Lesson 12 Physician Health Thyself, The Absolute Concept of Spiritual Healing.

Greetings Dear Ones:

One again we are with you in spirit from the different centers of Unarius and we can again enter into some of the various introspections whereby we can gain a more progressive evolution into our pathway to the Stars.

Tonight's lesson will be entitled, "Physician, Heal Thyself", and will be given along the lines of spiritual healing, or psychotherapy, as it is sometimes called, and in sundry points of interest in the science of exorcism or the casting out. In the last lesson we learned of some of the problems which entered into our personal psychiatry, of the problem of self-mastery and of form various alliances in spiritual dimensions which would be of great benefit and value to us. Tonight we shall carry out a program or plan, or an accumulation of facts which, with careful study and analysis, would be very beneficial to each individual who pursues this course.

We shall begin by saying that of all the numerous virtues which the Infinite has implanted into the cycle of life of every individual, the very noblest of all these virtues could be called love and compassion. Compassion is not to be confused with a weak state of negativity which is sometimes associated with a more familiar word, sympathy. Compassion is motivated by the innermost and the strongest forces of the inner self which is called love, and comes to every individual after he has learned fully, or at least to a large extent, that the various problems, the various sundry material dimensions of his fellow man about him are all born primarily from the same motivating plan of creation as is within his own life cycle.

When an individual has the full realization that each person is his brother or his sister and that they move in accordance with the same infinite laws of consciousness and expression as he himself moves, then he has a fuller realization of the problems of his fellowman. Thus it becomes compassion and understanding whereby he will develop into an ultimate spiritual expression which will extend outwardly from within the inner self into such channels of expression as will be most productive and will help to relieve and benefit those with whom he comes in contact, and who have until such time or place perhaps not succeeded in coming into such close union and fellowship with the inner self.

I believe, individually, all of us in the present state of existence are acutely or consciously aware of the suffering of our fellowmen. We see about us in the material world untold derelictions of various states of negativity. Many of these things present to our unlearned minds a sense of unsolved relationship. It is very difficult, indeed, without proper light and without proper understanding to solve some of these seemingly unsolved riddles of life and yet there is a very definite plan whereby all things can be answered. If the earnest student pursues closely, he will ultimately come into such relationship with the inner self and with the superconsciousness that he will contact a definite storehouse of available knowledge and wisdom which will give the answers to all of his questions.

All of us have, at one time or another, felt compassion and love stirring within us. We have felt that we would like to go up to the cripple on the street, to the spastic child, or perhaps we would like to walk in the corridors of one of the numerous hospitals, and as was expressed in the time of Jesus, we would like to be as stewards of the Great Infinite Power. We wish that we could step up to these unwitting victims of karmic circumstance and say "Be thou healed", and instantly see the transformation as the physical condition disintegrates before our eyes and the supreme consciousness manifests itself. This truly is at least the seed or the foundation for what will be, in our own future evolutions, a great and motivating power or force which, when rightly used, will correct such conditions.

To an Avatar such as Jesus, who exemplified the strongest and most psychokinetic extension of The Infinite Indwelling Power, an ultimate goal in the achievement of His purpose was to demonstrate that each individual has this same consciousness; and in His dispensation of His truths, He implanted the seed of this consciousness within the hearts and minds of the future evolutions of mankind. The problem of spiritual healing, as it resides individually or collectively, must and always does function to well-ordered laws or plans. There is no happenstance and there is no chance. Everything works according to the preconceived and the intelligent quotient of the Infinite Intelligence. It is often said that the miracles of Jesus were called miracles but were not miracles at all; instead, they were merely the functioning of this Infinite order or relationship and indeed it must be so.

It would have been a miracle had these things occurred otherwise--without the proper relationship with the inner self of the individual consciousness of each person who was being healed.

How, then, can we best attain not only personal healing, but in our future evolutions as we walk among those less fortunate who have not yet ascended in evolution into our plane of consciousness, how shall we attain the ability to dispensate the Infinite healing wisdom into their minds and bodies and to correct their mental or physical derelictions and aberrations. These things require a great deal of study and personal analysis and they also require many lifetimes of intensive application before we can approach the threshold of this realization. You must not at any time become discouraged in the workings of these things which have been taught to you or that of which you have been made aware. You may look upon your present day and circumstance much as you look upon the days of your childhood; and perhaps in a hundred thousand years you will look back upon this day as you now look back upon younger days. In a million years you will also look back and smile at your acts which were performed a hundred thousand years from now and as our evolution proceeds, for the propensities and the values of each evolution are merely steps; they are building blocks by which we progress into a fuller realization of the inner consciousness.

The personal problem of self-healing should always be personally realized in its fullest proportions and intensities before we can hope to visualize any such activities into the consciousness of our fellowman. When we are troubled by the numerous intersections of various derelictions of the material world about us, we may sum up our personal position in somewhat the same manner as has been rather briefly described to you in previous lessons. We have come up through the various evolutions of time through numerous reincarnations. Back in those thousands of years we were children in a strictly material world and reacted accordingly, thus the stresses of the circumstances in that particular position were not so obvious, nor were they so important, nor were they so misaligned. Because we had imbued into our psychic centers the various things such as aptitudes and other different factors of the material world, we reacted in the dimension of consciousness in which we were, at that time, in accordance with the various impacted impregnations of energy in our psychic selves.

In the following evolutions as we ascended into the spiritual dimensions, we became acutely aware that certain ingredients were lacking. We began striving toward the inner light, the inner, higher or Infinite consciousness. The return to the earth became an increasingly large problem in which we wished to work out this karmic condition, so that we might imbue or take into ourselves more the spiritual qualities which we had vaguely envisioned from these spiritual transitions.

Thus, as we progressed through these numerous incarnations, we became more and more acutely aware of the differences between the spiritual worlds above for which we were striving and the past material conditions which we had just left. These things became more and more intense and we drew more and more apart; and the gap ever widened and increased in size between us and the material world. Thus it was that we became so acutely aware, so conscious of our own personal problems and the psychic impact which had not affected us so adversely under different material circumstances, now that we were somewhat spiritually quickened people, these things became very obvious--negative quotients in our psychic bodies which must be eliminated. Therefore, they left a rather tag-end effect into our future consciousness; they were like weights around our necks and we could not ascend into the higher spiritual worlds until we had eliminated them.

Many people arriving in some material evolution such as we are now occupying, have become very acutely aware of these great stresses or the gaps between this spiritual world and the material world about them. This particular tension or this particular realization may be intensified into a climactic explosion of emotional conflict. The person may suddenly find himself very adversely affected with something which is a minor cataclysm of his own self and his selfish desires in the world about him. Thus it is that he enters into a period of great sorrow and self-pity. In this consciousness he may enter into a quickened spiritual state so that the superconsciousness cries out for him to reach up and to extend his hand so that in the realization and the quickening of his spirit, he may suddenly become conscious of these great spiritual worlds which are moving about him in the material plane, whereas up until now they have only existed in a vague and undetermined way which has been only part of his spiritual transition.

So thus it was in this tense emotional state that he heard the call or the quickening of the spirit and the realization of the great spiritual dimensions around him in some vague way; and he thought that he had witnessed some sort of a great purpose or a great plan, or a transfiguration, an illumination of self. He therefore very wrongly assumed that he was in a position to go out among his fellowmen and to dispense what he thought was an entirely new philosophy, or an entirely new concept, whereas the sum total of all these things which he had so vaguely envisioned within the consciousness of his mind, merely indicated certain steps of elevation whereby he would ascend into the position where he would be rightly joined with great spiritual forces which would enable him to have, not only the necessary force of action, of energy and motion, but that he could also possess Infinite wisdom.

As Jesus so aptly put it, "By their fruits ye shall know them." In the present time and day, we have heard up and down in the numerous halls about the land, the hollow mockery of thousands of voices who are dispensing false concepts that are incomplete in themselves. Whether these things come from the churches, the temples, or from halls or auditoriums, thus we speak and as we speak we might also be tarred with the same brush; however, we may only pause to say, as Jesus said: "By their fruits ye shall know them," and we stand firmly upon this platform of realization. If you will sufficiently explore the contact whom this science has touched, you will find that without fail, all have been helped, benefited and in many cases, great miracles have happened to these individuals.

The reason for this is that there is a great amount of integration with the higher, more advanced souls and with the various organizations of spiritual wisdom and dispensation; and that these things have come down through the various channels into an absolute realization into the material world. There are many factors leading up to this realization of dispensation of healing energies and powers as they are extended through the channel of self. In our own position it was pointed out to you that it would best serve every individual to first remove as many as possible of the phobias, reflexes, or mechanisms which have impeded his life and by firmly implanting in his consciousness the existence of such elements of negativity, he could rightly adjust his life and gain a better equilibrium. It has also been stressed very emphatically that many of these different types of phobias or inhibitions have come up to us from various evolutions from the past; and in the proper placing and realization of these happenings, they too can be cancelled out.

Thus we have made two great progressive forward strides in placing ourselves as channels in this dispensation of spiritual healing force and knowledge. In our next steps we shall enter into a more relative configuration whereby we shall see the actual mechanics, if we can call them such, of the great Infinite Force and Wisdom working through us as channels and outwardly into the hearts and minds of our fellowmen. It would best serve our purpose in the future to form a relationship with another person, preferably the opposite sex, and here comes into our concept the beginning of our concept of biocentricity or polarities.

Now it has been said that marriages are made in Heaven, and this is quite true inasmuch as Heaven is a place of spirit; but what it actually means is that, through our various evolutions, we are constantly expressing outwardly the weaknesses which we inherently know we possess ourselves. WE also extend outwardly all of the dispensations which we would most rightfully have for ourselves. We epitomize these things into a personal contact of someone of the opposite gender. This person will, through the laws of harmonic and frequency relationship, actually materialize into numerous incarnations into which we incur according to the length of time, the strength and various other propensities and factors which enter into this concept. He or she will likewise be manifesting or materializing this concept of biocentricity in this abstract way with his own particular mind, so it is that two individuals, a man and woman, will meet upon a common spiritual plane or ground of a fundamental understanding wherein they are both harmoniously and harmonically linked according to the laws of vibration, to the outward dispensations of this spiritual knowledge. Just as in all energy structures, they will create between themselves as two opposite polarities of this inward seeking of the Infinite self, a very strong, shall we call it, magnetic field.

If we examine and explore a magnetic field as it exists around a horseshoe magnet, we shall find that with some iron filings on a piece of paper, we can see that the lines of magnetic force are the most strongly drawn between the two poles and that these form a ball of energy lines which are very hard and dense, according to the strength of the magnetic structures.

It is this way between two human beings who have so epitomized their various translations and dispensations of longings, wants and seekings into the spiritual dimension. They will build up between themselves this great beautiful golden ball of spiritual energy. It is radiant and pulsating. It is intelligent and it can be directed; it becomes the reservoir from which one or the other, or both can at any time, draw and dispense wonderful and spiritual energy into such suitable channels as may be apparent to them at the moment. There, of course, are limits to the amount of energy which will pass through the physical body and through the various centers and which can be endured by the physical organisms.

There are also other factors which will be dealt with relatively in the dispensation of this spiritual therapeutic energy, which is most intelligent and which can be used most wisely by those who recognize that this energy is thus available between these two polarities of existence. If we fall victim to some of the negative circumstances with which we are surrounded and if we may become temporarily weak or ill and somewhat physically incapacitated we might, in the curative processes of our own bodies and minds, realize the propensities of this spiritual power which we have built up between us, our other selves, called our biocentric (biune).

We must not stress the weaknesses, but we must concentrate our minds upon resolving this energy and seeing it flow into our minds and into our bodies. Thus it will be that if we use patience and perseverance, the condition which we have incurred will soon pass from us. You must also bear in mind, as you have been given in your previous lessons, that everything is energy, and you have resolved yourselves with it physically, mentally, or spiritually into creations of pure energy motivations in different dimensions or translations. These, in themselves, must all be dealt with intelligently, according to the way they are conceived within the mind. To explore and to imbed these concepts into our conscious thinking mind and thus to establish a much firmer relationship with the superconsciousness through the future incarnations or evolutions in which we are to evolve, will gradually bring a fuller conclusion of the dispensations of this spiritual energy into our consciousness.

These things cannot be accomplished overnight. Neither can anyone do them for us. They are something which we must do for ourselves. We must learn of these facts just as we have learned of other things through the association of experience. They must become coordinated working participants of activated integration and force in every conscious movement or effort which we portray in our daily lives. We must also look forward into the future time and place whence we will come into the various planes and be in a position to go unto our fellowman and say unto him, "Be thou healed", and whether this is done silently or whether it is done with his contact makes little or no difference to us, for we know that the act is accomplished and that spiritual healing has been manifest.

Now we arrive at another point which we must always remember. Should we in our future evolutions come into a relationship with the higher self which will enable us to point a mental finger of energy at some person and relieve him of a condition and bring adjustment into his life, we must always realize that with every healing there must be preparation.

There is an inviolate precept or threshold of consciousness with every individual and we should never violate this threshold. We should never step across this threshold with anything which we may have or possess until he has desired these things within himself. It may take the average individual a number of lifetimes before he concludes within himself that certain spiritual elements are lacking and that he is badly in need of some corrective therapy. And with this desire comes the realization that there are ways and means by which this spiritual corrective therapy can be interjected into his own being. In his moments, whether he is implanted in some terrestrial dimension or whether he is in a spiritual world and separate from the flesh, he will thus seek out ways and means.

He will also seek out those persons who can most properly apply and help him to gain an insight into proper workings of spiritual knowledge and wisdom which will enable him to take into himself the necessary ingredients of this new spiritual consciousness and thus be healed.

As it is, there are numerous people upon the earth today crying in their little pits of clay for relief, lying groaning upon their hospital beds or passing in various physical states of dereliction, who have not yet fully arisen to the place in spiritual consciousness where they have actually integrated or interjected into their consciousness the full realization or desire of spiritual help from the superconscoiusness. But these people cannot be helped until the proper time comes in their evolution when they will seek out certain people or such knowledge or wisdom which will properly rectify these conditions with their own help; and this too is most important to remember. Spiritual healing, whether it is personal or is to be applied to an individual, means the cooperative effort of both parties. There is a definite realization not only with the one to whom the power is being administered but also with the channel through whom the power flows. In both cases the action is simply another manifestation of the Abstract working through two polarities or consciousness; the want, the desire, the realization and the knowing.

And thus we have now arrived at a very important conclusion in our hypothesis of spiritual healing and in the most absolute concept of spiritual healing. To become a spiritual healer means not only that we have the full realization of all of the elements which enter into the creation and the evolution of mankind but also that we must know of the Higher Self, of the superconsciousness, of the Christ self and realize the Infinite. We must be sure and positive in all administrations of spiritual dispensations and there will be no taint of negatively; there will be no taint of the ego self.

It will be a very positive, restful assuredness which will supersede or supplant any realization which you have heretofore realized. And thus it will be that you will enter into the science of psychotherapy, or spiritual healing, as it is sometimes called. This, too, like many other spiritual interpretations, will become a very real, active and vital part in your daily life. You will not only see that the Infinite power flows through you into the healing forces and into the healing channel of your fellowman but you are likewise lifted into higher states of consciousness. It becomes a purpose and it becomes a fuller realization of all of the Infinite number of spiritual essences which the Infinite has implanted into you from His own Infinite Being.

So rest assured, dear ones, that as you earnestly seek, so ye shall find and that all of these things shall be added unto you in their proper time and in their proper place. Never impel one to believe; go to no man save that this man has sought you out to aid him; and go to him not as a personal being, but with something to give to him,--a contact with him through the higher self; and from the higher self there flows through you, the Infinite Power of intercession for his physical ills or his mental aberrations. These things shall surely and truly alleviate you from the personal false ego structures of selfhood with which you are not surrounded and which must be destroyed and replaced with more Infinite spiritual elements before you attain that spiritual body which will enable you to live in the higher celestial kingdoms. Such is the purpose, such is the plan of the Infinite and as the Infinite implanted all these things within you, so you must come into realization with them all. May you rest in peace, dear ones.


Q - Is it best for the person to know at what time you are directing healing to him?

A - No, not necessarily. It is all done in the spiritual consciousness anyway. For instance, when a person is asleep the healer goes out and contacts the person who needs the healing and so this was the proper background to become manifest into the physical dimension. Sometimes it is very helpful if the person can realize that the Infinite has healed him through some channel because that begins to enter into what we call the actual mechanics of spiritual healing.

Q - Would you say that the person who seems to be drawn to those who need healing, even though the person does not feel as though he is advanced sufficiently to do this type of work, might nevertheless be ready and able to aid these persons?

A - We can say that 98 percent of the homosapiens on the earth today function from the subconscious, the reactionary mind, or the reactionary self, which is a conglomeration of all the thought patterns which have occurred from past experience. In the wakening moments, these thought patterns which the individuals have built up are so very, very strong; in fact, they are almost inviolate, even though sometimes they go against the inward will and jurisdiction of the person.

The fact of the matter is that if a person is helped or healed, and if in some way he has contacted spiritual healing or has come in contact with anyone who is in a position to help in a spiritual way, then his superconscious mind or inner self is working and he has actually made the contact with these higher forces which have moved the individual into the position of meeting and contacting the healer.

Q - Sometimes the healer cannot heal everyone and of the ones which they cannot heal the healer feels rather lost--why?

A - That is a point which we must bear in mind in spiritual healing and in all our relationships because, as it was pointed out, if you very carefully study the life history of Jesus, Jesus did not heal everyone who came to Him. Neither did He go out to various places and seek out persons; the reasons are very obvious. The patient not only had to have the preparation but there had to be a compatible or harmonic condition of frequency vibrations between the person who was seeking help and the person who was to help him. It is like your radio set; you cannot receive a certain station unless your radio is properly attuned to it. The fact that they were seeking out spiritual healing shows that there was a quickening of the spirit or the realization that something was amiss. So if the healing was not accomplished at the time, we can say that the seed was planted there somewhere within the subconscious and the contact became a step whereby the individual could in a future time complete that spiritual healing. Or there are so very, very many variables that could enter into a condition such as that. We may also have what is termed a delayed spiritual healing; a person may go for years without any apparent effect or contact with the higher spiritual self and then all of a sudden when the cycles swing around so that certain conjunctions are made, the conditions disappear instantaneously. A person may never know just exactly what it was that caused the healing.

The things that are being taught here in these lessons may seem to go in one ear and out the other one, but it makes small difference because they are implanted very firmly according to certain scientific laws of frequency and harmonic vibrations; and those people passing these things through their minds will never be the same. After they have left the flesh, these facts will be a very important part of them. They have progressed into the future by perhaps a thousand years by this wisdom.

Q - Aren't there some magnetic healers?

A - Yes, there are many types of healing and in the past there have been some very strong magnetic healers. Magnetic healers function strictly from the aura, sometimes called the pranic aura. You see, you have seven different radiating frequencies, that is, your aura is composed of seven basic radiations. You can extend the--what they call--magnetic power, which is merely another concept of psychokinetics or mind extension. There is a point which we would like to interject in regard to why certain doctors do not have universal success with all patients who come to them. There are comparatively few patients that a doctor ever had cured; that is, the doctor of medicine or the doctor of psychiatry, if we could analyze every case history. If you even have a broken leg, the doctor can set it; here the manipulative therapy enters in by bringing the broken ends of the bones together. But there have been very definite cases, such as the Kuhuna interpretations from the Hawaiian Islands, in which broken bones were set through mind forces; no hands touched them. Here we are getting into a very close relationship between the doctor and the patient because here the patient has gone through many evolutions and incarnations in seeking out someone who could help him; someone in whom he believed.

Those in great need of healing during their incarnations will epitomize their entire conclusions and personalize them into a person and they may find themselves on the earth plane, wandering from doctor to doctor until they find one who vibrates according to a certain rate of vibration and in the feeling of affinity with the doctor, they have come into the full realization of faith. Without the faith of the patient, the doctor can do nothing, although materia medica has come into a much greater realization of late. When I was quite young I heard a famous doctor state to my father, who was also a doctor, "80 percent of the patients who come to us will get well anyway; 10 percent of them will die; and the other 10 percent, well, we can take out the appendix or set a bone and those are about the only ones we actually help." There again you see the 80 percent who would get better anyway; and how much of the process is speeded up because they have catalyzed their healing energies by realizing their element of faith in the physician.  They might have directed the same concept and complete faith to a stone on the road and had the same results. Outside of a bone setting or an appendectomy or the sewing of a separation of the flesh, or some physical manipulations that were imperative at the moment, there were a large number of these patients for which the doctor could do nothing. Still the doctors of today fill a very important gap in our relationship with the inner self because most people simply do not have the spiritual wisdom and knowledge to contact the superconsciousness to perform all of these so-called miracles for themselves, which they seem to have done through the doctors.

The patient will eventually at some later time receive healing, as we pictured it to you, from a ball of radiant energy which exists between two polarities and is functioning in that way; or it may be a simple stream of light coming down into the consciousness by which the condition is to be made whole; but whatever it is, when healing enters the physical body, it can open and receive this light; and it is important to remember that the atomic structures of which the body is composed are supported by the psychic structures. They are supported, they are governed and they are regulated by this psychic body. We have a million and a half new cells created in the body every minute; however we do not have any conscious jurisdiction over these cells, what they are, or what they are going to do. They come into the body with a definite purpose, a completeness of their own life cycle. They do so because they are constantly being radiated into and infiltrated with this psychic energy which comes from the psychic self which is the motivating and the controlling life force which streams into the body at all times.

There are also spiritual energies coming into the various centers or organs of the body; these centers are sometimes called the chakras and are reflected in direct proportion to our alignment into our minds and into our bodies.

Q - How can we tell, when we have difficulty in making decisions, whether we are being spiritually inspired or whether it is our will?

A - Most individuals, say from 95 to 98 percent of the people, are under such external pressures from the confusion and materialism about them and under the stress and duress of so much propaganda, so many external pressures, that they become very wishy-washy because they do not know which way is spirit and which way is flesh. They are constantly fluctuating. They have not really impounded into their own consciousness any complete psychic revelations that would mean much to them. It would take a great deal of psychic impact to keep these people on the path, to keep them going upward. They need to have these things demonstrated day after day to be constantly aware of spiritual contact, or it leaves their consciousness.

Q - Why is it that some people can go to a healer and be healed instantly and others have no success at all? Would this partly be due to the fact that the thought forms were too firmly implanted in the later and the former had a stronger faith?

A - This was covered to some extent but we shall give another slant; we shall enlarge upon this somewhat as it is a very important point. Everything, as we know, resolves into frequency relationship because all energy moves according to certain spectrums and certain harmonic relationship. The average individual functions in a harmonic way whether he is in tune in his sleep and going into the astral dimensions in his sleep or whether he is separated from the flesh and going through a spiritual reincarnation. A person is always revolving in those dimensions of frequency which are most compatible to him according to the laws of harmonic vibration. Therefore, he will seek out, in these spiritual states, the hypcognic state, spiritual healers who can come into a closer affinity with him through this law of harmonic vibration.

Now when he comes back to earth, he will still have the same diseased condition because the healing has to be materialized in the physical body so that it can be fully completed and polarized with the other polarities. Consequently he begins seeking out the physician and sooner or later he will find one who has a rate of vibration which seems to strike through him in some intuitive way of which he is not quite aware; but the process is a catalytic action. The catalyzing action therefore takes place and so the healing is instituted because the patient has already realized the spiritual healing which has taken place in a higher dimension, although not yet brought it into his physical consciousness. So now he has the spiritual realization and the physical completeness. But first the healing has to take place in the spiritual dimension; it has to be made a part of the superconsciousness as of the individual's concept, otherwise he just could not be healed. Often a person has set up such strong thought patterns, he would be so ignorant of these things that he would, so to speak, fight or resist or rebel against the spiritual healing.

Q - We hear at times that there is a stubborn case of illness; the patient is asked to change his diet or take different vitamins and a healing is realized. Would this diet actually have something to do with the cure?

A - It all hinges or is pivoted on how much faith we have. One of the healings which Jesus gave was to the blind man; He took a handful of dust, mixed a little spittle into it and but the mud on the blind mans eyes and said, "Now go wash in the well of Rebecca." So the blind man went to the well and washed and his were made whole. Now was it the mud or the spittle or the simple act of faith that concluded the transition of healing? The fact of the matter is, before that healing could take place with the blind man, it was actually completed in a spiritual way first--in an abstract way. That healing was part of the realization in the life cycle of all of the Infinite things that the Infinite had placed in that man's consciousness; that healing was made possible because the man had first thought it out and realized it in a spiritual way before it could be manifest in the physical. The physical is only the end result. Now, of course, we can ascend to the place where we can become more directive in a realization of these spiritual factions rather than to be, we can say, just creatures of circumstance where we can wait or bide our time and say, well, until someone comes along. The entire lesson tonight was based on how to direct those forces ourselves by learning how they function. These powers can be found by thought, analysis and practice.

Q - Why is it so many people supposed in the healing or medical profession, do not practice what they preach and are ailing themselves?

A - There are many in the medical fields who have in their left eye the glint of money because it is a lucrative profession which pays off big dividends. Most doctors make fantastic amounts of money compared to the man who works with his physical strength as do the laborers, etc. A certain amount of personal psychology too, is involved; it may be an escape mechanism working which has caused him to seek out the medical profession, just as he would seek the ministry or politics, because it gives him power and dominion over his fellowmen. If he can divert his own sense of guilt away from himself by having dominion over his fellowmen, then it acts as an escape mechanism. I do not mean to imply that all doctors are thus. There are many genuine humanitarians in the medical or psychiatric fields. But unfortunately, just as in any other field, there are many charlatans and many frauds; and there are those too, who become fraudulent after they have entered in with a humanitarian aspect of some service to man. It is very easy to fall by the wayside.

Q - Avak did such wonderful healings; people's entire lives were changed by him, were they not?

A - Yes; here the whole faith of perhaps thousands of people was epitomized in what that man could do. It was not what the man did, but what was concentrated upon by each individual and done by the mere act of faith for himself, and by the sum total of all the generic forces which had been generated through the act of faith. According to the history of Avak, he came from Europe to heal someone out here in Ontario, California, but he had absolutely no success at all. Avak, incidentally, came into such conflict with the Western world that he wound up in a hospital in Washington, D.C., to spend several months recuperating and was treated with different types of therapy before he could get out of bed because he was so psychically depleted.

Q - In one's evolution, where one begins to seek out the actual knowledge to better himself, what then is the definite step to promote knowledge further?

A - We might put that right down into a very few words and when you get to the proper place where you really  want to become infinite or have a closer relationship with Creation, then we must understand that the Infinite Intelligence is completely abstract and completely Infinite. So we do not limit ourselves to any particular dispensation but realize that the Infinite is working through us infinitely.

Q - After one has taken up spiritual study and still must be active in the physical world, how would this affect his position in life, say in the field of business, pictures, drama, etc.?

A - As far as anything inspirational is concerned and as you widen the gap in your spiritual knowledge and interpretation as to how you live, and say, your ascendancy into higher concepts, you are going to widen constantly that gap between you and the material world. That is very logical and it is reasonable for anyone to see. Going directly into fields of art or drama or the inspirational expressive arts which depend largely upon inspirational values which are found purely within the self--the spiritual contact with the person--as you arise into higher contacts, you are going to paint more beautiful pictures than you previously did and will interpret various types of inspirational arts in a much higher plane than you did before, providing of course, that you have made higher spiritual contacts and are imbuing and imbibing into your own personal self and into your outward expression the sum and total of all of these spiritual inspirations with which you have had contact.

Now as far as business is concerned, business is strictly the protocol whereby one man takes from another, the means and sustenance to live. It is not the real spiritual way to live--no business is--the way business is conducted today. There you are getting down into the dominion of pure physical interpretation--materialism.

Q - How about the various schools that teach, through metaphysics or mind power, or mind control one obtains or secures financial success or plenty such as, "acquaint thyself now with the Lord and let's get profitable?"

A - We have many different types of, shall we say, "metaphysics" that are being dispensed which tell you that you can direct your mind or the power of the Infinite through you so that you can materialize a new Cadillac (or any car). As Jesus would say, "Sufficient unto each day the evil thereof," or "Sufficient to each evolution the evil thereof." It merely means that man, in his lower carnal state, his material state of consciousness, is not in proper tune or in proper harmony with the Higher Self; and in working, shall we say, the infinite wisdom and power into the channel of selfhood, that we are really doing ourselves a great deal of harm and damage. Now you may not be able to see these things or the results of that transgression in one lifetime but the seed has been planted. When one is truly spiritually quickened or conscious, he isn't concerned with the attainment of material or physical manifestations for self, or to inflate the ego, for it has been supplanted by something better; the ego has, by then, stepped down for higher values; that is, if the person really and firmly believed in this practice. I know of many practitioners in that so-called science who have entered into it strictly from the psychological fact that here again is dominion and power over their fellowman and with it comes certain monetary recompense. They are really not humanitarians, for they would not be teaching that if they were.

Q - Why and how is it so many teachers or teachings believe it is the subconscious that creates and if we can implant the desire or wish firmly enough within this subconscious, it will manifest on the surface or materialize?

A - Let me clear this up for you. We have many of the so-called metaphysical practitioners who are teaching from the platform. Jesus said, "Beware ye, in the latter days, of false prophets and teachers and of ravening wolves in sleep's clothing,"--that they have not had sufficient training psychologically, spiritually, or otherwise to enter into a full and basic complete understanding of how man is made, how he functions and what he is. They are strictly tailoring their efforts along certain lines and levels whereby they can attract a comparatively large group of people to them because back of the whole thing that is motivating their entire efforts are certain subversive forces and they may also have, back in that subconscious mind about which they talk so glibly and know so little, certain elements which we would call a neurosis. Now in the first place, we do not talk about the subconscious mind in the sense of the word that ordinary psychiatrists believe that it exists because the subconscious mind is a certain level of interpretation of psychic structures that exists in the psychic body of the spiritual self; and the spiritual self or psychic body functions on two levels--the Superconsciousness and the subconscious.

Q - The psychiatrists leave out the Superconsciousness?

A - Yes, you see the whole purpose of these lessons is to acquaint you with some of the missing elements not only in our present-day psychiatry but also in some of the dispensations we find in the minds of the sciences and fundamentalisms of the earth today. These are the elements which are going to be woven and fabricated into the new philosophies and medical sciences of the future. We are going to actually be able to see the psychic body in the future on a machine similar to a television set. We may bring this to man.

Q - In various stages they have had numerous phenomena and names of black magic and various practices. Is it not true that this sort of thing, of which this lady speaks, is along those lines of black magic?

A - Jesus referred to the fact that faith without works is death--and he emphasized, to accomplish certain results, works are very necessary in that team of polarities.

Q - And is it not true that these people who try to get something for nothing by merely using the mental or subconscious are leaving out the works part which is so vitally important?

A - That is very right and that is what I said a moment ago; they have tailored this expression, whatever it is, to a level that will appeal to a certain class of people. These people will flock to this purveyor simply because it agrees with their innermost convictions, their own thought patterns. They seek them out and they find them; we find them in this theater and that church simply because they can take recourse in whoever is up on the platform talking. It fits their own convictions and gives them relief from their own inward pressures.

Q - But that is just the way they go about it; we could not say that about everyone who drove a fine car, lived in a beautiful home, or enjoyed the bounty of the world?

A - There you are getting into a slightly different aspect. As Kung Fu said, "Truth is a many faceted gem"; we must look a little differently at that objectivism. We see people enjoying the luxury of the physical world, folks who seem to have all the material comfort of the world; and we know that person knows nothing about spiritual truth. How is it now? I am struggling along here and I have barely sufficient to get along? It simply means that you have widened the gap between you and that material world you live in and the spiritual world in which you are trying to enter. That is all; it merely means that man will at some time have to cover that same point in his evolution in a future day when he will need to compensate, where he shall need to compromise, where he shall have to tear down all those false structures that are built from material values and start building them up in the spiritual worlds. For a time he may be just like a small infant like so many of us are at the present time.

Q - Perhaps it could be that some of the teachers are teaching Truth but the students do not interpret properly.

A - Well, perhaps that may be true in some instances; it is a common thing for people to read or interpret in their own way, according to their own inward convictions of anything that may be taught. They did that with the writings and teachings of Jesus and we have very little of the true original testaments left.

Q - Why is it, as you say, we are widening the gap between the spiritual side and the material; why should this be since all substances are first thought or spirit?

A - The gap exists in this relationship in several different ways: in the first place, you have not become completely infinite and abstract; as you tune in your television set to Channel 2, it is very widely separated from Channel 13. When you become an infinite person, or at least much more than you now are, you can perfectly conceive all things at all times. But until that process has been entered into and you evolve up into these higher and more abstract dimensions where you can visualize all these things, you have to integrate them into cycles into your life, into your dominion of interpretation. So therefore the material domain or physical life becomes one of the elements of experience in which you have entered to gain some of the Infinite.

Q - In other words, I have to listen to a lot of static while I'm tuning from 2 to 13?

A - Yes, to a certain extent; these things are very abstract in their nature and they have to be visualized, and one must start right at the beginning in the complete understanding of how energy is manifest into the numerous different interpretations and dimensions. It is, as we said, a large piano keyboard with many octaves and chord structures and if we can visualize that in a much more immense way, we are evolving around it and are learning of these different chords and harmonic structures individually and collectively through the veil of experience as we go along.

Q - My own instance would go along that line; I have a large family in an Eastern state and came here principally to find something along the spiritual lines. My family cannot understand why I must be so far from them and I feel that if I returned now, I'd have very little to share with them; but perhaps by further preparation, I could have sufficient knowledge to help them as they are all of various faiths and religions. I get nothing from these churches.

A - Simply because you came into the world by way of the womb does not necessarily bind you up into the same interpretations as it would your fellowman because you have been, like all the rest of us here, on the path of Truth for a long, long time. I personally came into a family of seven brothers and sister, but they are really not my brothers and sisters--only in a spiritual way. It simply was a doorway to come into the world and I made entrance in that way, that is all. People must, throughout this world universally speaking, realize that the youngsters or babies that are coming into the world now, just as you came into the world, are very often the people who are going to integrate something of these New Age concepts into the future generations which will be coming into the world. Many of them are very advanced souls and are coming out here to California as you did; you moved up to what is going to be the future New Jerusalem because California will become, in the future, a great Center of spiritual integration.

Q - Why has it been said so many times that California will be that location?

A - There are several reasons why: in the first place, the old Lemurian Masters who came to this planet 160,000 years ago built a very strong spiritual civilization on the coast of California. The geographical and climatic conditions, etc., are best, and so it has become a gathering place of the ten tribes, as they call the spiritual people.

Q - Lemuria?

A - That is one of the great epochs of the past history where there were spiritual interpretations brought to the world to teach people then who were very obviously in a very seriously neglected state of atrophy and so those things passed on with the great cataclysm 100,000 years ago.

Q - To help develop ourselves and attain good spiritual contacts, can you give some particular way or method to do this?

A - Spiritual attainment does not take place all at once; it is a slow integration of consciousness. It is a gradual evolution; it is a development of consciousness, a constant way in which we express faith in its most or fullest capacity by knowing that these things are there when we are ready to receive them.

Q - Didn't you have to do anything to reach these contacts, etc.?

A - No, I did absolutely nothing with conscious mind; I broke all the rules and regulations. I simply left them with all their old phobias or fears of what would happen to me and nothing ever happened to me.

Q - Perhaps you had the development before you came here.

A - That is exactly right! Because I'd already had knowledge of these things when I came into the world. And it was only a matter of waiting until the cycles swung around and until I was able to free my little mortal self to the point where I could make contact with the spiritual self; then it began to function. And there was no rigmarole that I had to go through. It was there.

There is something else too that we might touch on here and that is in the field of autosuggestion or hypnosis which is very, very dangerous. I know people who have gone around in these mind science churches and after a few months went around rolling their eyes; they were escaping reality by repeating to themselves that nothing ill could come to them or harm them. One of the elements that Jesus always stressed emphatically when a person came to him for spiritual healing--first, they had to come to him for a condition; didn't they? They could not be healed from something they did not have. If you are going around telling yourself that you do not have this condition or that thing--God is always with me and God is working through me--you are escaping reality. In the second place, they had to have complete and absolute faith.

Q - Are there any psychic demonstrations or progression in Christian Science?

A - These are all steps; I believe wholeheartedly in Christian Science and every other mental science there is; the only point in disagreement that I have with them is the way in which they are dispensated and the fact that they are incomplete. They only give a very small part of the picture. But there are certainly very definite principles back of these thing that are very valuable in all of these sciences or fundamentalisms.

Q - Do you believe in personal psychic powers?

A - Dear lady, that is what these lessons are all about--to teach you how to develop what you call your psychic powers. Let's define the word "psychic" first. What does it mean? It's a Greek word meaning spirit. It merely means you are developing your spiritual self because you have wanted to do these things throughout the thousands of years you have lived.

Q - Some of the young children seem to know much of these spiritual things; would this mean they will be the future healers and teachers?

A - People throughout the world should realize that many babies are coming into the world at this time who are very often the people who are going to integrate these New Age concepts in the future generations. Many of them are advanced souls and will take a part in the building of what is sometimes called the New Jerusalem and California will be the great center of spiritual integration. The old Lemurian Masters who came to this planet 160,000 years ago, built a very strong spiritual civilization on the coast of California; so it will, in the future, become the gathering place of the ten tribes.

Q - Can you give us some way to aid in making spiritual contacts?

A - We come into these things by realizing them and in working with them. It does not take place all at once; this growth has to be a gradual evolution, a development of consciousness, a constant faith in which we can express faith in its fullest capacity by knowing that these things are there and when we are ready, we receive them.

Q - Don't we need to do some exercises; some breathing or something?

A - No, you do not need any kind of exercises; they are entirely superficial and unnecessary; unless we want to do a few simple alignment techniques to align the different bodies, the pranic or karmic aura. It is what you do internally with your mind that is of the utmost importance. In a stage or evolution, people think they need these things but we go beyond that, just as we do not stay in school. People sit down in these different postures, etc., because they require these manipulative processes to catalyze what they should be able to do with their minds internally. In the ultimate result, exercises or any of the outward positions or other things which you do on the outside are not going to mean a thing to you. You will pass on to a place where you will go right inside and contact the superconscious without flicking an eyelid. All these breathing and posture exercises are superficial. There is something else here, too, that you should know in this regard; all these things to which you refer, such as mental sciences, Christian Science, etc., are all very necessary steps in evolution. They are all right as far as they go but they are incomplete; they give only a part of the picture; there are very definite principles back of all of these fundamentalisms and sciences.

Q - Didn't you practice certain exercises before you developed clairvoyance?

A - No, no, I did not. I came here at this time prepared but I can tell you what happened when I tried to follow customary procedures. I started to read a few books and I became very confused. I threw them aside and went within. I said to myself, I am going to have spiritual cooperation; I am going to form certain alliances with the higher dimensions; I am going to have perfection and it is going to be Infinite with no limitations and that is the way it was.

Q - How about the Yoga?

A - There is a plane that they call the Paramahansa and this reverts right back again to the concept as to how extreme a person's viewpoint can be on separating the physical self from the spiritual. Many of these Yogi can do some very remarkable and seemingly "miraculous" things but at the same time they have missed a certain beat in their relationship and that is to function properly in the dimensions in which they find themselves, as far as possible in the dimension in which they are incarnated. If they become so completely abstract that they can work miracles out of the body by sitting in a lotus position, doesn't it seem to you that they would do better to do on into the spiritual worlds to do these things? Because this does not appeal to the common man as he lives on the highways and byways of the world. It does not do the average person a bit of good to witness psychic phenomena of any kind because the average person is going through an evolution of experience and each one must gain these things for himself and not be shocked into it. Giving people apparitions or manifestations which they know nothing about is going to do them more harm than good. They will become dependent and lose the values of personal experience. Never misconstrue the words "psychic powers" because when you get into the position where you can use these psychic powers which people have talked about, you won't be using them selfishly; you will be using them for the universal concept.

Q - Is what they call intuition or intuitive powers the higher forces?

A - You see the material world has so many things backwards. What is called intuition is absolute within its own right and dominion. It is your complete and motivating existence on the earth. It is what you are, there is not anything left. When you take the spirit, or what you call clairvoyance, or the spiritual connection with the inner self or whether you wish to call it, as some do, intuition, out of your life, you have nothing left because you always function from spiritual plane.

We are presenting some very abstract and ultimate concepts but you must realize in your proper time and place, just as we all do, that these things have to be manifest in certain direct proportions or ratio to what we are accustomed. We need to realize the importance of cycles, sub-harmonics and super-harmonics--large and small cycles. All things work out far better when the cycle is right. But in the supreme and ultimate end, we are coming into a perfect realization of the inner self and we are working from that standpoint from the higher celestial dimensions. I know in my own experience that I would not have the nerve to try to teach others unless these concepts had worked for me absolutely and completely in all aspects of life. I have tried them thousands of times and I know they work. Spiritual interpretation will work under any and all conditions. I have worked in many phases of my past and present lifetime, silently or otherwise but the principles always worked, no matter what the condition; and whether the person was or was not conscious of my help made no difference. Jesus said, "Greater things than I have done shall ye do also," and it is true. We all can learn to do these things.

Q - And it works under any and all conditions?

A - Indeed so; absolutely no limitations. You see me here now in these classes as a physical being and with your own eyes and your own ears but you don't know that perhaps a hundred or even a thousand spiritual teachers have walked in and out of my mind and you haven't been made aware of it until tonight. I went in a little deeper tonight than I usually do because you were all my spiritual cooperatives. Yes, I was somewhat entranced. Just a moment ago as you spoke, I saw the Light above me and now Brother John is telling me that the power is almost exhausted for tonight.

Q - You say as did Jesus that we too can do these things but you do not say when.

A - This little clock by which we are so used to regulating our lives means absolutely nothing. What I am concerned about is the revolution of cycles--when cycles come together. I have no concern with the chronological order of things on this earth at all except in a more abstract way, in a more astrophysical way. When it comes to dealing in a relationship with people, remember we are always functioning upon certain cycles, either large cycles or small cycles, or what we call superharmonics or subharmonics of these cycles. You cannot get anything out of your life otherwise. It will not come to you; it is no use to try to force yourself.

Q - Referring to another subject--about the hundred priests who lie in suspended animation, are they supposed to come back in some of these future generations which will be soon or will that be a long time in the future? Will it be quite phenomenal or how?

A - Primarily, I suppose that was one of the ways in which they hoped to perpetuate into a future day, the general idea of man in his triumph over flesh, the earth and time. Now whether that will be brought into a sudden and dramatic conclusion or gradually, from what I have picked up from spirit, it could be done very dramatically and at such a time when it would mean the most to the largest number of people in dramatizing the supremacy of spirit over the so-called mortal flesh or death. So far as these 100 priests are concerned, Brunton carries that story in his book, "The Search of Secret Egypt", and in other places the Rosicrucians portray that story. These priests incidentally, have been walking up and down the pathways of the earth since that time and I know personally one woman who has seen one of them and talked to him and I know the man's name. I speak to them in spirit. But you see, little sister, when you get into a position where you begin to realize these things in a spiritual way, they will never become supernatural or supernormal to you again. They are only miraculous or supernatural to you because you do not understand how they work, how they are and what is behind them.

The most natural thing in the world is the inclusion of the spiritual self and working with the spiritual self.

Q - Are these 100 men from one cycle of time or did they accumulate from time to time?

A - This was done, as near as I understand it, at the close of the reign of Osiris in Egypt, who is one of the old Lemurian Priests; and in the closing days before he passed from the earth, these 100 priests voluntarily took this step under his direction. They were all Adepts.

Q - What were the names of some of them?

A - They were all names 4 and 5 syllables long; Menensob was one we recall. They were Egyptian names and names are superficial; we only identify people by name simply because you do not wish to call them cat or dog or some other thing.

*          *          *


I have debated for some time, and as I dislike very much to point the finger of objectivism or analysis in any direction, I have given this much thought to present to you what I have found out to be the common practice through ignorance in these spiritualist churches throughout the Southern California area. As I have thus committed myself, let the chips fall where they may and I will publically go on the platform (the debate platform) with anyone and prove my point. We have with us tonight a spiritualist medium, an ordained minister, and I am recognizing this fact also that she is, shall I say, in the last stages of her material expression on this earth and is ready for higher understanding and higher purposes. We have just entered into these concepts for various reasons of introspection and self-analysis and, as it was presented to you, these could be pitfalls. It could also be that people will read into our lessons certain parallels or certain similarities and, as we said, we do not wish any associations. These teachings are from highly developed, intelligent minds who are knowledgeable about psychology and who know all of the principles which motivate man in all his different dimensional transitions.

It is my experience, just as I believe others have found, that in going to these various spiritualistic churches, people are exploited there, either consciously or subconsciously, just as they are in other churches or in other dimensions or expressions. Exploitation is the common heritage of mankind upon the earth today wherever and whatever race, creed or cult you find him in; he can expect to be exploited in one form or another. And he will be until he learns the psychology of life and builds a spiritual citadel whereby he can isolate himself from the various exploitations and persecutions of the negative world about him.

Remember we can only attain a realization or dispensation of spiritual knowledge after we have attained self-mastery and self-understanding; that is the approach to the Infinite because we are infinite creations and when we have learned of ourselves fully and completely, we will understand the Abstract; that is the "I" of God. And we should never at any time lose sight of the fact that it is the birthright of every individual to go through various dimensions or reincarnation to learn of himself through experience and what experience means to him. We do not have the power or the jurisdiction to go to him in weaknesses and frustrations and to give him some sort of a material message that might divert him from a truly realistic approach to a certain problem. In a psychological sense, we could completely change the whole tenure of his existence by giving him a message.

The inner contact with the self is of utmost importance because there we find the solution of everything without going to anyone else. I could have been a most successful spiritualist medium if I had gone into it the way some do but, as I said, there was always philosophy with me; there was always psychology; and I could tell them of the future and of their past but it was only when it was necessary, when they were of any value in that particular concept that those things were done. I can also say that the wrong approach to any of these spiritualist concepts can be very dangerous. I could tell you in one instance in which I was offered knowledge and the proper protection from the messages which I had given.

Q - In one of the lessons you mentioned that the spiritual entities were being cared for by other spiritual forces. Why would that be?

A - Yes certainly, simply this way--you have to maintain spiritual relationship with spiritual forces the same as you maintain relationship with your fellowman in the world about you today. Every one of us no matter whom you met on the street or any place in this world is your brother and sister in a spiritual way and they were created in the same way that you and I were; but at the same time, they are entitled to their own dispensation and understandings of life. By that same token their understanding of life could be very injurious to us or vice versa and so we have to carry this same interpretation into the spiritual dimensions until we realize that those people are even more people than they are here! We must be more careful and more discerning because they are even more clever in their subterfuges and in assuming different personalities. Jesus said they come to us as men and women who dress in sheep's clothing but they are as ravenous wolves. It makes no difference whether they have a physical body or a spiritual body. We must learn with whom we are associating or consorting, otherwise we get into serious trouble.

Q - How do we tell the difference?

A - Primarily, as Jesus said, "By their fruits, ye shall know them." If you form contacts or alliances with spiritual forces which are unproductive and which do nothing in your dispensation as spiritual knowledge or wisdom in your contact with your fellowman, you know you are not in very good company and it's time to change. If you immediately begin to see the effects, not only in your own countenance and in the way of your living, the way in which life is transposed for you, that this same expression can be carried to the exterior values of your life, that you can touch your fellow man either consciously or through the mind and he is benefited from these contacts, then you know you have high forces working with you. Now there are other ways when you get to be a little more clairvoyant where you get to the point where you can actually sense or interpret when you make certain spiritual contact. The very highly developed minds who have been known as Avatars or the great spiritual personalities of the world today come to you; Ruth has learned to discern them by a certain aroma or an effulgence, an essence or fragrance. She smells it and I do too sometimes; but I am more impressed that I can see their beautiful light or their radiance and feel these things internally just as I do externally.

Q - Then when you see lights, you would know that they are not ones whom you'd not prefer to have contact with, is that right?

A - I really could not answer that question directly for I have never seen a low astral entity or what I would call low astral; I have seen black patches but I do not know what they were; I am not in their frequency; I oscillate above that lower plane.

Q - But the lower ones would not have the bright lights, would they?

A - Right, it is like anything else. We might say that there would be advanced organizations or forces of these lower astral worlds that would be very powerful if they could assume transparencies or radiations. But here again there would be certain things which would happen to you internally or in your own realm of understanding whereby you'd be able to discern. They can be very powerful creatures who come to you out of the darkness but they won't come to you unless you are quite a highly developed person or unless you have some great spiritual purpose to perform on earth. The reason is very obvious why they come to you--they want to tear you down. They want to use you for their own benefit, their own ends, they own desires. That is why they are called evil rather than good.

Q - Reason I asked that--I do see lights a good deal of the time.

A - If we can picture for a moment some of the astral forces, someone who has lived perhaps until a few years ago and has been a doctor or scientist or some exponent of a more highly developed educational nature, we can rightfully assume that when he gets over into spirit that he can radiate a light but we must remember too that person is a more highly developed entity; he is on the path. Now many of these spiritual forces can radiate lights which are not what we would call top drawer and they can still bring a lot of good into the world if we are careful to discriminate and to cooperate with them and to help dispensate what they have to bring not for selfish or ulterior motives but rather primarily for the good, the general good. But that in itself is a more advanced principle and I would not advise anyone to enter into it until you have formed really definite allegiances with the more advanced centers of spiritual dispensation.

Q - Aren't they sometimes attracted to ones because they want to learn Truth?

A - Yes, indeed, there are just as many conditions, where people get on the spiritual side of life and they are confronted immediately with all of these neglects, the discrepancies, the gaps, the personal philosophies, and their expressions; and they want to correct those conditions immediately and the best place to correct them is to get them in proper dimension in which they were committed and so they come back to you (speaking to the clairvoyant lady) and to me and various others along the pathway a little that we can radiate to them in our dispensations.

For instance, tonight in this auditorium, we can count noses here in the physical flesh but we could not count the noses in the spiritual; there are too many. They have come in and have been brought in and they number in the thousands. Yes.

Q - In the spiritualistic classes and especially those who use trumpets, do they not gain any benefit?

A - I have attended many séance classes purely from the research factor; in fact I attended two different ones twice a week which were closed sessions for quite a length of time and it got to the point where I more or less regulated what happened in that room every night, at least with those with whom I was associated. We could tell who came and who went and we could tell them when they could come and when they might leave.

Along the general line or the tenure of what is explained in a classroom, sometimes it becomes a little philosophical and sometimes a little inspirational but primarily the student is more interested in his own personal sense of security. Most people are completely confounded by the lack of philosophy on what we call death. They have no understanding of the Infinite or the immortal consciousness and they use these spiritual classes to relieve this fear. They have to have it continually hammered into their consciousness that there is no death; so they do in such instances derive a little help, relief or comfort by seeing apparitions floating around above the head or by getting banged over the head with the trumpet but it is dangerous. No one knows when an unsuspecting lost or earth-bound entity may come into your consciousness and latch on and you'd have no way of knowing, or freeing yourself.

I like to see God outside in the open air and sunshine, in the country, in the sky, in the stars and in creation and everywhere about me; the message of the Infinite is portrayed to every one of us--His own creation, not in some stuffy, ill-ventilated, closed, dark classroom. It does not appeal to 98% of the people who are living on the earth today; it is very foreign to them. And that is the reason why there are only two or three hundred thousand of them in spiritualism today in this country. It is simply foreign to man's nature. It is not creative and it is not progressive (hear a bang--something on the desk made a bang--sort of an affirmation to what he was saying). They have not gotten to the place yet where they can completely disassociate themselves with this life; but they will sometime. We shall help them.

Q - Was that really an entity?

A - Indeed it was. You have one sitting right beside you now. That is a your grandfather, a man with a large mustache. Did your grandfather have a mustache?

Student - Yes.

Student - There was one that was clawing me.

Teacher - I will give you a little trick here: when you experience such a negative spiritual contact, we have what we call psychokinetics which is an extension of the mind forces. If we can picture it as we did a while ago, seeing radiations of light going into your eyes, the same process can be reversed; we have radiations out from the eyes; that is psychokinetics. So when you see something like that, which you know is not good, you picture two twin beams of light focusing in a spot on that entity and he will vanish soon. That is one little trick that we need to learn if we come in contact with these spirit entities through such connections. We need to learn not only how to discern them but how to regulate them afterwards through the mind forces within us. For if we do not, we will be over-powered with them.

Q - That bang or crack on the desk a moment ago--was that spirit actually there in his spiritual body?

A - Yes, he is just as alive as you are, no difference at all except he does not have his physical body. You could poke your finger through him but that only means the substance in his body is different than your own. That is all.

There is a lovely lady standing right behind you with her two hands on either of your ears. She is a very tall lady, your spiritual guide or helper.

Q - Are Grace Kelly and Prince Ranier a biune or polarities?

A - I have not gone into that particular situation but we can say in such instances where the two are attracted from across the seas or various countries like that, there is more to it than psychology, personal or internal pressures that enter into these things; there is a relationship very definitely in the past. It would have to be gone into more thoroughly before stating. You remember how we described (so-called) soul mates to you; they are expressions of polarity in our own consciousness. We build these things up and express themselves outwardly until, through the law of harmonic vibration, we find that person who personifies and exemplifies that complete materialization of this self.

Q - Two people living near to me have a seemingly good polarity but now they seem to be losing their happiness; they must not be a biune?

A - As we referred a time back to the escape mechanisms, that is one way in which we find these things working because people are always trying to divert the attention from their own inner self of weaknesses and the unexplained factors in their own relationship by looking at others, at their guilt, etc. This is diversion.

Q - Could any entity come into, say for instance, a class such as this, or do they have to be qualified or spiritually advanced to a point before they could come in?

A - Yes, usually as a rule, but there must be other conditions too even though a personality as you say could enter into this room and listen; but there must be other elements or adjustments made not only with the individual but with us or the clairvoyant too before they can make proper attunement to listen. There is a good deal of privacy in what we say; for instance, we have a half dozen television stations and we tune from one channel to another but we have to remember that those same laws or principles of frequency relationship exist in the spiritual dimensions on that side as well as they do here. So we have to set up all these things in harmony with the individual and we must come in rapport with the spiritual entity and he will come in rapport with you before he listens in on any conversation. This is all done in the spiritual vein and with the working and collaboration of spiritual forces and entities of a very highly developed nature that makes this possible for literally hundreds or thousands of people listening in.

*          *          *

Teacher - Do you like spaghetti?

Student - I was thinking of that today.

Teacher - I see spaghetti and meatballs around your head. Was that thought about 5 minutes before 3 P.M.?

Student - Yes, it was! this PM at work; I was wondering if I dared because they have so many calories.

Teacher - It's all there. It is a matter of tuning in--like changing the dial on the radio. When we understand principle, it is very easy to understand. Anyone can do it when he gets the knack of it--but it does take much understanding to conceive energy. It is like riding a bicycle; only man, when he has gone through these things, these higher or finer senses to the degree where he has become practically blind and atrophied spiritually.

Q - You were speaking of materialization. When we see someone standing by our bed before sleep or even in the daytime, you would not call that materialization, would you?

A - No, that would be explained in what is called astral projection--actually when we come into a more abstract way of envisioning all these happenings in the spiritual dimensions, there is no separation of time or space whatsoever in our common ordinary sense of understanding. So a person who comes to you may do so for any one of a thousand different reasons; either for personal adjustment, or to help you. When I had been going about the city contacting various individuals, very often the first thing many would tell me would be that "last night you stood at my bed at 2 A.M." or that "I saw you very plainly downtown" and this was the first time we had met physically. Then I could describe the details that had taken place, such as the things on the counter at the store, or what she was purchasing, etc. Nothing is separated; nothing is non-existent; it is entirely a different state and is abstract, but a very wonderful thing to visualize the contact within the self.

Teacher - Do I see a run in the right leg of your hosiery?

Student - Yes

Teacher - Right up the entire side.

Student - I just popped it a bit ago.

Teacher - It stood right out here in front of me. (The teacher could not physically see the student's hosiery as only her head and shoulders were visible.)

Q - The entities who come here to this class must be of a higher intellect, would they not? Otherwise they'd not be interested in what you were teaching.

A - That's right; most would be more interested in their own selfish desires, their own level of consciousness in the way they express life outwardly; always it has to be through the channel of their own minds.

Visualize, if you can, that psychic transition or clairvoyance is always manifest through the individual and in accordance to the size of his mentality. We'll picture it, for instance, as a small hole; you do not get much water through a very tiny hole but if you have an unlimited or broad channel, then you get a great deal.

Q - In the instance where one knows better but lacks the power or drive to do better or differently than he does, what becomes of him, or how can one attain this other factor or quality so necessary?

A - You are referring to the libido or motive power and this is a very broad subject, but primarily you are concerned with the motivating power that stems into the mind which we call the libido, but we should be more concerned with the spiritual libido than with the physical. Now when we find the cycles of transition or expression in the person's life are not properly integrated, there is no spiritual libido. The inflow of energy or Intelligence of the Infinite has to flow into every individual in different ways, through different forms and transitions but if we find a certain mental ingredient or correlationship that is lacking, he does not have that spiritual libido. He is temporarily shallow or sterile or at whatever condition he has so arrived.

Q - What can one do about it?

A - The best thing to do is as the old cliché says: "When it rains in China, we let it rain"--all we do is sit quietly or be relaxed with it and when cycles swing around we pick the thing up again. We are liable to find that we are in an entirely different plane of relationship if we are patient. Actually one is never quiet or still in the spiritual sense; you are always moving in one relationship or direction in one way or another. But it just remains with you as to how much that particular evolution or transition can be related into your present physical everyday understanding. Now if you were approaching a rather psychological concept which is neurasthenia and which is an emotional conflict which blocks the nervous system, that is an entirely different thing; that is a psychological problem. It is like any particular maladjustment; we have to work along lines to adjust; we must become conscious of the situation and with the help from the higher spiritual beings, we can correct and adjust these conditions. Swedenborg would say that is a lack of equilibrium; he stressed equilibrium very emphatically, the balance between spiritual and the material self. As we know, the stemming of Infinite Energies comes into us through the chakras which is a sort of sprinkling system of the body that nourishes the entire system.

Q - So, what does one do about it?

A - Every situation would be dependent entirely upon the condition in which those things were incurred. With spiritual stagnation or lack of expression into any different dimension (life primarily in maladjustment or in misalignment with these inflows of powers) we must then enter into concepts that will line ourselves up with them. These factors all vary with the individual; I'd have to have some specific case before I'd know exactly what to do; that all comes under the headings of techniques. All techniques more or less vary; we might say the procedures or understanding, the analyses or diagnoses are much the same; but applications of various techniques involved would have to be different, depending upon conditions. You would say that primarily some great psychic shock or a number of them in psychosomatic medicine would create a block. The block would have to be removed by bringing this out into the daylight and by solving merely as a residual, intangible element in the person's existence. When a person becomes acquainted with these insubordinates, he does what the psychiatrist does. As was told in the beginning, our psychiatry is merely an extension of our present-day psychiatry and fills in all of the elements which present-day psychiatry lacks. True psychiatry is, in part, recognizing such things as spiritual obsessions and then we must remove them. If we can get to that point, then we can take a great many people out of the insane asylums--those who are in there now.

Q - And how do we find this extension?

A - We find that by understanding the psychic self of man, the true nature of man's spiritual body, how it was created through the many lifetimes and how these negative experiences of the past remain and exist as blocks. This is all explained to you in the lessons. Study them through diligently and you'll find the answers to all things. They have been gone into just as much and as thoroughly as they possibly could have been in the short time we spent (a couple of hours or so weekly). Any one of those lessons is a subject which a person could devote hundreds or even thousands of years in understanding because they are all so interlocked. One thing leads into another and we cannot really separate any part of it.

Q - Sometimes when I study the lessons, after finishing one, I feel, "Well, wait a moment; I did not get much out of that." I go back through it again and it will all light up. I  feel as though I have learned so much in a few moments time--it has taken on great meaning to me.

A - That proves how your cycles are revolving around and when you get to a certain point, the conjunctions are harmonious in their frequency relationship; you have that illumination.

Q - Sometimes it is something which I have often wondered about and here it all opens right up and I know!

A - Seek and ye shall find; knock and the door shall be opened to you.

Q - How is it or what causes it when sometimes you feel a clutching in the throat and it feels like you are being choked, even to cause a cough?

A - That is a spiritual force and not too healthy a contact; usually it is a maladjusted person who is very anxious to get to you; they see your little light shining because you are thinking about spiritual subjects and they come to you from the astral world, just like bees would come around the hive with the honey.

Q - For instance it happened recently at the cemetery when I went to see my dead friend.

A - Well in such time your dead friend was there with you, attaching herself to you. That is the first place where they strike you--in the throat. A cemetery is a very bad thing in this sense of the word--if you are clairvoyant and you ever go past the cemetery, you might see thousands of these poor souls at different times clustered around there as they have not properly adjusted themselves.

Q - I have heard it said that having a cat around will keep these lower spirits away.

A - Well, I'm sure someone was confused when they dreamed that one up. You see we are dealing with these things very scientifically; they operate just the same as your radio or your television set; you always must understand that no spiritual entity can come to you unless they have proper relationship with you there in some way through frequency relationship. They have to tune into you and that first tuning comes through these most delicate nerve centers; those are involuntary reflexes.

Q - I've heard it said that cats and dogs are often more psychic than the people who own them; they can sense things, etc.

A - Yes, indeed, it is often true. We have lost our sixth and seventh senses but a cat or a dog can walk in and out of the spiritual world as easily as we walk in and out of the doorway.

Q - Often I have sensed my dog looking at certain areas in the room and I could tell by her attitude she was seeing and hearing things in the other dimensions.

A - Yes, most persons have lost those sensitivities and abilities but personally I do not remember the day when I did not have it or that I was unable to see the inner higher worlds. It was always there.

A - My dog reacted so strangely at a contact with a friend when we were signing some papers of import and I wondered if the dog sensed some ill or something negative about him; he stalked and acted so queerly.

A - Yes, a dog is very sensitive to radiation or what you might call affiliations with any plane of integration or natural way that a person might be reflecting from or living from the entities around him--a dog can sense the person's aura and resent it if it is not good, if it is not healthy.

Q - Is it harmful if people send you bad thoughts or if the person feels bad and sends thoughts to you?

A - If you have had some sort of contact, say in a physical way, you know that person, you can say that person has a certain little open place in your aura--a contact through vibration that goes back and forth (oscillation) just like radio impulses.

Q - That is what happened with I got the choking sensation?

A - Yes. I know of a very famous medium who stood upon the platform of Chriswell's church in Hollywood one time to give a demonstration of message work; this was during the war and the first person she contacted was a poor sailor boy who had drowned out in the Pacific. I saw him when he came in, and he took her over, and she practically drowned right there on the platform. I happened to be the only person in the place who knew what to do for her and so I went up and took the boy away from her (in spirit), dispossessed her, and carried her over to a chair and brought her to with a little artificial resuscitation and she became well right then. But she could have drowned right there on that platform had I not been there. They are that real. I once had one entity come to me to whom I had given a message in my home and I did not know it at the time, but six months after that message was given, he passed away, violently insane in a straitjacket, in the psychiatric ward in a Los Angeles city hospital. He came to me and made life miserable for my former wife and me for quite awhile, so I called in another sensitive to work as a polarity with me and we finally got him located. I did not see him too well but all the choking spasms I went through and the poor wife went through during that time were pitiful but he was a very stubborn case, very unusual. But the thing was I did not know who he was, for had I known, it would have been taken care of immediately. That is the big secret--recognition and placement.

(The visiting sensitive): I have had them come into my classes, especially some of the boys who passed over during the war and it was during the second war )World War II) I was taken out every night into the astral to guide these souls who were just being separated from the body, and we used to ask for their names and we would take them down with the addresses they gave and most always, two or three weeks later, we would see their names in the causality list. So we knew that entity did actually die, with whom we were in touch; as he made the change, we helped him to adjust and know what had happened to him. And we were able to direct them to the Higher Beings so they could be helped further in their needs. It is a wonderful service if it can be done objectively but so few know how to do this without becoming obsessed themselves.

Teacher - That is right; if one can get or receive proper protection and proper integration he can be of help but there is much need for help right here in this dimension. It can be very, very dangerous too. I will tell you about the experience I had in 1935 before I had actually entered into advanced interpretation of spiritual work; this concerned a woman to whom I gave a message through palmistry. It happened at a housewarming party and I mentioned to this woman that she had a very serious illness in the female organs in the womb. I did not tell her what it was but emphasized the fact very strongly that she must reach a certain specialist within the next three weeks or she'd be dead within three years time. She paid no attention to me; I was, in her mind, mere a fortune-teller but within a few months time, she became very ill and they did not diagnose her condition as a slowly progressive cancer until almost a year later, and after it was too late. I had told my former wife, after I went home that night; "Nancy will be dead in less than three years time because she has cancer of the womb." And the very month and week that Nancy died--I remember it very well--I was doing carpenter work at the time and I was coming down with intermittent fevers all day long; I could not understand it. These fevers got progressively worse and the day that Nancy died, I came home at four o'clock very ill; I thought I had the flu, had a high temperature and the wife had called the doctor; I was out of my head and unconscious.

I was told later that I had a 107 degree fever and had it for four hours. At ten o'clock Nancy died; one minute after ten, my temperature was normal. But it took me three years to get over it; I had to have iron shots, liver shots and even blood transfusions. It just about carried me over. You see I had been the only person in the whole world who knew her condition and she came to me and held on from the astral; and that power--the temperature that had built up in me--was the reaction of the very strong spiritual forces that were trying to help break her hold on me. It was not really an organic temperature at all but was merely spiritual heat. That is why I suffered physically to the point where I had almost actually died; I had come very close to it. But my help and contact with her helped her on the Inner and from then on.

Q - A friend of mine had a condition which I felt was also cancer and my inner voice told me she would die from it but before she died I tried to help her and I would be sick very often and knew it was her sickness.

A - You were relieving her, to a large extent, of her suffering to that point. Yes, this is all part of spiritual healing and as we said, you cannot get into spiritual healing or work and get into it rightly without having healings; that is, if you get into it rightly, with understanding. You will not have to lay on hands or anything. But the moment you contact a person, he will be helped, healed and adjusted; it follows through automatically because you understand man and how the spiritual laws work; there cannot be any failures.

Q - And I think this lady with cancer still comes to me with the choking.

A - Yes, no doubt she does because that was a very terrible thing with her and if she has not learned how to adjust herself, if she was not a spiritual person, she would still come to you.

Q - How do you know when the astral influence is not a good one--as this lady spoke of the one who came to her choking her; how can one tell the difference?

A - Usually one with a physical condition--you will feel it properly whenever that person has it; if they have it in their leg, you will feel it in your leg as if you had the ailment whatever it be. But in the case of a maladjusted entity who comes to you, nine times out of ten you will feel it in the throat first. It will be a choking, a scratching or sometimes coughing is caused; they may come to you and impose their own physical condition on you; if they passed away with a bad heart, you may get a twinge in the heart area. That is the reason why doctors are so prosperous nowadays because there are a lot of things that happen in the spiritual worlds to people here that they do not know about and they think there is something organically wrong with them. So the doctors take full advantage of all these happenings. Whereas, if the patient would, in many instances, be just a little patient, the higher spiritual forces could help him and the lower forces would move out. If it were an obsession, the person would then realize immediate releasement.

Q - This lady says she often goes out at night and helps people in that way but how important it is to have higher spiritual protection too.

A - It is said that everyone was born into the world with a guardian angel; now of course there are many ways of looking at this personal spiritual protection. There is not anyone who does not go out and travel in the astral in his or her sleep; we all do. But this is all in the realm of your own person spiritual dispensation, your protection, the group of people around you on the plane in which you are working and there are so many factors which enter into this topic that it is a big subject all by itself. But it is one way also in which people can become obsessed. Back in the Middle Ages, many a woman was burned at the stake for consorting with an incubus--because she went out in the astral and fornicated with an evil spirit--she bore a deformed child. But there is a lot of truth in that understanding.

A lot of people carry on these very lurid sexual lives, various drinking lives, or other types of prostitution in the astral even much more vividly or realistically than they do on earth. And they only come back here as the opposite end of their polarity to live here in the physical sense during the daytime. So primarily, we base all things first in what this person is spiritually and that these things are only reactive according to the exterior surface of their own personality and their own world. That is the other side of our polarity, our nature.

Q - The Christian Scientists believe that it is all thought and I think that they could be vulnerable to these negative or lower forces too; is it not true?

A - Because they call themselves Christian Scientists, does not make them immune from evil spirits--they are not vaccinated against these things any more than the rest of us are. They are subjected to the same spiritual laws of dispensation that the whole world is. The fact of the matter is, they really do not enter into the spiritual side of psychology so they are quite likely to be more strongly obsessed by either certain thought-form bodies or actual entities. We must recognize these things. You see the various and different types of evil or violence. Now you have perhaps read stories where a person blacked out in a fit of anger and when he woke up, the body of a dead person lay there; so what happened? The person stepped out of the body and in that moment of emotional tenseness, an entity came in, took the body over, performed a murder and stepped out; and the man stepped back in and he did not know how that murder was committed but he was blamed for it and sent to prison and electrocuted for it. Yes, those things happen in your sleep just as well as they can happen in your waking hours, there is no difference; all that we are concerned with is how we link ourselves up and our relationship, either in a conscious state or in a hypcognic or sleep state.

These various types of mental and physical prostitution that you see about you in the world today are in this world simply as a last resort or a last place; they are actually functioning from the spiritual and astral planes of iniquities into this world as an opposite end of the polarity. You always have to envision these things. Here is the physical in which they are manifesting and here is the spiritual in which they are manifesting in their secret natures, in their innermost desires and in their spiritual, hypcognic or sleep state. But primarily it has to rotate from higher to lower dimensions first and vice versa.

And the same processes are true in the very highest concepts of life. That is why we can enter into the concept and say that the Infinite made all things; He made good and He made evil. It is according to man's translation and transpositions of intelligence of the directive forces.

Q - When I used to go out to help folks at the beginning of my work in spiritual work, I would always stay overnight rather than return after dark for I did not know how to protect myself psychically speaking from these astral influences.

A - My dear lady, you know about these things when you came into this world when you were born; you'd not be doing the work you are otherwise. Maybe you were not conscious that you knew how to protect yourself, but the knowledge was there nonetheless. These things are always as I spoke a moment ago the two polarities. You are bringing this back into your physical consciousness to bring out certain unsolved or unsatisfied quotients of elements in these expressions; it's broadening and enlarging your spiritual concept of the innermost nature of the godself. That is part of your progression. We'll have to learn of this Infinite little by little, time at a time, place at a place. People are so apt to read things into their lives and by the same token we have to read them out again. It is all a matter of what we accept and what we reject; we must learn what is good for us and enter into the constituents through a new spiritual body, whereby we can go up into higher spiritual dimensions. That is our natural purpose of our whole fuller realization of self because we are never apart from the Infinite (or God), not one moment. It is part of us, part of every one of us. Everything that we do and every act that we perform--that is our translation. Now we are translating the Infinite into our act and our consciousness every day.

This consciousness here is not just me or being or channel in these things but this is the sum and total of each and every one of you who comes to me and what you will arrive at in your ultimate destiny.

Ruth: It so happened that Dr. Norman had picked up a severe case of flu that settled into his back. During the short time I was there in her chapel to view some film, a severe ray came to me, or that it oscillated between her and me and I took on the condition in the back--Dr. Normal felt better upon my arriving home.

A question from the visiting psychic or medium whom Ruth visited in her church:

Medium: Can you tell me, and I am searching for understanding, why, when I was standing at my pulpit preaching, when your wife came over to see the pictures on the screen, I was suddenly eased from that condition in my back and I radiated and asked God to send the healing ray. I knew it was for someone else besides herself, but she just trembled; her body shook as if in a vibrating machine because the power was so strong. It was not necessary for anyone to touch her. But you brought up food for thought that I am going to work on about the psychological end of it--but how, or why this experience with Mrs. Norman?

Teacher: Yes, you see, of that particular transition which you spoke of as spiritual healing power, the reason Ruth trembled is because all three parties concerned this act, you, Ruth and myself, were strong spiritual souls and had strong or good contacts with High Spiritual Powers; that is primarily the understanding entered into. Second place, we had to have a very strong and accurate relationship in frequency and harmonic vibration, just as you tune your radio into a certain station; if that was done just partially or haphazardly, sort of off the beam, that power would not have demonstrated itself so strongly. That is the very foundation of spiritual healing. However, the power would have come in and the effects resulted, whether or not you asked, as you say, "God to heal." This is the one great difference in the Unarius teachings; we, in conscious mind, can do nothing. It is exactly as Jesus taught: "Of myself I do nothing, but it is the Father within that doeth the works." And the Brotherhood with whom we work do not need conscious mind to direct them; rather we let Superconscious do these things and inspire us, we become receptive to It.

If there is need for healing, there's nothing conscious mind can do to bring it about, for conscious mind is but a projection or outlet of the subconscious which is always the past. Only when man becomes developed in his conscious mind, then it is also Superconscious, and then but a small portion of the time or when there is need for the Higher Self to come in. If I can refer to the old cliché, "Let the dog wag the tail instead of trying to be tail wagging the dog." As we often say, if we can keep out "cotton-picking" mind out of the way, then we are all right.

Student - It was only during the second lesson that I felt a strong heat around me when I was sitting here in class, just like a heater was on me.

Teacher - I could tell you many incidents and sometimes very humorous incidents in contacts with various people that I have made through these analytical and comparative processes of evolution in the past years.

I remember one person with whom I came into contact--a woman; she used to sit on a couch when I would come into the living room and she'd immediately break out into a very violent perspiration, and her clothing would become completely saturated; her face would get so red she'd sit there fanning herself. She knew it was good for her and I explained to her what it was; it can be turned on and turned off just as you would turn the light on; and inside of three or four months when the psychic aura was completely cleansed and purged of certain elements which were unhealthy, her physical body was perfectly revitalized.

Peace be with you all.