Q - What about this mind or "brain-instructing" machine which they say generates about one million megacycles?

A - That is a good point too, because we know that on other planets such as Mars which I have visited, they educate their children, not in schools, but instead they place a small crystal supersonic speaker under their pillows. He can't hear it with the physical ear; it vibrates for an hour or so and gives him his lesson into his psychic body (subconsciously); then the following day he has this intelligence.

The same process is involved here because energy has to be broken down into energy constituents, light or sound. As you saw light and sound on the screen, both are pulsating energy. Negative energy does certain things in the psychic self which psychiatry calls the subconscious. Therefore, this energy is continually revolving and reflecting outwardly whenever the conscious mind so objectifies that particular thing, because the conscious mind is only a switchboard where you objectify or make extractions of your best experiences. No one thinks from this mind. You are only relating past experiences into it. We start thinking when we get upstairs and lift the focus, as when we take  a magnifying lens and focus the sun's rays on a spot; our objective mind is the focus of experience. When we can lift that focus from ourselves long enough, or even for a few seconds, we can get very miraculous healings and adjustments.

Q - Do you think all this advancement of science will compel mankind into using a universal language?

A - It certainly will because there isn't anyone who could study energy or man as he truly exists from this standpoint, as we are explaining it to you here in these lessons, who would not see the universality of man, whether he is expressing himself in any one or a number of dimensions; whether he is comparatively ignorant, a savage in the bush country makes no difference whatsoever. We are all brothers and sisters; we are all constructed the same way; we all function in the same manner; we all have the same relationship to the Infinite; there is no difference. Some of us have come up two or three steps on the ladder of evolution and others four or five; that is all. When people understand these things they will start melting down their battleships and their bombers and start making useful things of them.

Q - Would it be possible to make this instrument you mentioned which they have on Mars, to teach people here?

A - That is possible; when I can make the contacts with the scientists, I can make the other contacts through clairvoyance, and I will gladly assist in any way to bring these things into the world if they are not ahead of the time of acceptance, of the threshold of perception. You cannot give these things to people unless they are ready and suited for them. It is like giving sharp knives to babies with which to play. That is what happened with the atom bomb; the first thing they had to do was to try it on humans and kill and injure two or three million of them.

Q - Does this bomb affect the higher dimensions?

A - All energies are supported from huge dimensions of energy, from way topside until we get down to the atoms through these different transpositions. When the scientist explodes an atom, he not only releases the energy within the atom itself but there must be a supporting structure which supports that atom and pours energy into it at all times. What he does is like temporarily making a lot of little holes in a whole sieve of light in the entire structure of the entire Infinite Creation. Momentarily and before the thing can be shut off, he has liberated the whole cosmic universe in one blinding flash or explosion. He has not only wasted it but he has created a very dangerous situation  because out of these activations come wave forms, energies and various other things of a psychic nature of which the scientist knows nothing. We are affecting other people on other planets and in other dimensions and raising havoc in general.