things in any other way except the positive, affirmative process or realization. We see the fluxes of the Infinite Mind flowing into us through the chakras and the centers at all times. We see Its Intelligence flowing into us. We do not attach the individuality or the personality to these great minds for they themselves do not put any importance on the personality but rather, through a higher concept of vibration. The individuality, as we have constructed it for ourselves here on earth, is merely a false ego structure along reactionary principles. In the higher dimensions, the ego does not exist in this form; it becomes an active participle or intelligence which is determined by its usefulness and by its many other factors. This is a much more highly developed concept. Instead of approaching as many do on bended knee, it is much more factual to say that when we go about, in everything we do--are we or are we not expressing a certain component of Infinite Intelligence? When we begin to obtain our linkage or our hookup and see this manifested in our daily walk of life, then we are going to see life demonstrated abundantly. We should not pray from our own selfish desires, from the bended knee, such as "Oh, God, save me from my own sins and iniquities." Such a prayer merely means that you are totally unaware of the Great Infinite Intelligence within you for you to use.

I can demonstrate this point a little more clearly this way. A grandmother called on the telephone about two months ago. She told me about a baby three months old who had encephalitis, or brain damage. The doctors gave it up to die. I told her the forces were already in action. She wanted to know what she should do. I told her, "You don't need to do anything but just stay positive." She asked me if I didn't need help in praying. I told her that I knew that the baby was going to be helped. I maintained the affirmative realization. This baby, up to this time, was under sedation twenty-four hours a day and the physicians held no hope for its recovery. Within three days the baby was taken off sedation. He recognized his parents and became normal. The forces were set in motion by that simple affirmation of faith. This case is only one of literally thousands of similar ones. I have never seen these people and won't need to.

Q - How could we use this principle?

A - It ultimately resolves into a complete conclusion and understanding of faith, because when the person understands these concepts regarding energy, etc., which we are teaching, these basic elements, we understand the Creative Principle. When we understand and know how the Infinite works through these Principles, we no longer separate ourselves from It and we become an active, integrated, working part of the Infinite. You then become an element in everything in which the Creation manifests Itself, you become like the wire which leads the electricity into your home. It is like learning to ride a bicycle; we learn through experience and thus acquire knowledge and wisdom. All of the things which we should do, we basically are. As you are now, you have just separated yourselves simply because you have accepted negative concepts.

Q - Could there possibly have been a karmic condition with this baby?

A - Yes, indeed there was. I was able to see in a past life that 300 years ago, the mother in a fit of anger had killed the child and this life was another opportunity to correct the error and work it out.

Q - Are there karmic conditions that cannot be corrected or healed?

A - There are no karmic conditions which cannot be healed when the person will realize it and when proper conditions of attunement are brought into play. There may be a thought pattern which may take you a while to wean yourself away from, but your true condition has been cancelled out immediately the moment you focus your mind upon it and realize what this psychic impingement is. It is cancelled because your superintelligence or the Infinite Mind force comes into action, and with the aid of the savants or learned minds in the spiritual dimensions who are working with these things, these negations, they are instantly cancelled out.

Q - If the grandparent hadn't called you, would the baby have had to carry this karma?

A - That baby would have died within three days time and carried the karma along in subsequent lifetimes.

Q - Boys have to go to war whether they want to or not and they have to kill people whether it is against their will or willingly?

A - This business of having to do something! You know, when we get to the point when we start living in the spiritual dimensions, there we will find out we don't have to do anything. What we are doing, we are merely relating ourselves up and down the scale of evolution according to what is contained in our mind.

Q - Yes, we might know that, but do these boys in masses know that?

A - If they are all of the same opinion and are conscientious objectors, there would be no wars because the leaders would have to go out and fight the wars and there wouldn't be any. So what we have to do in the future is to make everybody a conscientious objector.

Q - Could you give an idea of what some of the spiritual reasons might be that would determine the individual's frequency?

A - Yes, there are ways of determining these things. We pointed out to you that even in our terrestrial dimension of hundreds of thousands of vibrations per second means absolutely nothing to the individual. When we go into the spiritual dimension and we have a complete absence of time, even in our commonly accepted terminology, then we have energy existing in such fantastic frequency rates and vibrations, they are absolutely incomprehensible. It wouldn't actually mean anything to you if you did know whether you were functioning on two or three million megacycles per second. But what we are more concerned in is the net result as they are coming out here in this dimension and how we can go back and correct through the mind forces. Because the idea of frequency relationship itself, while very vital and necessary, yet the whole thing resides in a dimension completely abstract from your own present understanding.

Q - Could you describe further about the way the child was healed?

A - Yes, we went on to explain further to the grandmother that in a previous lifetime her daughter had, in a fit of anger, killed that baby and in their spiritual hookup after death when they were in the spiritual world, the child and mother had gotten together and agreed to come back into this world at the right time so that the mother would give the child a chance this time for life and work out the karma in her own self. Three hundred years ago that mother had killed the baby--perhaps accidentally, but nevertheless there was still the sense of guilt there with it--a guilt complex--and that was what she had to cancel out--the negation.

Q - If the condition cannot be healed, then they must continue carrying it over and over?

A - There is no condition that cannot be healed instantly if the person realizes it. You may have a thought pattern that may take you a little time to wean yourself away from but nevertheless your true condition has been cancelled out immediately when you realize and recognize what that psychic impingement is. It is cancelled because your Super Intelligence--the Infinite force--comes into action and with the help of the Savants, Intelligences and Learned Minds in the spiritual dimensions and people of that nature with whom we are working, those negations and psychic shocks are instantly cancelled out.

Q - Then becoming conscious of these negations necessary in attaining freedom from the carnal world?

A - Indeed so, there is no greater need or importance.

Q - So how does one get these forces working with him?

A - We will again go back up there in that spiritual dimension, back to the time when we have 'kicked the frame' as the yogi says and as we are there in these inner dimensions, we make contact. Now everything is based on concept; if we cannot conceive the higher dimensions we would not go there, would we? It would be very foreign to your nature to go anywhere that you could not so conceive it or that you could not have realized existed. So naturally when you go on into these spiritual dimensions, it is even much more so than it is here because then you are functioning on vibration alone--not by instinct but by vibration; so you will go automatically to the planes or astral worlds to which you are best suited or that which you can visualize. To conceive anything there is to instantly place yourself in that thing whatever it may be.

When you die and you visualize yourself as being in Fresno, you will be in Fresno; you can be in Fresno and Los Angeles at the same time if you have enough concept in your mind to so visualize it. So we always go into these spiritual dimensions for which we are best suited. The further along the path we advance, the higher the contacts we maintain from the higher spiritual dimensions on up, just as I pointed out to you here through these vortexes. There are many, many spiritual planes; we get into the astral worlds as the yogi calls it, "the triad". First, there is the Brahma which is the all-permeating purpose, the force of the Infinite; Vishnu, the preserver of life which is called prana; Shiva, which is the material world, the world of expression or maya or delusion. Does that help?

Student: Yes.

Q - Then we must begin to realize that we are a form or part of the Infinite, is that right?

A - Yes, that is true; it is exactly right. The Christian or the fundamentalist in the church is so fouled up in that concept that he has isolated it to Christ alone, not realizing that the whole mission of Jesus on this earth was to point out that every one of us was also a part of that Infinite Cause or God.

Now the Superconsciousness, the Christ Self, is realization; when we realize what and who we are and how we are linked up to the Infinite, that we are an actual participating ingredient of intelligence, then we begin to get somewhere; but we don't until we do. That is the state that Buddha called Nirvana--self-discrimination, self-realization.

Q - By what process does one sharpen his intuitive faculties to obtain this awareness that we can recognize this when it takes place?

A - Let me answer that rather indirectly: How many months after you were born into this world were you nursed before you were weaned and how many months after the weaning was it that you crawled about the floor before you walked and how many months after that was it that you took your first steps and were really sure of yourself? Wisdom comes the same way. We learn these things gradually; there are no shortcuts. It is on the threshold of perception and conception and that is the sum and substance of all those little vortexes that go to make up the psychic body.