the obsessing entity and makes it temporarily leave the patient; so does the witch doctor with his mask and rattles try to frighten away the evil spirits. Who can say is the most intelligent? At least the witch doctor knows what he is doing.

We have been led to believe that the various sciences have given much to relieve man of these physical and mental ills and is only partially true. Some of the great plagues of the past have been eliminated through modern science, yet they have been supplanted by other killers even more potent, and which are direct products of this highly evolved civilization. Moreover the doctor or scientist does not have the ultimate answer and will when pinned down to answer of cause, shake his head and admit he does not know what causes these so-called incurable ailments.

It is quite indicative of our time we are suffering from a disease of over civilization which belies its name. To see babies of only a few weeks old suffering from diabetes, stomach ulcers, leukemia, etc., it is estimated that 10 percent of all the children going to school the first year have ulcers. This is something which wrings the strings of your heart.

Hourly the calls of distress go forth over TV, radio and other channels of communication, and we are asked to contribute to this or that charity. Everywhere we look crippled children stare at us from posters; the hospitals, the clinics are chaotic groaning masses of suffering humanity; the asylums ring with the screams of the mentally obsessed; the prisons are brothels of horrible human iniquities. On one hand the fundamentalist cries "return to God, believe in Christ," on the other hand we hear the calls to see our doctor regularly, one out of four die with cancer, X-rays for tuberculosis, numerous other remedies and pleas.

And yet the burden rises, more and more people are stricken, churches hold services for those who but a few days ago sat in the pews. And within and without all of this go the searching, the seeking throngs of humanity; ever seeking, ever questioning, not realizing this is the greatest of all paradoxes, that God as a part of every man has placed all his wisdom within everyone's reach, the answers to all his problems within every man.

It should be obvious to the earnest seeker that the necessary ingredients or elements to cure man's ills cannot nor will not be extracted from a pure material or physical science as it now exists. Obviously also is the fact that these elements have not been extracted from any of the existing fundamentalisms, most of which have been in existence for at least two thousand years.

As for our existing Christianity, there have been developed thousands of various churches or factions. These for the most part have attracted such persons who live on certain compatible levels of life, and while they help fill a large gap in what otherwise might be a spiritually sterile nation, yet all of these churches function on an inspirational level. And while they are called fundamental they do not explain the tangible elements of life which have largely been supplied by science.

The Eastern religions too cannot be used to supply these missing elements; the vast welter of Eastern occultism is a situation which staggers the imagination. By and large such concepts sprang originally from the ancient Vedic writings but through the many thousands of years have suffered great malformations. The study of Hinduism and its many associated and interwoven concepts could easily occupy a lifetime. I am told on good authority that there are at least one hundred thousand gods in India alone. Moreover, these many facets of Eastern religion which border on black and white magic, self-torture or atonement, all of which have been given rise to strong reactionary aversions in the Western mind. While hundreds of millions of souls live and die under these numerous theosophies, their chief appeal to certain Western minds lies in such direction as can be termed mystical, or that perhaps some Westerners were at some time a devotee in an Eastern Temple and retain a vague psychic memory of that life, but by and large they will not be accepted by future generations as a basis for a new world theological science.

The present need of the world today will be of such structures or concepts that can meet both science and religion on common ground and can fill in such obvious gaps and correct certain derelictions. To more properly understand how this great unity will be brought about and to integrate such necessary missing elements is the purpose of Unarius.

Unarius is basically an organization, a hierarchy of spiritual leaders and teachers who are functioning from certain celestial planes which have heretofore been known as Shamballa. This organization is formed of thousands of teachers, doctors, scientists, initiates, adepts and Masters who have the destiny and guidance of man as their inspired life work. Many of these people have until quite recently, lived on this earth; others have lived thousands of years ago. They are at present trying to inspire and develop in man the new age metaphysics or spiritual science. However this work is limited to the extent of finding suitable channels of expression on earth; also by general acceptance by mankind as a whole; moreover they must also work in conjunction with certain celestial or astrophysical cycles. Also as each man is his own moderator of life, he is not forced to accept wisdom against his will for that would tend to defeat the whole concept and the necessity of evolution or reincarnation as the prime purpose of life. Unfortunately, good unobstructed channels are at present scarce. Many such previous expressionists have either served the fullest purpose of which they were capable or have passed on. Some did not possess the necessary scientific training or lacked other important factors. So mediumship in its highest concept, which will be necessary for this new age science, is very rare. Edgar Cayce was one man who used this type of psychic expression. I think there are students of Edgar Cayce’s here tonight. We know something of this great man’s work.

This in itself brings us directly to the point. As the world is drastically in need of such spiritual interpolation as was somewhat similar to that of Jesus. We need people who can bring into the world such concepts that will factually relate man, not as a creature who sprang into this world simply as a by-product of sex, but relates him to his many past lives and to the many psychic impingements which are incidentally called karma, and which also cause most of his greatest distress and diseases.

Science and fundamentalism must accede to the fact that man is a generic creation of God's own spiritual life forces and has a definite plan of evolution whereby through his numerous reincarnations, he learns of the Infinite nature of God and thus acquires what Jesus called the Father within, or the Christ self.

Through Unarius and the working as a channel for these higher forces, you will be made acquainted with all the facts of life, such topics and subjects as the psychic body, reincarnation, astrophysics, energy and mass, astral and celestial worlds, obsession and exorcism. Particular emphasis will be placed on energy and your relationship to God. Spiritual healing, psychotherapy, removing psychic obstructions, reading the life records or the Akashic will be thoroughly gone into and explained.

Now friends, it is quite obvious by now as I have written out this discussion as I wish to touch a number of points. I am not presenting Unarius to you as an idle theory. These are basic facts of which I do not claim originality but have been used by thousands of great men, teachers and initiates of the past. They are incidentally, subconsciously used to some extent in the life of almost every individual today. The peering back into the past life of the individual and pointing out to him very constructively where his present difficulty lies, and its incurrence in some dimension of time which he has previously not related himself to, this is an extended principle of psychotherapy. The psychoanalyst today bases most of his concepts upon the incurrence of certain obstructions or blocks which generate malformed thought patterns which are called neurosis. It has not been obvious to most psychiatrists that, of this day and time, that these various malformations or neurotic thought patterns in the child's life as he grows into adulthood could also be by necessity or could be very easily envisioned as complications of psychic structures which were incurred in that individual's past life.

There are also very many other very large and obvious gaps in our present science or the interpretations of the various fundamental life interpretations. I have touched on some of these in this discussion. In the future lessons which will be given from this hall, we will go into these concepts. We shall draw on the blackboard or with scientific instrumentation, and show you the relationship of God and energy and mass and what energy and mass really is. How we are Spiritual Beings and not just ordinary masses of motivated flesh and blood. We will see how the atom is in itself, not just a particle of energy as it is supposed by the Scientist, but is actually supported from some spiritual dimension. We shall examine too, how this God-force flows into the human body; how we in ourselves, subconsciously or into such various factors of astral integration, so assist or choke off these different flowing’s of this psychic life force into our bodies. Cancer, every human dereliction, every incurable disease, any mental aberration without any exception, for there are no limitations, can be solved by this science.

As I hinted that Unarius is in itself not simply confined to this church or to this time. Unarius came into being 100,000 years ago with the future envisioning of the great moderators of spiritual concepts in the higher realms. It was the mission of Jesus; it was the mission of Mohammed, of Buddha and many others to fulfill a certain destiny, a certain marking place in the evolution of mankind which would lead up until this point. The Bible does contain numerous references of what this new age will be; that God made the Earth in six days, which are six basic fundamental cycles of recessional of 25,862 years, a basic concept of astrophysics; and what this particular cycular evolution means into the integration of life to the masses of humanity on the earth today. These and other very definite spiritual factors will be gone into thoroughly.

We will also individually or as much as possible, read from time to time in the period of questioning which follows the lesson, go into the Akashic records of the individuals who are in attendance, the students, and we shall bring forth the different things which have obstructed and confused these individuals up to the present time. With the introspection and the bringing into focus of the divine energies of the Superconsciousness or the Christ self which is within everybody, these conditions are rectified and solved.

And so in the future, we do hope and speaking from those great minds, the great Avatars and the great Masters from the higher planes of life, we do hope sincerely with all our hearts that you can be here and share with them these spiritual blessings and spiritual wisdom which they would bring to you. They would like to acquaint you with these fundamentals of life, for there may be many here tonight who will in the future go forth to help lay down the foundation of that future age, that liberation from the slavery of materialism which man has up to date gone through. And so friends, with all the love and understanding which is possible for them to convey to you, they wish you Godspeed.


* * * *


I hope I didn’t appear too severe in the previous discussion; sometimes when spirit takes over and we try to speak from the inward self, we may present an external appearance of severity which we do not have internally.

The second portion will be conducted along more informal levels. We would like you to all relax, feel at home, and if you feel so inclined to ask questions; don’t be afraid to ask any questions and whatever it relates to you, we will try to give a definite answer or interpretation to you.

Now primarily before we go into this, we’ll explain something a little more definite into what we call psychic liberation. If you understand what energy is; that energy in itself, in whatever dimension or form that it assumes, is intelligent. It recreates that intelligence and recreates that until it is further modified by some existing or external forces. We might liken a human being to a television set; we say that God is the transmitter. Within the television set are certain components which are known as condensers, resistors, coils, and so on and so forth. These take in by the continuity or the expression, or we say polarized planes of frequency transmission from the transmitter, take into themselves and amplify and to separate these various signal component parts. They further reintegrate them; project them into the picture tube where they are flashed onto a fluorescent screen. There are at that time a series of dots at the rate of 16,000 times per second which write in a line to line fashion as you would write a letter across the page. There are certain elements of synchronization, retrace, and so on and on into.

A human being functions much the same, there is little difference. Your external life, your physical life on the outside can be likened to that phosphorus screen on the surface of the television tube. The same shall we say, scientific principles involved in various wave structures or harmonic frequency relationships with these individual psychic structures are in themselves the determining elements of transmission. You yourself as a physical being are reflected outward. Your physical body and your physical appearances are just a reflection of the psychic self which is composed of an infinite number of tiny little vortexes of energy, all of different wave forms and wave shapes, all in themselves portraying their own individual expression, their own particular portion of life; not in this life, perhaps in some past life.

So evolution is primarily and basically, shall we say, more simply understood by realizing that these different psychic impingements, the malformations of wave forms as they interpret these negative experiences or phases of our life can be corrected. They can be neutralized, they can be changed, and they can be replaced by constructive elements. With the realization that every man himself does possess, and has since he was created in the lowest order of human relationship, has always possessed the element of clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is not an occult term but merely means the word which relates man to his inner self or his inner consciousness.

In the expression of personal clairvoyance, and whether this is done in a large or a small way, is in itself determined by the status or the position of personal evolution of the individual. We all reach the point in our pathway of life where we determine through some psychic transition, gain a certain affinity or unison with this inward consciousness of self.

All of the old philosophies of the ancient civilizations are based primarily upon that one concept. As Jesus so aptly put it, "Seek ye first, the Kingdom of Heaven which is within, and all things shall be added unto you." In the past years in which I have been working in the fields of, shall I say, clairvoyant metaphysics, in and out of various churches, and although at that time and up until quite recently, we neglected some of the psychic factors in the previous lives. These were brought into, and I can very humbly observe that Edgar Cayce is himself working with this dimension and this expression as it is interpreted. We had Edgar Cayce in our home many times recently. He’s given us factual information and knowledge as to the creation of new scientific instrumentation which will be used in vibrotherapy in some of the coming sciences. We’ve also been given very factual information which has been verified by his son as to how he lived and other test demonstrations and messages. That is a part of this. There are other things too, in which you might care to know about. The word Shamballa itself is mysterious. It is always linked, a person in some imaginative process of thinking with the vast sea of occultism that existed in the Oriental or Eastern countries in past ages. At one time Shamballa did exist on the earth out near where there is the Gobi desert. As to what Shamballa is now will in these future lessons be interpreted and described to you people, what they consist of, and the seven different planes of evolution and how they interpret scientifically all the necessary and fundamental missing elements which are coming into man’s future life, things that he must know about.

If we can envision the psychiatrist of tomorrow as being a man who is possessed of a clairvoyant faculty, which can look back into the past lives of individuals and see where they incurred these great distresses and these great ills they are manifesting, and evaluate constructive therapy upon that basis. It would quite naturally follow that such intelligence would be a cooperative form of expression whereby the intelligences of the higher Shamballa’s would work factually and in an integrated way, in healing and lifting and correcting these obsessive malformations of the psychic self.


There are people in this room tonight and there are many others in this vicinity of Los Angeles who’d proudly bear testimony as to the effectiveness of this therapy. As I said before we draw no lines, we make no limitations. There are no incurable diseases. If you take these lessons you must remember that fact, and do not raise any obstructions in your mind in accepting the facts as they were given to you. The word limitation has been taken from our vocabulary. These are scientific principles and they can be demonstrated to everyone. I make no exceptions.


* * * *


Now friends, just raise your hands if you have questions and we will try to answer them as intelligently as we can for you.

Q – When you give such a past-life reading, do you outline a present life pattern and the future?

A – Usually as a rule, we find that with the proper application and the knowledge which is contained in these readings that integrate the person with the Superconsciousness so that there is an immediate feeling of liberation, a feeling of freedom, and so it is quite easily understood that that person quite quickly finds a new level of life; so the answers don’t by necessity have to be given to you. That is a new revelation that comes to them in the succeeding days.

Q – Then you do not tell one what they should do in the future or read for the future?

A – We can if the person has definite, basic material problems. They can be gone into in the future and very accurately. However I do not like to do what is commonly known as fortune telling. Every person is entitled to solve their own problems. And with the integration of the Superconsciousness which is within, your problems will be solved. You won't need a reading for the future.

Q – Does the person become aware of his past lives, or is it only through your telling him?

A – Well those things vary according to the particular position of the individual as he now appears in this plane of relationship. If the psychic past or we shall say, the impingements or vortexes within the psychic body are sufficient in intensity, they can be described in detail to the person. However I work on the basis of mutual compromise. That is we interchange these things between ourselves so that they mean much more to the person individually because they are a part of focusing his own inward consciousness upon himself.

Q – You mention psychic self and Superconscious self, are these two the same or interrelated, and the impingements, are they in both these bodies?

A – Well that is a very abstract concept by the way but we will explain it to you as simply as we can. We’ll say it again by saying that God is infinite. Now to become infinite means if we stop to think a moment that God has to become finite in every conceivable way and beyond any conceivable way that you can think of. One of the ways in which God becomes finite is in His own individual self through man. Every man thus becomes God. That is the Superconsciousness because God has created, through an abstract way, what we call a life cycle, wherein he places all of the different experiences, the infinite number of things in which God is himself. So man revolves in this dimension of consciousness until he acquaints himself with all this Infinity and thus he attunes himself to the Infinite Consciousness of his true self. That explains it?

Q – Are there any shortcomings or weaknesses in this Superconsciousness?

A – Any shortcomings or weaknesses, there are none; there merely are things in which determine shall we say the quotient of experience of the personal self. So we stress not the experience but the importance of that experience in the person's own evaluation of what that experience meant to them. That clear that up for you somewhat?

Q – Some, but what relation, what is the psychic self then?

A – The psychic self is constructed of the elements of the personal expression as the individual progresses along this life cycle. You see, there are many dimensions of expression in God's own self, an infinite number; to bridge the gap from the higher self to the lower self we have a psychic body which is with us through our countless evolutions and which is constructed and reconstructed from time to time, just as our own physical body is, from the different experiences that we go through. It resides in the dimension which is sometimes commonly called the 4th dimension. It’s just beyond our conscious sight. It can be photographed, it radiates an aura, and it is very tangible, but only to people who have sight and vision to see it. It is not physical in the sense of the word that you interpret a physical being, because an atom is merely a vortex of energy and is a nucleus of, shall I say, an expression of positive energy into a negative world. We will go into that a little more into the future lessons because I am going to give great stress and emphasis on energy and how energy appears and reappears in different dimensions and in different forms, and how energy becomes a part of us and how it is a part of us, how it lives, breathes, and acts through every pore and act of being of our consciousness.

But just remember that the Superconscious Self is the life cycle. It is the Supreme Consciousness of God Himself, and in creating man as an individual. And the psychic body is a structure of experience. Now we might say that just because you think something and you quit thinking about it doesn’t mean that that thought has ceased to exist. It has not; that thought has been reflected into your psychic body and has become a part of yourself, as a wave form. When that fact can be brought home to most people they won't be running around and doing some of the things they’re doing now; when they find out that they have to go to bed with that experience, that thought, that thing, what they ought to do today, and go to bed with it for many thousands of years to come, they won't be quite so anxious to commit these acts.

Q – Are you conscious of a light with you? I see a great light around and behind you.

A – There is a great light; I am conscious, yes indeed. This is how it’s done. The people themselves as individuals do not care to be called by name. The personal identity is entirely superfluous to them, just as it is to myself. I am merely a servant, a channel.

Q – I feel and see it so strongly.

A – You would, you should. To name some of those personalities would be like reading the roster of all of the old ancient teachers who have ever appeared on the earth.

Q – I can hardly keep my eyes open for the glare of this Light.

A – We have tape transmissions from them at home. This is one difference in our philosophy because this is not idle theories or theorems; this is actual and demonstrable to everyone in every way of life. We demonstrate what we say.

Q – You spoke of tape transmissions; was this through your voice or how?

A – Through my vocal cords as I am speaking now. We have in different tapes for instance, we say within one tape which is an hour long, 30 minutes or 20 minutes will be given by one personality without changing the recording level or even touching the machine, a new entity or personality will come in and take over where the other one left off and you have a very striking change in personality which anyone can detect easily on the tape.

Q – You mean thoughts as energy exist in the inner dimensions as well?

A – That’s just exactly what I was into a few moments ago because energy always reflects itself in these other dimensions. It is imperishable because it doesn’t exist in the same dimension of time/frequency relationships that it does in this dimension. Here we have sine wave frequencies. Over there these things exist other ways.

Q – In your transmissions, is the change in the voice or the vocal inflections, or is it the difference in the thought itself?

A – It is a change of personality; it is a change of feeling. Anyone can detect it. Not only that, but we have had actual physical phenomena which accompanied some of the transmissions.

Q – Your voice doesn't change then?

A – The voice changes to some extent but the greatest change is in the feeling, the power and the change in personality which is in the tape itself in the way in which it’s delivered. For instance, one transmission was given by William James. I think most everyone here is familiar with William James. I know, I remember very distinctly because personally as a physical being, I am just about, I have to be one of these people that have to be occasionally convinced myself. And when James came in he was smoking his corona corona and it was so strong it not only overwhelmed me but it choked my wife. We have other very distinctive and my sweet wife can smell them much more easily than I can; very easily discernible fragrances which we can call incenses which are very easily identified. Each Master, each one that comes in identifies himself by his own particular fragrance and we have come to know them before they even make themselves manifest by the fragrance in the room.

Q – This pipe smoke would not be an actual physical pipe would it?

A – No, he wasn’t smoking a pipe dear, it was a cigar, corona corona he called it. And oh he explained that. This is strictly physical phenomenon and if you knew the personality of James you could easily understand why he did that because he had his own particular sense of humor. And perhaps he could peer into my own conscious mind and detect a little weakness there too, as a physical human being and it meant a great deal to me.

Q – You speak so much of energy. What is behind this energy, the component parts of energy?

A – Well that in itself, if we get into that in a physical or shall I say a material plane in explaining that to you in a way in which we might understand that as seen on an oscilloscope as we say a definite change or a distortion of wave form patterns in some fundamental sine wave frequency. That frequency and that distortion appears and reappears as a fundamental part of that wave form until it is changed by external forces.

Q – Then what regulates the changes of form?

A – Well for instance, we will say in the case of a television set, we use applications of external energy which are coupled into the original sine wave frequency through resistors, condensers, coils, etc.

Q – Then you are saying there must be an energy behind the energy to direct it?

A – That is exactly right; that is one of the basic and the more abstract concepts of this whole concept of Unarius, is the fact as stemming down from these infinitely higher dimensions are great vortexes of energy.

Q – Would this be the source of power or force behind the energy?

A – That would be the prime directive source, yes. But the psychic body is the, shall I say, the material interpreter because it is in the wave forms of the psychic body that determine our reactionary thought pattern of life.

Q – That's merely a form of harmony, is it not?

A – We can actually assume that all energy, in whatever transmissions or in forms or in dimensions in which we find energy, always has very definite relationships with harmonic cord structures. It can’t function any other way. We say now your radio is tuned if it is a super heterodyne radio. We have a frequency of 600 kilocycles, we have a frequency of 1500 kilocycles, and we beat them against each other and regenerate a 900 kilocycle intermediate frequency note which carries the carrier through amplification into rectification.

Q – Where does consciousness begin?

A – Consciousness begins from the Superconscious Self.

Q – Well, isn't that force counteracting with other forces?

A – It not only counteracts but it regenerates. If we take two violins and we pluck the "A" string and if they’re tuned in accord one regenerates the music in the other. In other words, in our understanding of energy we always understand that energy is always changing. There is no such thing as something solid. That it is an erroneous misconception. Even the atoms in this building, the walls in this room are all atomic substances; they’re all pulsating masses of energy, just as your body. They all have to be supported internally from other dimensions.

Q – I am aware of that. However, there must be a directive force behind all energy and it must be an energetic force.

A – That’s right and that is God. That’s the Infinity of God because God in His relationship to all these forms and expressions of energy interprets these things through the various frequencies and harmonic structures and the transpositions of energy in various dimensions.

Q – What about twin souls?

A – Twin souls, Biocentricity? This is a concept of polarity. Obviously however, as far as the physical plane is concerned, we have to have certain generic concepts behind that too, which we call biological factors or genetics. But in the pure spiritual concepts, polarities merely mean that here is a functional relationship with God, because we have two planes, we can call them sexes if you wish, but we have two planes, we have two poles in which we build up between these two poles a dynamically composed, shall I say, a ball of energy which contains all of the infinite forms of the personal expression. Biocentricity stems from celestial dimensions as a unified force which divides itself and it returns to itself that way.

Q – Have you done any work from the Cosmic Source as individual manifestations?

A – You mean as far as physical phenomena is concerned? That is one of the little things in which I was tried and tested many years ago in which I shied away from purely from the prospective point as to its value as personal relationship to the masses of the world. We can say that basically people are in no position to accept physical phenomena from the spiritual dimensions. The prime and motivating purpose of God is, as you can very easily see if you think, individuality in the person. To develop psychic experiences and do so against the will of the individual we are violating certain sacred precincts of that individual's concept. That help?

Q – In this biune or soul mate, is there eventually the male and female that does eventually come together as the one?

A – They are actually one, yes, and as I have said, they stem from the original concept of where we find the evolution of the flight soul of the individual through various physical planes in the numerous physical incarnations, to understand the Infinity of God and to participate in this individually and collectively so that we can return to the God-Force and become unified with that.

Q – Do those often meet?

A – They not only often meet but you see actual demonstrations of them around you every day. For instance, Eisenhower and Mamie are soul mates, biocentrics. So is Warren and his wife. So is Nixon. So is Governor Knight.

Q – And what about the Duke of Windsor?

A – They are too. You will see numerous other examples and that goes for the rest of us here too. As you look about you wherever you go you will see numerous examples. It is very easily discernible because you will see the same characteristics. There will be something of the effulgence or something there with them.

Q – What about when one leaves the earth plane first, does their work still go on?

A – Even much more intensely because sometimes one individual leaves the physical plane to go to the spiritual to supply missing ingredients into the remaining person's life.

Q – Does that work also if the person marries again or does it matter?

A – It doesn't necessarily depending a lot upon the evolution of the person and their position in their reincarnation and at this time. If they are highly developed souls it means absolutely no difference whatsoever because by that time we’ve obtained a unified concept of the brotherhood of man.

Q – Is it possible to develop one’s own clairvoyance by material devices?

A – Well as far as material devices are concerned, there are none in existence at the present time which actually portray the higher dimensions. The obvious reason is that man would not accept them. Man refuses to believe anything that he doesn’t want to. When it comes to life as I told you in a little talk, in a reactionary way and he accepts or lays down things because this is his prime purpose in the differentiation of the different elemental structures in his nature. In the future those devices will be given to the world. They use them on other planets and in other dimensions. The time is approaching, it’s very rapidly approaching.