On Christianity, Parapsychology, Spiritual Psychiatry

Energy: The Missing Link in Today's Science

Lesson 2

And greetings again from Unarius!

This officially opens lesson number two. There are lots of people in the world today who know the existence of many things but are unable to describe them factually and in a way in which people can understand them. That is the purpose of Unarius.

Last Saturday, you might be interested to know, I was very sure and positive after rerunning the tape transmission home that Leonardo da Vinci was the Master who attended that part of the talk. We have a tape recording; in fact we have several of them from this Master from previous transmissions and we know him quite well.

In the future, various other different scientists, masters and teachers will come in and overshadow and give the necessary information. Tonight as we will not have it said that you would go out into the world with any particular topic or subject which is relative to the existence of mankind in the terrestrial dimension known as the earth whereby you cannot talk intelligently and enter into such discussions as will be worthwhile to the general purpose and service of mankind. It is very obvious, as it was mentioned last Saturday, that the world is in very critical times and we have long since come and gone beyond that point where mankind did need a new philosophy, a new understanding and a new purpose, a new something. There have been times like that in the past and we have seen in the course of history and the transition of these great cycles, that there have appeared avatars and masters as moderators of the various essential Spiritual ingredients which were necessary for man to exist.
Primarily and instinctively and within all of us, we are quite aware that we are not necessarily creatures of circumstance or desire.

As it was gone into somewhat in the Saturday discussion, that the world today is torn between what we will say two factions of expression; the more ancient fundamentalisms of the past which have been in existence for at least two thousand years. In this country, these various religious, theosophical, occult organizations number something in the neighborhood of nine thousand. These are all basically derivatives of ancient or semi-ancient philosophies and religions which have come out of the past.
We also have a very advanced material science which deals completely with the scale of atomic weights in the elements as they are known which we have about a hundred. To the scientist of this day and time, the old ancient religions are more or less shall I say fairy stories. A scientist is concerned with testing reactions, reagents, catalystic elements, etc., in test tubes, retorts, various other paraphernalia which is found in the laboratory.

Energy becomes a manifestation which pulsates on the screen of the oscilloscope. There is nothing happenstance or happenchance in the life of the scientist. Formula is proven and re-proven definitely and beyond the question of a shadow of a doubt before it becomes accepted tenure of the scientific mind. Therefore, to the scientist and to the, shall I say, the dyed-in-the-wool scientist, the hard-rock-core scientist, the philosophies whether they are Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, or whatever other concept which is possible to conceive, that these things are in themselves legendary in nature. It is not because the scientist is not religious in nature. In my own relationship to the scientific world, I have found all scientists very deeply religious but I found that they are religious in a different sense of the word than the Christian.

Physical science too is not without its faults, not without its shortcomings, but if we remember that the physical science that we have at this day and age has been in existence primarily and for the most part, for less than a hundred years. Pasteur has only been dead fifty-eight years and as you know, much of the research work in pathogenic bacteriology was given by Pasteur. And so it is with many of the different branches or phases and concepts of science, while in themselves deal primarily in a reactionary nature with the one hundred elements.

The thing which is missing in the present day physical science is the acceptance, the working into and the relativity of man but in particular with the spiritual sciences. Heretofore, and up until the present time, this has been primarily the task of some highly developed clairvoyant or medium. These things may have been taken into consideration into such spiritual channels as the Spiritualist churches or to such various and different obscure demonstrations to individuals or groups throughout the world.

We have also other groups which are known to the world in the field of parapsychology. We are all familiar with the work which the Rhine’s at Duke University did for about thirty-five years, in ESP cards, to see whether man did have these senses in any sort of a useable or functional form. There are various other psychic research organizations and they’re doing considerable work along these lines. However, as far as the fundamental Christianity is concerned, it resides today in just about the same shape that it has been in for many years. It is torn and twisted and distorted from within itself by various infusions, concepts, derelictions and distortions.

Jesus himself gave a very simple straightforward doctrine, a doctrine which was based primarily upon the inner concept of man and his existence with these planes. As we all know, it was not until the reign of Constantine the Roman Emperor, and with the Milan Edict, and various other things which came into existence some two hundred years after the death of Jesus before Christianity became legal. Until that time it was open season on Christians. If we look into the history of Buddha, and that he too came and went upon the earth and it was not until the reign of King Asoka two hundred and thirty-five years later before Buddhism became known outside of the province in which Buddha was born.
Zoroaster was not accepted in his own community; he lived and died unknown, and he even tried to go in other sections of the world and to teach the people what he had thought; that it was not until one hundred and fifty years later before Zoroastrianism became a generally accepted theology in the land of Chaldea.

Starting somewhere back into the past we may say first that paradoxically enough, that it is the Christian himself, the orthodox Christian who knows the least about his religion than anyone else. Even the outsider knows more about Christianity than the Christian does. Now the reason for this is very obvious. People always, as we say water seeks its own level; people will eventually find a level of intelligence upon which they function best. That is the law. That is the innate and creative desire within every individual.

The Bible has been the translator and the paragon of all virtues for mankind as far as the Christian is concerned, and basing his entire life upon the concepts and extractions from the Bible, he has sought to rule and dominate the pagan world. If the Christian was sufficiently enlightened in the doctrine which he professes to know and to try and teach, and would go back into the course of history, he would find that Christianity had its roots and was nourished in the soil of occultism in the Far East and in the Near East.

Starting as we may about two thousand years before the birth of Jesus, in the time of Abraham living in Chaldea, Abraham was a reformer. He was not satisfied with the various types of derelictions which were being practiced by the various priests in the different temples in that time. So Abraham set out to do something about it. One of the first things which converted a large number of people to the way in which Abraham thought was sort of an astronomical phenomenon; from somewhere out of the sky a meteorite came crashing out of the heavens.

And so it was that in the passing years, Abraham led the Israelites out of Chaldea. To pick up their trail some five or six hundred years later in Egypt and with the appearance of Moses and the story in which we are all familiar with, leading these people away from slavery and captivity into the "Promised Land", to build the new city of Jerusalem and the Temple of Solomon and set forth all of the doctrines and all of the teachings which were given to the people of that time.

The average Christian does not know that the meteorite which fell at Abraham's feet was, and is to this day in the inner citadel in the city of Mecca. It is the duty, the right, and the inborn desire of every Mohammedan to go into that citadel. And he believes and knows that he will not go to heaven until he does so, to walk seven times around the stone, the black stone of Abraham, and then to kneel and kiss the stone.
The Christian points his finger at the Moslem and cries "pagan" and the Moslem points his finger at the Christian and calls "infidel". While the Methodist, the Presbyterian and various Catholic orders and other denominations of fundamentalism are sending missionaries over into the Eastern world to convert the heathen, the heathen is sending missionaries over to the Western world to convert the Christian. One of these missionaries who was incidentally very successful in his efforts and came out of India was known as Paramahansa Yogananda, and established more than seven hundred Self Realization Centers in the United States. Yogananda passed on to his reward I believe in 1950. Yogananda compounded among everything, and as he was a very learned and intelligent man, some of the Western science, some of the Eastern occultism, and perhaps some of the more acceptable and really realistic psychologies and various other expressions and tenures of learning.

And so it is and as it resides today that the weaknesses, that the schisms and the various factions which are in existence and which give rise to so much confusion in the everyday life and the existence of the average citizen-seeker. You people are fortunate; you have at least one foot upon the Path of Truth. But there are many on this outside world who do not have the advantages and the opportunities which the innate inward desire of your own selfhood has led you into the Light of this Truth. I am not necessarily speaking of this service or of these lessons but of the constructive thing in which you are yourself. The lesson, the message of all of the great Avatars of the past have been one simple easily understood doctrine. And as Jesus so aptly expressed it, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven which is within, and all things shall be added unto you."

It is the purpose of Unarius to explain what the inner Kingdom is, what its function is, what it is composed of, what it does, how you are connected to this inner self. Up until now there has been little if any available knowledge pertaining to what might be called the spiritual world, the world outside or the dimension in which the scientist calls space. Space to the scientist today is a rather vague and insecure concept which is constantly being subjected to different changes. One day he may think it is shaped like a saddle, another day it is circular. Einstein himself went into the most abstract of mathematical formulas to try and conceive within his mind and the objective mind what the dimension of space really was. And that is not an answer which can be given in a mathematical formula. It never has been and it never will be.

Space and the concept of the spiritual worlds in which all things reside in its entirety, and all of the substance and elements in the infinite sense and in the abstract formation of what we call God, is so completely abstract that it will have to be visualized; it will have to be assimilated, not in one lifetime, not in one progression, but in thousands of progressions and lifetimes.

There are several other points which I would like to touch upon tonight and clear up as to the concepts of what might be called the orthodox fundamentalism of Christianity which have so badly torn the various churches, groups and other factions of the Christian world. There are two of these topics or subjects which are most debatable. The Immaculate Conception is one, and the problem of personal intercession or is there a Christ who will save everyone? We have and if we were to approach the average scientist today on the subject of the Immaculate Conception and speaking as someone who took genetics in college, we would be very likely to get a number of answers, all of them basically physical.
The problem of Immaculate Conception in itself, as far as the spiritual world is concerned, must be taken just as it literally is. During the period of time between 2,000 B.C. and up to about 500 or 50 so A.D. at the time of Mohammed, there was a great deal of Immaculate Conception going on. It seems like everybody who had a little spiritual knowledge or learning and who managed to assimilate a small following of people, sooner or later had the stigma of immaculate conception tacked on to them. The original concept of the Immaculate Conception, and which the Christian would be very glad to know where it started from, goes back into the tombs of Egypt at least fifty or sixty, maybe more thousand years ago. In the temple walls of the tombs and the Pyramids of Egypt today are scenes which depict Osiris, the god of death, sitting on his throne at the judgment day. In front of Osiris is Horus his son, his son by divine and Immaculate Conception. As Osiris overshadowed Isis mother of earth and she conceived Horus, and as Osiris was of Spirit, so here was our first divine conception. And it was so that if the dead stepped up to be judged, that if they were vile and if they were wicked, they would call loudly to Horus who would intercede for them and he would ask Osiris to be merciful.

At the time of the starting of the Christian church, and if you remember something and if you have studied along the historical lines you will remember that there was a man after the crucifixion who was known as Saul. Saul was half Roman and half Jew. He was a tentmaker by trade but succeeded by clever manipulation to elevate himself into some sort of a jurisdictional position. He was violently opposed to Jesus and the mission in which He taught and for several years persecuted all Christians unmercifully. We know how Saul, or later as he became known as Paul, was converted on the road to Damascus. So when Paul went into Greece and set up what was later to become the Christian church, Paul was, if we put it in the vernacular of the 20th century, would say that he was a very clever operator. He was a businessman. He knew that to create a new religion and it is being done today along the same lines, that religion then was highly competitive just as it is now. To make a religion attractive, you had to embody certain elements which made it attractive to people. You had to promise them a lot of things. Unfortunately many of these promises could not be kept.

Around in the Mediterranean countries at that time was a concept or a cultism known as Mithraism. Mithraism was a combination of many elements. Zoroaster too, like Jesus, was of Immaculate Conception and was conceived of Ahura-Mazda, who was the father of all; overshadowed Isis, mother of earth and in the presence of shepherds on the hillside bore Mithras, the Son of Light. Among the customs and the observances, the services which were generally followed at that time were many which had to deal with certain astrophysical concepts, astronomy and astrology if you please. One of these was the Winter Solstice, the 21st of December, the dying of the old year and the rebirth of the new.

And so Paul took all the pomp and circumstance, the pageantry of Mithraism, as it combined many of the elements of not only Mithraism itself but borrowed many of the concepts from the ancient Egyptology or the Hermetic Sciences. He made everything very attractive so that he would be able to proselytize the various different occultisms and theological orders. He had a lot of competition. The pantheon of the Roman as well as the Grecian era at that time was literally peopled with gods and goddesses of all denominations and of all kinds. We all know Zeus, Minerva, Mercury and countless others.

Plato makes numerous references to these various gods. So does Socrates, Archimedes, Pythagoras. And so Paul wove in many of the most attractive concepts of these different cultisms and orders. So Jesus became a Son of Immaculate Conception. His birthday was supposed to be the 25th of December. If you remember something of the order of the celebration or the observance of the Winter Solstice, ran something like this: three days from the 21st to the 23rd were observed in silence and in meditation and in sadness for the death of the old year. You should look back upon all your sins and your iniquities and you should see how it was possible for you to forgive your debtors, and all of these things something comparable to your New Year's resolutions. On the fourth day and especially on the evening of the fourth day there were sacrifices at the temple. Offerings were given to the gods for intercession for a new and a prosperous New Year. Then on the 25th was a day of joyousness and celebration. The New Year had arrived literally, in a sense. And there was dancing in the streets and there was feasting and there was joyousness.

The Druids, such as the Celts, the Pict’s, and the Gaul’s throughout Western Europe, in Ireland and in Scotland as they existed for a thousand years or so and the Druid customs in themselves were observed much the same, with one exception. In the Black Forests of Germany, the Gauls frequently on the night of the 24th which was Christmas Eve, would offer up to the fir tree the sacrifice of a young maiden. That was to insure and to pacify the god or the spirit of the earth as it was symbolized in the fir tree, as it was the only living thing in the forest outside of the mistletoe, the only green thing in that horrible cold denseness of the winter. With the infusion and the infiltration of Christianity, the sacrifice naturally stopped. The fir tree was brought into the house and the gifts to pacify the spirits were placed upon the tree.

So looking back into these various supposedly Christian customs which people observe from year to year and call them "Christian" are in themselves merely derivatives and extractions from old occultisms, old practices, old cultism’s which have existed for many, many thousands of years. Now, perhaps the scientists know of all these things just as many of us do, and yet the scientist is not entirely without blame.
In the field of genetics and as far as the Immaculate Conception goes, and I will speak a few words on that, if you were to approach the geneticist on the problem of Immaculate Conception he might answer you thus; well he might say we have today a certain branch of genetics or a certain understanding or concept that’s quite new, which we call parthenogenesis. It has been found that if we use a very fine, thin needle and we take the ovum or the egg of a frog or a rabbit, and perforate the outside membrane of the ovum, that we can induce artificial insemination. They have actually grown rabbits and frogs in laboratories without the benefit of fathers, without the benefit of the male factor or the male element. That has been done.

It is also quite conceivable that to Masters such as Jesus and to others in which He would naturally be affiliated with and working with, that it would be very simple and very easy for Mary in a sleep state, while she was sleeping, to be transported to some astral plane and in her absence, artificial insemination would be produced by the projection of mind force. No instrumentation would be necessary. It could be very easily done by any man who could feed a multitude of 5,000 people with a few loaves of bread and fishes. In this process, He would quite naturally, as is done in all cases of conception, attach Himself in this vibration so that He would come into this world. So we might say that theology or rather fundamentalism is partially correct, except the point of the Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit. Here again we enter into another concept which is badly confused in ordinary Christian orthodoxy.

It was the purpose and mission of Jesus upon the earth to point out very definitely and very specifically that each and every human being was created from the divine purpose and concept of God’s own mind. And as this creation had to take place in certain dimensions which were not terrestrial in nature, quite naturally God being supremely intelligent, would first "create" man in a spiritual form. This spiritual form is sometimes called his Superconsciousness or his soul, or it can be called his life cycle. From the life cycle God placed all of the infinite qualifications of experience which this man would go through in his future evolutions in the terrestrial dimensions. The Infinity of God himself was thus portrayed in the absolute and the ultimate concept in conceiving man.
Back in the 1700's there was born in England a baby to a family by the name of Darwin. They named this baby Charles. These people did not know at the time that Charles was going to create such a furor in the scientific and theological centers of our modern world. And that he did. I think we all remember the Scopes trial in Tennessee which culminated as an outgrowth of the tension between fundamentalism and science and built up from that time.

This condition was further aggravated by an Austrian Monk named Mendel. This holy and pious man in going about his gardens, and we cannot call these scientists devils because they were very religious in their nature. Darwin led his family in Morning Prayer every morning. Mendel found that in the plants and flowers of his garden that certain things happened. So genetics, compounded with Darwin's evolution, became something in which man learned to understand the creative processes which were going on around him.

Previous to this time there was a great deal of confusion. People believed in spontaneous regeneration or in other various vagaries which have no scientific or factual explanation. So Darwin and Mendel did contribute much to the understanding and learning. They did much to advance the thinking of mankind and yet these principles in themselves were incomplete. Darwin did not know that in the animal and vegetable kingdoms there is a definite cycle of reincarnation or metempsychosis (whatever you wish to call it), just as it is in humans. The spiritual dimensions in which flowers, plants, trees and animals progress back and forth and in their cycles are just as important to these plants and animals as they are to humans. And so that is how we can learn to understand and to bring into our concepts something beyond the veil of materialism.

Now it begins to be very obvious to people at this time, or it should be if I have made my points clear, that there are some very definite elements which are lacking in the present day stage of development and evolution of mankind. To further verify this situation we might go into it from the standpoint of statistics as they exist among the hospitals, the asylums, and the penitentiaries of this great land of ours. We are all being reminded daily that one out of four persons will eventually die from cancer.
What is cancer? When the scientist begins to know and understand that every atom in the human body, like every other atom in the terrestrial dimension, is supported and continually supplied internally with energy from a spiritual dimension, then he will find the key to solving and unlocking what causes cancer. It is in, shall I say, the malformations in the transposition of the harmonic frequency relationships of the atomic structures with the higher realms and dimensions which give rise to the condition known as cancer. The little atoms which compose the various cells, as they become dis-unified and lose their directive, internal guidance and force of intelligence, speed up, become wild and erratic; they are now destructive potentials instead of constructive. The atom itself is still a mystery to science in spite of the fact that he has succeeded in creating either fissionable or thermonuclear weapons.

It is still a mystery to the scientist and he will never know of the innermost secret of what the atom really is until he becomes sufficiently "clairvoyant" to pierce beyond the veil of mortality. He will never know what the cause of cancer is. He will never know what the cause is of any other of these so-called incurable diseases which are literally taking the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in our own fair land every year, people who die needlessly. Anyone who wishes to go into the hospitals and the asylums will see the truth of this statement.

There are quite often and there is a series of television programs going on right now which is called "Medical Horizons". To any of you who have followed them you will have at least seen partially some facet, some element of what medical science, psychiatric science is going through at the present time. Oh it is true they have made wonderful and beautiful advances and when we remember that psychiatry and medicine has practically been in existence in its modern form for a comparatively short time. But there is much to be done and this much will be done from the spiritual side of life. At the present time science, whether it is medicine or psychiatry has passed the point of diminishing returns in the various ways and means in which he has created laboratories, scientific apparatus and various other means of discerning conditions in the human body.

We must remember also that it was about fifty years ago that people who suffered from various mental aberrations and were known as crazy people were locked in cages like animals. They were kept in freezing weather, they were chained, they were beaten, they were left half naked and starving because they weren’t human anymore. Well we have gone a little further than that now; we take them inside where it’s warm and we feed them and keep them clothed. But we still treat them like they’re insane. When we get down to the basic causes of insanity and what causes these conditions, the scientist or the psychiatrist, if we call him thus, will have to go back to the New Testament. He will have to begin where Jesus left off.

We are all familiar with the story, if we can believe any part of the bible at all, or the mission of Jesus, either that or we are forced to throw it out of the window. We all know of the story when Jesus approached the crazy man in the cemetery as he was called a man obsessed with demons. And so the demons cried and screamed, “Where shall we go if you cast us out of him?” And so Jesus told them “enter then into this herd of swine.” And they did that and the swine were obsessed and ran down and cast themselves into the sea.

Evidentially the modern psychiatrist has gone past the point where he should take the word of an advanced Master like Jesus. He refuses to recognize the spiritual elements of man's transposition in the terrestrial dimensions. He refuses to recognize just as the atoms in the body are spiritual and of purely energy in all their form and circumstance; so is the dominion of the psychic self purely spiritual. The most objective thing which you see around you and which you call solid form or substance is in itself merely an abstract supposition and nothing else. You, just as the walls of this building and every other terrestrial substance which you see about you is nothing more or less than a pulsating mass of energy which is called atoms. Transpose these atoms into any other form and we have energy moving dynamically. Atomic energy is static; that is why you think it is solid. It is solid only because you are in comparison solid to it. If you could raise the vibration of the atoms in your body to a little different frequency in which it was normally accustomed to existing in this world, you could do just as Jesus did; you walk on the water and walk through the walls of this building or through the walls of the tomb, for that matter.

The Flying Saucer men to this day are doing that very thing. They come from other worlds and they fly in ships in which they have succeeded in changing the basic frequency of the atomic structures of metal so that they can span these vast distances which our science calls space and which is not space at all, but is filled with this radiant pulsating energy which is God himself.

Now friends, next week we will occupy the classroom upstairs. We will go into diagrams and I will try to explain to you factually on the blackboard in understandable nomenclature, with diagrams, our first really constructive lesson in the realm of energy. I will try to explain what an atom is, how it comes into this terrestrial dimension, how it is supported. I will also explain to you what the sun is, how the worlds, the planetary systems exist, and I will try also to relate you to your inward self, to your God consciousness which has been called the Christ self.
I am going to very give strong emphasis on our relationship in the field of energy, because this will be the key of how much you assimilate of this wisdom which shall be given to you, will depend primarily upon your success with the succeeding lessons because they will all be based upon your ability to conceive energy. It is the basis for all of the missing elements and the missing links in our sciences and in our theologies. These will be, shall we say, 4th, 5th or 6th dimensional concepts. They will be given to you not of myself, but working in conjunction and in harmony with people who have not only lived on this planet at different times, but of others who have long since come and gone and reached the point where they need not return anymore.

I might quote to you such names as Newton, Planck, Einstein, Faraday, Volta, Lagrange, Copernicus, Galileo, Plato and many others. And you may rest assured that they will all have their hand in there somewhere. They will all have the power of the projection of their minds.
There is something else that I will touch on at this time in which you may rest assured and is a definite promise, not from myself especially. I am participating in this promise naturally but it is given by others too. But each and every one of you, even though you do or you do not assimilate the knowledge which is given to you in these succeeding lessons, that you may rest assured that even though your conscious or your objective mind does not function on that level or plane, do not be dismayed. You have a psychic self which dwells and which lives and which recreates you every hour of the day and within this psychic self will be stored this wisdom and knowledge. It will also be made possible for you through these various transitions, that a truer and a more cleaner contact will be made with the higher self, and that there will be changes in your life. They may be subtle or they may be strong, but there will be changes, for everyone who walks this path never returns but goes on into higher and ever higher dimensions and concepts.

And so, from the loved ones from the higher spiritual planes wish to convey to each and every one of you their own personal message, that you will be guided, guarded and protected and that they send you the fullest measure of their love and their understanding.

* * * *


Q – In your book "Truth About Mars", you mentioned the rolling of the rock away from the entrance. Since you were in the astral body in your flight, couldn’t you have walked right through the wall or rock?

A – I could have but you see Nurel was very, very anxious that I learn everything possible about Mars. You see, the reason for those locks, they were air locks, actually was to come and go on the surface of the planet and without these dangers of these mutants that they had running around loose and various other things that might land on the planet from outer space. So if these openings were very cleverly concealed, well then naturally there would be less chance of an invasion into the city below, isn’t it?

Q – I mean that you, in the astral state, could you have not passed through a solid? Wasn’t it unnecessary to roll the rock away?

A – Oh yes, it is quite sure; I could have. As far as astral flight is concerned, in fact to assure you, the very first contact I made I was standing right on the street, right in the city.

Q – Do these cities have many levels?

A – Well those cities in themselves, or actually the one that I saw was basically constructed on the two levels. As far as the manufacturing areas are concerned and things of that nature where perhaps other activities were concerned, I didn’t go too deeply in them. We were primarily concerned at the time with giving people something as there was a good deal of the flurry about the astronomical end of it at that time with the conjunction in the orbit of Mars and its close proximity of thirty-three million miles with the earth.

Q – Could some of these advanced inventions and shortcuts of learning, etc., be brought to the Eartheans?

A – That is not only a possibility but is a definite fact and I’ve already done so, not only from Mars but from other places too. It has already been done not only by myself but other people too. In fact you can attribute most of the scientific age as it exists today as teachings and as we say gifts, not from the laps of the gods, but from the minds of other men upon other planets. You look back and you will see that fifty years ago, as about the time the Wright Brothers flew the first airplane, am I right, 1904, somewhere in that vicinity, and now on up until our days of streptomycin and penicillin, we’ve had a lot of taking from the other places, and they have been primarily psychic revelations into the inner consciousness of scientists from other dimensions and other worlds. That help? In fact, many of the scientists themselves are reincarnations and have lived on these planets at different times even though they may not consciously know it.

Q – How does the psychic body itself recreate?

A – You understand, in the physical process of the body, every minute in your body there are one million five hundred thousand new cells being born. You understand that? You must realize also that if you think a thought in your mind and because you quit thinking about it doesn't necessarily mean that that thought has ceased to exist. It hasn’t, because that thought has been reflected back into your psychic body and has changed and made a little shaping; it’s created its little intelligence, its little relationship into the psychic structure of the body itself, the psychic self. Therefore, you can see that by the end of the day you’ve put a lot of things in there that we didn’t have in the morning. Isn’t that right? And as you go along, due to certain orders and laws of frequency, harmonic relationships, you are by the same token, discharging certain wave forms that have been placed there previously, just as you tear down cells in your body through moving your arms and wiggling your legs and your tongue, and so on, you are tearing down cells aren’t you? So it does the same thing in your psychic body except that it’s being done with energy instead of with tissue. That help?

Q – You mean our psychic body is our thoughts?

A – No, not necessarily; the thought or the conscious or the objective mind is the shaping, but the material for the psychic body stems, just as it does into the atomic structures, from higher dimensions, all of these dimensions which you see about us. Always remember that you’re living on practically one of the lowest planes of expression which is possible to imagine; you are right at the bottom at the present moment, what we call the terrestrial dimension. You have to figure everything from upstairs down to here, not from here up there.

Q – You said, we are on one of the lowest possible planes of expression. Would that necessarily be the reason there is the seeming attitude regarding polarity concepts?

A – Polarity is very important because it is in polarities that we determine the dynamic quotient of the movement of energy in any dimension.

Q – Then there is, especially on this lowest level, the individualized polarities, or say the male and female species? Isn't that the expression of the oneness on the other or higher levels?

A – Yes, you can consider that in an abstract way and saying this way that man as is created with a life cycle and in the life cycle are placed all of the elements, all of the infinite nature of experience itself which will be that individual’s lifetime as far as Biocentricity is concerned. That is the polarity of the life cycle as it is separated into transpositions of opposite dynamic force.

Q – It has to be dynamic?

A – It has to be dynamic. We really actually don’t have such a thing as static energy, although we like to classify atomic structures as they are in our terrestrial dimensions as static because they don’t move. Well actually everything is either kinetic or dynamic; it has to be. The atom itself is a conglomerate mass of wave forms which are moving under intense speed or intense frequency levels. There are no solid particles in an atom. That part of the atom has been discarded. What they thought were positive and negative charges such as neutrons or protons, positrons, and so on and so forth, are conjunctions or parallaxes of certain lines of force within the atomic structure itself.

Q – So in other words, we are just nothing but a wiggly wave of energy?

A – You are just a hunk of energy moving in a sea of energy. And when you all get that basically in your concept and you begin to see it and look at it and see it around your daily lives in every expression, everything that you eat, you sleep or you do, you breathe, whatever your act or your consciousness is, it’s merely a relationship of the personal experience of selfhood into these various dimensional relationships.

Q – Is it possible to transfer the experience of searching for the opposite pole into the recognition of the oneness or completeness within the self?

A – Well you might say, now here are two approaches to that, you might say that experience is in itself absolutely unnecessary, but it is the quotient of relativity which you get out of the experience. In other words, what the extraction is the determining element is whether you say it is good or bad, or whether it is productive, constructive, and so on and so forth. That is the basis and the tenets of which we evolve the concept of reincarnation, the progression of the life cycle through the different dimensional relationships. That help? You see always remember that outside or superficial experience is first. We primarily instigate it, we attract it, we create it for ourselves before it comes into our expression. We do that.

Q – We can recreate thought, can we not? Isn't it possible to transfer this seeking and find unity through the self or the whole?

A – Well you’re getting into a concept here that will take a little mathematical formula to properly understand that. We can put it to you in certain fundamental frequency relationships, such as harmonic or heterodyne beat frequencies. In other words, like the chromatic or the diatonic scales on the piano, we beat notes against each other for certain harmonic quotients. They do certain things to us, what we call inspirational or create the feeling of joy and so on simply because they stimulate through a reactionary way as a cycular pattern into what we call the threshold of acceptance or rejection. But all things, the transposition of all things have a very definite linkage in a higher and the more abstract way with the creation of certain fundamental elements which are known as harmonics.

Q – Is it possible to establish a mode of appreciating such harmonics?

A – That in itself resolves around the individual concept because experience is ultimate and the basic element in everyone's life because only through experience do we find the true inward value of all things. That is the prerogative of introspection. So experience, we can have people tell us these things until we’re black in the face or they’re black in the face, but they mean nothing to us until we actually have the experience itself, because all experience is psychic in nature and reconstructs the psychic body accordingly.

Q – Does imagination then play a large part here?

A – That in itself is a big field. What we call imaginary, now I’ve often said and I think that it is quite logical to prove, that I doubt very much whether anyone ever has an imagination. What they think of as being imagination is merely the fact that the mind is functioning in a certain frequency relationship at all times day or night, in whatever act of consciousness or subconsciousness; so they are automatically as we say tuning your radio and the objective linkage of the process of what you call thinking in your mind, and the extractions, and the derivatives of past experiences. You merely tune into such existing structures. You know what I mean?

Q – Depending upon your wave length?

A – Your wave length should be very high. Many people function on a very comparatively low spiritual wave length if you know what I mean. And many of them unfortunately pass over into the astral worlds with . . . functioning on that same beam, or shall we say without the lack of the beam; they have no radar because they haven’t made themselves spiritually accepted in this dimension.

Q – Just what is Shamballa?

A – Let me give you a little background on the Essenes or the White Brotherhood: now primarily they are a spiritual order that had its origin in Egypt many, many thousands of years ago. They are supposed to be composed of the pure Aryan race and there is a place in Egypt they call Mt. Carmel, which used to be the old Temple of Dendra. The Temple of Dendra was built in Egypt sixty or eighty thousand years ago as the first beginning of the Essene Brotherhood, the White Brotherhood.

Q – Can you get protection from the White Brotherhood so that you are not influenced by the dark one?

A – Now that is a very, very broad subject; now that would cover a lot of ground and take a lot of time, but I’ll try and boil it down to you in a few moments time. Now actually the seven Shamballa or Unarius as we would like to have it known in this day and time is actually composed of seven different basic astral or shall we say causal worlds or planets, super planets. And they all relate man and in their service to man, along certain definite lines. Each one is functional in its own self. For instance, we say science, that is, I might say before this the other thing, the Seventh is in itself functioning in two different levels. That is known as Eros with the center city of Parhelion. That is the scientific plane or the Fifth Ray, whichever you like to call it.

Between there, there are six more of these causal worlds or astral planes as huge planets. And they all function to mankind in their different relationships as different and distinct separations. Now any person, who has been along the Path of Truth for a number of reincarnations and they have reached that point or the fork in the road and passed where they have gone up the hill we will say; they have started to come and go in these different sections of Shamballa when they have taken up the cross of mankind shall we put that way; in other words, you want you’re interested not basically in yourself so much as you are interested in the welfare of mankind in general, because you know that every man, every woman, every person is your brother and your sister. You’ve gotten to that point. You are therefore an Initiate. That means that you can come and go into these higher astral realms of Shamballa and there you learn and integrate yourself with the higher concepts. Now every time you spend a certain number of years over there you accumulate a certain amount of knowledge and you would like to use this knowledge. And the only way to use it, you can’t teach people who are higher than yourself shall we say or more advanced than you are, so you come back into some terrestrial dimension as a reincarnation.

Now I’ll give you an example of that. Let us go back to the period of the Reformation. Up until about the 13th century in Europe, as everyone knows, that the Holy Roman Empire along with the Ottoman Empire in Europe held the key to life and death for practically every individual. So there began a revolution. Now how was this accomplished? On Eros and through the sub-planet of Eros which is called an asteroid and is known to the scientists of today which is a seven-sided configuration or a planet which has seven sides, contact was made with the earth, and for two or three hundred years, the seven centers literally rained scientists, doctors, teachers, musicians, philosophers and mathematicians into the world through the channel of the womb.

Like Martin Luther, Leibnitz, Shakespeare, Bacon; oh I could name a host of them, Kant. There are so many, Swedenborg. And I could possibly name you two or three hundred here without going too far that came into that period of Reformation.

Their reincarnation was very obvious because we had a complete reformation of all expressions of humanity. All these persons received their training and knowledge from these astral and spiritual centers which act as mother, doctor, nurse, teacher, to our terrestrial and other earth planets. They are constantly inspiring us when we allow ourselves to be receptive to their wisdom and knowledge in all fields of spiritual endeavor or for the betterment of humanity. If man could only open his mind to these higher intellects, he would soon rise above the revolting mess of confusion, hatred and materialism with which the world is now engrossed.

Q - Would you give us an example of what a recall of past life experience is?

A - Yes, as it is but a moment before our closing time, it will be a short one. Take yourself; in your own past life it is shown to me that you have a fear of knives, swords, or things of such nature.

Q - Yes, I do; my son also has a very strong fear within him.

A - Yes, because you saw him killed by a sword thrust through him in another incarnation in France. (This lady's face did flush and she shuddered, which tuned the experience in, then out.) You will no longer have this fear, because by the recalling or recognizing it, the negative experience has become positive and has no more power.

Goodnight—Keep positive. Receive the love and radiant Energies from these Higher Minds in the Celestial worlds.