Transcription of ADDENDUM

ADDENDUM. Australia Find: Amino Acids in Meteorite Hint Non-Earth Life

By Marvin Miles, Times Aerospace, Writer

Los Angeles Times-December 2, 1970


Strong new evidence of chemical evolution suggesting the possible existence of life elsewhere in the universe is seen in the first positive identification of non-earthly amino acids in a meteorite that fell in Australia. Scientists at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Ames Research Center, Mountain View, Calif., made the identification which they said may provide a new time sequence for the origin of life on earth.

Among the principal constituents of living cells, amino acids were found in abundance in a meteorite which fell near Murchison, Victoria, Australia, on Sept. 28, 1969, according to Dr. Cyril A. Ponnamperuma, who headed the Ames team. The find, he said, is probably the first conclusive proof of extraterrestrial chemical evolution, the chemical processes which precede the origin of life. The theory of chemical evolution, it was explained, starts with the basic elements of the primordial universe and states that various types of energy discharges caused increasingly complex chemical molecules to evolve. Then, after hundreds of millions of years of chemical evolution, very complex molecules appeared which could reproduce themselves and thus could be considered the first forms of life, according to the theory.

But while the amino acids are basic constituents of living cells, those found in the Murchison meteorite do not appear to be of biological origin, the Ames scientists pointed out. Nevertheless, the discovery of non-biological amino acids in the meteorite, confirmed by a battery of laboratory tests, shows, according to Dr. Ponnamperuma; that the building blocks of life, such as amino acids, can form by chemical means in nature; that these complex molecules can form away from earth in other parts of the solar system and presumably elsewhere in the universe; that the discovery appears to set a time sequence.

Gas Cloud Theory—This sequence was related to the scientific belief that the planets of the solar system, including the earth, formed 4.5 billion years ago from an interstellar gas cloud. The Murchison meteorite also is believed to be 4.5 billion years old, like virtually all other meteorites—a class II carbonaceous chondrite of a type that apparently originates in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

The Ames discovery reported in the current edition of Nature, a British scientific journal, strongly suggests that the amino acids and other complex organic molecules (various hydrocarbons) found in the meteorite have been present from the time of earth's formation.

The Ames announcement of the discovery, simultaneous with the Nature story, carefully noted that this is not the first report of amino acids and hydrocarbons in meteorites. "But other reports," it was noted, "have been seriously criticized because of the fact that biological materials may have gotten into the meteorites after their impact with earth. Although earthly contamination of the Murchison meteorite cannot be rigorously ruled out, its case differs because of a number of proofs of non-biological and non-earthly origin resulting from precise identifications." These include 11 amino acids which have no functional role in living organisms and a mixture of two types of amino acids both "right and left-handed molecule structures".


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The Parallel Universes—Worlds—Atoms


On December 2, 1970, there appeared in the Los Angeles Times an article of particular importance; that is, important to those who are striving and seeking a way and means to understand life and the creative principles of life. This article came from no less than the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Ames Research Center at Mountain View, California, and dealt specifically with research and findings which came from a meteorite which was found in Australia in September, 1969.

This meteorite contained an abundance of the basic building blocks of life known as amino acids. Also important was the fact that these amino acids were of non-organic origin. All plant and animal life on the Earth create and generate in the metabolism of their life processes, amino acids. These, however, are considered organic in nature. The fact that the meteorite contained inorganic amino acids was, to the scientists, very valid and definite proof that life does exist in other parts of the galaxy and the universe, in other solar systems and upon other planets.

The proposition of inorganic amino acid molecules, as it is explained by the scientist in his way, relates to the creation of molecules as being formed by bursts of energy. In the books, liturgies and lesson courses of Unarius, and especially the Second Lesson Course, there is explained and diagrammed, the vortexal patterns which form the nucleus which can be either an atom, a sun, a solar system, a galaxy or a universe. This is a universal law of creation, the proposition of oscillation between positive and negative polarities which I will explain later.

There is also other evidence contained in this article which relates to the proposition of amino acids, that such molecules of these amino acids as are found on Earth, are considered to be and are called left-handed molecules, whereas on the meteorite there was an abundance of right-handed molecules, a kind of amino acid molecule which is rarely found on Earth. Again, this is a most important revelation; more important, perhaps, to the Unariun student and to the scientist of the future than presently can be envisioned and which relates entirely to the proposition of a parallel universe; that is, two universes coinciding within each other. One can be called left-handed or negative; the other right-handed or positive and that it is the oscillating mechanism which is constantly going on between them which creates certain third dimensional forms which we have presently integrated into our astronomical concepts as heavenly bodies, stars, suns, planets, galaxies, etc. In other words, somewhere in between the positive and the negative universes and about halfway in between, is the materialization, we shall call that, of these different interstellar forms which form our physical universe.

The same proposition is equally true with an atom which forms your body; it is a nucleus formed by a positive-negative oscillating vortex and is, in turn, oscillating synchronously with its respective vortex. This is a primary consideration in creative mechanics and is found universally throughout infinity. There must always be a positive and negative polarity—an interchange of information which takes place on the basis of oscillating frequencies. In the net sum and total of oscillating frequencies as they involve other oscillating frequencies create spectrums and bands of harmonics. And in the net sum and total of all of this oscillating process, there is the creation.

Now in the third dimension, an oscillating wave form is a sine wave; a simple positive and negative up and down motion, we shall call it, or a reversal of polarity. In the fourth dimension this sine wave, while it is straight in the third dimension, now assumes a cyclic form or it is a circle. It is self-contained and all oscillation goes on within this particular circle as I have diagrammed it within the Second Lesson Course. This pattern is universal throughout the fourth, fifth, or sixth dimensional complex which I have called the interdimensional cosmos. It forms the creative pattern with the huge centrifuges which form galaxies and universes or to the much smaller centrifuges which form an atom. I am using the term large and small as a relative term which is nonexistent in these inner dimensions as space and time become a matter of cyclic oscillation. The greater number of cyclic oscillations then would be considered to be the larger size or the smaller number of oscillations to be the smaller size. The mechanics of these oscillating processes are very clearly diagrammed and explained in the Second Lesson Course.

Now what this all resolves into are some rather simple and obvious facts: that you, as a human being, may be expressing only one-half of your life here in the earth plane. You have an energy body, a positive counterpart which oscillates in a different dimension and in a different time constituency than does your third dimensional body. This I have diagrammed as your psychic anatomy, also thoroughly explained in the Second Lesson Course and the oscillating processes between the physical body and the second counterpart or the psychic anatomy.

The Earth too could be considered to have negative-positive counterparts: that there is actually one Earth within this earth, so to speak. And interdimensionally speaking, these two Earths are oscillating. This is a simpler form to visualize the relative interaction between the parallel configuration which I have described. Actually, the third dimensional world, your third dimensional body, all third dimensional forms which you see about you and of which you are a part, are about halfway in between the negative and the positive. It is the oscillating conditions and pressures which are generated in the interchange of energy wave forms between positive and negative dimensions that form the different atomic constituents which go to make up the physical world, including your physical body and all of the other added factors which lend integration, such as your conscious mind function. The common proposition of hysteresis, as I have so described, is all part of this oscillating process between the two parallels, whether they are parallel forms of the Earth, cosmically speaking, the galaxy or the universe, or the simplest atom which comprises a small part of a protein molecule within your body.

And so this article does again clearly substantiate the basic concepts which I have, over the years, written into the books, lesson courses and liturgies of Unarius—an advanced science which is thousands of years ahead of the sciences now being used and utilized in the exploration of life secrets, creative processes, etc., by scientists of the world of this time.

The proposition of Unarius as it so exists with myself as a polarity from the higher worlds, to indoctrinate in sort of a telepathic way, the scientists of the world of this time and place that in future incarnations they will return to this Earth or to similar and more advanced worlds where they can reinstate and start to propagate the science which is now being explained in the Unariun liturgies. This article also clearly and lucidly points out the obvious fact that like all other things, the concepts of creation must become part of the evolutionary life process, that it cannot be done overnight. This evolutionary process is, in fact, the basis of the evolutionary life cycle as it concerns every human. It is your past, your present and your future. The energy forms which come to you every day in your daily life process are part of this life cycle. You are merely integrating different wave forms from out of the total spectral world about you as they concern heat, light, sound, etc., and as they are integrated with such past life experiences which contain similar life experiences, so you form basic reactionary conclusions and act or think accordingly.

The difference then between the present-day understanding of our scientific world as to the general consensus of life processes is that as of yet they have not formed any conclusive evidence which relates their particular sciences to the interdimensional cosmos. To them, life is still a spontaneous regeneration formed by bursts of energy to form the first atoms which are said to be floating freely in space; hydrogen atoms to form gaseous clouds which, in turn, in some manner or means which they have not yet explained, gyrate or condense into planetary bodies or into solar systems. They have not yet explained the power behind all of these motions which are found in interstellar space. They have not yet lucidly explained the "Red Shift" which they have found in their astronomical observations. This article will again prove what I have just stated concerning the positive and the negative universes as they are so integrated in infinity and in the oscillating processes thereof. The scientist of this world, in his observations, sees interstellar objects such as the quasar stars receding from the Earth at tremendous velocities. This gives rise to what he calls the Red Shift or, in other words, in a spectral analysis, using a spectroscope, he finds that rays of light appear at a different place on the spectroscopic scale than these red lines would appear in an earth-world dispensation; or that he could shine red light to the spectroscope from a mile away and compare it with the same spectroscopic lines from a quasar star billions of light years away and the two would not coincide.

Now this is very simply explained. If we go back to the proposition of oscillating frequencies between the two universes—the two parallel universes—we will always find in the mechanics of creation as we extend upward, shall we say, the perspectus of our vision into infinity, that there is always a positive bias which is reflected or is oscillating into all interdimensional wave forms. The relative strength or inductiveness of this positive creative bias is a matter of frequency oscillation; that is, positive to negative and negative to positive. In the sum and total of all oscillations concerned, if we had a negative bias proportional to all frequencies concerned and the inductive processes were equal, then we have what could be called a quiescent condition.

However, in the determinants of the different dimensions such as the third and fourth dimensions, etc., we find there is always a relative or a quantitative amount of positive to an equal amount of the negative. In other words, more positive is always flowing into the negative when it concerns the third dimension, therefore this difference will resolve itself into the separation of time and space as it concerns the third dimension. A simple way to illustrate this is in our own solar mechanics, the Earth revolving around the sun; and as the Earth is tilted 23 degrees on its axis, the inductive processes in the north and south hemispheres are unequal in certain times of the year and equal at other times. Going into Spring we find that we have, due to the tilt of the Earth's axis, more nearly equated as a direct 360 degree oscillating cycle, the net sum and total of inductive energy from the sun's spectrum; therefore, Spring begins. Again, I have explained this in other places in the liturgies of Unarius.

In the Fall we are receding, shall I say, from the positive inductive processes and the northern hemisphere cools off, the Earth becomes cold and winter begins; a simple proposition of equating the oscillating processes concerned with induction or hysteresis according to certain predetermined basic oscillating principles. They are presently used in all our communication devices on Earth today, such as television, radio, etc., and make it possible for us to receive programs from studios from all over the world by the simple process of inductive transmissions.

The same proposition is true throughout the interdimensional cosmos: that we find, according to positive and negative relationships in the oscillating processes, the determinants of the creative facsimiles contained in the basic inorganic amino acid molecule which was found on the meteorite—the amino acids which are used as the building blocks in your own body. However, any other constituents which form this third dimensional world are all relative and quantitative to the net sum and total of the positive and negative induction which is found throughout the interdimensional cosmos. And in the regeneration of these particular spectral oscillations, they again regenerate the second and most important constituent of creation—lines of magnetic force which can be called simply part of the spectrum of gravity, the spectrum of the electromagnetic field and other spectrums which have been quantitatively assayed in the science of our time, together with many other spectral forms which are still unknown to the scientist of today and which will only be learned in that future ahead.

If there should be one simple concept which I would like to completely introduce into the sciences of this world as it exists today, it would be the proposition that the Earth is not a singular planet in the entire universe; singular in respect that it is the only planet which bears life or that life itself, as it concerns this planet, is singular. It is an expressionary form which comes from the interdimensional cosmos. In the parallel configurations of positive and negative oscillations as they concern all appearances in this third dimensional world, the mechanics of understanding these creative processes must be more clearly formulated by the Earth scientist of the future if he is ever to solve the riddle of the amino acid molecule or the riddle of his own life. There is no spontaneous creation, whether it is an atom, a molecule, a planet, a solar system, a galaxy or a universe. All of this which is visible to the third dimensional eye is the result of a vast, complex interdimensional system of oscillating energies.

And even our universe, in turn, becomes merely a microscopic speck, a tiny eddy-current in a much greater, a much more vast infinity; and this in turn becomes one more microscopic speck in a superinfinity. Of course, all of this is beyond the concept of the third dimensional mind; a mind which is, as it exists today, compounded from past life experiences from some primeval beginning.

The scientist of today understands the bursts of energy which formed the first inorganic amino acids which, in turn could, under the right conditions and with the right energy forces, combine to form a molecule—a number of molecules; and a number of molecules in turn, would again (through some power unknown to the scientists) form into a single cell such as an amoeba where the entire life force was governing and dominating the different molecular constituents which formed this tiny one-celled creature. What was this mysterious life force, as yet unexplained by the scientist of today, as yet unknown by him either as to its source or origin, or by whatever means it seems to appear in all organic or even in inorganic material which comprise this Earth? This mysterious life force is merely the sum and total of all expressionary forces as it exists in the interdimensional cosmos; in the mechanics of the oscillating processes as they concern the formation of planets, galaxies, universes and the organic forms which may inhabit the planetary systems, or to the inorganic energy forms which form the inner dimensions where different types of life exist in energy bodies which are entirely beyond the dimension or comprehension in the third dimensional earth mind.

I have described much of this in the books, especially in the series of books, "The Pulse of Creation", where people live in energy bodies in higher worlds and in buildings and other life forms formed from pure radiant energy which are not of the familiar atomic molecular form which compounds the life forms about us on this planet Earth.

The scientist of the future must eventually grasp and visualize this interdimensional life force as it centralizes itself into an amoeba or into the formation of any other life force as it regenerates itself into the different life forms which we see about us today; this super-intelligence which, as an oscillating process, regenerates itself infinitely, even in our third dimensional world.



Parallel Worlds


The proposition of the two parallel universes is, in a certain way, not entirely a new idea. For many years a certain group of scientists have firmly believed and still believe that there is an exact opposite replica of our entire universe as it now presents itself to the physical eye. In other words, so opposite is this universe that it is the antithesis of our own universe, and should at any time these two universes meet in even a small way, they would completely disintegrate. Some proof of this theory is already in existence throughout the world and there have been certain very mysterious happenings, events or phenomena which cannot and have not been explained by any known scientific means. One of these relates to a huge crater in Northern Siberia and, if my memory serves me right, this event happened more than one hundred years ago about 1851. Some great object or thing came out of space and struck the Earth in that particular area making a crater some fifty miles in diameter and several miles deep. Oddly enough, there was very little if any earth or rocks or debris thrown up around the crater. Apparently most of the huge mass of displaced earth had literally vanished. This particular happening has puzzled science and, as of today, no plausible theory or explanation has come forth except that it was a piece of antimatter which came from the opposite universe and struck the Earth with such force and impact that the Earth literally vibrated. There were tidal waves and various seismic disturbances throughout its entire surfaces.

Now the theory of the opposite universe is, to a certain extent, entirely true. As it was explained in previous discussions and throughout the Unariun liturgies, the dominant principle of creation in the manifestations of different interpolations is done on an oscillating basis between opposite polarities. In the third dimension this phase reversal is 180 degrees which manifests itself as an up and down motion called a sine wave. The fourth dimension equivalent is a 360 degree phase which unites itself in a complete and never-ending circle.

However, within this circle there must be the same positive and negative polarities. In this respect then it can be visualized that this cycle is actually two cycles and that they are oscillating in unison with each other, reversing their polarities in the regular order of frequency oscillation with which they are incorporated. This universal pattern of cyclic oscillations is manifested throughout the interdimensional cosmos. It is the sum and total of this infinitely filled infinity.

There are other very great and wonderful principles involved in this interdimensional cosmic hysteresis; that is, through certain frequency attunements, harmonic regenerations, etc., it can be visualized that vortexes, in a manner of speaking, form through the connection of different frequencies and harmonics in a chain-like fashion to form a kind of cosmic centrifuge or vortex. Now the constant oscillating phase reversals act in a certain way very similarly to centrifugal and centripetal forces. That is, due to the differences in the interdimensional frequencies, the higher rates of vibration represent a more positive bias to those of the lower. The lower vibrations then, in turn, can always be considered to be negative even though they contain their own phase reversals from positive to negative, etc., and so on down the line. As these harmonics and linkages continue throughout this vortexal pattern, the closer to the center, shall we say, of this centrifuge then the more negative do the various different oscillating phase reversals become in respect to those on the outer periphery or rim of this centrifuge. In a way, this is a kind of compression and it will ultimately result in a nucleus being formed wherein we have, as sort of a sub-infinity, a high concentration of phase reversal energies which are purely negative in nature simply because they have approached and have begun to pass a certain line of demarcation which would, due to the frequencies involved, determine what is the fourth dimension and the third dimension. In other words, these frequencies are beginning to lose their cyclic patterns; then they begin to re-express themselves in a different way by separating themselves from their cyclic patterns and become straight line frequencies or third dimensional frequencies which stem outward in a radial pattern from this central core. This is exactly the situation which is happening with our sun. Tremendous energy, through these oscillating processes, is being fed downward in a centripetal fashion into the central nucleus or core which is the sun which then, in turn, through the tremendous hysteresis or change within the wave form structures, as they separate themselves from cyclic patterns into straight line frequencies, begin to radiate their energies into the third dimensional world or our solar system.

However, it must be borne in mind that there are no clear, straight line points of demarcation between the third and the fourth dimensions. Rather, it is a gradual transition and can be envisioned as many different zones, in a manner of speaking, wherein certain things begin to happen in the natural oscillating processes. All of these differences are incurred due to the various frequency interpretations which these cyclic patterns and wave forms are manifesting within themselves; and in the regeneration of these harmonic patterns, again reform cyclic wave forms which, while bearing certain original facsimiles to their sources, also bear entirely different wave form patterns within themselves, compounded from this oscillating process.

Now this brings us to a very important point in our introspection. There is, in the interdimensional cosmos, a vast regeneration of certain kinds of cyclic lines of force, if we can call them that, which I will call electromagnetic lines of force. These lines again remanifest in the third dimension around our Earth, other planetary bodies, the solar system; in fact they may be considered to be the glue which holds the great universe together. The generation of these electromagnetic lines of force occurs in the inner cyclic pattern of wave forms as they are oscillating in these different dimensional frequencies. There is sort of a synchronous attunement set up wherein one given wave form in its cyclic pattern does immediately oscillate at a particular given point in its net total circumference with a similar wave form. In a general consensus, this should normally create a secondary oscillation called a harmonic. However, if these harmonics are built up in a certain way that there is a pulse line transference to other similar harmonic regenerations, then a long curved line of electromagnetic force is generated. It is actually a composite band of electromagnetic frequencies which are operating and oscillating synchronously with their regenerating sources. And as such, they assume, as a broad band level of interpretation, a long curved line. These long curved lines can be likened to, in a certain way, that of weaving a cloth where there is a warp and a woof.

We will say that the oscillating waves form the basic constituents of this interdimensional cosmos and form the warp. They regenerate cross fibers or the cross threads which we will call the woof. And it is these cross threads of the electromagnetic force which, in a certain way, helped to form and help to continually support the generative process in the net sum and total of the infinite cosmos. It is these electromagnetic lines of force which determine the pin-wheel-like shape of our universe and of our galaxy which is one bright spot in this great universe. These lines of electromagnetic force then, also hold the Earth and other planets in their respective orbits around the sun. The total spectrum of these lines of electromagnetic force also include such frequencies as are transposed into gravitational fields or gravity as well as in the electromagnetic spectrum, in the net sum and total of hysteresis as it is expressed by the conversion of solar energy into our heat and light spectrum as we know it here on Earth.

This is all partially proven by many existing scientific factors; it is known that hundreds of miles above the pole, temperatures are higher than they are the same distance above the equator in the area of the Van Allen radiation belts, which are not really radiation belts but rather, they are more concentrated fields of lines of electromagnetic force which cross and crisscross above the surface of the Earth. It is in these electro-magnetic lines of force—and there are many kinds of these regenerated elements of energy—which help to "filter out" certain of the solar energies which could render life on the Earth nonexistent, such as the gamma or delta rays and which are very destructive to life on a planet. Now this filtration is not really filtration at all but rather, is a cancellation due to the phase reversals which take place within the wave forms themselves from the gamma rays and from the electromagnetic lines with which they come in contact.

A note of interest that this so-called space about us is very densely filled with different kinds of electromagnetic lines of force; some of these are very broad and very powerful. Spaceships or flying saucers use them as a source of energy traveling from one planetary system to another part of the galaxy. This can be done in a transposition of frequencies which involve the metals and other materials which comprise the spacecraft. This craft can therefore be tuned, so to speak, to the movement of oscillation within the electromagnetic field and therefore travel at incredible speeds—perhaps several hundred times faster than the speed of light. And again in this hypothesis we begin to approach that inevitable astral flight proposition. I have explained this in other liturgies and will not attempt to go into this particular concept at this time.

Another way in which we can picture the total synchronous regeneration of lines of electromagnetic force would be something like a bucket brigade formed by firemen who lack pumping equipment and use buckets which they pass from one to another. In other words, the constant and multiple series of the regenerative process create tremendous lines of force. Some are, as might be expected, much stronger than others as they increase in the multiplicity of their regenerations and according to what particular band of cyclic frequencies which give rise and origin to them.

This also brings us up to more elucidation on the principle and the concept of the atom itself as it compounds our terrestrial Earth planet. Much has been given already in our liturgies but perhaps what is now presented will enable you to form a more comprehensive idea as to what really goes on. Now referring back a bit to our previous presentation which involves a tremendous interplay, a filling of space, so to speak, of a vast panoply of cyclic wave forms so oscillating; again, some form huge centrifuges—that is, large in the extent that they encompass cyclic wave forms in many different dimensions or frequencies, others may be very small and be harmonically attuned to the larger ones. As we progress down in space, so to speak, toward the ultimate formation of an atom, here we find a conglomeration of regenerative wave forms in cyclic patterns forming this same exact centrifuge but on a subminiature scale and in the net sum and total of the same oscillating processes, it forms the same nucleus. The nucleus, in turn, has, in its own respective dimension, all of the exact wave form counterparts which are contained in the centrifuge which created it. Then, as a means of expression, just as it did with the sun, a certain radial pattern of expression takes place into the third dimension. This creates a secondary electromagnetic field. Other lines of force which are exact replicas or facsimiles of the vortexal pattern revolve or regenerate very rapidly around this nucleus, but in the third dimension. As these numerous lines cross, they form parallaxes which also are synchronously tuned to the net sum and total and revolve in the same direction; we shall call it the same direction, as it concerns certain positive and negative phase reversals which are always inclined in one direction due to the difference in time between manifesting the positive and negative terminus of the cycle.

Something like if you were pushing a wheel which was moving freely in space and you would do this at a certain point, your hand slapping against the rim of the wheel would constantly accelerate this wheel in a certain direction. This is a kind of synchronous forward movement which causes the parallaxes of this atomic formation to revolve rapidly around the nucleus. It is also within these parallaxes that we find great concentrations of pure energy, oscillating again in sub infinity in the exact composite or reproduced cyclic form of the original atom form. These charges of energy contained in these sub infinite atoms are tremendously powerful and they can travel through practically any known so-called solid material. For example, it is a charge of these subatomic particles which the scientist calls electrons or neutrons which, when used as a laser beam, an instantaneous firing of the laser beam can drill a hole completely through a diamond in a fraction of a millionth part of a second. The reason again is very simple: as this tremendous charge of pure energy, revolving within itself and oscillating as tremendously as it does, meets carbon atoms which comprise the diamond, then there is an immediate cancellation of all wave forms involved and the energy reverts back into its interdimensional form. Matter can be said to have been disintegrated, as it is in the case where the diamond is drilled with a laser charge.

Exploring as we do the infinite variety and manner in which oscillating wave forms are compounded about us into the familiar atom-molecule combinations which go to make up our terrestrial Earth, in this introspection we may be confounded and overwhelmed by the infinite variety, yet all about us in this seeming, apparently solid Earth there are countless billions of tiny atom forms which are regenerating harmoniously with their vortexal formations from the inner dimensions.

If we add to this already overwhelming introspection and with our mind probe into the inner dimensions, then the proposition of introspection is proportionately increased a hundred million fold, for within this fourth dimensional consensus do we find infinity itself. Yet revolving as it does from positive to negative, or that it is a composite actually within itself of two universes—two physical terrestrial universes—the universe which we can see with our telescopes and our electronic gadgetry, and the invisible and presently unknown universes which have created this universe as a manner and means of polarization in the interchange of oscillating energies between them. Then if we extend this invisible infinity which has propagated and created this visible spectrum into more remote regions, we will not see at any point, any condition which would suggest matter and antimatter. While we might see such a vast difference that it would suggest one would immediately destroy the other, yet there is impounded within the creative law of oscillation as it takes place within the polarity phase reversals, that at no point and regardless of how far we extend our perspectus into infinity, do we find an unbalance in any of these cyclic wave form patterns. Therefore, it is quite unlikely, in fact, impossible that this infinity, as infinitely intelligent as it is in all its creative facsimiles, would ever arrive at a point where it would destroy itself.

Rather, if there is any destruction which occurs either dimensionally or interdimensionally, then it is a proposition of individual choice as it might concern human beings; a choice which they make by becoming extremely self-centered and selfish by completely enclosing themselves in the citadel of their own ego. Plant and animal life on any planet constantly perpetuates itself in its common scale of evolution from seed to flower, etc. So likewise do all oscillating cyclic manifestations in infinity constantly regenerate themselves and, in so doing, perpetuate not only themselves but they regenerate certain harmonic constituents which are constantly recreating new forms and perpetuating infinity to an even greater and even more expanded state.

It is not possible in the human mind to conceive infinity and should this be so, then infinity would cease. Likewise should infinity cease, then all form and matter, either terrestrial or otherwise in the interdimensional cosmos would cease to exist, for infinity is the composite of all of this oscillating, regenerating universe of energy—if we can call infinity a universe and extend our perspectus far beyond the limits of our comprehension.

There is much more which could be discussed and most likely will be in further discussions and dispensations which will all tend to enlarge the perspectus of your mind; an enlargement in the intellectual capacity, the facility to tune in to the different planes and dimensions of your life to gain access into sort of a picturization of creation as it exists around you and from within yourself.

I have spoken of many other concepts which are adjunctive to the general perspectus of infinity—the parallel universe or two universes oscillating within themselves are quite synonymous in many respects to you in your physical body and your psychic anatomy. For surely as you live consciously in this dimension with your conscious mind in a third dimensional world, so does your psychic anatomy live in a fourth dimensional world; and in a facsimile of oscillating wave forms in cyclic patterns, reproduces every facet, every tangible and many intangibles of your life. And in this net sum and total process of oscillation between yourself in your conscious physical world and the world of which you know nothing—your psychic world—you are reproducing in this oscillating process the entire facsimile of your past and your present; and your future is also being reproduced which, when it is integrated with the time factor and separated in space, you will live through this future in the time ahead of you. In this way then, you will be contacting the infinitely numerous wave forms and harmonic patterns in their cyclic manifestations from the inner worlds. These will all be interpreted by your own conscious mind, in your daily life in that future as your life experiences; they will relay to you and into your psychic anatomy by oscillation, certain particular wave forms which, when combined with wave forms from your past, will again create the illusion of the picture world which you see in your mind—the picture world which makes your daily life possible here on the planet Earth. Should you grasp the meaning of what I am trying to convey to you in these words and should you be successful, then you will most surely live in a world which is entirely different from the world in which you now live. You will not live in a body composed of atom-molecule forms and supported by a metabolism which has been compounded from the beginnings from the protoplasmic forms which were first engendered upon this Earth by the cyclic movements from the inner dimensions.

Just as it is now known to science of this world that certain molecules called amino acid molecules are the building blocks of larger molecules called proteid or protein molecules, the inorganic forms first spawned upon this Earth, like they are on many planets and as they understand it, came from bursts of energy as they call it. How much better it would be if they had used the word "pulse"—a pulse synchronously tuned to a number of oscillating cyclic wave forms in the inner world and supported by certain harmonic structures, could group together certain atomic forms to form a molecule, a sort of synthetic molecule formed by the laws of creation—the laws which I have just explained to you which remanifest constantly in a never-ending cyclic fashion on the basis of frequency from these inner worlds—the inner kingdoms. As this first synthetic amino acid molecule was formed, then successive steps in this regenerative process would collect these molecules together to form a cell, and this cell could be the first amoeba, a tiny protozoa which, in its total life capacity, expressed hunger, expressed certain elements of self-protection—a tiny animal which could eat by literally surrounding its food and digesting it with certain enzyme substances formed within this tiny one-celled body. Yes, this tiny creature even had a circulation; it had certain parts which corresponded to a much more highly developed or evolved animal such as man himself—heart, lungs, liver, circulatory system—all first formed in the tiny vacuoles and other composite sections in this protozoa.

No, the symphony of life, the entire harmony of life, its conception, its manifestations and its constant creation is not happenstance. It is not a product of spontaneous regeneration. Rather, it is a manifestation and product of infinite intelligence conceived millions of years in the sense of time, beyond the periphery of its earth-life, third dimensional form; an infinity which creates and makes possible all life forms and all manners and ways of living to those who can conceive this infinity, in its manner and way of breathing, living and remanifesting itself in its numerous planes or, as it was once called, "The Many Mansions".

In the future we will discuss and scientifically probe and explain the many inner dimensions which are presently being so assiduously explored by different sectional factions of our present-day world: the cultisms of witchcraft, black and white magic. Other different forms of psychokinetic expression will be discussed; the ways and manners in which this psychokinetic projection can be attained; as to what is the total compound as it concerns every individual in his everyday progress; the linkage he has through the harmonic regenerating structures from the auric radiations of his body; his inner connections into the psychic anatomy as oscillating wave forms, reproductive in their entirety to his past, to his present and through this same psychic anatomy, so he is also oscillating and in tune with infinity. Yet man, in his primitive consciousness, as he now lives upon the planet Earth, has yet to evolve in the scale of his evolution to the point where his mental capacity is sufficiently expanded to go beyond the periphery of his past life experiences.

Curious as he may be and probe though he might, he will never go beyond the boundaries of this third dimensional world until he has conditioned himself from the inner worlds and from those great universities and teaching centers which exist in these inner worlds; the rigorous rhetoric of his third dimensional science limits the boundaries of his mental consciousness. And so it will be, the Earth will, to more or less and in a certain degree, always be a nominal plane of reference—a nominal plane of evolution—the formative phase or period of any earthman's life in his climb toward the infinite vistas of the inner kingdoms. And well that it should be this way. Were man, in this present time and in this generation, to possess knowledge and the ability to use this knowledge beyond the periphery of his intellect, he would destroy himself much more surely than he could by destroying the ecology of his planet.

The ego must constantly be supported by the past. And at any given point, should anything materialize in consciousness which is beyond the immediate dimension of scanning, as it were, through the subconscious (the past), to make the necessary co-relationship between this past, then this immediate presentation must be destroyed or it must be shunned for man is a computer and is completely analogous to those machines which he has created and is now using in the industrial complexes of his world. So it will be in the future, until that time when he gains the mental ability within the consciousness of his own mind to tune in infinitely to one or any number of given points in this infinity, to manifest the cyclic motion of wave forms into his consciousness as the sum and substance of his life—not that it shall be the reactive reorientation of past life experience, reactivation of these past life experiences into the present form and into such relevant dimensional factors which he has lived with and experienced in these past lifetimes in his evolutionary climb into the present.

Then, let the world remain as it was first conceived, this world and countless millions of others in this universe, in the infinite number of galaxies which comprise this universe—the material universe spread across the vastness of space into an incomprehensible dimension, yet filled with pulsating life forms, countless millions of planets where countless millions of life forms exist; some which would be incomprehensible to the earthman in his earth-world, yet all taking their place in this vastness of infinity.




Discussions in Quantum Solar Mechanics


In our previous discussions we approached that vital and all-important subject relative to the interdimensional cosmos termed by Einstein as the fourth, fifth, sixth, etc., dimensions. We have discussed some extremely important factors relevant to the structures, transmission of energy, etc. In general, scientists of today, astrophysicists, etc., recognize that space does contain plasma (sometimes called ether), a revival of a theory that existed some seventy-five or a hundred years ago. However, now, just as it was then, no information or understanding of this space plasma is currently available.

Limitations imposed by explorations in the vicinity of the interdimensional cosmos are most necessarily existent. The rhetorical minds of the third dimensional scientists, lack of proper instrumentation as well as other elements such as the requisites of preconditioning in higher worlds, etc., are most necessary before sufficient curiosity and desire is aroused which would stimulate explorations into this fourth dimensional cosmos.

In certain chapters of the "Tempus Procedium" and "Tempus Invictus" books, this space plasma was discussed to some extent and in the two preceding articles, more extensive discussion was entered into. However, the subject matter is most necessarily extremely complex and deserves considerably more attention before some comprehension may be expected to be attained. We have found that space plasma, as it is loosely termed by the Earth scientist, is actually a composite form of innumerable cycles of energy, all revolving endlessly around within themselves. We also discovered that these cycles, in the vernacular of this third dimension, could be considered to be small or large on the basis of their basic frequencies which they were oscillating. However, each cycle is most necessarily complex. It does, to a certain extent and in a certain way, according to the frequency oscillations within the compound matrix, reflect the entire fourth dimensional cosmos. This it does on the basis of attunements, or similarities with different frequencies, harmonic patterns, and a certain particular way in which the net sum and total of these frequencies and harmonic regenerations phase or peak, so to speak; a condition which can be called a synchronous isochronism.

This generation of a complex synchronous beat of isochronisms is

most important to understand because it is within this constant repetitious cyclic phase-beat that we find very important regenerations which, when harmonically attuned to other similar isochronisms generated in other cyclic wave forms, project or link up and form those most important structures I have referred to as the electromagnetic lines of force. Considering space as we see it third dimensionally throughout our solar system and the galaxy, there is a considerable amount of inductive transmission going on all the time. This gives rise to the appearances of numerous hydrogen atoms and the beat-frequency oscillation refers to, of course, particular fourth dimensional densities which, when also linked up, give that centrifuge pattern which results in a certain compression into the nucleus form which can be a hydrogen atom. The proposition of beat frequencies, isochronisms and the general regenerative harmonic structures in cyclic patterns throughout the cosmic universe is also responsible for transmissions of energy from such solar bodies as suns or other stars which have been named and cataloged throughout our galaxy.

All stars and suns have this particular similarity. They are the nucleus of a cosmic centrifuge; some exist in the third dimensional sense as being much larger than our own sun; or that they are comparatively newer or that they are older. They radiate frequencies differently however, according to how the net sum and total of the interdimensional centrifuge is compressing energy into them.

Now one of the facilities of this interdimensional centrifuge as it concerns the nucleus is in the in between fourth and third dimensional stage where there occurs this regeneration of isochronisms in cyclic forms which gives rise to numerous lines of electromagnetic force. If these lines could be visualized with the eye, you would see the sun radiating a tremendous field of energy in a curved or radial pattern, just similar in configuration to the familiar form of the galaxy and the universe itself—the old pinwheel formation. Lines of force as they are determined in their radiations from the sun follow these same curved patterns. This is so because the sun, as we see it in its existence and radiating energies into our third dimension, can be considered to be only one polarity and that there is in existence within the cosmic centrifuge and at a great distance we might say, in terms of frequency, a second sun—an unseen sun—which forms the negative polarity and that, similar in formation to the common and familiar horseshoe magnet, these electromagnetic lines are stemming out radially and in a pinwheel-shaped pattern from our positive, visible sun to this negative, invisible polarity-sun.

The same situation is quite similar with all of the planets within our solar system; that they also have a secondary counterpart or polarity within the fourth dimensional cosmos to which they radiate these radial lines of force. Again the same familiar pattern that we can see by placing a piece of paper on a horseshoe magnet and a pinch of iron filings, when the paper is tapped the particles of iron assume that radial pattern which is so familiar to us.

Now we can also carry this same concept into every one of the star bodies within our galaxy or our universe, and they also have a similar polarity—call it negative or positive, whichever you prefer—to which they oscillate interdimensionally. And we carry this same facsimile of concept on down to the hydrogen atom; that also from every visible atom as it is compounded into molecules and our familiar everyday substances, there also beats with the atom in this structure, an interdimensional atom which can be considered to be its other polarity. This is the true concept and meaning of the parallel universe; and we find these same structural conditions existing throughout infinity to whatever plane we wish to turn our introspection. As I once stated, we must always have two polarities within any oscillating condition wherein we have a phase reversal. This is a universal concept of creation and carries the idea or information "consciousness" of wave forms to one extreme and then to another extreme—a condition of 360 degrees phase reversal. In our third dimension, this phase reversal is separated into 180 degrees and results in our familiar sine wave equation which is so universally found throughout our modern-day world; a sine wave which powers all motors and makes possible the lighting and heating of homes, turning the wheels of factories; yes, even powering the most important and necessary functions in our jet aircraft; and to whatever and wherever we turn our attention we will see the familiar sine wave at work.

Sometimes the sine wave is purposely degenerated into one-half a phase or a 90 degree phase which is called direct current simply because it does not manifest a second polarity. However, any metallic substance such as a wire, will present great and tremendous resistance to this direct current wave form, and again, this is a common condition in the transmission of electrical energy over a wire as we do in interdimensional space; that is, the molecules and atoms which comprise the copper or other metallic conductor must conduct energy in exactly the same way that the plasma or the many oscillating cycles which comprise this plasma are oscillating in that interdimensional space between us and the sun. The principle here is exactly the same.

In its energizing capacities, the sun is radiating the energy into the third dimension and, as I stated before, there are certain zones wherein differences in wave form structures are manifested; that this general transmission is taking place in many different ways simultaneously. Some of these transmissions most vitally concerned are the earth worlds and in the electromagnetic fields which the sun has energized. As the Earth represents a certain polarity in this cosmic hysteresis, then it is coupled in this frequency interplay with the sun, and to a degree, the sun being a superior polarity or a stronger source of energy does, to a certain extent, energize such secondary polarities as are the different planets which revolve around it.

Here again we find another very important function always taking place; that is, the orbits of the planets themselves and how rigidly they are held in these orbits—not necessarily from any such physical laws as we might find in activation when a satellite encircles the Earth, wherein centrifugal force generated by the speed of the satellite exactly matches that of the gravitational pull so that the satellite can circle for a long period of time in what is called free space without meeting any of the resistive factors which would ordinarily slow it down, such as friction with the air, etc. However, with the planets which encircle the sun it is the electromagnetic lines which hold these planets into their respective oscillating positions—electromagnetic lines of their own particular polarities which are concerned with the fourth dimension as well as the polarity—positive and negative—of the sun itself. The whole interdimensional oscillating structure is extremely complex and it will take a considerable amount of constant introspection before a sufficient amount of comprehension can be obtained as to this oscillating condition.

Now you no doubt have heard and seen, especially in the eclipses, some information on the chromosphere of the sun. The chromosphere is that particular envelope which radiates, or at least apparently seems to radiate, tremendous energies and certain solar prominences can be seen to be erupting a hundred thousand miles or so into space. This tremendous energy radiating so freely as it does is called atomic fission or that it is being burned in an atomic furnace. Of course this situation is not quite true. The scientist of today does not know that the sun has energy "pouring" into it from the interdimensional cosmos. He also does not know the true factors concerning the conversion of energy into respective atoms such as the hydrogen atom which is said to be the fuel being burned by the sun, and its conversion into a double configuration in its atomic form of helium. Also noted is, in a spectroscopic examination, that the sun contains 66 of the elements of the Earth. This would of course be a contradiction. We know that such elements as uranium, lead, radium, etc., aside from being to a certain extent radioactive, as radium in its completely degenerated state becomes lead. Uranium can also be made into such isotopes as are called plutonium, U-2-35 Americanium, and other artificial isotopes which have been manufactured in certain processes in our Earth laboratories.

Quite recently, in an article carried in the Los Angeles Times, scientists have found that a certain rare element hardly ever found on the Earth has been found in one of the great stars in our nearby galaxy of Andromeda. This rare element and the way in which it was found on the surface of this sun by means of a spectroscopic examination entirely defeats former concepts held by astronomers and astrophysicists as to the nature of the elements which are found in the sun and in their respective positions. This particular element was discovered by a scientist at the University of Michigan; his name is Dr. Charles Cowley who, together with Dr. Margo Friedel Aller, made this finding. The element which they found was promethium. Finding it on the surface of this star in Andromeda has certain very important connotations.

Formerly it was believed that all chemical changes occurred deep within the structure of the sun or the star; however, the finding of promethium on the surface of this star invalidates this concept; and so once again the astronomers are at loose ends, so to speak, in their newest discovery. In other words then, they say there is no other explanation other than the fact that suns are constantly changing their chemical composition as they age. Here again is the assertion of certain facts relative to cyclic transmissions; that age, while it is a third dimensional factor relative to the transmission of time, it again becomes one of those cyclic transmissions or phase-beats which we find in the interdimensional cosmos. In other words, the sun or star as a nucleus, begins and ends its total life span as a simple beat frequency wherein there is a total manifestation of a certain number of isochronisms which have been regenerated from a vast centrifuge in the interdimensional cosmos. The sun or nucleus itself is only a manifestation, we shall say; the total regeneration of the sun from its beginning to its end is the total consummated phase of this frequency or beat frequency which was generated in that cosmic centrifuge.

Likewise, all such elements as are found in the sun are not necessarily found in any particular layers or within certain portions of the sun. Structurally speaking, if we could slice a sun in half, we would find, rather than layers, densities of frequencies—the way in which such frequencies beat harmonically, the regeneration of cyclic forms, etc., rather than would we find such solid masses as might be relative to rocks which form mountains, etc., in our familiar earth-world planetary configurations. So once again we have discovered some very important facts about the interdimensional cosmos; the way in which the tremendous energy is regenerated into many different planes or into many other different dimensions—referring once again to our familiar quotation of the "Many Mansions" or dwelling places.

Sometime in the future I hope to get into even more abstract configurations where we shall explore even further into the interdimensional cosmos; and we shall begin to unite not only galaxies and universes but also discover how universes themselves become only mere microscopic specks in a more total infinity. And could I find words and could there be sufficient comprehension with these words, there is no doubt in my mind that such explorations could be continued indefinitely, for this is indeed the proposition of infinity, its consistency and its mechanics. It must be at least to some degree, made relative and viable to your own position in the scale of evolution as it concerns your progress or lack of progress or even retrogression in the total cyclic transmissions which you will manifest in your future life cycle.

Understanding and comprehension, even to a small degree, of interdimensional mechanics will give you a tremendous advantage to survive; whereas, without such familiarity, you would indeed be forced to revert back into an earth-world condition or even a subastral condition and a constant series of retrogressive actions would subsequently destroy any conformity of consciousness which might have been developed within your psychic anatomy. Remember that your physical body, like the sun, is only a third dimensional appearance of a tremendous regeneration of wave forms within that energy body which I have called the psychic anatomy. That psychic anatomy also exists and is part of the general fundamental continuity which is expressed throughout the interdimensional cosmos. Any minuses on your part could eventually be fatal; that is the purpose of Unarius. How far I can go in our introspection depends to some degree upon your capacity to be able to understand and to formulate within your own mind certain configurations relative to these mechanics.

I do not promise and I do not recommend any system, any religion which must gain its devotees and its advocates from such false promises as intercession, living in immortality in some fancied City of Jerusalem, etc., or in some form of Utopia. The aboriginal mind from such past epochs of time as have been seen on this Earth has always been attracted to such ideas. In a totally scientific world such ideosophies are totally invalid and are intolerable.

The Creative Intelligence which comprises Infinity could not and would not exist on an emotional basis predicated upon such beliefs as might be found in religious institutions or that certain religious institutions had better access to the mind of this religious effigy as it might consist of the "Supreme Being", Jehovah, etc. Such a religion, in whatever form or by whatever name it is called, is extremely primitive and infantile and cannot be tolerated in the face of a pure and valid science.

So within the dimension of these articles which I have dictated for you, you will find some comprehension as to this scientific, interdimensional cosmos. As to its source or its beginning—there is none. Neither is there any ending. You, as a human being, have constantly been associated throughout your evolutionary cycle with such relevant terminology and other factors which concern your third dimensional world.

Time and space is of the utmost importance in this world because it is the beginnings of your putting together, so to speak, the various factors of your life, the combination of certain elements, the fabrications of certain societies and your concourse with your fellow human beings. All of these factors go to make up your third dimensional world; and time is of the utmost essence, for time is always relative and synonymous to space. However, in the quantum mechanics of the interdimensional cosmos, you must in the future in your evolutionary cycle, develop your intellect to a point where it can incorporate your world in an entirely different manner and way—without time and space but rather, through the cyclic transmissions and all subsequent regenerations which are attendant thereof. And I do hope that you will be successful in your endeavors.




Part Two


Our preceding discussions related to the interdimensional cosmos, the various interpolations, mechanics, etc., which are involved in the net sum and total of all processes which can be called infinity and also which produce our third dimensional world as it is viewed on the planet Earth, the solar system, the galaxy, the universe, etc. Some of these presentations and the concepts therein may seem, especially to the scientists of this world, somewhat farfetched or in the vernacular, "way out", otherwise unsupported, etc. So to serve all purposes best and to use the ever-abundant proof that these concepts and presentations are indeed true and accurate, I will use the very essence and nature of the earth world science as it is presently known, to validate these presentations.

As a beginning in my central objectivity I will use that closest heavenly body to our Earth, the sun. Aside from the Earth itself, there has been no doubt more study and exploration of the sun than any other body which presents itself in our third dimensional cosmos. Using the Encyclopedia Britannica and quoting from it, as a point of reference, I will enter into a discussion which will prove and reprove all presentations and the quantum mechanics contained therein, in all presentations which I have so far made. As we know, the sun is a tremendously energetic radiating body of energy; the exact amount of energy which the sun radiates every hour of the twenty-four hour cycle or any particular given hour as it concerns the Earth is indeed enormous. There is a mathematical equation given in the encyclopedia but unless you are trained in that type of mathematics it might be meaningless to you; sufficient to say, if you are curious you can read it.

I once read an article on the radiant energy from the sun wherein it was said that the sun, in a single day, radiated enough energy on the Sahara Desert to power all of the Earth's needs. Now this has always posed a very important question, not only to primitive man but to mankind in whatever particular civilization or status quo in which he has existed. To our present-day scientist, it is even a more enigmatic parable than it was to the primitive man who could more or less deitize it, call it the Sun God, etc. The scientist of this time, however, is much more concerned in the parable of what the sun is and the source of its enormous radiations.

The context of information contained in the encyclopedia contains many contradictions, either apparently not explained or neglected, or otherwise, that there were no suitable explanations to eliminate these contradictions. For example, the source of energy from the sun is supposed to be obtained from the net sum and total of radiated energy from the implosion of two hydrogen atoms.

Now an implosion is exactly opposite to an explosion; that is, the two atoms would somehow have to collapse together and form a totally different atom, which is called helium. In this total collapse there is a large amount of energy released. However, in this theory the scientist has not yet explained why there are more than sixty-six other different atom forms contained in the photosphere of the sun; iron and nickel being among these atom forms as they are cataloged in our atomic weights here on Earth. Now if the net sum and total of the energy released from the sun is used from the implosion of hydrogen atoms to form helium, then what are the other atoms doing in that photosphere of the sun?

The scientist also does not rationalize or give a suitable explanation of how this implosion process is conducted, what instigates it, and why it is that a helium atom is twice as heavy on the atomic scale than were the two hydrogen atoms, despite the release of considerable energy; in fact, energy which reasonably could be supposed to be at least equal to the net sum and total of the atomic weight. Also quite evident, how is this process conducted and how is it governed?

Here on Earth the scientist can produce the twenty-five million degree temperature which he believes is necessary to conduct such an implosion process; however, he has not yet constructed a magnetic bottle to contain the atoms in this process. Of course the scientist has the entire process backwards. The twenty-five million degree temperature is actually the quantitative release of energy from this implosion. It is not necessary for these two atom forms to have a twenty-five million degree temperature in order for them to merge. Rather it is that they should have some other intercosmic law or force governing their actions which would cause them to merge in this metamorphosis. And in this merging there would, of course, be that quantitative measurement of energy released. The twenty-five million degree temperature is merely a theorem; it has not actually been confirmed.

The scientist is likewise mixed up on what is considered heat. There are ninety-three million miles of space between here and the sun. There is no medium in this space which would transport heat or conduct heat from the sun to the Earth. Therefore, in the absolute consensus of energy releasements as they were concerned with two hydrogen atoms, any conductivity through this third dimensional space between the sun and the Earth must be done in an entirely different way. Therefore, this energy is not heat and the twenty-five million degree (supposed) temperature on the surface of the photosphere of the sun is really nonexistent; it merely resides in the mind of the scientist or on his papers as a figurative consensus of energy which is being released and is not really heat; for in a pure and abstract sense, heat is nonexistent. It is merely the measurement of certain energy wave forms which, due to their specific size, can be quantitatively assayed to have a certain resistive factor when they pass through certain solid particles which comprise our third dimensional atomic constituents.

In other words, an energy wave form passing through any given mass meets with a certain resistance; and this resistance is the sum and total of another form of energy which is released, which the scientist calls heat. If the wave form passes through our skin and our flesh, and providing the wave form called heat is of sufficient intensity, then we shall be burned because the cells in our tissue structures must absorb this "heat" because they are resistive to it. And in absorbing this heat they will explode and be destroyed, therefore, you would be burned. Smaller amounts of these heat wave forms can pass into the tissues and create a sensation of comfort as the body is normally maintained at about 98 degrees Fahrenheit.

So you see, the scientist of today is still in a rather primitive state of evaluation as to the net sum and total of his consensus in the different ways, manners and means as well as the energy wave forms themselves in determining what should be most properly called what.

The photosphere of the sun then, becomes a radiant source of solar energy—spectral energy which, to a large degree, would be almost totally unknown to the five senses of the Earth man. It is through the various inductive and conductive processes in what I have called cosmic hysteresis that we find this energy converted into the more familiar forms which we are so familiar with here on Earth, including heat, light, the electromagnetic spectrum which includes gravity as well as the magnetic spectrum itself.

One more proof that what I am talking about is true is in that magnetic spectrum itself. Now the sun is about 334,000 times larger than the Earth, yet measured by the instruments available to the scientist of the Earth, it has a much weaker magnetic field than does the Earth, based of course, upon the proportional size of the sun and that of the Earth. If all equations were true according to the Earth scientist, it should have a magnetic field 334,000 times stronger than that of the Earth because it was that much bigger. What is really implied here is that the scientist measures his magnetic earth field or the magnetic field of any solar or stellar body on the basis of a rather crude implementation. He measures only one basic part of that magnetic spectrum. It is more or less a physical property more closely related to the total sum of atomic forms as they are contained here on Earth, or from the total spectral electromagnetic field. There is a similarity here with the encephalograph and in measuring brain waves; that while he thinks he is measuring brain waves, he is measuring only a subharmonic.

In other words, the scientist of today in measuring the magnetic field of the Earth is measuring only one small bit of this electromagnetic field—a subharmonic, if you would call it that. Because the sun is much more totally involved as the radiating source and because of the tremendously greater power, and as the central centrifuge in the solar system, the electromagnetic field is actually more than 300,000 times greater than that of the Earth. However, this total electromagnetic field is still in the higher reaches, shall I say, of electro-radiant forces which are part of that fourth dimensional centrifuge and cannot be measured by the Earth man.

Now part of the radiant process of conversion of energy from the sun, the scientist believes, is that about one percent of the total hydrogen which comprises the mass of the sun would furnish sufficient radiation from this implosion process to power it for about one billion years. Now that's a long time. But of course what the scientist does not say is where did the first hydrogen atom come from and again, what causes two hydrogen atoms to merge. Also contained in his hypothesis is the ping-pong effect of different atoms which comprise the photosphere of the sun. He calls these various elements, as he has catalogued them such as iron, nickel, calcium, potassium, etc., which he has found in his spectroscopic analysis as actually being elements in that sun's photosphere. He says that these elements are releasing electrons because they are ionized and as they release electrons, other atoms around this atom pick up these electrons; and in this releasement and "pick up" process there is a releasement of energy. Also, that the atom which has picked up the stray electron has reciprocated and has batted his own electron back to the first one.

Now if this was even partially true, we again could ask this very important question: why do atoms do this and what causes them to reciprocate? Well, if the scientist understood what I have presented in our previous discussions, he would understand that this is actually an interchange on the basis of synchronous isochronisms between two atom centrifuges of energy; that they are releasing energy into the third dimension as a result of this synchronous interchange of wave forms between them. The laws which govern this interchange have been well-defined. I have called them the regenerative principles of harmonics or harmonic regeneration. In properly tuned sequences, as we can call synchronous regenerations, we will regenerate a net sum and total of a different set or band of frequency regenerations which I have called isochronisms and which beat either regularly or irregularly, according to their basic and formative constituents—all of which have been borne out by the rather vague theorems presented in these scientific discussions.

Here again we cannot overemphasize or stress firmly enough the importance of the interdimensional cosmic laws which govern and control all of these interchanges and formations. One other factor concerning the sun which puzzles the scientist is sunspots. Now through proper filtration, he can view the surface of the sun to a degree where he sees that its surface resembles a leafy pattern; that is, like a pattern made up of small leaves glued all over the surface of the sun. This has puzzled him. He has also found, in the regular cycles of eleven and twenty-two years, that is, the cyclic period of twenty-two years exactly equated as a one-half cycle of eleven years, produces sunspots; whereas, in the recessional part of that cycle, the sunspots recede and diminish so there are very few if any of them left. The scientist has well marked the appearance and reappearance of these sunspot cycles and it might be a note of interest to interject at this moment, that from out of the Atlantean and Lemurian epochs there emerged this same cyclic transference or that the same interdimensional science was taught at those two particular times as it is now being taught through this channel. The eleven and twenty-two year sunspot period became a great mystical symbol in all of the different arts and sciences which existed from the Atlantean time, such as they were in their own particular forms—all degenerated from out of the original Lemurian concepts.

The central corridor in the big pyramid in Egypt is said to be called the corridor of time and prophetically marked every important event in the Earth's history from the time of its construction down to the present time. It was based on the sunspot cycle. That is, the Ancients knew and used the determinant in their astrological and astronomical sciences as they concerned the interdimensional cosmos as I have explained it, to prophesy what events could occur on the earth as they concerned mankind; and they became very true indeed, for it is in these different cyclic patterns which are in the interdimensional cosmos that we find are of the greatest influence, not only on this planet Earth but in any other particular planet in whatever galaxy we may find.

Life is always indigenous and productive according to the net sum and total of energies which are propagated or reflected into the third dimensional world through the processes which I have described. The psychic anatomy itself of every human and as it is with every living thing on the surface of the Earth, is subjective to these intercosmic laws, and a human will flourish according to how these laws affect him in his daily life. This is the true meaning and concept of astrology—not that any planets themselves do or can influence us to any appreciable degree in our earth life but rather, it is in the interdimensional cosmos; the laws which govern the interplay of this intercosmic infinity are, in themselves, the governing elements. They control not only the planets but they control everything which they have produced as part of the net sum and total of the productive infinity which is regenerating infinitely; and has produced all known life forms and all unknown life forms, and will progressively recreate unknown life forms even into infinity.

When this proper understanding of intercosmic laws concerning infinity and the interdimensional cosmos is more fully understood, then our society, the governments of the world could be proportionately and more intelligently constituted and used advantageously to the betterment of all peoples concerned, rather than with the reactionary stance and manner which is presently being employed.

The astrology of today is primitive and is based on some rather degenerated accumulations which were derived from the Chinese astrology which came from China about 6,000 BC. Originally, astrology at that time, contained thirteen different signs, all based on the appearances of different configurations in the heavens. Now anyone who has a telescope or who has read a book on astronomy can tell you that any of these configurations—as they resolve into astrological figures such as Sagittarius, Aries, Pisces, Scorpio, etc., represent the configurations as the Ancients found them in the stars of long ago. Any of these configurations are actually composed of many thousands more of unseen stars of different magnitude which cannot be seen with the unaided eye.

Now since the time of the original astrological concepts as they are contained in our modern astrology, there have been many other different discoveries in our universe which have been made by astronomers; all of which have tended to invalidate any particular astrology now currently in use, on the basis that any and all other heavenly bodies, otherwise designated in astrological charts, could be just as influential as were those which had been so designated; or in other words, the total unseen as well as part of the seen cosmic universe would invalidate astrology. Also, in several thousands of years, star constellations have moved or we have altered our position to them, invalidating the astrology concept.

We can extend this hypothesis much further if we interject our own particular interdimensional cosmos and, as we have done in preceding articles, examine all of the different factors which are involved; the vast infinitely filled infinity—a plasma or an ether, as it was formerly called, which would resolve itself into an extremely complex pattern of cyclic motions of energy, each one infinitely complex in itself and revolving endlessly within itself, repeating its own information—all harmonically linked to each other, all regenerating synchronously certain different wave lines of force, all regenerating to form atomic constituents.

Now getting back to the atom: the scientist or astrophysicist of today knows that his so-called space contains billions of tons of finely divided atom particles of hydrogen. He has theorized that it is in some centrifugal motion that has gathered together a large quantity of these hydrogen atoms and formed a sun.

Now if this is true, we should ask this very important question: by what manner and means and who commanded these atoms to gather together in a centrifuge to create that sun? In a sense though, the scientist is correct in saying that it is a centrifuge that creates a sun, whether it is our own little dwarf sun or it is one of those huge, enormous suns such as are found in Andromeda or in the Constellation of Orion. And by what manner or means were these singular hydrogen atoms formed? Why are they found in space? Well, the answers there, too, are found in our quantum mechanics of the interdimensional cosmos.

Each atom represents a miniature centrifuge of energy and in this central energy centrifuge the hydrogen atom becomes merely the third dimensional nucleus or core. On the other end of that oscillating centrifuge is a similar cosmic atom which is not third dimensional in nature but which in an oscillating process, regenerates and passes back and forth, so to speak, in its oscillating process, the net sum and total of what is being implied by all of the wave forms contained therein, which resolve themselves in our present-day atomic scale of weights as the hydrogen atom.

So by whatever manner or means, or by whatever way we take our present-day sciences as they are known, the present-day perspectus of these sciences and as we find the enigmas and the parables in these scientific presentations, so that by the mere extension of our perspectus into the interdimensional cosmos we begin to recognize and to understand why these scientific aspects exist in their enigmatical form as they do with the scientists of this day. Whether the rhetorics of this world prohibit the mentality of the scientists from escaping this third dimensional world, or whether it is pure stubbornness, or by whatever other name you wish to call it—a lack of imagination, preconditioning or whatever—it is quite true and apparent that the scientist of today is even in a much more abysmal state of ignorance than any of his predecessors; even stemming back into the more aboriginal state beginnings of his existence. And this can be substantiated on the basis that each new scientific discovery which he makes completely invalidates certain previous discoveries he has made. It also presents the inevitable enigma that he does not have sufficient intellectual capacity to escape into the interdimensional cosmos where he could fully and understandably equate not only his third dimensional world but also the entire concourse of his evolution.

There is one more final bit of evidence which I wish to present which, in itself, is one more validation of all these interdimensional concepts which I have presented. This is in the structural entity of a sunspot itself. Through his telescope and by various filtration means, the scientist knows a sunspot is a centrifuge, very much like a cyclone is on Earth. There is energy radiating from the center of this sunspot toward the outside edge or rim in a round whirlpool-like fashion and in a similar and likewise manner, energy from the upper surface of the sunspot is whirling around and around and descending into the center of this sunspot. The sunspot itself looks dark in comparison to the photosphere which surrounds it, however it is very bright indeed; and so far as can be determined by the scientist, it is energy just as is the photosphere.

Now whatever constituents of which it is composed are still comparatively unknown. I can illuminate to some extent the scientist of this time in a fourth dimensional consensus and present to him sort of a dimensional condition wherein we find the centrifugal patterns of frequencies, interplaying as they do, down into the sub infinite core of the sun itself. There it will expand outwardly into another dimension and in a venturi-like fashion, the same centrifugal pattern will extend on out into sub infinity to form a similar polarity in the opposite direction. Again to quote Einstein and his line, if drawn far enough, would meet itself on the other side; and in this concept of sub infinity, we can again equate the proposition of a parallel universe. Or, that we can again re-subdivide the parallel universe into four; and in our mathematics, we can again square these different centrifugal patterns of infinity or sub infinity into infinite proportions which will give us somewhat of a perspective of what infinity really is.

Here again, by whatever manner or method we use to extend the dimension of our mind into infinity—whether it is into sub infinity or into super-infinity or by what other term you wish to subdivide infinity—it means that in a general abstraction there are no limitations as to how far or in what direction we wish to go; and we will find in whatever direction we progress, in the structural sense, that infinity as we so find it is constantly deploying itself according to the law, order and harmonics which I have described in these previous texts. And in the manifestation of these numerous and infinite regenerations do we find the structural entities of universes, subdivided into galaxies and again re-subdivided into planetary systems; planets in themselves being subdivided into atomic constituents going on down into sub infinity and re-expanding in sub infinity—all of which I agree is far beyond the dimension of the third dimensional mind.

However, it is a challenge—a challenge which must to some degree be met and equalized in the consensus of our own intellectual processes; and if this is not met, then we shall not find immortality, for immortality spelled another way is infinity. And if we wish and desire to perpetuate our own life in a logical and an intelligent life cycle, then it indeed behooves us to use all logical manners and means, all information, all ways to learn of this infinity. And conversely, as we learn of infinity do we perpetuate our immortality.




Drops Into Blazing Heat: Soviet Craft Reaches Venus, Radios Data.


Los Angeles Times, Dec. 16, 1970—Moscow (AP)—The Soviet Union sent a space capsule plunging into the torrid atmosphere of Venus Tuesday and it transmitted data for 35 minutes, the Tass press agency said. Presumably the craft was destroyed by the heat and pressure before it could land.

Venus 7, the main spacecraft, was launched Aug. 17 with the announced aim of conducting "studies of the planet". But its transmitting performance has been outdone three times before by Soviet probes of the planet. Those probes measured the planet's temperature at about 500 degrees near the surface and its atmospheric pressure at more than 100 times that on earth. Western scientists said those three craft were "crushed like eggs".

The descent craft of Venus 7 had a shield designed to protect it from pressure of 100 atmospheres and heat of 198 degrees. But Western scientists doubted the shield could withstand the conditions in the planet's atmosphere.

Other Transmissions: Venus 4, the first to drop a capsule into Venus' atmosphere, transmitted for 35 minutes in October, 1967. Venus 5 transmitted for 51 minutes and Venus 6 for 96 minutes, both in May, 1969. The Venus 7 transmitter shut off after 35 minutes and there was no indication it still could function.

The United States has never sent a capsule into Venus' atmosphere, but Mariner 5 in bypassing the bright planet in October, 1967, also found the temperature above 500 degrees and gathered other data.

Tass said Venus 7 sent data that was being processed and studied but gave no indications of findings. The Venus 7 entered the planet's atmosphere at 8:02 A.M., Moscow time and, on command from ground controllers, the descent craft was separated. After a skip entry into the thick atmosphere, the descent module had slowed to a speed of 820 feet a second. Ground crews then popped open its parachute system. As it floated toward the surface, the instrument-packed module presumably radioed information on the composition of gases and the temperature and pressure. Venus 7 covered the 198.7 million mile distance to the planet in just under four months.

Ground crews maintained close radio contact with the craft throughout its long voyage, making contact 124 times. On Saturday, radio commands from earth set in motion the charging of solar batteries. There apparently was no further contact until Tuesday.

Soviet scientists seem to be as interested in studying the Venusian atmosphere as the planet itself. Nineteen months ago, Venus 5 and 6 missions were abandoned after radio failure during descent. Official announcements claimed success, however, for "the main goal of the experiment"—the gathering of data during the descent.

Western scientists believe those two craft, which reached the planet 24 hours apart, were mutilated by the pressure at 15 miles above the surface. (End of news article)

On December 16, 1970, Moscow announced that its Venus probe satellite #7 had plunged into the Venusian atmosphere. This spacecraft was the fourth of a series of Russian craft to reach Venus and to plunge into its atmosphere.

The United States has also had two successful probes: one a proximity circling, while a second actually penetrated the Venus atmosphere. While none of these spacecraft have ever reached the surface of the planet Venus without being totally destroyed, they have radioed back to Earth certain data of particular importance—especially important in that it validates the Unariun Concepts which I have detailed in previous articles.

Of all data radioed back to Earth there are two or three factors which are most important to our consideration. First: that the temperature on the surface of the planet is believed to be 700 degrees Fahrenheit, hot enough to melt lead; and the atmospheric pressure on the surface is said to be 100 times greater than our own atmospheric pressure of 14.69 lbs. per square inch at sea level. While the atmosphere of Venus is said to be, and looks vaporous—a compound of gases poisonous to Earth life, yet all relatively light in weight as compared to the oxygen-nitrogen Earth atmosphere.

How then does a planet slightly smaller than our Earth achieve an atmospheric pressure one hundred times greater than on our own Earth? And why, also, is there a surface temperature of 700 degrees? The planet is said to have a synchronous revolution and, like the Earth-moon relationship, always presents the same side to the sun.

Current available information does not state which side is hot and which side is cold, as it could reasonably be supposed the dark side would reach 270 degrees minus as does the dark side of the moon. However, rotation of the planet Venus has not been confirmed; or, if there is a revolution, what its exact time would be as compared to the Earth.

In recording these discrepancies, however, important findings still emerge and how they are achieved, contrary to our own existing laws of physics. The answer, of course, lies in the concepts which I have previously presented.

Venus, like the Earth, is actually the nucleus or physical terminus of an interdimensional centrifuge. Within the central centrifuge are two opposite polarities. All differences manifested in Venus or in any other planet arise within the differences of oscillating frequencies, harmonics, isochronisms, etc.

By rereading my previous articles (in the foregoing pages) some comprehension can be attained as to these processes and will give insight as to why these apparent contradictions exist.

Also equally apparent are the imaginative disparities of the Earth world scientist. Except in science-fiction stories, he has yet to achieve the reality of life form existence beyond the periphery of his Earth world forms. In my book, "The Voice of Venus", I have described life as it could be easily lived on such a planet; people living in cities constructed of interdimensional energies and in bodies of the same substance, would not be subjected to heat or atmospheric pressures which were third dimensional in nature and were manifestations or products of fourth dimensional cosmic hysteresis.

It would also be safe to say that if the Earth man ever succeeded in landing himself on the surface of Venus he would not see these cities or their peoples, no more than he can see the wave form transmissions from a television tower until they are resolved into picture formations by his television receiver.

One more apparent enigma is the magnetic field. According to available information the scientist has not yet measured or determined a magnetic field on the planet Venus. The scientist, of course, has not realized that in measuring the Earth's magnetic field he has only measured a low subharmonic. Venus has a magnetic spectrum proportionately equal to that of the Earth's, yet, because of differences in certain oscillating transmissions within the interdimensional centrifuge, the Venus magnetic spectrum is, frequency-wise, somewhat different than Earth.

Therefore, instruments used to measure Earth's magnetic field are out of tune with the Venus magnetic spectrum and can detect nothing when an attempt is made to measure the Venus magnetic field.

So once again, as it has been done innumerable times in the past, man has only added to the total enigma of his existence and, conversely, has validated the total Unariun concept.

The Unariun Moderator

(Ernest L. Norman)




About the Author


Any attempt at a thumbnail biography which would accurately and fully portray the life of the author would be a gross disservice; sufficient to say the future history of the world will unquestionably prove the author to be, without exception, the greatest outlet of interdimensional cosmic knowledge the world has ever known; for he has indeed proven beyond any question of doubt that he works with and from a higher world.

The most expressive segment of his life work began with World War Two, and through that shadowy period of earth's history he aptly demonstrated the ability of a well-trained clairvoyant mind, to almost countless thousands of people, and particularly to the wives, mothers and sweethearts of the servicemen overseas. He accurately described past, present and future incidents in the lives of these servicemen and to any and all others as they were met in all kinds of places and under varied conditions, usually accompanied by miraculous healings and adjustments.

His true mission in life however, did not begin until 1954 when he met and married Ruth, and from that time on he began pouring forth a wealth of literature which ran the gamut from ethereal poetry, philosophy, psychology, evolution, life after death, spiritual dimensions, to the most profound fourth dimensional discussions on matter, time-space, etc. This great explosion of wisdom through the channel of the mail service began to reach many thousands of people-some in foreign countries; and even more wonderful were the accompanying psychic manifestations and demonstrations which changed the lives of those who studied. And as they studied and learned about their past and future, they saw displays of beautiful spiritual lights, smelled strange and lovely perfumes with physical mental and spiritual healings and adjustments, and had numerous other kinds of demonstrations happen to them. All this and much more too, is part of the future history which will reveal the true nature of this man the vastness of his mission, which is indeed the actual beginning of the Millennium the—'Second Coming!'

This history now resides in the many thousands of life testimonials of his students and although He makes no claim, they all know him as 'the man of Galilee!'