Lesson 11 Seek Ye Within, The Kingdom of Heaven is Within, The Moderator Shows How and Why.

Greetings folks, and welcome again to Unarius.

This lesson will be entitled "Seek Ye Within"; another step on your pathway to the stars. As we are all aware, the month of March has been one of particular interest in fields of ecclesiastical understanding, religious observances, and astrophysical concepts. It has been the month of the Jewish Passover, the Lenten season which will reach its culmination and climax tomorrow morning in our Easter observance.

As this is midway between Good Friday and Easter, in view of the Biblical teachings as they are postulated in the New Testament, it is most appropriate that this session tonight shall be overshadowed by the presence of Jesus. As He promised, "When two or more are gathered together in My name, there shall I be also."

In the last lesson we discussed some of the practical and more scientific aspects of present-day psychiatry as opposed to that of previous systems of psychology or the understanding of the relationships of man in his mental capacities. You were also given a chart whereby you might properly establish within yourself an active working principle which you could call, "Know Thyself". You could pinpoint and work with the various inhibitive factors which were impeding your progress, so that you might make of yourself a better channel and lead a more complete spiritual life.

In this session you will be given more pertinent information on how to acquire certain relationships, alignment and understanding with higher orders of spiritual concepts and integrations which will further your progress and give you a fuller understanding of life. This lesson will be based on two of the teachings which have remained more or less intact through 2,000 years, as they were given by Jesus in the four synoptic Gospels.

In our present world, in all the things of which we are a part, this world would cease to exist if the average individual were as ignorant of these elements as he is of his spiritual life. It would be a strange paradox if there were no answers as to why this is so.

In our previous discussions we have learned that the Infinite is the Supreme Fountainhead of all things, that all of these things as substances, resolve into energy forms and into different expressions of energy forms in infinite numbers throughout an infinite number of dimensions. As God is Infinite and becomes finite in the expression of all things and thus maintains Infinity, these things are resolved into the individual as the contents of God's high expression of Himself in the life cycle of every person. Knowing this and realizing that man is physically, spiritually, morally and in every way supported from within and without in all his internal and external values by the proper dispensations and the proper propagations of the Infinite Substance of Radiant Energies, it is rather strange that the individual of today knows little or nothing of these things. In this we can say that the sins of the fathers are visited upon the children, yes, even unto the third and fourth generation. The father and mother teach the child only the elements which they understand and the becomes no better than the parent.

Our world today would cease to exist if we did not have a sense of moral integrity, the concept and visualization of the integration in the world about us. Due to the apathetic ignorance which is shown by the average individual in things of a spiritual nature, we might say that every man would become a hermit and dig himself a little hole in the side of a hill and completely isolate himself. This is the position the average person occupies today in the spiritual world or in his lack of understanding that world.

As children, you were all born into families which were traditionally inclined to the channels of the commonly accepted fundamentalisms. Jesus taught that if we know the Father, we have eternal life. He also instructed us to approach the Father as a little child. Christians have very vague ideas about this parable. Some have even gone so far as to believe that in some supernatural way, they would be reverted to the childhood state and literally crawl to the mythical throne upon their hands and knees attired in their three-cornered pants. Others have different explanations.

What is the true meaning, the very kernel of this parable? It means that the individual must always place within himself the factors of each successive reincarnation and evolution in their proper order. He must always look forward to new concepts and new revelations in his spiritual climb toward Infinite understanding. As small children you played with dolls or tin soldiers or such other toys as were associated with childish things. As you grew up, you discarded these things; so it is of the fundamentalisms or the orthodoxies existing in the world about you. They are tailored, conceived and dedicated to serve man in some sort of a spiritual relationship in his own immediate evolution. You who are familiar with these things and reared in this atmosphere, have found these concepts insufficient.

The reason for feeling the lack or insufficiency in commonly accepted fundamentalism lies in the fact that you are a few hundred or a few thousand years further along in your evolution than the average earth individual. And so you are casting about for new ways and means to satisfy your inward longing, to find newer horizons, higher mountains to climb, new vistas to see and new truths; to find a closer relationship with that vaguely-sensed  indwelling God-self.

Thus it is that you have come to the time and place where you must strip yourself of the commonly accepted forms of orthodoxy and fundamentalisms. You must also empty your minds of the deviations of the material world about you; and so that they do not weigh you down and weaken you, you must learn all these things and place them properly in the evolutionary cycle to which you belong. To the average individual somewhat behind you in evolution, churches are quite necessary. They form a stop-gap, to a large extent, in what would otherwise be a very sterile spiritual evolution.

If we understand the true Infinite, the true purpose, the plan of life as it has been explained in previous lessons, we cannot countenance for one moment the belief that the churches and ecclesiastical systems existing today are the point of dispensation for the Infinite (God). God is not a commodity to be handed out piecemeal by the priesthood or any temple or church.

There are few, if any, differences in the practice of the priests of the temples and churches and the witch doctors in the jungles, for primarily and basically the same psychological principles of appeal lie within the dominion of both expressions. The witch doctor uses masks and rattles and becomes sort of a magician to impress the ignorant and superstitious savages of his tribe. The priests of the church use the same principles of fear, superstition and coercion, and through the strength of these coercive elements, compels you to attend his church. There is widespread propaganda at this time encouraging worship of God. This is well and good so far as the average individual is concerned; the second injunction which always follows, being: "Go to your nearest church and worship God". We can say that while the priest is telling you of God and extending to you the Gospel of sacred dispensation with one hand, the other hand he has in your pocket. All church systems exist in this particular way.

Traveling in the higher dimensions, you are very likely to see dispensations of spiritual knowledge, teachings and practices of teaching to those less versed in the higher forms of such knowledge. This is conducted along lines which are very dissimilar to those practiced today. There we do not have the stigma of materialism nor do we have great collective systems of monetary values which have enabled them to erect huge mausoleums called churches, and which have become mausoleums wherein millions of people have literally buried their spiritual hopes and aspirations for evolutions to come.

For the time being, the earth man is advancing very little; he has not been given the elements which would teach him to think for himself. This leads us directly to the second point in Jesus' dispensation or teachings. This is in regard to prayer. He stated very specifically, "Thou shalt not pray as the heathens, in the streets, on the corners, in the highways and on the byways; neither shalt thou pray in the temples or in the Synagogues, but thou shalt retire into the closet of thy secret self and there thou shalt find the Father in secret, so that He may reward you openly." Here, too, as in many other parables of which Jesus spoke, we have many derelictions of translations.

I once lived near a neighbor who belonged to a religious cult which is sometimes referred to as "Holy Rollers". They are people who have, shall I say, very fervidly entered into Gospel dispensations to the extent that they become hypnotically entranced and are liable to roll around in the aisles of their church under the intense influence of their temporary "so-called" liberation. This poor woman took this translation or parable literally. Within her home she had a closet which was completely empty and served for her chapel. She would retire into this closet, close and lock the door and pray so loudly that even the dog ran around the house howling. I need not say that within a year or so of the time I became acquainted with her, she passed away in the County hospital in the psychiatric ward in a straightjacket, completely insane. It is quite obvious that through wrong leadership this woman became completely obsessed by astral forces and entities entering into her from another world.

Now this all brings us down to the crux of the revelation that was so specifically pointed out, not only by Jesus but by other Avatars who lived and taught upon this earth. The true approach to God and the knowledge and wisdom which is contained in his fellowship when once the contact has been attained, does not come from outside--from external sources. "Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven which is within and all things shall be added unto you." It is quite obvious, as it has been so strongly pointed out, that we must find these things for ourselves, within ourselves, and this is what is called the threshold of concept or inner perception. Through this doorway, we shall enter into the various spiritual and celestial dimensions, and we shall enter into a fuller relationship with the Infinite. Thus too, in seeking out this "ourselves", we shall find also in this self, the "Christ Savior" who will save us from all of the perditions of hell, for hell is truly created by the individual self in abstaining from the God-self.

Now you may be asking, "How would it serve me best and how would I go about it to form better contacts or better relationships with this higher God-self?" As I said before, if you become as weak in these things as others have been, you no doubt will never achieve that relationship until you become very strong. They are not supernatural and they are not holy. They should not be approached negatively or with a fearful attitude. There is no one in this world who has a panacea, mantra or magic formula; nor can they say words over you that will give you this contact! There are no lotions to rub on your body or in your hair that will give you this. This contact, this fellowship with the Infinite can be built up only by yourself through a strong purpose and a strong realization that God is within and that He has awarded you all of the basic elements which are contained in His own Infinite understanding. When that particular fact trickles down into the consciousness of your everyday reactionary mind and becomes an integrated factor, or a working principle of your everyday, then you will come into closer integration and harmony with the Infinite God.

There are other approaches which will aid and abet you in coming into this closer realization and fellowship. They are described to you, not only through the channel of Unarius, but by others who have lived upon the world at different times and have found these relationships and these revelations quite similar. We refer to Swedenborg and that he very often mentions the Celestial or the Spiritual dimensions, or mansions, or worlds which resolve themselves into different places of habitation which are more suitable for the higher and more spiritual translation of the inner self. Swedenborg also told you that God created the hells and, as a matter of fact, so He did.

As we said before, God is both finite and infinite. In order that you may have a proper basis, form a place or a thought-form for substantial comparisons in your personal analysis of your soul growth and evolution, you must have these comparative values which you call sin or evil. These things only exist in direct proportion and ratio to your acceptance of them, either negatively or positively into your own life, and they can never exist other than evil influences in the mind of he who conceives evil. Therefore look about you to find the ways in which this soul evolution, this contact with the Infinite through the God-self, or a better contact with the God-self can be made, for this also means forming practical relationships with those who are in a more understandable position in the spiritual dimensions (shall we say) above you.

You must not think these are places that you cannot reach, for you are in contact with them unknowingly, or in various other points of your many transpositions in your daily life. We must realize these spiritual or celestial dimensions as actual worlds where there are beautiful cities and, as it was previously described to you, are people with hundreds of millions, yes, billions of souls who have lived not only upon this planet earth but who have made their evolutions through other worlds as well; and that they are now in a position to be a little more directive and less reactionary in their plan of life. They have reached what Buddha calls Nirvana.

It would be wise if you became directional in your thought, to visualize and take into your inner consciousness the factors and elements whereby you can bridge the gap between these worlds and the material world and form such relationships as will be most valuable and helpful to you from various personages who have gone through the same conflict between the outer and the inner self, as you are now going through.

Experiencing these various conflicts between the outer and the inner self, they have conquered and ascended into spiritual planes or dimensions which have a greater concept, a much greater comradeship with the inward and the Infinite.

Do not picture these personages or these organizations as something which is "holier than thou". I know them personally and can call them by their names and have found them to be people who are very much like ourselves, except that they have different bodies, and I usually found that the more advanced they were in their intellects, the more humble they were, they more willing they were to serve in any way in which they could. They would come and take all kinds of neglect and abuse; they do not need praise nor do they wish it. In fact, they would rather not be praised. They do not even wish to be called by their names, especially if they have had some association with an ecclesiastical order which has been built upon this name in the material world. They would rather be known simply as the humble servants of the Infinite and of the finite man.

When you begin to carry these facts around in your daily life in your different relationships, you will see that these integrated orders of individuals or organizations such as Unarius come into your being, and working through you, your life has become turned somewhat upside down. This happens sometimes rather suddenly because it means an entire shift of equilibrium from whence you were and you now pivot in an entirely different way. But do not be alarmed when this time comes for you shall know that you are under their guardianship, you are a protectorate of these spiritual organizations and individuals. As Jesus said, "By their fruits ye shall know them."

Look then into your daily life for examples of the working out of these spiritual contacts and of these things which, we will say, are spiritually wise. You will see that as you touch others they likewise become lifted and imbued in an apparently strange way with these spiritual essences; and it would be strange indeed, if it were not so; for this becomes an active working principle of the Infinite, being transposed down into a lower order of material understanding which is usually quite foreign to such workings.

Usually in these lower orders, God works through in a rather subtle or abstruse way. They are unseen ways; they are the ways in which we must transpose or translate God's Message through the song of a bird, through the sunny skies or through the atomic structures of any bodies. When we become lifted and levitated in a spiritual dimension, and in ways and by means which are beyond our knowing, then we know we have the touch, the contact and the affiliation with these spiritual organizations. Therefore, in the future, do not concern yourself with the many wild voices which come to you from the outside, but concern yourself with the quickening of the Spirit, with the awareness, with the feeling and the realization that you have now taken another step on this pathway to the stars. You are now integrating your life as much as it is possible in your small, as yet unwise, and finite way, with those who are more advanced and learned in these concepts. Be ever humble and subservient to the Infinite. Be ever mindful of the over-self, which is the finite god within you. After forming this consciousness and this relationship, then surely you shall pass from these terrestrial dimensions to return no more.

Projections of Radiant Energies from the Leaders of Unarius.


Q - How can we approach those who are not yet in this understanding, or break the ice to them and yet hit the nail on the head?

A - You have a very good point there and a very common one with all true seekers of Truth. First, in order to give something to someone, we must have it ourselves. Now there is a certain relationship which we brought about tonight and when you come in contact with these higher minds and dimensions and work through and with these individuals and organizations such as Shamballa (now Unarius) in these various spiritual alliances, you will find that you will not suffer such contradictions in your spiritual work. You will then find that you will go to people who will have first asked that a new spiritual relationship be given to them. They will have been prepared; there will be a certain rate of vibration or a spiritual umbilical cord vibrating between you and the person of that group so that you will go to them prepared and they will be prepared to receive you. There will be no resentment; there will be acceptance and everyone will have a good time.

Do not, at any time, presuppose that you can go to anyone whom you might see, who does not quite coincide with what you have and expect them to accept your interpretation because we must always remember that the Infinite is infinitely Infinite, and that you can never see life as the other person does, and they can never see what we see until they want it, ask for it, or until they are ready for it. We may know we have some facet of truth, or that we are a little farther along the line in our evolution than he who may be "doing the other fellow before he does him". That does not give us the prerogative, the premise to encroach upon his domain of personal interpretation of life. That was the point which was so emphatically taught by Jesus. We should knock on their doors, but that knocking is a spiritual one.

Perhaps in a future time and place--and we are not strictly concerned with time--you can, in the hypcognic state or the sleep state, travel out into the astral worlds and contact hundreds and perhaps thousands of souls who are likewise in a suspended state. You can go to them as teachers because now there are differences in vibrations or frequency relationships which enable you to teach them. You are sharing with them your spiritual viewpoints and your experiences. Then they may return back to the earth and in a few months or years time, you may meet them and ask yourself, "Where did I meet that person before?" That person will be ready to receive whatever you have to give in the way of teaching and likewise you can receive whatever he has to share with you; because we must always remember, we are functioning on two levels--both positive and negative. You are both receptive, but you must first give so that you can receive because the vessel of understanding must always be flowing--never full and stagnant.

Q - Is it safe to always follow the inner voice?

A - If you are quite sure that it is the inner voice, or what is called the over-self or the superconsciousness. Now try to visualize it this way: Jesus expressed a very strong relationship to the point that the physical self was completely overshadowed, to such an extent, that the miracles could easily be performed. As it was told tonight, contrary to public opinion, Jesus did not kneel down and pray in public. In fact, He did not kneel down or pray, period. Jesus taught and preached under any and all states of consciousness in which you might find yourself at some future time. You can look in the New Testament and find revelations of His healing by merely the Word. Remember the rich man who had a servant who was ill, and the man came to Him and asked to have the servant healed? Jesus said, "Believe thou this?" (from this distance). The man said, "Yes." Jesus marveled at his faith and said, "By your faith, be it added until him," and the servant was healed. There was not even a change of countenance, there was no praying, there was no entering into any meditations, etc. This meant that Jesus went within and maintained for some time that contact with the inner self--the over-self--so that the Infinite was able to express perfection through these channels into someone's life whereby he was healed.

Q - I saw this person I was helping in a vision as being very spiritual; she was within a great brilliant light.

A - Indeed, that was a revelation for you. You were contacting the spiritual side or the spiritual nature of that person and you saw the spiritual aura, and in that visualization within your concept, you were able to catalyze certain spiritual elements which were necessary for the healing and adjustment of that person. That is a very strong principle of spiritual healing.

Do not ever, in your evolution, believe that you can worship The Infinite (or God) and love Him at the same time as it is mentally and spiritually impossible. We should love the Infinite, and in loving Him we must integrate Him as a functional, working element in our daily lives. But when we get down on our knees and worship God as some foreign power up in the skies, completely separate from ourselves, then we become separated from Him. God, or the Infinite, has to move and energize everything we do and we shall learn this in our future evolutions.

Q - Why is it some people, after they have had such wonderful healings, recede or drop back into a lower consciousness?

A - Yes, that is often very apparent. As Jesus said--and we are giving the lesson strictly from that Master tonight as He is overshadowing--"Be ye healed; go your way and sin no more." Now what He meant was a very obvious metaphysical fact.

Thought patterns in people are very strong; we have grown up with them, not only through this life but numerous lifetimes, as they are the very form and substance of our psychic selves. They are the spiritual body in which we function from the other side and they are quite difficult to remove through one spiritual healing. But don't be alarmed if a person is healed and then he regresses, because something big has been done and it is an element which, in the future, when he enters with another spiritual healing, he will be able to overcome to a great extent some of the those thought patterns which formed the little vortexes, in the psychic body which were of a more negative nature and needed to be changed. We have it to deal with very often and it is indeed trying to the one aiding in the healing. We must realize that they are not yet in a spiritual state of consciousness to the extent that they can fully accept these things. Those who are ready and are healed do have very marvelous consequences in their lives.

Q - Perhaps they depend on other sources than their own selves?

A - Yes, perhaps--if I can quote Karl Marx again and say that religion is the opiate of the people. That brings out that point very substantially because we find people, literally millions of them, who are churchgoers  to whom this palliative sedative is being doled out. They are not being told or taught how to think spiritually for themselves but are depending upon the priesthood to do it for them. They are not being told or taught how to think spiritually for themselves but are depending upon the priesthood to do it for them. They are being told that some future day at the blowing of a horn, if they believe in Jesus, that they will come forth from the grave and live again. Well, a lot of people are due for a lot of surprises because in this world, or in any other world, we progress spiritually in only one way--by working for it, by realizing it and by integrating it into our makeup (if it is good), and if not then discarding it. But we will never assume or occupy any dimension or mental perspective or any other concept which we do not conceive within the self. It would be foreign to our spiritual nature. We say that the five, six, or seven hundred million Christians who firmly believe that Jesus is going to save them and that on that day of horn-blowing they are going to go up there to that great city of Jerusalem and occupy a dimension with which they are totally unfamiliar and which they are totally unprepared to occupy, are indulging in idle fancies and day dreams, because it takes the average person something like 200 million years, if we can measure time, before he begins to occupy such a place.

Q - What is it when I see people in the rug pattern?

A - That is a form of psychometry. You have about your body a radiating field of energy which is called the aura. This aura is a composite of seven different vibrations. It is similar to say, a mirage on the desert or heat rising from the sands. It is reflected from certain atmospheres and then reflected down onto the heat of the desert. Now that is just about the same thing which happens when you see these pictures on or just above the rug. It is a spiritual mirage to this extent--that somewhere in another dimension, people are standing close to you. You cannot see them with the physical eye so they are using your aura as a medium of reflection.

Q - Is it well to recognize these things?

A - Would you like your home to be made into a bus station or a tavern or a pool hall? You treat the spiritual people just as you would anyone else; we must discern, we want our relationships to be perfectly natural and normal but we want to form relationships which are beneficial to us. As Paul said, we must discern the spirits. Just because they come into the room as spiritual beings, it is not logical to say, "Welcome. Come into my home at any time you wish. Because you are a spiritual apparition or an entity, here is the key to my door, do whatever you wish here." I have seen many people wind up in very serious trouble this way.

Q - It seems some things which I see in visions are of a prophetic nature, do you think this is so?

A - Yes, you see when you come in contact with these great forces or intelligences you are stepped up and sometimes very quickly; cycles swing around with you and you are able to see things which you saw, or knew to be when you were in the spiritual realms; perhaps things which took place thousands of years ago or even in the future, for in these higher dimensions time does not exist in the same ratio as we conceive of time. I am always very desirous of knowing the results of the contacts. By their fruits ye shall know them. If we can realize help or healing or knowledge from them of the highest nature, then we can feel that they are of the higher dimensions. However, you would usually notice the help or healings, both mental and physical, long before viewing one of the higher teachers. In my own case, those whom I endeavored to assist, if have been at all receptive, have received beautiful healings. So we know we are not dealing with lower astral forces, we are dealing with the 'upstairs'. AS for prophetic visions--perhaps you have tuned into something that has happened an infinite number of times, so that in your viewing the Absolute, Abstract and Introspective God, you have become (so-called) prophetic.

Q - What are these little golden lights I see, especially when I am reading these lessons? They seem to come all over my hands.

A - That is, more or less, a physical manifestation of spiritual beings which are in your vibration. Golden lights indicate that they are very highly developed spiritual souls. White lights designate those of a more scientific nature. They come to you from Parhelion or other scientific centers. Red lights belong to the physical healing therapies and may relate to the more advanced Indian elements. Astral forces, as a rule, do not emit light. When you see lights, you see some comparatively well-advanced personages and the size of the light denotes their state of advancement. You are seeing their immediate point of force, their own spiritual aura. I have sometimes seen lights larger than watermelons come into my physical consciousness. When you are contemplating or in a state of complete relaxation, they are able to penetrate and flash to you.

Q - Isn't it so that some of the scientists and philosophers of note who have lived on the earth and have gone over to these spiritual realms realize these spiritual importances which they left out when here?

A - Oh, now you have hit on a very vitally important subject, yes indeed! All through the entire seven volumes of "The Pulse of Creation" which was dictated through mental transmission from those in  Shamballa, the many great Intelligences who contributed through these pages state again and again, '  We see the difference or the truth of these things now,' especially  Darwin, as he came to us. He explained to us just what part of his philosophy or science that he omitted when on the earth.  They all realized that these were just steps in their evolution and were, so to speak, things such as they played with as children. Since going into these higher dimensions, they come back to tell--and very humbly--how they may have led many people astray, so they are trying to rectify these things now through Unarius. They often confined their sciences to the slide rule and the test tube while on earth and did not, at that time, know or include many of the spiritual truths. That is the one great reason for these works which are being given to us in the books.

Q - Is it possible to visualize your higher self and then try and let this overshadow you in all your doings?

A - Yes, indeed you can. You can epitomize this if you wish in some form or shape. You could create a pink cloud over you or whatever you wish. I often visualize a beautiful circle of white, radiant, pulsating energy, or the life cycle or the overself. In fact your body and everything about you is directly related to the overself and to the Infinite. This is the sustaining force of your entire existence. Part of our goal is to become receptive and attuned to the higher self, to let it inspire, direct and influence us in all things.

Q - How is it that sometimes I see tiny specks of light and even other times the light is very large that comes to me?

A - Many times when you are relaxing or meditating, you might say the veil of physical consciousness is very thin between you and your spiritual self. In that way they are able to penetrate thorough; they flash to you in that particular form; you actually see them with your physical eyes that way. That's a little different.

Student: Sometimes when I am holding or reading my lessons, the lights play over my hands.

Teacher: Yes, that is very wonderful that you can sense these things; many students do. We are always pleased to hear these reports.

Yes, there are so many ways in which we can learn, understand and differentiate and learn who these personages actually are, these more highly developed forces--advanced souls who have at some time lived on this earth and have left much, such as Plato, Leonard da Vinci; we could name almost anyone whom you could find in past history in the encyclopedia with possibly the exception of Hitler and maybe some of those other Frankenstein monsters of the astral worlds. But thank goodness, we do not have to contend with them; they are living in other places and other ways to a large extent. We are more concerned with the very subtle, whether they are the very high spiritual beings or the lower ones. I was always more concerned with who was behind the whole thing.

Q - Is it not true that some of those teachers of the past have realized that they did not have the whole truth and now have recriminations about it; that they could have given much more to the world; would they not feel a sense of regret and recrimination?

A - In our experiences with some of these philosophers of old, for instance, Darwin who came in and gave a tape transmission, he explained what part of his particular philosophy or science he left out on the earth and it was explained in other ways than when he previously gave his teachings or ideosophies. One thing that we are always conscious of in these various discourses by these historians of old is that they always refrained from giving any of the teachings they gave while on earth as they have learned so much more while over there in spirit. This is one purpose of these many discourses by them now--to add to, to bring much that should have been brought before but which they were sill unfamiliar with until they learned the Unarius Science. And they all wind up by saying the same thing, that they realized it (the earth life expression) was just one step in their evolution and as we said before, it was like things they played with when they were but children.

They have gone on into higher dimensions and now understand much more and are trying to rectify these things. Darwin and Mendel, the father of genetics--our biological science of procreation--and a few others have given us points on these particular things that they did not explain or know of while on earth.

They could not come into those higher realms of consciousness unless they had made considerable progress and learned these principles of evolution. They became Initiates or Adepts; in so becoming Initiates, they walk through those huge flames that completely purge any residual negations from out the psychic body and reinstate themselves into higher spiritual dimensions. That we have seen done.

Q - How does one tell when one sees these beings clothed in robes, etc.? How can one be sure that they are of the most High Intelligence?

A - The quickest or best way is "By their fruits shall ye know them"--if they bring disturbances into your life, bring in unsolved riddles, or if they are unproductive, etc.--it is very quick to discern and discard them. It is a matter of discernment. It is true that certain entities, after they have advanced to a certain point, can disguise themselves for a time and to a degree, but sooner or later you are going to know; you will, with practice, be able to discern and there is quite a difference in their frequency or feeling. You will find that they are very unproductive and lack true spiritual benefits or true spiritual progression. And your Overself will always be the determining element in any of these apparitions or things with which you might come in contact. As one develops one learns to have that sense. There are others too in close vibration who will help protect and bring that knowledge to you if you are insensitive to these vague differences of presupposed spirituality or personal appearance. I have gone through that so many times especially within the last year. And when William James came in smoking his corona-corona and filled the room with his smoke energy and smell, that drove the last nail home.

Q - What do you mean?

A - I mean I was always trying the spirits. It is one thing to be up on one spiritual levitation one hour or so and come back to this mundane material world and go about; the gap is very, very wide. One then wonders if it is all true. And then you return to that High Consciousness again and it seems perfectly natural and normal; in fact you could not imagine it being any other way but that. And sooner or later you arrive at the point where the lower one does not bother you so much any more.

Q - This would apply even to choosing one's friends, would it not?

A - Indeed so, and much more so than that because in choosing your friends--especially if you have bone into spiritual work on the true path of Truth as we sometimes term it--we must always be aware that we are functioning on a different plane; that frequency or harmonic vibrations and relationship is of the utmost importance to us. And we can easily "come a cropper" if we take up associations that are not compatible to our understand and to our rate of vibration.

Q - Is it best to drop those friends then?

A - That goes right back to the concept that we have to leave people absolutely alone until they come to the point where they wish to be helped.

Q - I mean can we keep them as a friend?

A - Yes, you can in an impersonal fashion. But it won't be a relationship that you previously might have enjoyed with them on a strictly material basis because when you start into the channel of healing where you begin to understand and extend outwardly to your fellow man some of your propensities of the Infinite Power, you are no more or longer in a material relationship with your fellow man on this planet and you need to realize that.

Q - And if you have begun this and have put it aside for the family duties, what happens then?

A - Complete dedication is absolutely necessary in any spiritual interpretation; you have to be completely dedicated; you must as some say, give yourself over completely to the Infinite and that is very true. Giving yourself over to God means giving yourself over to complete full realization of the Infinite working through the Inner Self in consciousness. That supersedes family relationships because then the whole world, mankind in his hundreds of billions of personal ways are all brothers and sisters, all family relationship according to the principle of harmonic and frequency relationship.

Q - In the lesson tonight you spoke of preparation and as you say people do not come to you until they are ready, until they seek you out. People who are in the field of healing get the ones needing help even though they may seem to reject it, but as they were directed inwardly there to receive healing, could they not do so?

A - Yes, very often the thought patterns of the material world cause this reaction but he could obtain some measure of help so long as he asked.

I personally have had some rather amusing experiences after coming into fuller realizations and concepts of spiritual work. Like perhaps some others, I seemed apparently to fall a little by the way and so I used to seek out a doctor occasionally--rarely, but did so, and it always happened that within the course of a few months time the doctor died. And so I arrived at the conclusion that while I was, from outward appearances, there to see out help from that doctor but while I was in contact and talking with him, I was actually giving him something--something which was very necessary for him in his future months and time when he would go into spirit. I could name at least a half dozen of these instances.

Q - You were actually brought to them.

A - Yes, and no doubt some of them at least may be working now with the Brotherhood on the Inner.

Q - Regarding this faith that is so important for healing to take place, is this then not something that is invested in a personality that will in time be outgrown where one worships the personality?

A - Yes, the complete realization as it is personified through some physician or through some particular channel as we find about us in the earth today, will be outgrown in time as the person will grow into a higher state of consciousness where he realizes a great ball of Infinite Energy about which we have often spoken.

When one has been spiritually advanced through some process of metamorphosis, he learns more quickly. On Jupiter that's the way the people live. They are radiant, transparent, crystal people but they have not the temperature that you and I have; they function normally in temperatures which would be red hot to us. With our 98.6o we would be--if they were on the same intellect as our science is--just as impossible to them as they are to us. So that's the way those things go. But never separate yourself from the fact that man exists in just as many infinite ways as is possible for the Infinite to conceive man; and that's far beyond anything in which you can even possibly imagine. We get many relationships in man's progress in these infinite concepts. There are many science fiction stories that have appeared in the past 25 years on the news stands; and you will see that some are very fantastic, yet some of the writers of them are actually men or women who have had astral flights in some of these dimensions and have come back and interpreted them. They write, to a certain extent, in their own language and their own way, that which would appeal to the people. Some of them are but imaginative, but some are very realistic, basic and factual.

And it is indicative that it all began to happen within the last 25 or 30 years, which means another straw in the wind of evolution and in the progression of not only the earth and with homosapiens as he exists in this particular stratosphere but in countless billions of others.

*          *          *

Teacher: who is it over there who does not like to wash dishes and especially the silverware? Is it you?

Student: Yes, I do not like to do them. You are seeing them because I left them home in the pan waiting to be done!

Teacher: I do not care to tune in on that level but sometimes we do and see things around the house.

Q - How can I rid myself of this dislike?

A - Well, that is a little thing that was attached somewhere back in your childhood perhaps. Very often just by touching these things in the light of objectivism, they will quickly dissolve. Put that down on your chart as one of your dislikes and the next time you need to do them, you will find that it is almost fun. Then you can put a little "X" down--how you overcame this dislike and block with you.

Q - Can we hear something more on the protection of our psychic self?

A - Yes, this is a good subject to close with--the maintaining of your positive forces and continuity. As for protection in this material world, we all know that we have police systems which are dedicated, not to the prevention of crime but to the apprehension of criminals after the crime is committed which is not very wise, in fact it is nonsensical. An ounce of prevention is always worth ten pounds of cure. So we maintain big penal institutions which are absolutely no good at all and which harden criminal propensities. As to our own protection--here, especially, the ounce of prevention is very necessary. We can form these protective forces around us in several different ways.

Fortunately, Infinite Intelligence has a built-in protection system for everyone. It is simply your attitude of life because on the basis of frequency relationship, you can usually completely insulate yourself from the apparitions. You can, in the development of intelligence within the dimension of your own mind, rise to a certain position in your scale of evolution where the devilish forms, the demon apparitions and other astral underworld characterizations cannot possess you; they cannot influence you and they cannot intimidate your thought and action. For the present, your greatest protection will be found in how well you apply yourself in all constructive purposes and intents; how well you evaluate your position toward Infinity. If you do this constructively, if you are not tempted by either obvious or unobserved temptations which constantly oscillate about you, then you can further your progress. You will be insulated against the apparitions of these devilish forms. Another way is to visualize constabulary. They are not forces which stand around in a police uniform, wearing clubs and guns--they are very powerful spiritual forces which are radiating beautiful spiritual essences around us at all times. With the realization of these radiant essences or energies around us, we catalyze them with the positiveness of our own mind and thus they become an invulnerable wall of protection.

When we get out in the material world and down on the level of others, thinking in the profane world and performing various acts of consciousness and consequence which are part of that world, we very often slip through our insulation of energy. We accept a certain dominion of precept or consciousness which is foreign to our own particular spiritual position. Then we get into a little trouble.

This is our back door and something that we need to work with. We must not expect to attain perfection overnight, or in a month, or in one lifetime. It may take a long time, even several thousand years before you get to live in a spiritual dimension where it is no longer necessary to do this so vigorously. Then you have become spiritual beings and are functioning in your natural spiritual level and you are not distended. Visualize a little worm crawling over the leaves--we have cycles of indifference and sometimes we have cycles in which a great deal of negativity or karma comes into our life, and this too is a by-product of understanding our relationship with not only the finite God or overself but also the Infinite God.

Just give yourself all the time in the world; give yourself the understanding of the Infinite prerogative that you are immortal; that you are conceived, in your true inner self, of the Infinite Essences of the Infinite. You may have a physical body or a number of physical bodies; you may have a number of psychic bodies. You may even occupy a few more spiritual bodies but eventually this evolution will lead you up to a place and time where you begin to function from a more normal spiritual relationship with that Infinite. And now we know that through the various centers and through your own personal introspection, the message, the love, the radiance, the effulgences and the spiritual radiations shall permeate into your lives, into your aura and into your physical well-being; and from this day henceforth shall ye be made whole in the sight of the Infinite.

Until our next lesson in the series.