Student: It would be a wonderful thing if they could have that instrumentation used on Mars you described that would teach them Truth.

Teacher: When they are ready for it, they will be given that instrumentation to teach them, and through the Savants who come through Unarius and other Spiritual Dimensions, man will be given those machines, the instrumentation to see the psychic self and to see the dimensions which are beyond this dimension.

Q - Is it not true that if we properly prepare ourselves, we can learn to attune ourselves; then man can learn to accomplish and surpass anything any machine can do?

A - That is exactly right; but at the same time, we must always have to realize that while we, in ourselves, as individuals may with purpose do those things, there are many people on many levels of life who cannot do those things for themselves. They have to have machinery or mechanisms to do them. Nowadays, science puts its stamp of approval on everything. You'll use cold cream or anything in the world which science says is good. Anything which has chlorophyll or something else on the label, you buy it, you drink it, you rub it on, you bathe in it because science says it's good for you. You may even smoke cigarettes with filters in them believing that you can bet by that big man trap!

So why are you smoking, if you smoke cigarettes with filters? It's illogical; it's inconclusive; you are already admitting to yourself that it is the wrong thing to do in life. So all of those things add up to a sum and total.

Q - Unarius teaches that we must unlearn that which we have, through these years, striven to learn; what do you suggest is the best way to teach our children--try to teach them what we have learned then?

A - No, the first concept that you teach a child, and do not worry about the children for many children coming in know more than we do--you teach them this one basic concept and from then on in she will add things unto herself. Teach that child that she has the Infinite (or God) within her and never to do any overt act of which she would be ashamed that God would see her do; always make her conscious of God working within her and then do not worry about anything else.

Q - Would it be better not to send her to Sunday School?

A - You can use your judgment on that. Personally, as a little boy, I did not believe in Sunday School or anything that they taught; it was their believed history as far as the Bible was concerned, but that was about all. So I used to play hooky from Sunday School whenever I got the chance and ran the risk of getting a licking for it. So you can suit yourself whether you want to send your child to Sunday School; there are Sunday Schools where they do teach practical metaphysics and there are others that teach the old sin complexes, so we must discern what they teach. If you teach the child that she has everything within her, that she was constructed from the vital forces of the Infinite (God) and that she can express all these things outwardly; if you can it across to the child, then you do not have any worries about where she is going or what she does.

Q - This applies to us adults too?

A - Indeed, it does. Children born into this world at this time are very precocious, old souls, and are very advanced in their time. Just give them a little headway. Mozart, as you know, was composing music at the age of three and wrote a symphony before he was eight. And now, too, many of these older entities again are coming in for the New Age.