Q - Won't that bring on the expected cataclysm? We can't avoid these things if we keep on this way, can we?

A - It could. Fortunately, science has come to the process of reasoning that way. The scientists themselves have finally reached the point where they are striving very energetically through the various factions and leaders in Washington to discontinue the atomic explosions. Oppenheimer has been making a series of lectures, pointing out these great psychic cataclysms of energy which is released at the explosion of an atom bomb or a thermonuclear weapon. Because Mr. Oppenheimer is a spiritual person, he is somewhat developed to where he can see these effects. That is why he withheld for ten months the information which made possible the use of these bombs over Hiroshima, because he knew what would happen when the information was given to the political leaders of this country--sharp knives to little babies. Science today is very definitely working along these lines. They have arrived where they can conclude atomic explosions and develop their science into more constructive and less explosive channels; thus it will mean much to the people. They are getting to the point now where they do not need to use the great masses of equipment which they call cyclotrons and betatrons which are used in shooting an atom to pieces. They shoot these electronic "bombs" through the negative quotients of energy which surround the nuclei of the atom. Sooner or later one will hit or come in contact with the proton of the center of the atom and so it explodes and flies apart. An atom is not a very dense thing; the density could be compared to that of spreading a dozen eggs over 40 acres of ground. This is about the density of our bodies. Every second there are literally thousands of cosmic energy particles known as cosmic rays which pass through our bodies and we can exist an entire lifetime and none of them ever strike us. So we are not dense at all but practically transparent, so to speak. As far as energy is concerned, we do not exist in a solid form.

Q - Regarding reincarnation, is it the will of the individual which chooses his place and time of incarnating or is that a universal intelligence which directs?

A - It is partly one and yet it is both. Referring back to our concept of understanding the life cycle, all experience, all infinity is placed in that life cycle; but the average person who starts reincarnating into the world of experience on the terrestrial dimensions and continually relates his experiences, may appear back into these planes hundreds of times until he incurs sufficient of these experiences to form a strong substantial psychic body. The development of his psychic body becomes the determining point or pivoting point of his evolution. From there on, he arrives at the fork of the road, and he begins to determine the constructive process of life.

Q - Then each disease of the mind or body would then have a different vibration?

A - That is correct because every one of those vortexes has a different frequency level from which it radiates. Its basic level is contradictory or foreign to the law of frequency relationship to a true, practical and progressive level of intelligence. In other words, the organ or condition is out of harmony, as we would say, not in its basic cyclic equation. It is progressive or retrograde according to the laws of vibration. It would be contradictory, as when we play two chords on the piano keyboard which were out of harmony with each other. We say a person has diabetes; the doctor says his pancreas gland doesn't function. Why doesn't the pancreas work? Simply because the supporting intelligence which is from the psychic self, expressing through the chakras and through the various other centers of the psychic self into the physical body, is relating every atom in that pancreas to an intelligent or unintelligent continuity of experience. The doctors today do not know that fact, so they keep on looking for the cause of the diabetes somewhere in the pancreas. He will never find it there because it does not come from there. It merely means that all of the intelligent energy which is supposed to support that pancreas in a natural expression of insulin into the bloodstream which controls the sugar content, has been lost; it is broken down through some process.