Q - If people meet together in this way with the right motive and purpose, is it not true that a great amount of power is generated?

A - Yes, they do that. And not only in the seen world and with your friends, but all people with whom you are associated on this plane receive the help and benefit of your coming here. There is a great field of spiritual forces or power which is projected just as the transmitter projects pictures into your television and so you are projecting these Infinite Rays of Creative, Integrated Power into all of the people you know because you are linked to them with the sync pulses you saw on this television screen. They are going to be better for your having come up here! That not only goes for the living, but for the unseen multitudes in the spiritual worlds that need help too. They are grouped around in these gatherings by the hundreds--by the thousands, and they are sharing these things with us.

Student: That is very wonderful how we are linked up like a machine!

Teacher: Yes, it is very factual, it is very demonstrable; it can be linked up and counter linked and explained in a manner that is beyond question or doubt. We have many people in the world today who are trying to teach but do not know these principles: synchronization, integration, cycular motion, wave forms, etc., etc. They talk about things; they say God has laws; God has no laws because the Infinite is the sum, total and substance of everything! Why would He need laws? It is only man who makes laws and when he makes laws, he sets up a great big problem for himself; and so in breaking these laws, he creates a great guilt complex. And there is nothing more degenerating than a guilt complex because the person who has the guilt complex seldom realizes what he has and he goes around trying to take it out on other people. He is continually building up his own ego at someone else's expense because the guilt complex is continually deflating him. He realizes it is there subconsciously but he cannot put his finger on it. He feels it. That is the problem in teaching little child in Sunday School that they were conceived in sin; it creates a big guilt complex.

The ways in which people are taught in churches, as far as Christianity is concerned, that Christ was the only begotten Son, that makes all the rest of us illegitimate! Where did we come from? Isn't it very unrealistic? They teach you hell-fire and damnation on one hand, then on the other, teach you that all you have to do is spend your life getting drunk and committing all the evil you want, then at the end of this life all you need to do is say, "Jesus, save me," and he comes down and snatches you up by the hair of your head into some Celestial Dimension about which you know nothing! Very unrealistic! One contradicts the other. No wonder Karl Marx said, "Christianity is the opiate of the people," because when people get these great neuroses and guilt complexes, what do they do? They go rushing to the church; they go rushing here and there or wherever they can find an outlet for them. And so they blame it all on God; they say, "God is punishing me for something that I did, or that I failed to do," or that "I was born in sin," and various other contradictions and malformations which are absolutely foreign to an intelligent hypothesis of life. The only reason why they got the way they are is because they did not realize who or what God was and they took themselves away from the realization and purpose of their intelligent self, which is the God within.

Q - Would it be that it is the system of the church that puts us on the wrong track?

A - Certainly. Many people who have gone to church all their lives are going to have to 'unlearn' some of those things and are going to have to start going to classes like you are doing now. They are going to do that in some other dimension, 'upstairs'; they may come back into this earth life in some future time, 100 or 200 years from now, wherever these truths are being taught; and they will be taught in the grade schools of the future because it is the only realistic approach to life.