Lesson 10 Self Mastery, Philosophy, Psychosomatics, Polarities.

Greetings, dear ones, in our study of the Pathway to the Stars, this lesson shall be overshadowed by an old Chinese philosopher called Kung Fu (Confucius).

There are other very advanced and illustrious personages who are in attendance. They wish to thank all of you for being faithful and tell you that they are most happy and grateful to be of some small service to you.

Now we shall continue along the pathway of investigation and preparation in the science of personal psychology. This lesson shall be called "Self Mastery". Although it will be quite obvious to you that self-mastery cannot be attained in one lifetime, nor in a number of lifetimes, but resolves itself as part of our dimensional evolution through the numerous material and spiritual planes.

In our last lesson we investigated our present-day mental problems and quoting from statistics, these things were presented to you showing that while we have an advanced and highly developed scientific way of life, the American public as a whole is so concerned with this life that it should be enjoying a state of health and well-being. On looking behind the scenes, it is quite apparent that this is not so. We found that there are literally millions of people who are suffering from either mild or advanced forms of mental aberrations which might be considered either partially or wholly incurable. As individuals here, and to those in the future who might reach out in that future and help, it is quite obvious that we must try to prevent ourselves from being trapped in these quicksands and from sinking into this oblivion ourselves.

In our discourse last week it was pointed out that certain spiritual elements were strangely missing from our present-day psychology, and that man as a whole, has been somewhat denuded or robbed of his spiritual birthright.

It must not be inferred from these remarks that we would take our present psychiatry and toss it in the waste-basket or through the open window; but we must bear in mind that it too, like many other things which are passing before us, is going through a certain stage of evolution. In fact, this is the entire concept of the Infinite's Will and Infinite Intelligence--that everything moves. There is nothing stagnant or static. It must either progress or retrogress.

So it is with our present-day psychiatry which, like other things about us, is going through an evolution. While this science does not at the present time contain the necessary spiritual elements which would mean the salvation for many hundreds of thousands of people, yet in a future day, through this evolution, our existing psychiatry will be gradually modified. It will be added to and it will be changed in such a way that it will combine these necessary spiritual elements and ingredients.

We do not wish to infer that you should jump to any conclusions that we would revert back into the somewhat existing concepts of black magic, sorcery, witchcraft or to such other derelictions of truth which have existed in the past, or which are in existence today. Just as in any other science, there is a highly developed concept of obsessions and exorcisms which is necessary to control these subversive elements of spirit.

In planets such as Mars, or in some of the centers of Unarius, as well as in some of the spiritual or astral worlds, there are certain scientific devices or machines which could be likened to a cross between an X-ray machine and a television set, wherein it is possible for psychiatrists or the doctors to actually see the individual who has some sort of a mental disturbance in the psychic centers. Thus certain corrective therapies can be immediately applied which will cancel out these vortexes of negative energies in his psychic body. We can assure you that in the future years the earth scientists or psychiatrist will, in his proper time, possess such instrumentation and that this shall come about when he begins to realize that man is a spiritual or energy creation; and through the necessity of solving man's difficulties will come this new knowledge and this new science.

To begin our own flight into the Spiritual Pathway of the Stars, it is imperative that we learn to recognize and to deal very factually with different mental and other derelictions in which we may be entangled. Using the nomenclature of the modern psychiatrist, we will attempt to give you something of a layman's view of the present existing psychiatry. While some of you may know of these things, yet others who may read these lines do not know of what the basic structures of modern psychiatry consists. It is quite obvious, if we think for a moment, that if we are to be constructive and useful channels for the interpretation of Spiritual Truths which will benefit all mankind, then we must be a clear channel and free of various obstructive debris which we have accumulated through the numerous terrestrial reincarnations.

As a small lad, raised in the country in Utah, I very frequently saw, after the Spring thaws, the farmers who go out into the various fields, woods and canyons with their teams of horses and plows, their scrapers and their shovels and clean out the ditches and canals which brought the life-blood of the sparkling snow water which melted and ran down the canyons from above. As this valley was largely agricultural in nature, it was very necessary that this water should flow through these canals and ditches throughout the entire summer so that all of this debris which had accumulated through the winter season would have to be removed. The sticks, the mud, the leaves and various other things would be carefully cleaned from these canals and ditches.

This is exactly the same process which we must use with our minds. As we have gone through the numerous terrestrial dimensions, we have picked up, in a somewhat reactionary fashion, numerous thoughts, and various other patterns or interpretations of life which may have served their time and their purpose at the time of inception, but which have now become so much debris in our psychic body. It is for this purpose that we will bring to you, in this lesson, a way and means whereby you can begin to cleanse yourself of some of these negative psychic structures.

To understand our modern present-day psychiatry as it exists, we will begin with a statement which was issued in 1933 by the American Psychiatric Association, which listed twenty-two major classifications of advanced mental aberrations. They listed such conditions as paranoia, schizophrenia, dementia praecox, advanced senility and the balance of such conditions; their names can be found in any textbook on psychiatry.

This statement also listed about thirty-three more minor groups, such conditions as melancholia, hysteria, hypochondria and other such groups of mental aberrations. It is largely from these two groups and particularly from the first group where we find those unfortunate souls who are incarcerated in the numerous mental institutions throughout the country. It also goes without saying, that the mental health problem in the United States outweighs, outstrips, and exceeds any country in the world and that it is high time there was something done about these conditions.

If we are to salvage even a small portion of these more advanced mental derelictions, then we need a different psychiatry than now exists. According to a statement which was issued by a psychiatrist from the Menninger Institute over a television program, only one person in six who goes to some mental institution or clinic ever recovers from his condition. We are speaking of the less advanced conditions. This too makes it quite obvious that we should not only have a better psychiatry but that we should also, as individuals, be aware of these very subtle and insidious traps which are ever about us. It could be possible that we may already be on the road to one of these incurable conditions, so it is on this basis that we are presenting this text to you this evening.

In addition to the aforementioned two groups, we also have a third group. These are the sub-minor divisions which are called phobias. Modern psychiatry lists about 250 or 300 of these phobias. To name a few of these--claustrophobia, or the fear of being confined; acrophobia, or the fear of high places; hemophobia, the fear of blood; aquaphobia, the fear of water; and many others. Every individual, according to modern psychiatry, possess anywhere from several to one hundred of these different phobias.

In recent years, as a result of consulting with various individuals in my experience and practice, I have come across numerous individuals who claim that they have no fears or phobias. According to their own statements they are perfectly well-balanced, normal people and without fears! But I have always found that if they are allowed to talk long enough they will admit to at least a half dozen strong and choice fears. So it can be said, by the direct token of all of these subversive elements within our psychic structures, that man is indeed his own worst enemy. This becomes increasingly apparent if he denies the existence of these things.

To begin our personal character development, means the elimination or at least the control of these numerous different phobias or fears which we have accumulated during our flight through time and space. It resolves itself primarily into a problem of self-mastery. Before we can understand the higher principles of spiritual psychiatry or a physical psychiatry that exists today, and in order to become clear channels for the Infinite Intelligence working through us, then we must remove the various debris and impedimenta which we have accumulated through our numerous evolutions.

In this situation honesty is always the best policy. If we do not give ourselves sufficient credence for the existence of these things, we can revolve and evolve back into these terrestrial dimensions until the time and place which knows no beginning or end; and we shall never come unto the end of all that until we become masters of ourselves.

This will answer for you a situation which may have occurred in your own life which frequently occurs with others who have gone through numerous negative, distorted concepts in their life and have arrived somewhere in a certain  position whereby they begin to cry out to the superconscious and the God within for relief. They may have also become acutely aware ad conscious of the numerous pressures in this civilized world about them.

The fact that the average person knows or at least is partially aware that he or she must obey anywhere from six to ten thousand different city, county, and state or federal laws, or that we may see Mrs. Jones riding about in a new Cadillac when we cannot afford one; or that we see here or there about us, distortions and conflicts with our own particular sense of right and justice. We may feel particularly incensed against the political systems which are in force at present. But whatever these pressures are which come from outside sources and seep into our mentality and into our psychic structures, they only add to and strengthen and fortify these previous existing structures of negativity.

Let us refer back to the concept of the structure of your psychic self, which was drawn for you as being composed of a body of energy in which there were numerous vortexes which could be created from either positively or from negatively constructed experiences. It is our purpose to remove such negative structures and to supplant them with newer, fresher and more positive ones. Thus, through our various incarnations in thousands of years to come, we would gradually develop a spiritual body from this psychic self which will enable us to live in higher dimensions and which will actually integrate and relate us and implant us into that higher spiritual dimension. It was further emphasized that you could never occupy any such dimension until you had developed such a psychic or spiritual body in which you could live and be an active participant in such a dimension.

Now there is a basic plan which every individual may use to his own advantage. It requires courage, but above all, it requires honesty. We cannot be like the individual who sits at the table playing a game of solitaire and cheats--for if we cheat in this game of life, then we are indeed lost. If we cheat ourselves in failing to recognize what these faults, these negative impingements or vortexes are in our psychic bodies, then it only means that we have left them for some future time and place where we must again renew and make a more concerted effort to rectify them. I need not add that our very attitude will make this far more difficult in a future time. As Kung Fu says, "The longest journey begins with the first step."

So now we are going to present a plan whereby a person can start to become his own master. The remaining lessons given in this course will be built primarily on how well we use this plan. These lessons will deal primarily with obsessions and their removal, developing personal clairvoyance, integration and functioning with the higher orders of Unarius and other Celestial dimensions, but before we will be enabled to do these things, we will first need to remove the various negative forces which are now making our life more or less confused; and these things are keeping us from our true pattern. They are keeping us from self-realization and from becoming that clear channel.

I have drawn here a chart and there are also two sheets of paper. One is labeled good things the other is marked bad things. This is a pattern of your lives. Each one should make a pattern of this chart. It can be done privately and kept in the confines of your bedroom. You will sit down and think back upon the time when you were a small child and you will enumerate all the good things that ever happened to you. You will write the dates of these happenings on the opposite side. You will take the other sheet and write all the very unpleasant things which happened to you as near as you can remember and include the dates or periods of time in which they transpired.

In the future in the analysis of these two sheets, you will begin to see that there is an actual integration, an actual cyclic pattern of happenings, of places and time. It will also help you in some aspects of clairvoyance whereby you may be able to obtain flashbacks into your previous lives, either in the sleep state or in the hypcognic state, that the answers to these different conditions will be given to you.

After you have compiled these particular things, you will turn to the basic chart of character analysis and the chart of self-mastery. As you see, I have laid this chart out for three months. It has been suggested that this process in self-mastery be used for three months. I have ruled out long lines so that a number of phobias can be put in. This takes very careful thought by each individual, as he will very carefully think whether he has acrophobia, the fear of high places, or other phobias. You need not write down the scientific names of these phobias; just list them in common words as they may occur to you. Be very honest with yourself and give yourself the benefit of the doubt. If you are not quite sure whether it is an imbedded fear or phobia, put it down anyway.

Next you will list what is called the reflexes or the mechanisms. In the language of the modern psychiatrists, they can be called such as defense mechanisms, etc. To you they may mean such things as temper. Ask yourself; Did you lose or express temper? Are you critical? Do you nag? Do you blame the Infinite or others for things which happen to you? Do you suffer periods of melancholia? Do you have periods of excessive exuberance? Are you critical of your neighbor, family or friends? Do you swear? Also enumerate other little traits of character which you may have and of which you are not particularly proud. List each and all of these things.

Sigmund Freud listed man in his emotional complexes as having an ego which was composed largely of the structures of self-esteem and which were the things which he thought were good, his own pride in himself, his own way in which he conducted himself. That was his ego structure. WE have all heard of egocentrics who are extroverts and who are constantly endeavoring to dominate the scene wherever they go. They are the people with a false sense of superiority which they do not possess. Freud also talked of the subversive qualities--the "eto"--which were the subversive traits and must be listed here. Also the "id" is the balance or the equilibrium of these conditions, the unknown or the unseen. So list these various reflexes as they come to you, the things of the ego, the submerged qualifications, or even the extroverted qualities of ego structures. They are all placed in this category.

Where the phobias are listed, we shall mark these likewise. In addition, we shall go out of our way and make it a point to find out from time to time just how these phobias are behaving. We shall refer back to our original chart of life, as to how and where these phobias occurred or how they were strengthened or were fortified by psychosomatics.

Now if we are really careful and quite analytical in going along with this chart and above all, if we are very honest, we shall see that by the time we get over to the first month, the little "0's" are getting less and less and gradually disappear. In their places we have little "X's" which means that we have now developed a resistance reflex. Instead of giving way to that bad or quick temper and at that moment of trial when we begin to feel our temper slip, we shall automatically reflex, and we shall see this chart and see ourselves putting that "0" there before retiring, in the box for that temper, so we shall not give way to the temper.

It is a well-known fact that we cannot think of two things at the same time. If we are going to give way to the temper and we begin to think about our chart and reflex, then the temper will not occur; no more than you can be hypnotized if you repeat 2x2 is 4, etc., while one is trying to hypnotize you.

So by continuing on and with perseverance and honesty, by the time we are over to the end of three months time, we shall see that the "0's" have largely disappeared and that now there are a nice little array of "X's", showing that although these various vicissitudes of our character have come to us, we have developed a very strong resistance or reflex against these things. In fact, through recognizing them and directing the powers of our superconscious intellect inwardly upon them, we have cancelled out the negative vortexes within our psychic bodies which cause us to slip into these various derelictions.

This particular plan was presented to me in the wee small hours the other morning by a host of friends from Unarius. I do hope that you people will take this plan sincerely into your hearts and put it into practice. Ruth and I intend to do so. One of the joys in giving courses in these sciences is that not only do the students benefit but the instructor or the purveyor as well. In my case, I am the channel. I do not claim to be any better than any of the rest of you and I am being quite honest. It is only in the development of an unlimited concept and knowing of these Infinite dimensions of interpretations which we call Celestial or Spiritual planes, just as they were seen by Swedenborg and by others who have held these same tenets of concept within themselves. So they too, stretched the threshold of their mentality out into a place, a dimension or sphere of consciousness which is beyond the realm of ordinary transition. These things can be done by anyone who takes the right attitude, the perseverance and the stick-to-itiveness which is necessary.

We cannot put these truths into the small vessels of our own mind; instead we must realize that the mind is only the streambed wherein this Infinite energy and Intelligence can course through just as the blood flows through the veins in our bodies. We do not want to become victims of Spiritual arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

So, friends, for the closing words here, it is the sincere purpose of those who are working with you from these great Centers of Unarius which have been described to you, to be faithful to you as long as you wish them to work with these things, to realize them, to impound them as virtues within the structures of your own psychic intellects. These will be the things which will carry you onward and upward to the Starry Pathway into the skies.

Now for those who intend to try to keep the chart, it will mean very much to you, for these great Intellects have made some very wonderful promises regarding this method of self-correction. It takes much courage but you will be well compensated. We are sure it will work out.


Q - What causes hardening of the arteries?

A - According to the modern doctor, this is a process which involves certain deposits of fatty matter which comes from your food and are called fatty steroids.

Q - But psychically speaking, what?

A - Psychically speaking, all of your troubles, your dispensations of negation such as are manifest in chronic conditions in your body are psychic in disposition; in other words, it merely means that a certain amount of intelligence or functional order as your body exists, has been partially stopped off. It's like a clogged fuel line in your auto or poor contacts in the light sockets. You wouldn't get much light, would you? If you do not have a good clear Spiritual contact and have that channel of Infinite Intelligence flowing into you at all times in numerous ways, through the chakras and various other ways, your body is going to suffer. It would be much wiser if we did not allow these things to occur. This is what we are teaching, to try and learn to prevent these many conditions from taking place.

The average person, as we explained, goes about with a half dozen or more of these vague little phobias, fears. You folks here know that some of you have had these things solved and dissipated by the reading of your Akashic records. For example, walking across the desert in your bare feet until the flesh fell off would cause you suffering for thousands of years, but by recognizing these things, they no longer exist.

We are endeavoring to teach you these principles in a few lessons here, but actually you could spend thousands of years learning them. WE must emphasize that those of you who intend using the chart will establish a better equilibrium. This was stressed by Swedenborg and in other esoteric works as the equilibrium. What it actually means is that you get a greater amount of joy out of life because you have a greater realization of the meaning of life and at the same time you show less intemperance. Instead of becoming hysterical with joy or sorrow, you have a better balance or equilibrium. You can liken it to a child's teeter-totter in which you have the center support or the fulcrum, and somewhere about this fulcrum is the point of equilibrium. It all means that we add to and enjoy life much more fully because we get introspection from both polarities simultaneously, as we always function on two polarities--positive and negative.

And by the way, Ann, about your voice; have you noticed an improvement in your voice and in the lessening of fear of speaking since your reading? It sounds greatly improved.

Student - Yes, I do; and this was also quite a revelation to me. The day after my reading I happened to turn on the television where they were teaching voice help, which I feel I could use also; it was a demonstration that I was led to do this at this time.

Speaker - Yes, the thought patterns are still quite strong as you have carried them not only all the years of this life but many hundreds of years in previous lives. It is my feeling that the great fears and shocks have been dissipated with the recognition of your experience of being trapped in the fire.

Q - Occasionally, lately, I get the feeling of being weightless or that I have no body. What is this?

A - It is a form of what we call psychic levitation. This is what happens when you increase your spiritual trajectory. Trajectory is the path taken by the bullet fired from a gun; it goes into a parabolic arc and falls to the earth a long distance away. When you are born into the world you have a normal rate of acceleration or spiritual progression. But if, during your lifetime, due to your longing for spiritual growth, you come in contact with certain spiritual elements which are much advanced in nature, all of a sudden these spiritual forces give you a "jet" takeoff. You advance more in a few weeks time than you could consciously by yourself of your own volition in three or four thousand years. This has happened to the little lady in the back row and to the one directly in front of her and to many of you here tonight. Because you have come in contact with some tremendously advanced Spiritual forces, these things are awakening the consciousness. When, as an infant, we came into the world, hunger was our first fear. Coming into the new spiritual world, your first feeling is an apartness or levitation away from the physical body. That is spiritual awakening and spiritual walking. Soon you will learn to hear and talk in a spiritual way in your new consciousness. As you become more conscious of these things they will supplant and supercede all the old life which you have left behind you.

Q - Don't you think too that when we start thinking higher and more refined thoughts it refines the body so that there is less dross trying to drown them?

A - Oh, yes indeed, this is quite true. One of the first indications you get when there is an accelerated trajectory is that you feel these things in many ways in the physical body. You may begin not to care for meat, especially some of the coarse cuts of meat, (at least for a time). You may find you eat less than you formerly did. There will be various ways in which you will manifest a higher spiritual quality throughout the entire body.

As we showed you in the drawings, all these little atoms of your body have their direct harmonic frequency relationship with your psychic structures from within the psychic body, and when one is elevated in thought and thus begins to pulsate and be in harmonic relationship with a higher dimension, then the little atoms in your body have to follow through. We get a new awareness, a new keenness, a new spiritual quality; we begin to radiate inwardly and outwardly. That is the reason that it is so difficult to tell the age of a spiritually-minded person. We have all seen people sixty to seventy years old who do not look over forty or forty-five and whose faces are beautiful. The reason is that they are radiating their beauty through the atomic structures of their bodies.

Q - What is it that causes me to break out with an intense perspiration when certain people come near me?

A - Normally it could be several different reasons; however, your particular reason is due to the fact that you have tuned into what we term the spiritual healing element. This is a healing force with which you are surrounded and you feel that intense heat. When I sat down here this evening, it was as though someone put a red-hot disc right on top of my forehead; it was almost painful.

Q - It usually happens when more materialistic people are near.

A - Yes, the spiritual healing powers and energies are directed to you to protect you. When I used to attend the movies, I would have to sit apart from people for that reason. This beam was so strong that those sitting close to me would start fanning themselves. There would be built up such a tremendous power around me that I would be burning with hat through my entire body. I would have to get some relief. By the same token it is sometimes reversed. I have come in contact with people who would break out in a very violent perspiration when they would come in contact with these power. Also by the mere consciousness or thought, this power or heat could be turned off so they were comfortable again.

Q - Isn't it true that some people draw magnetism from you or do they absorb your energies?

A -  Yes, but these conditions are all variable. It all depends on frequency relationship, or harmonic relationship. It is just like tuning in your radio and turning the dial. To some people you tune in immediately in a way in which there is a lot of giving and taking. Others subconsciously tune into you and do all the taking, but no giving.

Q - Why is it that some friends, even though they are fine people, just seem to drain you so that it takes two or three days to get over the strain and get back up again. What should one do in these cases?

A - Best thing to do is find friends who are on your same spiritual level, then there is more reciprocation. Now in doing spiritual healing and as you become more advanced along these lines, you need to withdraw more or less to a large extent. If you didn't, you would blow your fuses out. You'd give so much and there would be so much that you could not compensate for, even though you would have the whole Universe of the Infinite energy to draw from, yet, as a channel, you are not sufficient enlarged in a 3rd dimension in which things can be set up with a balanced condition. Now I know exactly what you mean, for we have friends come to the house who do the very same thing. And they are fine, wonderful people, but they need spiritual healing and need a lot of it, and a great deal of correction. But sometimes it left me in a condition in which I felt depleted the following day, in spite of all we could do.

Q - It is very difficult to withdraw from people when they do not know why.

A - Yes, it is; but it means that we can't have our cake and eat it at the same time. If we truly dedicate ourselves to do spiritual work, we need to separate ourselves from this terrestrial, physical dimension in which most people live, to the point in which we are not completely compatible with that dimension anymore; and we must just face it. Jesus had a solution which of course most purveyors of spiritual science do: get away from it all for a few weeks or so. Consequently, He went to the mountains frequently and got away from people so He could recharge and revitalize Himself. If you remember the woman with the issue who came up behind Him and touched His robe and He turned to her and said, "Who touched Me? I felt the virtue leave me." That is your principle right there. He immediately felt depleted because she drew on those spiritual powers for that miracle to take place and He felt it.

Q - How can one protect himself? I feel it so much lately from those upstairs and next door and it seems to exhaust me so.

A - You notice this much more than before you came into the class?

Q - Oh, yes, I do!

A - Just as many others here, you have literally been picked up and lifted to the skies, you might say. There is always the way to put it into the consciousness of Spirit and then we shall find a new place to live where we are in a more compatible frequency with others. It would only be moral and spiritual suicide to try to get down to their level again and most unpleasant. The little lady in the center back of the room can tell you she was literally picked up from a very dark and miserable hotel room where there was much noise, boisterousness, vileness and was practically set down in a cozy little home in Pasadena with a surrounding lawn and flowers, and even white doves on the little wooden well--and her name means "white dove".

Q - How can people do this when they own their own place?

A - Well, you see these are all conditions of limitations. You grew up in that reactionary environment where the wealth and the position of this world and the people around you still mean a lot to you. To me, I couldn't get rid of it fast enough.

Q - Then, too, I think maybe they need me and my help.

A - We must not lose sight of this point which Jesus taught very emphatically; we cannot go to anyone who is not ready for help. We must not force our wisdom on anyone. And when they do ask our help, we must surround ourselves with these positive energies and know that no harm can come to us.

In our next lesson we shall tell you how to relate yourself with these spiritual forces, how to connect yourself with higher spiritual dimensions and how to get this help by merely tuning into it. Ruth knows how to do this; she came into this understanding just in the past few months. To her, it is an everyday occurrence when she tunes in to these little conditions of others, she becomes conscious of certain aid and it is there in a flash; and whatever the person's condition is, it is gone. It works so beautifully and it never fails. It can work for you.

We must take these steps one at a time in order to understand how the mind works and what it is composed of, what the reactionary elements in our mind are; as we mentioned tonight, the reflexes, the inhibitions, etc. We cannot begin to understand spiritual truth or practice it until we remove many of these obstructions. It is like trying to water the lawn with a hose that has a lot of little holes all along it, we do not get much water from the end. It has all been dissipated before it reaches the place to which it should come. In dealing with other, this has happened so suddenly to you; by attending these classes and coming in contact with these great spiritual forces, your world is upside down, so to speak.

We must remember that this earth is a plane of experience. It is a proving ground for people. General Motors maintains a thousand or more acres where they maintain roads of all types to run cars over. These cars are tested on grueling runs hour after hour. This is their proving ground. Our earth is about the same purpose for millions of people. They have to come back again and again; they are like the man who bangs his head against the wall, he  does it because it feels so good when he quits. We evolve into these dimensions and we go back up and get a little peek into the spiritual worlds above us; however, we have so much karma hanging around our necks from these terrestrial worlds that we come back down here (in the same dimension in which the karma was accrued) and see if we can't shake ourselves loose from it. So we come back again and maybe we pick up more than we came in with.

Q - Isn't the Parable "Love they neighbor--not more or less, but just as much as thyself", most important?

A - Yes, indeed. You could greatly enlarge that parable into what might be termed spiritual metaphysics. It can be explained in another way. Every individual is conceived by the Infinite in exactly the same way; it is the Life Cycle wherein is placed an infinite number, and I mean hundreds of millions or trillions (or any number that you can conceive) of what are called infinite concepts or experiences or relationships, or any other particular idea, form or substance which you could visualize and even beyond that time and place.

Every individual has that same amount of these particular concepts within his own life cycle, so it becomes the prerogative or the will to exercise this will of brotherly love and to know that we are all the same as far as the Infinite is concerned. This becomes the principle of psychokinesis, of using mind force in a positive way to become a radiating center of light and love. All these things are with us. Yes, this principle which you mentioned has good food for thought; there is much more to it than meets the eye. This state is the future evolution of the world, incidentally, the Golden Age, the millennium, or whatever you choose to call it, into which the world will come in perhaps a thousand years from now, generally speaking. The whole world, the citizenry of the United States--John Q. Public--will understand to a large degree what is being taught here in these classes. This knowledge will be taught to youngsters, rather than the stress and emphasis now put on the three R's or other reactionary principles of life.

A great deal of new electronic equipment will be used in the educational fields later when man gets to the place where he can accept or conceive these things. In the political fields the officials all have a position to maintain, it's the same way, they are jealous of that position. Their positions become not only their bread and butter but their whole life, because their past evolutions were founded in such a way that they built a tremendous ego structure around themselves. To tear all these things down in one lifetime would be to destroy the individual to a large extent. They have to maintain their positions. They have to go out and believe they can lead people, even though they lead them into false paths and into false concepts.

Q - Do you see auras?

A - As I said a while ago, about fifteen years ago when I became very actively associated with this work and reached the point where I dedicated my entire purpose, I stressed one word. In going about the various churches and looking into the ways of spiritual expressions in all the churches and all the ways which I could find, I found that usually, to a large extent, the purveyors of spiritual wisdom in these churches were limited by the dimension of their own mind. In other words, they expressed just what their minds could contain because they had so much egocentricity. They were the It--the I--the Am--"The" interpreter of all Infinite Wisdom. So, in figuring this out, I realized that we have to separate ourselves from the "I" consciousness. We must become unlimited. From that day on I had one word, one motto; "Unlimited"--no limitations. And so that is the way these things come to me. You speak of reading auras; anyone who is properly set up or has a proper concept of spiritual laws and interpretations can read auras. They can have clairvoyance or clairaudience, or whatever you want to call it. Actually there is no such thing as clairvoyance or clairaudience. It is merely a state of consciousness. It exists within the mind. It doesn't come to you in words or in pictures, but is a conscious realization of all of these things. It is much different from just looking at thing with your eyes or hearing them with the ears; you see it and you know it.

You have, no doubt, heard some person say: I have clairvoyance; and another, I have clairaudience, and so they have limited themselves, have they not? They have been happy and content to accept what they thought was their own particular spiritual interpretation and let it go at that. The Infinite needs to work through all channels, in all ways. Do not ever let yourself become limited.

Q - Was the polarity of Jesus on the earth at His time?

A - That is a good question and the better you can clear that sort of abstraction in your consciousness into the spiritual dimensions and consciousness, the more you will become overshadowed with the superconsciousness of the superself. That will supplant the physical self. It will make it much more easy to understand that Jesus (the Higher Self) was not actually crucified because the overself or the Spiritual self was so strong that it wasn't within the bounds of its tenets of the physical interpretations.

In coming to the earth, the man, as Jesus, went through all the Centers of Unarius, taking 2,000 or more years in each, and then He came to the earth and some of the other numerous terrestrial dimensions to prove His Mastership under any and all conditions, including what is called death, or the ability to survive it. The mission of Jesus was to prove that this Mastery could be attained by any person; that the Christ Consciousness, the Father Within, as He called it, was within every individual. That was our personal Savior--the realizing and knowing of this overself or the superconsciousness. And regarding your question, such a developed being as was Jesus can oscillate with any other one of like or similar frequency. His espoused who walked by his side, served as a pole battery with him. It is not generally known, but much Truth pertaining to his true life is not known.*

*(1970) - And incidentally, since the time these lessons were given, a remarkable book has been made manifest, "The True Life of Jesus"; written in 1899, via mental transmission from the two persons, Saul and Judas from the inner World, (aided by the Unariun Brotherhood), transmitted to an earthman, Alexander Smyth. This book, long lost from sight, was brought in at this particular time and cycle for this advent. And, we might add, it is the first and only true record of this incredible life and does throw an entirely new and different picture on the teachings, life and resuscitation of the man Jesus--a book no seeker should be without; along with its sequel "The Story of the Little Red Box".

Q - What about Jesus after the crucifixion?

A - As far as the histories of the world are concerned, there are several different stories; one group has it that he was taken down before he was dead--this is the Rosicrucian concept. Incidentally, while he was incarcerated in his tomb he used all his powers, his spiritual healing to bring himself back into a perfectly-healed condition; his disciples came and rolled away a stone from the rear entrance of the sepulcher and he came forth and lived for some six months time. Now as far as these histories of the world are concerned, you may as well take your choice one way or another because he was a very highly developed person. He would not have needed to remain on the earth as far as that was concerned for he came and went in a materialized body.

Q - He came for a certain purpose, did he not?

A - Yes. His mission was to prove that man not only had evolutions or cycles of reincarnation, as it is called, but as we went through these various cycles, we proved our supremacy over what is called death, the continuity of life. It was the Overself--the Christ Consciousness--not as a personal Savior who might reach down out of the heavens some day and snatch you by the hair of the head and put you upstairs someplace with which you are totally unfamiliar and unprepared to live there. Those things are very unrealistic. You will never go anywhere that you have not worked for or to which you have not become accustomed in spiritual Truths, no more than you would choose any home that would be foreign to your nature on this world. I feel sure that you would not go down into the slums of this great city and live there among those people as some of these slum-dwellers live. They are just as good as you and I; it just means that they are a step lower on their scale of evolution.

Student: There was Truth in what he taught when he said about all men being drawn unto him and that he would keep working until all men would be so drawn.

Teacher: That is true up to a certain point, and as far as he himself and his power to radiate Truth, Light and Love into every individual in helping them either collectively or individually, but it always remains the very important precinct of consciousness that the individual arrives at the time and the place in his life when he wants to have what might be called salvation or to rise above himself--in other words, attain self-mastery. No one can violate that particular threshold of consciousness because a person would not accept it; it would likely do him more harm than good. So we all have to wait the time in our evolution as far as the earth individual is concerned until we wish those things.

Q - There seems to be some exceptions, such as Paul who was working actually against the Christians and was "awakened" with suddenness at once.

A - Yes, that is a complete reversal; you might say a polarity or part of this chart here that we have explained to you and which we put under the heading of reflexes or escape mechanisms. When we grow up in the world and have a lot of unadjusted conditions, psychic shocks or transpositions in our life to which we have not adjusted ourselves, psychic pressures are thus built up and we have to have escape hatches for them and they manifest themselves in very curious ways sometimes. Some people will go all out for flying saucers and believe that spacemen are coming down to "save the world"; or they may be one of Jehovah's Witnesses and go about trying to save other people when they themselves are so muddled up inside that they have used some religious organization as an escape mechanism. And there are other various and numerous derelictions. In extreme cases they lose personality. They can be completely obsess until they get into various forms of mental and physical prostitution. Those escape mechanism are very, very powerful factors in our lives and we should always recognize them when they come to us. Any time we become a little unbalanced, we lose this point of equilibrium and we begin going all out for something to the exclusion of all other things, then we are having a display of an escape mechanism--whether in the form of a religious endeavor or fervor or flying saucers or whatever it be.

Q - I wonder how it is that they (these so-called "Witnesses") as they try to explain there shall be only 144,000 who shall be redeemed and yet there are more than that number of their own witnesses!

A - Yes, and I do not believe there are any of them who can explain that concept in a matter-of-fact way. So far as you and I are concerned, the number 144,000 can be resolved by the system of numerology as it was explained by Pythagoras, down into the common master number of man which is number 11, and this means that man is going to live on perpetually and forever. Of course as far as the Bible itself is concerned--and we are not criticizing the original archives or the original writings as they were so compounded--we are questioning the translations. St. Jerome, for instance, was a very notorious character in the Catholic Church about 400 A.D. and he was actually almost excommunicated by the pope for being an irascible personality and was sent to Jerusalem where he wrote a certain translation of the St. James Bible and came back to Rome and was castigated by the pope for deviating from the Truth so strongly, if you know the history of St. Jerome. There were also three Catholic priests--if you can call them such--in the early entries of the church at the time of St. Paul, who were known as Aurenius, Claustidius and Methedius, who rewrote the New Testament about 75 A.D. and compounded just exactly what they wanted according to the way it was given to them by St. Paul. St. Jerome said, "Well, I had to make the changes because the Church could not exist under its old status quo, the spiritual interpretations." So that gave the pope the power of life and death over every individual, according to the translations and the Milan Edict and the various other writings. The Bible itself is so completely confounded and confused in its numerous derelictions and translations, and some of the parables were lost in the deeper or more esoterical meaning that very few people can get the Truth out of them.

Revelations itself is more or less of a hodgepodge of misinterpretations and mistranslations and it is the purpose of Unarius at this time to give a factual picture of what has happened and what exists in these other dimensions. Fundamentalism as it exists today is the "opiate of the people", if I can quote Karl Marx on religion without being called a communist. And how many hundreds of thousands and even millions of people are going to the various churches throughout this country and taking those small doses of opiate? They are nursing these various complexes, these escape mechanisms within themselves by believing that God is punishing them and that it is written in the Bible they have to do this; in fact, they can go to their Bible and vindicate or justify any indisposition of neurosis intemperance, phobia or psychosis in their own self. That is what they mean by religion being the opiate of the people. There is only one way by which we can solve our differences and that is within ourselves. We don't do it in church; it is a place of communion with other people in a spiritual sense. It forms a very valuable adjutant to a lot of people, people who do not have anything else, but it will go through a metamorphosis just like a great many others are going through at this time.

We have at the present time in Fundamentalism three different trinities--at least three different precepts or concepts of the mission of Jesus. As far as the churches of this country are concerned, they are all more or less quarreling among themselves like a pack of hungry dogs over a bone, and that bone is poor John Q. Public.

Q - I've read how in ancient Rome the high priests and monarchs of the church had over 100 books written and kept them hidden in the archives of the church because they did not tie in with their doctrines. They kept the congregation ignorant of these finds, saying people should not know that much.

A - Yes, that is very true; there has been so much burning and destroying of sacred literature--good literature. The Romans invaded Egypt and burned the great libraries in Alexandria where Cleopatra wept in the ashes. As far as the New Testament and various other translations, including the Old Testament, but in the New Testament particularly, Aurenium burned 17 books that were never published.

And you know what the 19th creed is and the Milan Edict at the time of Constantine, the Roman Emperor Constantine who became converted on his death bed; but before that he set up Catholicism or Christianity as it was called in those days which became Catholicism. Later on that developed up through Northern and Central Europe into what became known as the Holy Roman Empire. It became the combine of not only the religious orders as were headed by the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church in Rome, but it also brought into its tentacles such political leaders or kings--Kings Louis of France, Ottos of Germany, etc. They were all brought in as an active part of the Holy Roman Empire, and out of that grew the courts of inquisition and the burning of hundreds of thousands of spiritually-minded people who were accused of witchcraft and sorcery. They wrote some very bloody pages in history back in those days. And it was such men as Francis Bacon and Shakespeare, Martin Luther and John Locke, Leibnitz, Copernicus, Galileo and numerous others who dared the wrath of the whole Roman Empire.

Q - Could these faces and visions that come to me be prophetic at times?

A - You know strictly in an abstract way there is no past, present or future. When you come in contact with the true spiritual self or the Higher Self that lives in the higher world that precipitates itself in the spiritual world, the element of time does not have the same relationship. Something which is prophetic means that you visualize what could happen a thousand or ten thousand years from now, but by the same circumstance as far as the Creative Infinite is concerned it has already happened, perhaps an infinite number of times. So that in your viewing the absolute, abstract and introspective Infinite, you have become prophetic. You know too in Los Angeles, the spiritualist churches are right alongside horse racing, gambling and prostitution; and under that code are listed a great many names such as psychometry, spiritualism, spiritual, spiritism and numerous other words which are bandied about in our way of life and we are breaking the law when we use them. Not only that, but there has been a number of little ladies who have gone down and cooled their heels in the city jail because they have uttered those words on a church platform!

Q - I have often wondered what would happen if Jesus were to come here, for instance, in Pershing Square and heal people; they'd probably have him in jail for not having a license!

A - That's right. He'd be up against the A.M.A., the State Medical Board or some other of the various so-called agencies of law and order. Yes, it would be the same now only perhaps more so. They would find ways and means of crucifying as they did then. Perhaps they would not drive nails through the hands but they would find ways to destroy.

Incidentally, I went around with that subject at one time with the then existing police judge in 1947. I was going into some active branch of church work and wished to be a thoroughly law-abiding citizen and find out what it was all about. Then I went down and read the gambling code and it was described to be under this gambling code that I would be listed among the sporting activities in my little church work, so I went to the Police Commissioner and took issue with him on that point, and he said, "Oh shaw, anyone can go into a spiritualist church and give messages, etc. I could get up there and do the same thing." But I finally wound up by telling him that I knew it was against the law to prophesy but, "I prophesy that in less than two years time there is going to be a vermifuge interjected into our city government; there are going to be a lot of rats evicted and killed." And incidentally, that did happen in less than two years time and he was one of the very first to be evicted! Yes, but I did not get to issue the citation for that.

And now our time is up for this session, and so good-night and blessings of The Infinite unto you all.