Transcription of Psychic Anatomy of Man

In the previous lesson we discussed the cycle of creation. Let us now turn our attention to that subject which is very personal to you; specifically, your psychic anatomy. Before doing so, however, let us briefly pause and review the previous lesson and the cycle of creation because it is extremely important for you to understand the basic function of this cycle before you can understand the evolution of your psychic anatomy. This creative cycle is called the Infinite Intelligence. It can be pictured as a vast circle which contains a great number of dimensions. These dimensions were drawn as a spiraling line on our circle. A dimension is, roughly speaking, a certain spectrum composed of a large but limited number of expressive wave forms of energy.

Remember at this point that an energy wave form is the actual and exact quantity of information. A dimension has two polarities: the positive or spiritual side and the negative or material form side. In each dimension this form or material side is always different because the spiritual or positive side is expressing only a limited number of dimensional forms from out of the vast unlimited expressive forms contained in the infinite circle. As in the case of the planet earth and millions of other similar earth planets, they are expressing as the negative terminating point from its adjacent spiritual or positive side of the dimension.

This expression assumes the form of various atoms and various types of dynamic energies such as light, electricity, etc., which make various reactions between these different elements possible and thus creates a large number of various harmonics which are most necessary in the process of creating a form of consciousness which will go into the psychic anatomy and enable it to evolve into different dimensions.

All of these dimensions, while basically similar in principle, always express themselves differently because they are expressing a different portion of the infinite circle. An important fact to remember is that none of these negative terminating forms of expression survive or evolve. They are only supported from the spiritual or fourth dimension in this circle we have called the life cycle or the negative or terminative expression from the spiritual or fourth dimension. Only the positive harmonics survive by being combined in the respective psychic anatomy which always lives in this immediate associated spiritual dimension.

For instance, the planet Venus is an expression or terminating point for a higher dimension. If we wish to go to Venus, we cannot do so in the physical and hope to attain any kind of a normal life; we would first have to construct a suitable psychic anatomy, then leave our physical body and be reborn into the surface life of the planet Venus. On the planet Earth, all people are born through the womb; on the planet Venus they are born into an energy body—which is constructed in the manner we described in the book, "The Voice of Venus"—and not through the womb.

Thus you see that this third dimension which contains millions of other similar planets, will be the only dimension where you will encounter atomic forms which you call mass. In other dimensions all forms will be constructed with different kinds of energy formations. All of these vast numbers of dimensions and their negative terminating points function on the basis of frequency relationship. While these different dimensions are very dissimilar, they are all very closely linked together.

When you understand the principle of frequency relationship, you will know how this is possible, something like striking the low 'C' note and the high 'C' note on the piano; both are basically similar in pitch but have a difference in tone or frequency; one sounds low and the other sounds high but they both sound exactly the same in the other respect. When these fundamental principles are thoroughly understood, you will see that it is a tremendously vast and complex system.

Turning now to your diagram of the psychic anatomy (see illustration below), we will first describe the psychic anatomy as an energy body, roughly elongated or egg-shaped and approximately large enough to completely encompass your body. It is composed of millions of vortexes of energy, some large, some very microscopic. These vortexes are all composed of countless thousands of tiny energy wave forms, very similar to the vortexes which we have previously explained to you.

These tiny energy waves which comprise these vortexes are all ideas, forms of consciousness, experiences, etc., through which you have lived in this and other previous lives. To obtain a more comprehensive idea of the formation and function of this psychic anatomy, we will slow it down for you, so to speak, which will enable you to look into it. You will see all of the vortexes we have described. You will also see that it is roughly divided into three zones. We have separated these zones on the diagram; one is called the subconscious, the next the mental conscious and finally, the superconscious.

Out in front of these energy vortexes is the conscious mind which is a group of twelve million or more cells. It is not the seat of reason or memory as is commonly supposed; it functions solely as an integrator, or sort of a glorified switchboard. All mental processes of reason and reaction are contained in the psychic anatomy and function into the conscious mind in rather a complex fashion which we will presently describe to you.


Information energy material (chair) (IEM) strikes the lens of the eye, then is focused on retina; changed by the rods and cones on the retina surface (stepped up in frequency), then carried by the optic nerve to frontal brain lobes. Brain cell transistors again rectify IEM and then send it to the hypothalamus. This hypothalamus is the central switchboard; there it is routed to sine wave 'A' and oscillates into the subconscious. There it meets similar wave forms of IEM.

Although both wave forms are similar, they are oscillating out of phase. This creates a regenerating action; strong harmonics are formed which contain the original information but are now of different frequencies. One of these frequency impulses, or a new IEM oscillates back to the hypothalamus over sine wave 'A'. At the same time another harmonic or IEM, travels on sine wave 'B' to the mental or conscious mind. Here the same process occurs, except the IEM oscillates with wave forms which were inducted in previous lifetimes.

Several harmonics are thus formed; one travels back over sine wave 'B' to subconscious as a bias, or controlling factor of intelligence formed from frequency comparisons in the mental consciousness. Another harmonic impulse oscillates into the hypothalamus over sine wave 'C'. This is the same intelligent bias which controls reactions where the hypothalamus again reroutes it on the frequency basis to the correct brain cells which, in turn, perform the necessary function of sending energy commands to muscles, or other brain cells, rearranging these various wave forms which, in the overall process so described, create the illusion of "seeing" the chair and the added function of going over and sitting down.

A third set of harmonics from this mental conscious oscillates into the superconscious (sine wave 'D'), the oscillating process is repeated; new harmonics formed. Some go into Infinity in a like manner re-oscillating "forever". Other harmonics travel over sine wave 'B' to the mental conscious to form new vortexes of intelligent wave forms, polarizing each thought, each action and reinstates these processes.

The subconscious is that part of the psychic anatomy which is solely concerned with your present life from birth. The mental consciousness is the combination of most of your experiences in all your previous lifetimes. Your superconscious is partly composed from polarized energy wave forms which are facsimiles of all these earth life experiences, combined with exactly similar wave forms which were drawn from the Infinite Intelligent life cycle through the principle of frequency relationship which we have described.

Polarization is very important. In this polarization process a vortex of energy wave forms is thus created. While it was first a part of the Infinite, this Infinite in so combining, as it were, in a limited and progressive fashion, thus constructed this superconscious. The energy wave forms of consciousness which so polarized this Infinite were the regenerated harmonics or facsimiles of various earth life experiences which occurred to you (or any person) and in which you extracted a certain positive value. This positive value, as the wave form polarized or combined with a similar positive value, vibrated at a much higher frequency in the Infinite consciousness or circle.

This was done on the basis of compatible frequency relationships. However, you did not always have this superconscious. In fact all three portions of your psychic anatomy were developed on the spiritual side of this third dimension by the same basic principle we have just described to you.

To clarify this constructive evolution we will take certain specific examples; for instance, the amoeba. He is a tiny one-celled animal, a semi-liquid glob of proteide molecules. Science believes such animals were formed in the primeval ooze when certain conditions of heat, light and various elements somehow got together and formed these first cells. However, the scientist is quite vague on the point of how these cells became animated with life. He does not know that this whole process was instigated from the spiritual side of this dimension. When certain wave forms of idea or consciousness were harmonically attuned or vibrated with certain wave forms of expression on the material or negative side, then a vortex was formed; this vortex re-expressed itself physically as the amoeba.

Now this amoeba lived in its little life cycle and it died; that is, the proteide molecules composing its body disintegrated; the vortex or its psychic anatomy did not entirely perish, some of the negative potentials passed off and assumed the clockwise rotation in the creative cycle. Other portions of this vortex remained as a skeleton form and progressed counterclockwise or evolved, and when several or more of these vortex skeletons combined, they formed a new compound vortex which again re-expressed itself into the physical world as a multi-celled animal.

This is the spiritual side of evolution that was not known by Darwin or by Mendel, the geneticist; it is not known to any scientist in this day or time (save to Unariuns).

Continuing our introspection, let us take an animal higher on the scale of evolution—for instance a dog, an animal quite familiar to man. The dog expresses a certain amount of intelligence, however, this intelligence is, in comparison, very limited to your own particular expressive intelligence. This is because the psychic anatomy of this dog has not evolved into as great a proportion or function as has your particular psychic anatomy. The dog has a psychic anatomy which to some degree has been compounded or evolved in much the same manner as that of the amoeba; however, the mental consciousness is still comparatively undeveloped and the superconscious has only just slightly begun to form as a separate unit or entity. In human beings, this personal consciousness or ego is very strong or comparatively well developed.

Therefore, when a dog dies he will not maintain evolution in the same conscious or subconscious personal way that you do. His physical body will return to the earth; the subconscious portion of his psychic anatomy will proceed clockwise around the circle; the small remaining portion of mental consciousness will form sort of a skeleton framework which will enable some future puppy to be born alive with all the dog-like instincts, attributes and proclivities. However, he will not subconsciously remember as strongly as does a human being in the proportion of ego consciousness or selfhood.

It is this selfhood consciousness or ego which is the determinant difference between human beings and animals. However, there is no sharp line of separation. A chimpanzee, which is very close to the human, develops an intelligence quite similar to that of a seven-year-old child. He has fairly good table manners, goes to the toilet unattended and, in general, conducts himself like any normal well-mannered child of seven years.

Of course, this brings us to that very controversial point: Did man spring from the ape family? In the late 1920's the very famous Scopes trial in Tennessee dramatically illustrated this controversy. It also exposed the abysmal ignorance of both factions—science and religion—for neither side knew of the true spiritual evolution of consciousness as it is so concerned in the creation of an intelligent entity such as a human being. The creation of this intelligent entity actually does, technically speaking, and from the spiritual side of this third dimension, begin with the amoeba, not the monkey.

In this respect, it must be borne in mind that this Infinite Creative Intelligence is not personally or emotionally concerned with such ideosophies or such false ego structures which were so expressed by the religionist or scientist in this or other similar controversies. In fact the reverse is true, for the whole of this creative substance, plan and principle and these various expressive evolutionary forms should be considered, whether singularly or collectively, as supremely wonderful expressions.

Who can say which of the plant and animal species, including man and the various races of mankind, is better than the other for each is some smaller or larger expression of this same creative Intelligence. This is what Jesus meant when He said, "even the fall of a sparrow is noted", for the sparrow is just as important as any and all other things; and these various negative or material earth expressions are merely cells of consciousness when combined with all other interdimensional expressive forms and are the sum and total of this vast Infinite Intelligent life cycle.

Now let us examine the psychic anatomy more closely to see how it functions. You will see on the diagram there are certain wavy lines drawn as sine waves between the conscious physical mind and the various sections of the psychic anatomy. These are carrier waves or the highways over which other wave forms travel.

Let us take a specific example of consciousness. You are looking at a chair; this means that certain frequencies of light varying in degrees or intensities are reflected from the surface of the chair. These enter the eye and are focused by the lens onto the retina, a group of cells at the back portion of the eyeball. These cells are formed like rods and cones; they contain phosphorus compounds and have the power to change or harmonically recreate the energy waves which strike them. These regenerated or recreated wave forms then enter various portions of the brain through the optic nerve.

Now these 50 billion or so brain cells are constantly being activated by the sine waves coming out of the psychic anatomy into them. When this new group of energy wave forms comes into contact with this other set of wave forms, regeneration again occurs and a new set of wave forms is created. These will travel back, so to speak, over the sine wave highway into the subconscious vortex of the psychic anatomy. There they will meet old friends; these friends are the subconscious memories of all the times you have sat down in a chair since you were a very small baby.

These are what we refer to as association factors. The subconscious contains all the association factors of everything that you have done or experienced since you were conceived in this present lifetime. The mental conscious vortex contains all the association factors of all the experiences in all of your former lifetimes and back into that certain point when you began to maintain continuity from one life to the next as a definite individual personality. In other words, you psychically remembered in many different ways. This psychic memory, combined or formed from the various experience association factors, had subsequently polarized the superconscious vortex. This superconscious vortex is actually the determinant quality between the animal and the human being, for in each human being this superconscious has progressively exerted a more dominant and positive influence.

This influence can best be described as your conscience or the "small still voice", while in human beings and to varying degrees it is much more highly developed in a personal way than with animals where it is still comparatively undeveloped, and in comparison with the advanced personalities who are helping deliver these lessons.

The future therefore mandates that you should be more consciously aware of this "conscience" or the "small still voice", and it should be developed, which will, in consequence, materially aid in developing the superconscious for the superconscious represents a much higher and more nearly perfect life expression than does your lower mental conscious life expression as a sum and total of your personal life expression. Now getting back to the chair, we have partly completed the cycle of seeing. Various energy wave forms have entered the subconscious and have mingled with other associated factors concerned with chairs. The process here, however, is not complete; this mingling regenerates another set of harmonics. These harmonics contain information or pictures of these various association factors but they vibrate at a different frequency. They will then travel over highway “B” and mingle with associated factors of chairs in the mental consciousness. Here the process is repeated except that these association factors of chairs will go back into all previous lifetimes where you had associations with chairs. This is very important to remember.

If in some previous lifetime you had been tied in a chair and had been tortured to death in that chair, you would express a certain subconscious reaction, negatively speaking, toward any chair with which you came in contact. In fact, sitting in a chair might even produce certain physical reactions or manifestations. This is because the mingling and regeneration in the mental consciousness then regenerates a third set of harmonics which travel over highway “C” into various vortexal layers of brain cells in different portions of the brain which, when combined with the present external or physical association factors will, in a sense, recreate the past episode or torture. (See diagram A above)

This effect is called biasing or influencing. It is very important to remember this biasing principle, for all of the various undetermined mental and physical diseases of mankind are caused by these biases appearing in the present surface lives from out of the past lifetimes. They can always be determined on the basis as having their originating causes as psychic shocks or very negative experiences such as sword-thrusts, gunshot wounds, explosions, hangings and an innumerable host of violent experiences which have usually been suffered by every human being in these past lifetimes and who may be living at this time hopelessly because we do not have doctors who know the true cause and origin of these incurable diseases. People will continue to become hopelessly ill until we develop a healing science which can diagnose and determine the original causes of all presently incurable human malfunctions.

The cause of this new healing science will be further strengthened in the next discussion. We will point out the various dominant psychic factors involved in evolution or reincarnation as it concerns mankind individually or collectively in respect to the host of incurable conditions which presently plague mankind.

Certain symptoms or conditions are, symptomatically speaking, indications of previous lifetime psychic shocks; diagnosis then will proceed along lines quite similar to presently-existing medical and psychiatric practices except we shall extend this diagnosis to include various past lifetimes where these psychic shocks occurred which caused the present aberration.

While the third set of harmonics are being generated in the mental conscious vortex, a fourth set of harmonics are also generated from the sum and total of these various other regenerations. This fourth set of harmonics also contain the exact energy information. They are, however, much more highly attuned; this enables them to travel into the superconscious vortex. This superconscious vortex being partly composed of Infinity will therefore, as a consequence, combine with this new set of harmonics and thus be polarized or form a chord structure which will, in turn, as part of the vortex, continually regenerate simultaneously in two directions; back into the mental consciousness, where it becomes part of the bias and the "small still voice” of conscience, and partly it will oscillate or regenerate into the total of Infinity. In this direction, regeneration will create other biasing agents which, when they are mingled into or regenerated into the various mental conscious biasing agents, will give the external conscious mind a certain inspirational value, a vague undetermined quality of faith or the inward knowing of the higher worlds and which are re-expressed in physical consciousness as mystical forces.

Remembering also that this individual has had a number of spiritual lives between earth lives where he learned to some extent of this vast Infinite and in some cases, setting up a certain determined course of action which he would express in the next physical life, this is what people sometimes refer to as fate. Even though a person cannot consciously remember as having done so, he will quite often perform an experience believing that some vague undetermined power had forced him to do this although it was he, himself, who had previously set up this course of action for himself.

Many otherwise unexplained happenings in people's lives can thus be easily justified. There are no gods or forces who determine or make your fate; that is, unless you permit some subastral force to do so, and in this position, you are then obsessed.

Remember that it is your supreme prerogative always to determine your course of action which is not found or expressed in the animal or vegetable kingdom where all identities are more universally expressed as common constituents of cyclic evolution.

In this respect then, at least, man is quite different than even a chimpanzee. You alone are your own judge, your jury, and you could become your own executioner if you continue on in that vague undetermined and unrealistic way which many people are doing; reacting only upon the necessity of the moment and being fairly forced into escaping the consequences of this dereistic pattern by the generation of tremendous psychic pressures known as guilt complexes.

It is much more realistic to approach life intelligently, learn its true construction and function and then to select such elements which can be used to weave for ourselves a beautiful tapestry of life and in which we can clothe ourselves in the higher spiritual worlds. As we have stated, this course of action must eventually be taken by every individual, otherwise he will revert back into the subastral.