Lesson 4 Text

Greetings, friends, from Unarius.

We are all very happy to see you here this evening. Tonight's lesson, which is number 4, will be moderated by William Crookes and Michael Faraday and several other of the savants who have once lived upon this earth and have gone into higher realms.

Last week we discussed, in our approach to this new science, something of mass and energy. We discovered that there was actually no such thing as a solid and that all things resolve themselves into different forms or dimensions or structural parts of energy. We also divided this energy concept into two classifications. We could say that there was static energy, as represented in the structures of the atom, to what we call solid or mass. We also found that it was this same energy in a transposed state or condition which we call dynamic energy or moving energy, kinetic energy. Through Einstein's basic theory, which was a factual or a mathematical calculus, whereby energy could be transported into mass or mass into energy. And therefore, we resolved into the concept that the structures of the atoms themselves, while they may appear as small solar systems of energy, yet even the negative or the positive quotients of each atomic structure, as was constituted in the electron, the neutron or the positron or the proton are in itself a subminiature universe of energy.

And that the atom as a whole could be said to be a galaxy of pulsating, radiant energy which was beyond the dimension of time or space, as it was conceived in this third dimension. It was also found that in our perusal and continuance of atomic structures, that while science had classified 101 elements, and that they in each themselves possessed what is called an atomic weight, which merely denoted the structural contents of the positive or negative quotients of energy, and yet each atom, each element in itself, also manifested in a multiplicity of superstructures or spiritual structures which were like unto themselves and which were called isotopes.

Now we enter into a very vital and very important part of our concept, as energy has an I.Q. or an intelligence quotient, and that under the conditions in which it was created, the existence of waveforms, and in their manifestations and remanifesting, as they did according to what we conceive as time, reasserted themselves or remanifested themselves as the same definite waveforms or pulsations.

Science itself was concerned with the fact that energy, such as light or radio waves or such similar types of energy transference, travels at a base rate of 186,272 miles per second. This represented, as far as physical science was concerned, the ultimate and the only stable element in the whole structure of science. And that all science, could in itself be considered, as far as any other exterior structures were concerned, to be at least partially theoretical.

In discovering how energy did determine its own quotient, its own frequency, its own IQ or intelligence, was what we call wave form structures. It is most necessary and vital to the future success of your course here, as well as to any future evolutions which you may or may not enter into in your future reincarnations, that you establish these basic concepts within your mind. For it will only be through these concepts that you will be able to reincarnate into higher structures, into higher dimensions, into higher places.

There is no short cut, and there will be no one—as some believe in China—who will, in the ultimate moment when you cry "save me", reach down from heaven and snatch you by your hair into some celestial domain. Whatever you get in the future, in your spiritual evolution and your flight into the higher spheres, into the higher realms, will be determined just exactly as how you conceive these things within your own mind. And that you shall never go beyond or be placed in any condition or in any place in which you are unable to live, unable to function, and you are unable to perceive.

So that you must realize the vital and the extreme importance of learning just what God is, how He manifests Himself in an infinite number of dimensions. Dimensions, which are the chord structures of the universe, can be likened to the chords of the chromatic or the diatonic scale of the piano. When we have mastered something of these fundamental concepts, then we can begin to assimilate and to put together the various pieces of this crossword puzzle which is called life. I am stressing this tonight with the utmost importance. It means that when you walk out of this classroom that you don’t lay it aside for another week, until you come up here again next Saturday. But it means that you must live with it twenty-four hours a day from now on.

Actually, before you came into this classroom, and for many years, you yourself were asking where you could get this truth, and the proof of that is that you are here tonight. And those who remain will have reasserted the truth of that statement. You are all hungry for the elements in which other places and in other transpositions of truth could not give. The world is full of those who tell you that things exist, but so few who can explain them to you, and this is what Unarius is attempting to do. To minds that are comparatively, shall we say, untrained or that have not yet developed or evolved into the concept where they are able to integrate energy and mass concepts into their daily lives, this task might be a difficult task, but one in which you must persevere if you are to attain that which you seek. I know how difficult it is. I could say that Ruth, for instance, spent many months in this concept before she learned to discard some of the old principles of churchianity and to approach God realistically, as He should be approached.

In passing in review of last week's lesson, and that we will say that imposing God and His Infinite Mind would have started something in which we can visualize as a huge cosmic whirlpool of energy which was contracting, expanding, descending, raising, elevating and so on, into Infinity. That is about as close as we can get into conceiving this within our minds. Actually, we can visualize it around us, just as we would take in the radio waves or television waves which are pulsating through this room at this moment, we could see that there are dimensions within dimensions and that these things are going on around, all about us at all times.

So that God’s Infinite Mind became the ultimate, the absolute of the most abstract of these great, shall I say, cosmic or celestial vortexes of pure energy, pure intelligence, pure everything. There isn’t a thing that you cannot conceive in this vast vortex, which is God’s Infinite Mind, which He has not conceived, and which you will not in a future day learn of in the transposition and, shall I say, the differentiation of different levels of expression of this great Infinite Mind. And that as positive became negative and assumed other vortexes, shall we say, into the causal worlds, into the astral worlds, and into the terrestrial worlds, we can draw them all out like this, coming down and re-manifesting themselves until they finally arrive in the ultimate, the smallest of all of our known structures which is the atom. The atom in itself, whether it was the simple hydrogen atom, as it was believed by science to be one proton and one electron or neutron that revolved in an orbit and that this surrounding space was actually filled with a pulsating, radiant energy which the scientists call the glue of the atom. This energy stemmed out, remanifested itself, and as you see the appearances of what we call the parallaxes of the wave structures of atoms become the negative or the positively charged particles of the atom.

In the more complex atomic structures, we would say there was a small ball of marbles which is called the nucleus, and around this were, each corresponding, one of these center balls was a negative charge. These atoms, all themselves, have their own orbits into something of a complex structure which you have seen depicted perhaps on your television screen or in some of the literature or some of the various scientific works which have been accessible to everyone.

Now the point we are trying to make here is the fact that whatever shape or form that we find these things in, that it resolves itself into pure energy. There is nothing else but pure energy. There are no solid substances. Another way to pose this tricky little abstract equation of energy and dimensional transition in our own minds-and this was given to us by Einstein three or four weeks ago--is to picture it as a venturi tube; that would be one longer and one shorter tube. This end is the third dimension. Here we have light frequency of 186,000 miles per second, which is the basic base line of energy transference in this dimension. This is the world of super Infinity. Starting here and rising in a constantly accelerating fashion is the speed of light.

As Einstein gave us that formula, which was a certain square root of the basic base line formula, it is too abstract a mathematical equation to prove in a class. Down here is sub-infinity. Starting here we get the atomic structures, and here again we find space rising in another direction. Time compressed in an entirely different concept. So that within each of these tiny electronic or protonic particles of the atom we again find Infinity and other solar systems of energy and so on down beyond the concept of your own finite mind. Just as we would say that as Einstein found and that and the physicists found that light accelerated in space according to a definite multiple of a certain square root, so that by the time light reacted in free space out in that great cosmic universe, it was accelerating at 4 or 5 hundred thousand times per second, or miles per second, or it could expand and accelerate even into millions of miles per second.

Now we begin to understand something of the infinite nature of God and how He has expressed Himself down through these countless dimensional forms, resolving Himself as He does way down here somewhere into the terrestrial dimensions and into the atomic structures. When we have conceived that and thoroughly integrated that in our everyday life, and we begin to see that around us these so-called solid masses resolve themselves into beautiful worlds of cosmic energy. We see that even as the walls of our rooms, our bodies become alive, sparkling gems of tiny particles which all are manifesting and re-manifesting their own divine wisdom and their own divine intelligence into our bodies. And it is a wonderful concept which will change your very lives!

Going more thoroughly into what we might call the psychic structures of man, and this is a point which has very often led to a great deal of confusion among people. In theosophy, for instance, some of the theosophical concepts state that man has a spiritual body, something which is composed of many layers, like the skin of an onion, and that in going into the various transitions and elevations of spiritual concept, he sheds each succeeding layer, bringing it down into a much more practical and much more acceptable form.

Now, as you know, you all have your abdominal viscera, you have your pulmonary viscera, you have your various other organs and functions of the body. The human body is a very delicately balanced mechanism. We have a glandular system which is called the endocrine glands; these are ductless glands, or they can be glands which have ducts into the outside circulatory system. The point which we are making here is the fact that as far as medical science is concerned, the human body is just simply a thing or shall we say a generic creation; we came into this thing simply as a byproduct of a certain generic or genetical process. That is why medicine is looking today for the unsolved riddle of the incurable disease. It has not yet occurred to the medical man that that body could not have come into existence unless it was first conceived in another dimension.

It had to be visualized and conceived from somewhere else. That was first conceived in God’s Mind, and we might say that all of these wave lines, as they existed here in their multiplicities, in countless and innumerable waves-and I can draw out many waveforms for you-that each one of these waveforms would denote its own specific intelligence. That is energy recreating itself and can be seen on the oscilloscope. That means that each one of these waveforms denotes something and does something under certain specified conditions. It is the same here, it is the same in any of the other dimensions. Energy manifests itself just that way.

We also found out that we have the basic sine wave frequency which is simply energy traveling in some such a simple manner. Such other modifications were modifications which were due to different conditions. To think a thought to create some active participle of integration in your own mind merely means that you have reverted back into your subconscious. And Intelligence resides in two levels, the super and the subconscious, and that most people function from this level. It means that in every act and in everything that you do about you every day, you are merely going back into the history of your past, whether it’s this life or some previous life, and relating certain extractions of experience as it exists from the reactionary or the subconscious self. Within the Superconsciousness resides other--just as theosophy explains it to you rather crudely--there resides other dimensional structures which relates man in the higher purposes to the more Infinite Nature of the Infinite God. That is called Superconscious Mind, your Superconscious Self, but Jesus called it "The Father Within." It is our purpose, through these numerous terrestrial dimensions, through the realm of experience, to attain that infinite concept of God because when we find the ultimate attainment in the subtractions of all the elements of experience will determine whether we become analytical in our mind or whether we revert back into some sub-dimensional form of transition. And that is all done this way because every time you think something in your mind, you create a definite waveform. Now that waveform just doesn’t go out here somewhere and pass away because all thought, in its purest and highest sense, revolves in another dimension.

Now the psychiatrist and the scientist have a machine they call the encephalograph, or the brain wave machine. They have found that, as far as the science of electronics is concerned, that your brain generates a basic sine wave of 10 cycles per second. Look here, we also have what they call the intermediate waveforms which are parts of the thinking process. In other words, you go on with a little needle like this and all of a sudden you think a tremendous thought and the little needle goes up and down like this. That’s as far as science has gotten today with brain waves. Rather crude, isn't it? But it’s a step in the right direction. A little further into the future we will see, by the construction of such machines, actually what these determining waveforms are which are contained in the experience of psychic shock or psychic integration. Well, the physical man is composed of the physical elements of which there are 16 in your body, such as calcium, phosphorus, iodine, cobalt, and so on and so on, but you have 16 of these elements in your body, roughly speaking. Your body contains enough water to wash a pair of blankets, you have enough iron to make a ten-penny nail, you have lime enough to whitewash a chicken coop, and you have enough sulfur to kill all the fleas on a good size dog. Now that’s what your body consists of basically. You could purchase it all at a drug store for about .75.

Now you wonder how this body exists, and it can’t exist in any other way except from the psychic consciousness. It has to come into this body of ours twenty-four hours of the day, every second, certain sustaining life forces. It just can’t exist any other way. Scientists have not yet gotten to the point where they can put the sustaining life force in the test tube. They can’t put it under the microscope, and they can’t recreate it on the screen of an oscilloscope because this sustaining life force comes from another higher dimension which is, up until this point, I believe, strictly within the domain of the clairvoyant, the person who is psychic. This too, by the way, and incidentally, is merely another concept because no one can believe anything that they don’t want to believe.

We have another body which is called the psychic body, and if we draw another little man over here, something similar to the one that we have, this is going to be the worst of the first one. We’ll call that the psychic self. According to the old Yogi, which understood, at least partially, what the psychic self was, we have different centers which are called Chakras, which stem up the spine something like the sprinkling system used on your lawn; we turn the valve, and the water comes out here and there and all over. Down here, we have the kundalini which is the base of the spine and related to sex.

We have another important one right up here at the base of the brain, the medulla oblongata. We have the hypothalamus, which is also anciently called the pituitary, which links you up with a cone of light and which has been measured to extend above every individual's head for at least twenty feet. You also have, down here at your fingertips and the palm of your hands, other centers; the soles of your feet, the ends of your toes, and the joints of our body all are also centers of this sprinkling system of cosmic energy or this energy from the psychic self. We will say that, for instance, the solar plexus, which is the vital seat of organic body, we could picture energy coming up from this psychic body into this physical body something like this. It starts out here and comes into here. So that we find here that we have another radiation. We have all around here various other radiations. That is called the aura. That, too, is measurable and contains seven basic frequencies as far as this terrestrial dimensional science is concerned. As the Yogi calls it 3 pranic, 3 karmic, and 1 spiritual or celestial vibration which is this one here.

Now the actual structure of this psychic body itself is composed of innumerable vortexes of energy just as we find the vortexes here. Your sun is composed this way, and the sun will appear at the end of this nucleus just like the lead on your automatic pencil. You have to have something, somebody, and some intelligence to put that lead in the pencil for it to come out the end, just as the sun comes out here; just as your earth comes out in another one of these vortexes of energy, just as every one of the atoms in the body comes out one of these sub-dimensional expressions of energy. So it is with the psychic self. Each one of these centers becomes radiating points of light. They are vortexes. Contained within those vortexes are hundreds of millions of waveforms, each one with a definite quotient, an IQ, its relation to the experience under which it was conceived. And so, when you think a thought, you are transferring that think back into this man, into the psychic self, which will change the numerous little vortexes which are connected to the central brain system of the psychic self, if we can picture it as a brain system.

Are you beginning to grasp the idea of that now? That is where we are constantly manifesting and re-manifesting, even though we may not be conscious of what we are doing. The experiences of even from thousands of years ago. Because in this relationship, and while we are concerned here with waveforms in the third dimension, which must always travel in a unified direction, yet in the psychic self we are not concerned because here energy is traveling in a circulatory or a gyrating fashion so that there is no time nor space. It is constantly reoccurring in its own intelligence, and we are not conscious of it at all, some peculiar idiosyncrasies that you see manifesting about yourself every day and about the other people around you. Some of these things you don’t know. You can’t account for what you do. When you find things happening like that, you can relate them back to the experiences which are concerned in the psychic self. It is an extension of the subconscious mind, but you are still functioning on this sub-plane, even though it may be thousands of years ago.

Now I am very much consciously aware of the fact that I can get up here, and I know that, as far as I’m concerned, because I have been going around these things for so many years. I have to appreciate the fact that we can only get so much. It’s like when we sit down to a meal, and if there is too much food before us, it tends to lessen our appetite; it also tends much to lessen our enjoyment of what we are eating, and it lessens our digestive process and how much good we get out of the food.

If every one of you here tonight, or even part of you, could assimilate what is on that blackboard, you will have automatically gained what would take you, normally, three or four hundred thousand years—in some astral and physical worlds—to assimilate. You may get it a little different way, but you would get it just the same. And those are the things in which every one of us are going to ultimately arrive at. It is the only explanation of what God is and our relationship to God. Because now, just as Jesus pointed out to us that as “The Father and I are one and the same,” and he meant each and every one of us as an individual, that Jesus was not the only Son of God, and that is a misinterpretation that was written into the Bible by someone like St. Jerome or some of the others.

It was the philosophy of Jesus, and I should know this about as well as anyone else because I was quite close to him at one time, that each and every one of us do have a Superconscious self within us; that is our Christ Self; our Superconscious self is our Christ Self. By believing in that, and by the simple process of believing, to believe in anything, you have to know about it. If you believe in the Superconscious self, you will know what the Superconscious self is. It’s you; it’s every one of us, and that will be our personal savior; that will be the thing that will lift us above these mundane terrestrial dimensions and put us up into such a position that we can intelligently rotate into cycles which bring us closer and closer to the Infinite Nature of God.

We must appreciate the fact that, while coming up here and doing these things, and hearing them and having drawn out on the blackboard, they’re all very important, that there isn’t a one of you who can leave the classroom and, inside of an hour, give me even ten percent of what’s going on here. Now I realize that, so the things that we must do, if we’re going to get everything that we possibly can out of this course, we’re going to have to take these lessons home with us; we’re going to have to put them out in front sometime, someplace where we can always see them, and whenever we can, from now until the next week, we refer to them, and we read them, and then we find out the questions and the answers of these things in which we are trying to learn about. It will have to be a seven-day a week job, so that at night, when you’re sleeping, you will go to such places as will be most suitable for you in what we call astral projection or astral flight. Venus is one of these planets. There is a lot which is done for people like yourself, when you so want it and so will it, that you can go there and continue on your courses in your studies. You may not be conscious of these things the next morning, but in the future it will make it much more easier for you to assimilate the various principles and the things which you have gone about to learn from this side of life so that we get spiritual integration along with our physical cooperation in our material world.

Now Ruth and I, we have gone to considerable trouble and expense to bring these lessons available to you in a mimeographed form. We have pre-edited these lessons and had them done at the most minimum possible expense. We are not making any profit, and the price involved here does not compensate Ruth for the 12 or 14 hours she puts in taking them off the tape, and I think you can tell how difficult that is. Then it has to go to two other persons who do the actual mimeographing. The whole process takes about a week.

Now these lessons aren’t such as they will be laid aside and in the future discarded for some newer or better philosophy. You’ll never find one. You may find ways in which these things will mean more to you than they do now, but you’ll never find any more because these things are the ultimate, at least for many thousands of years to come. The things which we are teaching tonight will become things of the future age which will be called the Aquarian Age or the Millennium. A thousand years from now, they will be teaching these things to boys and girls in school. Men and women on the earth will have to learn to live by them and understand because then each person becomes an integrated participant in the Infinite Creative Plan of God. We all become an integrated part of that divine concept, and so that every conscious daily act of living in your life becomes an integration of that principle of divine concept.

Up until now we have all been more or less reactionary. We’ve accepted experiences, more or less, blow by blow, as they came to us from the outside world around us by people are very reactionary in nature. We say that reaction is in itself merely a process similar to that when you step on the end of a worm and the worm wiggles with pain, so that every one of us becomes stimulated by the same process of psychic impact.

These are the ways in which we shall approach our ultimate destiny and our ultimate understanding of God. I am not alone in this work, and there are very definite scientific or parapsychological groups in the country today who are attempting to bring these things into existence. There are very few channels in this world who can get the correct integration, at this time, with the higher planes of Shamballa, Unarius as it is now called. And so, this is very vital and very important to you that you take a copy of these home with you tonight. The information is there. It is valuable, and you can refer to it day by day, hour by hour.

Now, I’m going to get into something else that was discussed by brother Max last week, in regards to flying saucers, and particularly to Lee Crandall’s experience, and I realized later on that there was still some difficulty in understanding these things. Now, any physical reaction we have in the body, and I don’t care whether it’s a nosebleed or anything else, if it’s a physical reaction, it comes from psychic shock. In anyone who goes up into a spacecraft or goes anywhere else which, shall we say, at a vastly accelerated speed, are into some relationship which tends to induce fear into a person through the hypothalamus which is the connecting link between the involuntary nervous coordinative system and the voluntary.

I was born and raised in the high Rocky Mountain country, and before I was 14, I’d climbed several peaks over 12,000 feet, and the only time I ever had a nosebleed was either through psychic shock or a fist fight. Now I didn’t indulge in many of those.

What we mean in Crandall’s case, and it can be typical in many others, if you read Fry’s book, incidentally, he accelerated to 8 miles in a few seconds time at a speed of probably from 10 to 15,000 miles an hour and yet Fry did not have a nose bleed. It merely means this: the body, as we have pictured it here on the blackboard, is a very delicately balanced system. You take the blood pressure, for instance, is a hydraulic system which is functioning against a mean pressure of the hydrostatic pressure around you, the air pressure, that is what the weatherman calls barometric pressure. In other words, your veins, your arteries, and your capillaries in your system are more or less kept extended into their proper proportion and diameter by an equilibrium of blood which is pumped against the existing and the opposing pressures from the outside so that your veins won’t collapse.

Now, as you go up the body, just like with any other thing, which , for instance, your temperature, and you have a thermostat in your liver which maintains your temperature, so when you go up into high places, it merely means that the balance, the equilibrium in your body, is somewhat upset and disturbed. Isn’t that right? So that will have an immediate effect. When a woman faints, it merely means that all of a sudden, the blood has rushed to her head, terrifically so. There is a pounding in the temples, she blushes and then immediately, the equilibrium, the balancing situation sets in; the blood drops back so violently that the brain is left without enough blood to furnish oxygen for the ordinary processes of thinking and so she faints. You see, it’s a reversal.

To show you what psychic shock will do to a person, when I was fishing along the stream one time, in my early twenties, in one of the canyons near my home town, it was in the mid-summer, and I passed a certain pile of brush that was alongside the stream. It was in August, and the rattlers were down along the stream edge because they were shedding their skin and the vapor of the water helped soften the skin so they could crawl out of it more easily. So this particular snake was lying there under this pile of brush and I stepped along, and he lashed out and hooked his fangs into my corduroys. I wasn’t touched. I stooped down and got a stick. He was wiggling on the cloth, embedded, firmly enmeshed in my trousers. I took a stick and I killed the poor creature. I had to. I couldn’t get him off any other way. Within two minutes my nose bled. I had to get my handkerchief out and make a cold compress on the back of my head. That was the same experience that Crandall went through. It was a psychic shock, not due to the fact that he was being transported from one place to another. He was totally unfamiliar with it.

Let me put it a little more differently. You’re familiar with the version of Jesus walking on the water, out there in the Sea of Galilee. One of the storms came up and Peter and some of the other men were in danger of drowning, and they were very fearful--you know the story--so Jesus appeared walking across the water and the waves became calm. So Peter became so infused with this terrific psychic transcendency within himself that he stepped out of the boat and attempted to walk too. He took 3 or 4 steps and everything was fine until he realized what he was doing in his own mortal mind, and then he began to sink. Now what had happened? Just as we explained it to you last week, in the realm of isotopes and understanding of atomic structures, as isotopes. The mean basic frequency in which the atoms of the body of Jesus were normally vibrating, just as you yourself are revolving in and are now affiliated to this 3rd dimension--they are under and subjected to the influence of what we call a static field of energy or gravity. Under gravity we have other physical laws which are known as momentum, inertia, and various other factors. When we change the atomic rate of vibration of the atoms, the atoms are still the same, but now they are not subject, under the law of frequency relationship, to the gravitational pull. Do you understand? That’s what happened to Crandall and that’s what happened to Fry.

Under the powers of these people who created the spacecraft, regardless of whoever they were, they were temporarily changed from their own normal vibrating rate or frequency. They still had the same atoms in their body; they were still subject to the same physical law, the same balances, the same equilibriums to that extent as far as their own psychic selves were concerned, but they were not subject to the laws of gravity or the terrestrial dimension. So therefore, Fry went up in this ship at a vastly accelerated speed, and he had no conscious feeling that you get when you go up in an elevator. You ever hear of the familiar term so many G’s pull, that’s used in aeronautics when you come down out of a dive, you go through 5, 10 or 15 Gs. That means an increased intensity of the gravitational pull. That means that all the blood in your head rushed down to your feet or vice versa, or wherever you happen to be in your position. Does that explain it to you much more factually now?

I talked to Fry a couple of weeks ago, and he understands this thoroughly and agrees with me wholeheartedly, one hundred percent. Crandall doesn’t, he hasn’t yet arrived at the point where he realizes these things.


* * * *


Q - Well Crandall hasn’t gotten even the conception because he gave a lecture, and he mentioned that after that he just continued, and on his next trip he didn’t have that problem. How is that?

A - It merely means that now he had placed that experience within the realm of his conscious mind and integrated it; and so he took the experience out of the realm of psychic shock so that he was no longer influenced by that sudden subjugation. It is based primarily on the reactionary process of fear. He was transported into a dimension which he knew nothing and was fearful of it, and it had an immediate effect, just the same as if a “bogie-man” jumped out of the dark at you.

Q - But he really believes he’s going up there in his physical body. Now, what does he do? How does he do? Go to sleep and…?”

A - No, no. He does go up there in his physical body, but his physical body is not the physical body which is subjected to the common ordinary gravitational pull or the laws of gravity as they exist on the earth. They physical laws we know, inertia, momentum, and so on. They’re isotopes…They’re vibrating in a high spiritual plane instead of down here in this 3rd dimension. They do that temporarily. Now, the Kuhuna firewalkers, as they have done in Hawaii, and there was an American major that went over there in 1948 or 1949, somewhere along there, and gave a very authoritative account of how they walk on fire, on hot stones. The Voodoos do it now in Florida and Louisiana, and South America, in the Voodoo cultures among the colored people.

What that actually means is that through a process of psychokinesis of the mind, which is an auto suggested process by itself, they have succeeded, either with their own minds or with outside minds, in changing temporarily the vibration of the atoms in their bodies so that hot heat instead of the flesh being a resistive element against heat so that it burns the flesh or destroys it, the heat passes right through and does it no damage. It isn’t reactive to it anymore. It’s as simple as that. The only thing that isn’t simple is how they do it

Q - Well, who did this in Fry’s case? These space men?

A - In Fry’s case, yes that’s right. When he stepped up into the ship through the door.

Q - I thought maybe the ship was like a pressurized cabin, or something that could do that.

A - No. If you remember his account, that even they were able, with a remote control to change the atomic structures in the door, so that light was transposed into another dimensional frequency and passed though the metal structure of the door just like it was glass and then it was re-transposed back into the vibration which was discernible by the eye. It was just merely changing the energy from one dimension into another.

Q - You mean this is the same thing they did with his body?

A - They did the same thing with his body, and far as that is concerned, the same principle will be involved in any future flights into space from this planet just as they have been from any other planets.

When the scientist of today has mastered that principle, he won’t be concerned with how many Gs a person’s body can take when blasting off in a rocket. In fact, they won’t even have rockets. He’ll have ships that will obey these great terrestrial lines of magnetic force and that use the power of these great cosmic structures that hold the planets together and hold them in their orbits that makes the sun radiate its light and many other things like that.

Q - Is it the same thing with George Adamski?

A - The same thing with any of them, I don’t care who they are. If they have gone out in a spacecraft. When they step into the confines of that ship or in the immediate vicinity of it, they were transposed into another dimension.

Q - You speak of the highly balanced body. As I understand it, the blood stream is a very sacred thing, and we are produced physically from the two cells on up, and we carry it constantly. All these things which they are doing now, shooting the bloodstream full of all kinds of dope and such, doesn’t this interfere with our development and our balance?

A - Well, certainly it does. Let’s consider things, whether you care to call them sacred or profane. The blood is merely another element, say energy, in transposition. It performs a certain function which, as you know, is carrying off the wastes and interjecting oxygen into the metabolism of the tissues. So blood is merely an agent; but what you describe as putting the various elements and injecting foreign substances into the bloodstream are only crutches. Just like many of the other concepts medicine uses today. The same is true of other concepts which medicine uses today. They’re not getting at the basic cause; the basic cause is at the center of the psychic self, the psychic body. If they get that fact, they won’t need to use so much of these various processes that they use in the hospitals to try and cure these ills. For instance, if you have diabetes, it means that your pancreas has ceased to function, so there is very definitely something wrong with the hookup. If you have leukemia, which is cancer of the red blood cells, it means that the phagocytes or the leukocytes have gone rampant and wild and are chewing the red corpuscles up. So, why did they lose their intelligence? Why did they become cannibalistic and carnivorous to their own kind? Because of the hookup. They lost their hookup.

If we have cancer in the system, it’s the same thing. The atoms that compose all molecules, and molecules in turn compose cells, maintain their intelligence just as we have described it to you here. When they lose that continuity of intelligence, when they are no longer vibrating in that same element of transposition and functioning according to their own plane where they came from, they become erratic; they become wild and speeded up; they’re destructive in nature, whether it’s leukemia, whether it’s cancer, or whether it’s any other malformation in the human system. Diabetes. Even the nervous system itself is expressed as muscular dystrophy or cerebral palsy, or many other of the other so-called incurable complaints. They have lost the continuity between the psychic self and the physical body. There are certain aberrations and certain malformations of the wave form structures as they were contained in the vortexes of the psychic self.

Q - Is it possible to lose this hookup between the psychic and the body?

A - When you lose that hookup between the body and the psychic self, you’re dead. You have lost your body. You’ve gone on. Yes.

Q - Now, do I understand you to say that through this psychic body and the physical body, the hookup may be wrong? Is there a deficiency in the production of the psychic unit that would create a deficiency in the physical body?

A - You’re getting into the concept of psychic shock again. You see, that is where we get the old Yogi concept of karma; in other words, if we suffer some great shock, like losing a loved one who was very close to us, an automobile accident or something like being stabbed through the heart, or shot in the head, that’s a psychic shock. That’s where we get those amalgamations of wave forms in the psychic body, just like I explained to you a little while ago. That the process of thinking projects these wave forms back into this psychic self and creates these structures, these wave forms. Now, if these are malformed and are not intelligent structures, they keep on reflecting, for thousands of years, that same incurable condition back into the body. That’s very provable, because when a person recognizes these things, they heal instantly. I’ve seen this happen many times.

Q - You mean to say that there is a probably a deficiency in the psyche?

A - No, it isn’t necessarily a deficiency; it’s too much of the wrong thing.

Q - Well, that’s deficient.

  1. Well, whatever you’d like to call it. Terminology will not affect it.

Now what you say in about a person spending preparations for his lives with evolution and reincarnations, it is at least partially true. If you can visualize a person as having a life cycle, this is a concept; it has a basic vibrating frequency. Follow me? Now within these frequencies are other little frequencies, and within those other little frequencies are other little frequencies, and within those are millions and millions of little frequencies and each of those frequencies are minute wave forms, each one with a little IQ, a little quotient, because in this concept, which comes from the Mind of God Himself, are all the things of the Infinite nature of God. And so, in living these experiences in this life cycle, as the man revolves around through the different terrestrial dimension, he comes, through experience, into actual integration with what he has previously conceived from the Infinite Mind of God before he ever started out there.

Q - That would be similar for cancer then?

A - Yes, that would be the same thing for cancer because every one of these controlling forces from every one of the hundreds of trillions of atoms in your body (you could put 100,000 of them on the end of a pin and you can’t see them), and you have literally trillions and trillions of atoms in your body, and every one of them is controlled from the psychic self because that psychic self is all just like this same plan of vortexes. At the end of the vortexes is a tiny atom; that force, that energy is continually coming into that atom at all times. The energy isn’t in the atom; it’s coming into the atom. The atom itself contains a very small amount of energy. When the scientist explodes the atomic bomb, the thermonuclear bomb, he is tapping this. He’s getting into what Einstein called the 4th dimension.

Q - Do I understand then that these cells, they have a very old memory so that they know just what to do?

A - You are creating and recreating in your body every minute one million five hundred thousand new cells. Every one of them comes into your body and is replaced from the old cell as it ceases to function from the same wave form which gave it its preceding cell an atomic structure. It’s a chain reaction that never stops.

Q - Would you say they have an infinite memory?

A - An infinite memory, yes, because like I told you, the energy repeats itself over n its I.Q., in its wave forms until infinity, because as it was explained to you, in these dimensions when we get out beyond the 3rd dimension, we do not know the concept of time as it is in this dimension because energy does not react according to time. If you have your encyclopedia and get Einstein’s law explained to you, so far as this dimension is concerned, that you will find that the determining factor is time; time. As it was expressed with light, the speed of light, and when we disassociate or get beyond the barrier of the speed of light into other dimensions, we have different speeds, we have time quotients. Under such conditions energy exists in a cycular form so that it repeats itself. You can take any one of these basic sine waves and by expressing it in what we call electrical components, for instance, through a vacuum tube, we have a grid, a plate, and an emitting surface, which is a cathode, a stream of electrons or the wave forms which stem across from the cathode to the plate of the tube are modulated by the grid. We interject that resistance, capacity, and so on and so forth into a different circuitry which controls the elements of the plate of the tube, we change this basic sine wave of energy traveling across there into other components like this. Now, this energy or pulsation which comes out from that light, is not light, in the commonly accepted term, because they have to strike the rods and the cones in your eye; they have to go through what we call a regeneration or a degeneration process through the phosphorus which are coated on the ends of the rods and cones, so that you again perceive these things according to the realm of concept. As you have grown up as a child, you visualize these things merely because certain things absorb or radiate certain eave lengths of energy. That’s all there is to it.

Q - How about in the higher dimensions? Does it work the same way?

A - Works the same way, only much more so. Then you begin, instead of having pores in your skin, or you have sweat glands and you are excreting perspiration; they actually become to a certain degree, if you can imagine it so, that you are beginning to perceive all through your body instantaneously because, here again, vibration strikes into the pulsations of radiant energy which your body is composed of, so that you feel them, you hear them. You see them, and you can see them instantaneously.

Q - Is it possible to raise your vibration so this sickness will disappear, through colors, different colors?

A - It is possible, and it was done, as you know, in the New Testament, Jesus did that with all the people who came to Him; but first, they had to believe. Now, what that meant was that temporarily, at least for a few seconds, they were able to make this objective mind, this thing that we call a mind, away from the subconscious, all of those little evil things, those little negative impingements of vortexes in the psychic body which related us to the conscious mind are there. Now, when we lifted this objectivism from that little negative quotient in that subterranean part of the psychic self, healing could take place because then you made an instant attunement with the Superconsciousness, and in that condition, no imperfection can exist I the body. Everything instantly becomes perfect.

I just want to say that Ruth and I feel very fortunate to be a part of this plan; it is our purpose, if we can, in the future, if there is anyone among you here who persists in these courses, these explanations, these lessons, and takes them into your own consciousness and you work with them, you may not get it this year, you may not get it in three years, but if you persist, you’ll eventually get it, and you’ll do just exactly as Ruth and I are doing, just exactly as it has been done before. We don’t claim that we’re superhuman or anything else but just common, ordinary human beings; we take no credit for it because it’s divine Principle which God wishes every one of us to have and to know and to realize. And that is the determining point in our evolution where we go beyond that place where we become subjective or whether we become super because now we are able to realize what psychic shock is, what its relationship is to us, and how to avert, how to cancel it out when it does occur, how to do that for other people and how to help other people realize how to do it for themselves.

Q - What about the shock treatments they give?

A - Shock treatments are just the same as the witch doctor in the jungles does, except that the psychiatrist doesn’t know what he’s doing. The entity who is obsessing the person who is being shocked suffers the pain because he has taken over the body. He has usurped the body, so he suffers the pain and shock of the electricity or the insulin, so he would draw away. He actually would. He gets away from the person, but he will come back again. Why? Because nothing has been done for the patient. The psychiatrist doesn’t know what he’s doing, but the witch doctor does; he puts on rattles and a mask and tries to frighten the character out of the man’s life. Both methods are crude. One isn’t any better than the other. There’s a much more logical and a much more tangible way to do these things, and not only that, but we give the patient the protection he deserves.

Now in the future, of course, and very soon, we will learn about obsessions and how to remove obsessions and what obsessions are, how to take them from your own self and how to take them from other people. And when they come from you, they will be just pulling off porous plaster.

Q - Will their meditations in the interval make them stay away from such crude methods?

A - Do you mean the psychiatrist? The shock treatments? Well, actually, the determining element is how much the human brain can stand of that electricity going through the brain, now much the human body can suffer from the insulin shock. What the whole thing is, is that the psychiatrist is hoping to shock whatever is possessing the individual; actually, most of them do recognize the fact there may be external influences. If you will remember in William James’ philosophy, and in Pierce’s, who was the teacher of James, that they taught exorcism and obsession very, very thoroughly. It was only until the time of Freud, who didn’t understand exorcism or the casting out of evil spirits, which developed a new race of psychiatrists who likewise had no clairvoyance or no realization or concept, so they discarded the most valuable part of the whole philosophy of life. That’s why we have such a high rate of incidence among mental aberrations today, because there is no cure. They can temporarily disassociate a person through thought habits and patterns and effect a temporary stalemate, but usually when the obsessing entity returns, there is a continuance. We will take that all up with you in a little later lesson.

Q - Would these higher intelligences let us get into an atomic war and destroy everything here?

A - We have something here, which we call our own birthright, if we may put it that way, it’s based upon our own threshold of perception; in other words, as we come into these worlds for the benefit of our experiences, it’s our birthright to go through them. When anyone comes along the path sufficiently far so that they are trying to be directive or helpful to mankind in general, they never go to the point where they force anyone to do anything. They can reflect these intelligences or divine wisdom or answers to their questions into their, shall we say, their subconscious.

Q - We know there are many probably want war, but there are people, as a whole, praying for peace, that we don’t have war, and in that case wouldn’t they come under these guidances, not by force, but by the prayers of people to avert a war?

A - That’s true up to a certain point; but there’s a very definite point of equilibrium in what we call positive forces. We say, well, God has created the earth for the purpose of having faith in man, and He won’t let the earth be destroyed, simply because God is man and man, in turn, interprets God in that way. So, He won’t let the earth be destroyed. Whether we call it God or whether we call it man, we absolutely come into the final analysis that we are our own dictator, our own boss, our own judge, our own jury, and our own executioner.

Q - This is what puzzles me. If God won’t let man destroy the earth, won’t these atomic bombs and hydrogen bombs they’re shooting off create all this big gas and all those conglomerate wove forms? Wouldn’t that boomerang then and cause some serious repercussions, without an atomic war, and hurt us?

A - They have very definite repercussions in the astral worlds, in which the scientists know nothing about. As far as God not letting the earth be destroyed, we say, well, whether he is a Russian or whether he is an American, it makes no difference. Russians are just as afraid of atomic war as we are because back there in their subconscious, or of their Superconsciousness, is that dominating force we call God. So in the final analysis, what is it? It is the man who determines these things, or whether it is the God Force that created the man or is working through the man. He doesn’t want to be destroyed either, one way or the other, nor the earth with it because that is against his intelligent continuity of life.

Q - Well, the testing of the atomic bomb that they’re doing now in different countries, they’re creating such havoc we’re having storms and earthquakes, and it will probably even be more so, floods.

A - Well, there is no basis for saying that these things, that the weather conditions have changed because of atomic explosions; basically saying that the differences in the weather conditions that we have today are purely a matter of conjecture. If we’re looking at the transposition of the earth through a certain cycle or period of time, it will be affected by a certain flux of forces from outside dimensions, and we will suffer according to the weather or meteorological disturbances and so on. As it says in the Bible, in “the Last Days.” What that meant is that the earth has come to a point along the line where we’re changing the cycle; we’re going into the Aquarian Age. That means we have intersected certain great lines in our little flight through space with the sun or in our recessional cycle. I’m going into that next week and explain some of these things very factually to you.

We have the cycle of 25,862 years, called the cycle of the recessional, the same principle that runs the motor in your vacuum sweeper, that changes and makes the storms and floods and various hot and cold periods and all those things because they are all products of inverse or adverse relationship with the magnetic fluxes which they’re surrounded with. Of course, the atom bomb affects these things to a certain extent. But they’re not nearly as deadly or bad, as far as we’re concerned, that people would like to believe.

We say that a guilt complex is the father of all negation, or the father of a lot of human ills because when we have these little unadjusted differences in our life of psychology-and we will go into that later-we instinctively, inside, we realize that we know we are unadjusted in some way. This may be guilt complexes bred out of sex relationships between our mother and father back when we were children-anything could have come into our life at that period of time, and they grew until we incurred a big, fat neurosis which became a guilt complex. So what do we do? We go around and continually try and direct our own self away from that and feel superior by looking for various sins, iniquities, and evils in the world about us. It is a very well-known principle of what we call diversion.

Student - Now I didn’t say anything about guilt complexes; you brought that up, but I was thinking about that! (Students laughing). Did you get that from my mind? You got that right out of my mind!

Teacher - Yes, you see, very often we’ll answer your question before you ask it, and we know where they’re motivated from because these people we are dealing with in these lessons are very wise people and can very well read your mind. They know, myself included, and every one of us in this room are all working under that little burden. Yes, there are a lot of things in this outside world that we have no control over, but they give us pressures just the same, and these pressures were always running around and trying to divert our attention from these pressures by pointing out and building up our ego at something else’s expense. And out of that particular classification comes a lot of, shall we say, the warmongers or the crepehangers, the hysterical element of the world that’s always going about prophesying the doom of man; but we must be very careful about those things because, usually, when a person goes about predicting the doom of the world, somebody there has a big question that needs answering.

Student - I noticed other times too—the things about which I was thinking, you have answered without my voicing them.

Teacher - Yes, that’ll be done very often. You see, through an abstract way, you shouldn’t be too concerned about whether this world lives or whether it dies; it’s just one little tiny speck of cosmic dust. There are literally millions of worlds you can go to when you leave here, so don’t be too concerned about this world.

It’s only natural for people to be that way when they’re born into this world, and as Freud tried to deny that we call and instinct within a person. We have an instinct of self-preservation that’s very strong; we have an instinct of sex; those things are born into us as necessary adjutants for us to function within a certain material level. Now, sometimes that little instinct to survive really gets to the point where it isn’t reasonable any more. It isn’t reasonable in the light of that fact that we came here before, from some other place; we’re products of evolution and reincarnation.

Q - Thinking about those warmongers, don’t you think that on account of the great indifferences with practically all of humanity, the warmongers have their way so much because of the indifferences of the masses and therefore the masses have to have certain experiences to wake them up?

A - That is quite true, that it all goes into this general threshold of our perception and what our purpose is in working out experiences in this world. There are a lot of us here are not in the general relationship of what we’ll call the profane world on the outside because that profane world is built up entirely on the reactionary principles of life. It’s dog eat dog, and it’s been that way until they get to that point in life where you folks are. And you’re realizing that there are certain spiritual elements which are much more worthwhile and much more worthy of living for.

You see, one of the big things that we have, and a lot of people grow up with, and this goes for dictators like Hitler, is the lack of a sense of security; it’s strictly a psychological or psychosomatic equation. It not only stems from this life but stems from many previous lifetimes. There are tremendous negative vortexes in the psychic structure of such an individual. In that sense the negativity, the frustration and insecurity causes that person to make contacts and do things that they normally wouldn’t do to try and justify their feelings of insecurity.

So good night, class, and God bless every one of you, and we’ll see you next week.