Lesson 13 Reincarnation Through Various Planes of Existence, Clairvoyance, Reading the Akashic Records.

Greeting friends:

We are happy to see you here again for our closing lesson of the series in the development in our personal progression which will lead us to our pathway to the stars.

In this lesson the subject matter will be clairvoyance and reading the Akashic records. As usual we are over-shadowed and the lecture is being moderated by several personalities from the teaching centers of Unarius. First, however, we will review previous lessons somewhat and deal more factually with the subject at hand.

In the beginning you were presented with certain concepts dealing primarily with the Infinite and Its numerous and various manifestations in an infinity of ways and in infinite numbers of countless dimensions about us in this and other terrestrial and spiritual planes of existence. It was explained to you how the Infinite Force, called energy, supports the various atomic structures of your bodies, manifests itself in your mentality, in the way in which you conduct your lives and in all of the various and numerous ways of translations of life.

Going further along, we were shown that through reincarnation in the various planes of existence (as larger or smaller planetary systems in the higher rates of vibration), man came and went through these different dimensions of interpretation. Thus, man acquaints himself infinitely through the dimension of experience in this realm with the more infinite nature of the higher God-self which is composed primarily of all of the Infinite Essences of the Infinite because it is most imperative that man should learn of these things through his own personal experiences. Some of the spiritual teaching centers, such as Unarius, were described to you and you were told of their particular activities to serve and integrate themselves into the numerous concepts about us. The personages and personalities who teach the principles of life in the advanced teaching centers are composed, to a large extent, of exponents of various philosophers who have lived upon the planet earth in previous times. There were also points in our own personal psychology which were brought out, how you could learn to understand yourself, to control inhibitive reflexes within your own makeup so that you might learn to conserve, control and direct your own psychic energies. The psychic body was explained to you--how you live through the psychic self as the sum and total of all of your previous experiences in former incarnations.

Before discussing clairvoyance, and may we say incidentally, that this terminology is not to be misconstrued or confused with any existing translations of this science as it exists upon the earth today, for in the true sense, clairvoyance means the Eye of the Infinite. The inner self, through visualizing the life cycle and all the propensities of the higher self is connected through the law of frequency harmonic vibration to all of the infinite numbers of dimensions which compose the Infinite; so likewise, the higher self functions in direct proportion to the various attunements with the different dimensional translations. It is most indicative that sooner or later, as personal beings, we will wish to come into a more direct contact with this higher or God-self in order to express in a more or less direct proportion of relationship to our fellowman and at the same time gain a direct proportion of self-mastery.

Before going too far into this subject, we must pause and spend a little time in discussion of some well-known psychological factors which must be thoroughly understood before we can progress much further along in the evolution of understanding. In the idiom of modern psychology, it is understood that we have what is call a subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is best understood as the existing negative polarity of the psychic body. For in this so-called subconscious, the negative polarities of the psychic self (or anatomy), reside the contents of the numerous earth life experiences. This, in itself, is an extended principle of psychosomatic medicine. We shall then understand that impounded in the psychic anatomy are the contents of these numerous lives and that in their dispensations they are often quite likely to create within us great internal pressures. This is very true of certain conditions of experience which have been psychic in nature and because they have remained unsolved, they have constituted a direct threat to our personal happiness in everyday life. These internal pressures, when further intensified and strengthened by external pressures of this tremendously vast and complicated world which is about us, may cause the average individual to become completely frustrated and extremely neurotic and might very likely cause him to completely lose his sense of balance.

Fortunately, however, the Abstract in Its Infinite Wisdom has placed at least enough of the essential components for the expression of life for each individual in the sum total of his understanding, so we can say that everyone has a safety valve. This safety valve is called an escape mechanism by the modern psychologist. It can be pictured as something like the safety valve on a steam engine. In the world about us from day to day, we normally see many people who are exercising a certain amount of escape in various types of mechanisms so that the psychic energies and pressures are harmlessly dissipated. However, if they accumulate or are impinged more rapidly than they are dissipated, then it is quite logical to assume that the individual will begin to suffer in direct proportion.

Escape mechanisms are seen about us often in our daily lives. The teenager who drives his hot-rod at intense speeds up and down the highway has an escape mechanism; the college boys who swallow goldfish and go on panty raids also have their escape mechanisms. The millionaire, the man who has spent his life amassing a great fortune, has a great escape mechanism; people who go off on a tangent in facing the realities of life or chase flying saucers also have escape mechanisms.

Let us get more directly into the completely advanced forms of escape mechanisms which form into strong thought patterns or inhibitive reflexes which can be more properly called a neurosis or a psychosis. The man called Hitler was in the grip of such a psychosis when he plunged the world into its blackest and more horrible cataclysm in the written pages of man's history. We can also say that it was such an escape mechanism which created a conqueror named Napoleon and that this escape mechanism was born of an inferiority complex because of the smallness of his stature. Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great and numerous conquerors who have followed this bloody path of conquest in the pages of history, were primarily motivated by a very strong escape mechanism and as a result, started on this pathway to conquer the world.

It can also be rationalized that escape mechanisms have motivated some of the very strongest and purest expressions which have helped to relieve man and have instigated great spiritual revivals which were most necessary. In certain evolutions of transition, Buddha was under the influences of an escape mechanism when he climbed the walls of the cloistered palace which had been created for him by his father. He wished to come in direct contact with the seeming poverty, wretchedness and sickness on the outside. With the elements of compassion which entered his mind as an escape mechanism, he donned the rags of a beggar and proceeded along his pathway, as we all know his story, until he contacted his Inner self under the fig tree; and thus he was able to bring into the world a great spiritual renaissance.

Another man named Zoroaster also escaped the cloistered seclusion of the caste system to bring another teaching into the world. A camel driver named Mohammed, who had epileptic convulsions and violent fits of temper, became an escapist. He married his employer who owned the caravan and through self-imposed austerities lasting many years, finally succeeded in making the personal internal contact with his true self and created for millions of people the Moslem world.

It might also be said of the Avatar Jesus, if we were to trace the course of history, that thousands of years proper to the time when He appeared in Galilee, He had been started on the upward path into the spiritual dimensions motivated by a strong escape mechanism which was dramatically climaxed on the hill of Calvary.

In view of the various dispensations of personality, as well as the psychology of our fellow man, it is well to recognize the various pressures and influences of the world about us. We should learn to rationalize and to be very temperate in all of our expressions, to look internally rather than externally upon the outer world should disturbances appear to mar or ruffle the calm of our daily lives. It is a common practice among those who are mentally or psychically disturbed, to place the blame for these self-disturbances upon their fellowman and particularly upon the ones whom they love the most. In this act we see the image and the mirror of our own reflection.

Now in view of certain circumstances and statements of the various other concepts which might enter into the many translations or transitions in your life in your climb to the starry pathway, we must enter into an explanation of another peculiarity or idiosyncrasy--or shall we say, a mislaid application of spiritual willingness, as it is expressed upon the earth today. We must look about us and learn to discern the multiple pitfalls which are about us in every moment of our lives. We must learn to see them as they really are, for sometimes they present to us certain exterior surfaces which are apparently very attractive or which seem to offer us the solution to our present misunderstanding or difficulty. As has been previously postulated, there are at present orthodoxies or fundamentalisms which are certain necessary steps in the progress of evolution. In our work and in the presentation of these lessons, some people may read between the lines or find parallels which will cause them to say, "Well, he is a spiritualist." Now anyone who believes in the Infinite (or God) is a spiritualist but so that I may personally, as a channel, make my position clear, I will say that I do not have any connection with any existing church at this time. Nor do I wish the translations of Unarius as teachings to be confounded or inflicted with any misunderstandings from exterior contacts. There exists in this country today shall we say a "religious cultism" known as Spiritualism. If we understand this particular expression of life, we see that Unarius seemingly parallels some of the things found in these teachings. It must be borne in mind that we have no personal differences with anyone who is affiliated with any spiritualist church. We are merely objectifying certain psychological and philosophical principles which are involved in this translation of life.

Spiritualism has been known and has been practiced by man since the beginning of time or the existence of man for Spiritualism, in a pure broad sense, means the relative inhibitive factors about which man wishes to learn more in these moving spiritual worlds of which he is vaguely aware. In the more primitive expressions such as the savage in the jungle, we find the witch doctor practicing a certain form of Spiritualism. In early European history in the races of people known as Picts, the Celts and the Gauls, the Druids practiced a form of Spiritualism. Long before the time of Kung Fu, the Chinese worshipped their ancestors and communed with them; and, it is said, this belief was brought to Europe in the 12th century by Marco Polo. Spiritualism finds its place among the Toltecs and the Aztecs and in early Mayan civilization. Throughout all of the written and unwritten tales of man's history on the earth, we have found him to be in contact with the spiritual worlds and with the spiritual people in those worlds in many different interpretations.

The Bible contains many passages which could be termed Spiritualistic, such as Saul seeking out the witch of Endor. Jesus Himself exemplified a very high form of Spiritualism in which the true approach to certain psychological principles was fully realized. Unfortunately, Spiritualism as it is practiced in this country in the present day, is not well-founded psychologically or philosophically. May I say that I come well-prepared to talk on this subject. I have spent fifteen years, more or less, as a lecturer and as a message medium on the platforms of many Spiritualist churches in the Southern California area. I did this purposely and not entirely without a selfish motive, for I was motivated by the principle of analysis that I might peer into the motivation and activation of the various principles of life. I was also actively practicing overcoming self, with a future in view when I would be able to give a better account of myself to my fellowman. I may say that my own interpretation of Spiritualism such as it was, was not confined to the churches; but I carried it into the dance halls, the bus stations, the street corners and wherever humanity was found. In this I tried to follow the footsteps of Jesus. In fact, during the war I lost two different jobs in war plants because it was noised about that the whole morale of my section of the plant was upset by my giving messages to those who were working with me. The message work was only an excuse whereby spiritual healing was interjected into the lives of these numerous contacts through certain spiritual therapy adjustments.

Getting on with our analysis of Spiritualism as it is practiced in this country today, we find that as a whole, both congregations and spiritualist mediums are in amazingly small numbers. Resorting to statistics from Andrew Jackson Davis, we shall say that in over one hundred years time between two and three hundred thousand are registered spiritualists in two national organizations. If we add another one hundred thousand or so in unregistered drifters who come and go in these churches, that number will about measure the size of the Spiritualists' expression as it exists in America today. This is food for thought, inasmuch as it is claimed by Spiritualists to be the highest expression of spiritual life in the world today. If this is so, why are there not more people with this expression?

We will often find that the spiritualist medium is a sweet, motherly little soul, one whom we might expect to be a mother or a grandmother rather than a dictator of certain spiritual principles and an exponent of the highest laws and orders of Infinite Wisdom. The services, as a whole, are conducted in a rather shabby and run-down little front room or parlor, sometimes the church may boast of a frame building perched upon a barren lot. This is quite indicative to us that the pastors, mediums and members of these churches must exist from outside sources of revenue; that these churches in themselves are not largely self-supporting. As an ordained minister in one of these churches, I also, like many of the others, supported myself working at ordinary outside jobs and during this period of fifteen years, I did not accept any remuneration whatsoever for my services in those churches. As to the congregations, there too we shall find some rather important facts. As a whole, the women outnumber the men ten to one and this is indicative of a psychological fact that we must remember, for women are usually pivoted a little on the emotional side of their reflexes. Also, according to life insurance statistics, women usually outlive the men by ten years. Consequently in these congregations we find many little old ladies who have been bereft of all of the supporting structures of their lives; they have lost their husbands, or they have become friendless and alone. They are suffering from various derelictions in their everyday lives and they wander into these churches, not because they love to listen to the lectures but because they wish for someone to give them a message. Thus they may become what is called "message hounds." They go from one church to another seeking the palliative or opiate which is contained in the message.

It might be pointed out at this time that a Spiritualist medium is successful only in direct proportion or ratio to his ability to administer this palliative, soothing syrup to poor, friendless and isolated souls. If I can be pardoned for an excusable sense of pride, my message work was factually of a direct nature and accurate. Yet I never tried to build up a clientele because I refused to pat their little bumps of self-approbation. I refused to give them a palliative to which they had become accustomed in these churches. I would give a more subtle explanation of the psychological and philosophical principles of life; in short, tell them that they must go out, solve their own differences, stand upon their two legs, be human rather than depend upon the escape mechanisms which were now motivating their lives.

Now as far as the class in what is called spiritual materialization or physical phenomena is concerned, here too, I escaped some of the numerous pitfalls. Although I had many invitations to perform with various types of phenomena such as trumpet, cabinet work, levitation, etc., I graciously declined for my work was done purely on the basis of analysis. Considering the principles of that which is called physical phenomena and the various other expressions of Spiritualism contained in the séance room, the participants as well as the medium can all be said to be inadvertently not only entering into self-deception but also into certain fraudulent practices. If we refer back to some of our teachings on the creation of thought-form bodies, remember that they can become Frankenstein monsters which can sometimes destroy us. Under the tutelage of some medium, the students in the séance room will sit in intense concentration for many hours, weeks, months or even years. They build up around themselves in their psychic centers a thought-form body and into this is poured all of the energies and thought-form ideals of the individual. These may be unexplained and unrealized factors. One may wish for spiritual healing, another may wish to become a master, another may wish to heal people with a touch. Some time in the future it may happen that certain astral forces who will enter into the picture at the right time, may take the energies of the thought-form bodies and actually help to create a materialization for a poor unsuspecting person who now believes herself to be a fully-developed psychic medium. This thought-form body which materializes on the exterior surface of the person is called ectoplasm. This ectoplasm assumes different personalities; it may pose as a Master or even as several Masters. In pursuance of the different types of Spiritualistic expressions in the classrooms, it may be pointed out that I have as yet failed to identify any Master with any personage or any apparitions who claim to be Masters. It has been pointed out by John The Revelator and others who are teaching in Unarius, that Masters have never appeared in any séance rooms, nor will they ever do so. The reasons for this are very apparent; the Master does not seek to make a public exhibition of himself, he is not indulging in theatrics to impress a group of poor misled students. A Master can interject intelligence into the subconscious of the spiritual side of man's nature and lead and direct him into more normal channels of person expression. Thus, Spiritualism is, as we have pointed out to you, a form of self-deception and fraud.

There are examples of true materializations. Moses saw one in the burning bush. There are many examples of such appearances of Masters to people of the Bible as well as others in history.

To have a Master appear in a darkened classroom would so psychically shock everyone in that room with the blinding flash of flaming light that they would be unable to see or function normally in any way from that point on. Oh, we would say that perhaps a Master could come into the classroom as a very meek and humble person, but what is there to prove or teach in such an environment to such a limited and unanalytical group of people?

Now that we have firmly disassociated clairvoyance with Spiritualism and disassociated ourselves with any of these common practices which can be said to be but one small step removed from some of the practices of the past, we shall discuss what clairvoyance really is and which we have called "The Eye of God or the Infinite." In our future evolutions, we not only learn of ourselves but of our fellowman, the infinite ways in which man lives, the infinite number of dimensions, experiences and problems and the way in which he interprets life about him. To learn to understand your fellowman is one of the steps necessary to attain clairvoyance. In your future progressions in the spiritual world you will attain a position whereby you shall become so completely abstract in your nature that you will peer through the "Eye of God" and see abstractly all things instantaneously. All things shall be realized and their purpose fully explained to you in that complete realization. Also, inversely, the Infinite looks through this same "Eye" into mankind and sees therein the direct reflection and proportion of all His understandings in Himself.

In this future day you will learn among other things to read the Akashic record and here we shall give you some explanation of what is called the Akashic record. Remember that each of you has a psychic self, that you are only reflecting outwardly into a physical world a certain expression of the sum total of all of your psychic experiences and that you can truly be said to be a spiritual being, creating for yourself in your evolution a formed spiritual body which will enable you to live in higher dimensions. Within contact of the spiritual or psychic body at all times is the Superconscious Self which, we have said, maintains through vibration, or frequency, or harmonic relationship, a contact with the Infinite and with the Absolute and abstract concept which we have just described. So, therefore, when we come into closer and fuller relationship with the higher self through the psychic or spiritual body, we shall begin to learn and to discern the various elements and factors which are progressing in the spiritual worlds. We shall be able to see the psychic body of each individual as well as our own and to translate what is radiated from that body in terms which are more relative to the particular position in life. There is nothing mysterious about this process. It must be remembered that the same processes of what are commonly called sight or vision are entered into here with your normal or physical eyes, which are constantly taking into themselves certain frequency vibrations of energy. These energies, through a degenerative process in the rods and cones in the retina are transformed or, shall we say, rectified into certain suitable energies or wave forms which are acceptable as translations of forms in the brain structures; this is sight.

The same process takes place in a spiritual way in a spiritual dimension with the spiritual sight which is called clairvoyance. There is no difference except that there we do not have the physical eye. The same radiations of energy must come into our consciousness or our being, become suitably rectified or transposed into pictures of the past. Thus we see it as a radiating, pulsating, beautiful spiritual body. Some individual will actually present to us, individually and collectively (psychically), a series of pictures and happenings which will flash before us. We can also peer into the spiritual eye in the numerous dimensions about us and see the beautiful spiritual worlds and the life and the ways in which others about us have lived. These things are unseen and unheard now because we have neglected our inner sight.

The Akashic records can be roughly divided into two groups or two different dispensations: those which reside in the pure psychic self and those which usually belong in the lower orders of existence as they have been impounded in the numerous physical incarnations in the material world. Assuming that such an individual has ascended into a spiritual relationship which is a little higher than that which is normally found in the earth planet, then this person has, we will say, gone into the centers of Unarius or to others of the higher spiritual worlds. This person is hopeful; he may be possessed of a certain amount of spiritual libido or drive, just as an escape mechanism on the earth motivated a previous life with this same libido. Now he has a spiritual libido or drive, which comes from a proper understanding and a relationship with the inner self. He has ascended to the higher centers of Unarius or other such spiritual centers, which are associated with the higher expressions of man's relationship. Here he will write in various books or, through his different works, make a record of his past experiences. He will also put into the writings and into his works, his present hopes, ambitions and aspirations and add the various things that he intends to do in the future.

In reading the Akashic records of an individual, while we may be primarily concerned with removing any obstructive blocks which have been residual elements which are detrimental in his evolution, yet for purposes of pure introspection, we must concern ourselves with values of spiritual ascendency which have been revealed to the inner man. Such revelations as are contained in the higher centers of the Akashic self can be revealed to us internally from our fellow-man. We too can join in with this type of spiritual fellowship which lends its strength and its edifying qualities of wisdom and intelligence from another directive source of the mind. Thus it will be in your future evolutions; you will study these things, you will pursue them most intelligently and analytically and you will come to know that the worlds, both terrestrial and celestial, are created for the purpose of finding your personal evolution there and your own pathway. Consequently, in direct proportion, we interpret into the place and dimensions in which we find ourselves all of the philosophical and psychological values of life. They do not reside outside of us as exterior values but only as we imbibe them or imbue them as concepts into the fabrications of our spiritual bodies.

Therefore, do not blame the outside world for any derelictions or for any psychic dispensations or misunderstandings of which you do not or can not compensate. If you have escape mechanisms or reflexes or you suffer from something unexplained, remember that these things remain unsolved only so long as you allow them to remain so. There shall be within you the eternal well-spring of understanding and wisdom which is the true contact with the inner self. It shall remain so unto the end of time, as we carry on in a progressive regenerative evolution.