Lesson 6   Harmonic Relationships, The Universality of the Infinite, Biocentricity

Tonight the message will be inspired by Charles Darwin and Gregor Johann Mendel. As everyone knows, Darwin was called the father of evolution. Mendel was the so-called originator of genetics or the genetical sciences. As is customary, we shall first establish a continuity between this lesson and the last one. Last week we saw on thescreen of the oscilloscope, energy in motion. Since our lesson pertained to frequency relationship and since we saw that everything moved in certain well-ordered patterns, it was established that in the Universe as the Infinite expressed Itself, all is law, order and harmony. We also learned that cycles manifested and re-manifested themselves, or that they were wave forms or energies which entered into the numerous and infinite number of expressions of life which were in themselves, all products of this very highly integrated order of relationship.

It has also been established, universally speaking, that everything is energy. Man lives, comes, and goes through these terrestrial dimensions and spiritual planets according to these well-ordered and perfect harmonics of frequency relationship. Now we are going into a concept which will give you at least one or two elements which have heretofore been missing in both fundamentalism and in science.

When Darwin lived on the earth he wrote two books: "The Descent of Man" and "The Origin of the Species", which exploded like a bombshell in the midst of the scientific worlds. This explosion gradually and finally culminated into an anticlimax with the Scopes trials in Tennessee.

These disputes between science and fundamentalism in regard to the origin of man were in themselves, controversies in which we might say that neither science nor fundamentalism knew exactly of what they were speaking. There were many things in both these concepts which relate to the origin of man which neither science nor fundamentalism can explain.

The religionist, the Christian and the fundamentalist stands firm and staunch upon his translation of the Bible. He refers to the creation of man in the Bible as God gathering the dust of the earth and breathing the breath of life into him. The scientist will point out that this is merely a spiritual parable and one which even a child could not tolerate as an interpretation of the beginning of man. The very dust or elements of the earth first must be compounded through the process of metabolism of plant life; then entering into the photosynthesis or the sunlight energy transference into such food elements as are incurred in the fruits and vegetables, which are necessary to sustain animal life upon this planet.

The fundamentalist points out further that God created man in His own image. This too is a spiritual parable, for in the correct understanding of God as Infinite, this All-Pervading Intelligence must manifest as all things; therefore, God does not assume a personal form or stature. Man, to be created into such a form to represent God, must embody within himself all of the elements of that Infinite concept; this must be done strictly from the spiritual side of life. His physical body is merely the product of the evolution of this understanding. Going along a little further into our introspection and analysis, we come to a point which is very vital and most necessary for us to remember. We begin first by saying that God is both Infinite and finite, for in order to be Infinite He must express Himself into all finite things. This establishes within our minds the concept of polarity; for now it can be seen that the Infinite (or God) is beginning to function through diametrically opposed or opposite levels of interpolation. In everything which we do or see about us, we will see these two diametrically opposed relationships of God as energy in motion, expressing Himself.

In the preceding lessons, we explained this point to you as the sine wave energy; positive as the spiritual, and the negative as the material. This was God (which we prefer to term as the Infinite), always manifesting Himself back and forth. In everything we do, we see these two diametrically opposed opposite relationships. This is true in any aspect or concept of life into which we care to enter, we will see the Infinite expressing Itself thusly. Referring back to the origin of man, we say that since the Infinite created this life cycle and placed all of the elements of man within that life cycle, it became necessary for man to evolve and revolve into the terrestrial dimensions, then back into the spiritual dimensions in order that he might attain this same diametrically opposed equation of all experiences; and which man did and is doing.

In order to better understand the elements which science and fundamentalism lack in their concepts, we shall refer you back first to the atom. Science has supposed that the Uranium atom, for instance, has lived or has been in existence upon the earth for about two billion years. We will say first that a two billion year period means little or nothing in our minds; it means very little more in the mind of the scientist, it is merely a basis or an equivalent whereby he can work from some suitable level of understanding. The scientist has a vague and indefinite theory about the evolution of the atom. He knows that somewhere there must be an evolution, as from the simple hydrogen atom with a weight of 1.0080, somewhere at a distance we get U-238 or uranium, with a compound structure of over 478 different protons and electrons; thus he has entered into some vague hypothesis.

Somewhere out there in space we have cosmic rays which are shooting off in tiny particles of charged electricity or energy. Sooner or later, the scientist says, one of these particles will hit the heart of the proton of the hydrogen atom, then something happens and there appears two protons and two electrons, therefore, it is now a helium atom. This is quite vague and very sketchy for the truth of the matter is that the hydrogen atom, just like everything else in the universe, functions according to a well-ordered law of harmonic relationship, or the life cycle. We will say that this hydrogen atom has normally, in its course of evolution, 100 days. After 100 days or its complete life cycle, it then comes to the point of conjunction of this cycle; consequently, there is a certain something which takes place. This something is a harmonic relationship, such as the striking of two strings which are tuned to the same pitch. As a result, the hydrogen atom now enters into a different relationship with, shall we say, the spiritual part of itself, which links it up with its spiritual dimensions, or the vortex, as it is supported from that vortex.

Here we see within this vortex the multiplicities of the positive and negative energies expanding and contracting. They result in one negative quotient and one positive quotient, which is the hydrogen atom. At the end of the 100 day cycle, we have evolved in this cycle around the orbit so that now it is linked again, through the law of frequency relationship or harmonic structures, with certain other quotients which are contained in the supporting structure of the vortex of the atom.

We must also remember a very important factor: this energy which is supporting the atom and which has created it from this vortex is very intelligent. It has an IQ because it is part of the Infinite. The IQ is the way in which it vibrates according to the orders of law and harmonic relationship. Now after the 100 day cycle has passed, it makes a certain conjunction with other wave forms which are contained in this vortex so that now we have entering into the atom, the new proton and the new electron, and we have the helium atom. We have found that instead of having the sketchy process of somehow shooting little particles of electronic energy at this atom, we now have a concept which is integrated, which is factual and which can be demonstrated. It is the law and order and shows you the evolution of atoms from the simple hydrogen to the heavier atoms of U-238.

The same is true wherever we find atoms or structures of energy in whatever form they assume; everywhere we have this same structure of relationship of frequency, reconstruction or evolution. In order to visualize some of these things in the animal and vegetable kingdom and thus understand how they manifest, we shall carry this introspection and hypothesis into the animal kingdom and show you just what part it was that Darwin left out; and thus just what it was that caused so much controversy, not only between fundamentalists but also between scientists themselves.

So we shall begin first with the amoeba. To science, the amoeba is a very mysterious creature with no form or shape. It is a mass or cell of protoplasm. Protoplasm, like chlorophyll, is a mysterious element or combination of proteide substances or proteide atoms which contain life.

The scientist has not yet hit upon what life is because he does not know how life entered into the atoms which make up the body of this little amoeba. The amoeba is the lowest creature which is known to exist, the lowest known animal form of protozoa. When it moves along on the surface of anything, it merely flows, much like a mass of jelly. When it arrives at something it wants to eat, it simply wraps itself around or flows about the substance and encloses it within itself and digests it. The same process is reversed for elimination, etc. Now it is important to know that the little amoeba, just like anything else, is composed of hundreds of millions of tiny atoms. Every one of these atoms are connected up with a vortex. Those atoms within that body are going to go through that life cycle, just as every other atom within that body is going to go through that life cycle, just as every other atom within the universe is going through its cycle. That is the law and order. There is nothing stationary in the entire world. These things are all progressing in the well-known integrated law of frequency relationship.

Now the amoeba also has something which you might call a soul, if you wish, because contained within these atoms is the Infinite Intelligence which we touched upon a few moments ago, that Infinite Intelligence which some call God. Suppose we say the amoeba which we will call Charlie, passes off into what we call ‘nothing’; he ceases to exist or he dies. The protoplasm or the proteide element of atoms of which it was constructed is transposed into other different relationships. In other words, they are broken down into constituents which return it back to the earth. But what happens to the life energy which supported these atoms in their vortexal form? What happened to this intelligence? Did it also pass away? Indeed, it did not. Charlie, the amoeba, still exists in the spiritual dimensions, he is still a creature. He still exists as a psychic body and he still exists over there in that spiritual dimension because he has not died in the spirit; he has died only in the physical.

Now here is the part which is so vitally important. When we pluck the "A" string on the violin, any other string which is attuned to a like pitch will vibrate in harmony. We will say that these vibrations stem out and cause the other "A" string to vibrate. Say this string has a frequency of 100 cycles per second. However, this vibrating frequency can regenerate on up into sub-harmonic frequency structures into 10 or 15 thousand cycles per second, so that now we have not only one note, but we actually have thousands of notes which are contained in the striking of that first string. Charlie, as he exists in the spirit, is in just the same position for within his psychic body, just as in the psychic body of people, are energy structures which are able to regenerate into higher dimensions. Within the intelligence that created him as an amoeba in this world, is that psychic intelligence. The vortexes in that psychic body are revolving and gyrating; they are vibrating. They set up harmonic structures which link Charlie on up with higher dimensions and in this linkage, he goes into different spectrums or octaves of different frequency relationships, which are above him. He takes on part or assumes some of the intelligence of some of the creatures which are above him. Sooner or later the cycle is such that the energy or the psychic body which is Charlie will take on certain elements which relate it to a little higher form of life, such as the paramecium.

A paramecium is a tiny animal which has flagella or little hairs all around him. He has vacuoles, he has a stomata or a stomach and he swims by rotating these little hairs through the waters. He is much more intelligent than Charlie and could be composed of more than one cell. He is composed of protoplasm like Charlie and he is now not just a formless glob but has assumed a shape; he maintains this form. This is a definite evolution. A little later on, the same process in which Charlie evolved will be repeated by the paramecium. He will become something else; there will be some slight variation, he may not need to evolve into a completely new species but he does take on certain variations with each evolution. These variations take place always in the spiritual world. They do not take place in the material world. This is the part that Darwin did not know about because in all evolutions of all species, the prime requisites of recreating a new species is always based upon that one principle. During the spiritual cycle when he is getting these harmonic structures which link him on up with the higher dimensions, he takes on new propensities, new intelligences, new forms, new ideas and shapes through the law of harmonic relationship. That is evolution.

Now let us get back to the subject of man according to anthropology or paleontology or whatever you wish to call it. We shall draw a line and the #1 side is the animal world and the #2 side is man. Somewhere on this dividing line, the archeologists found bones of Pithecanthropus erectus. They also found the Peking Man or the Neanderthal man and various other names which they gave the skeletal remains in the certain earth strata which they called the connecting link, which has caused such a furor. This fed the melting pot of witches brew of dissention and strife which is still simmering because this principle of evolution of the species brings it up to the species of the anthropoid apes, such as the chimpanzees, orangutans, gorillas, which we find in the jungles of Borneo and Africa, for these creatures, too, have their very definite material and spiritual cycles.

It was pointed out by Jesus that the sparrow which falls by the way was just as important in the sight of the Infinite as anything else. In the evolution of all these creatures up until the time in which Charlie, the amoeba evolved and became a chimpanzee, this was part of his spiritual evolution, but not as a personal identity. Now up to this dividing line, Charlie did not maintain a personal identity; he did not, just as all of you cannot ‘remember’ in the psychic body much of your past reincarnations—for beyond the first side of this line, where you came from or more correctly we say your bodies evolved from, you do not remember those things. You do not remember any of the things which took place beyond this first side of the line, in these earlier stages of evolution. The intelligences which you assumed through this particular scale of life were integrated into you from the spiritual plane. Now this was the process of constructing the physical body, the anatomy with which you breathe, because it was necessary for you to have this physical anatomy to live upon this earth. This was the development upon this earth through the process of evolution. Now here is where something else entered in. Referring to these structures of frequency relationship, we will say that about here Charlie, the amoeba linked himself with the spiritual planes of vortexes in the upper spiritual dimensions wherein the soul or life cycle was entered into, the Super consciousness which made him different from any other species on earth. That was the birth of man; that is the creation of man occurs actually when the Super consciousness enters into the life cycle of the species and so he becomes a man. He takes on a physical form to reincarnate into the physical world because he wishes to become infinite like the Infinite Intelligence and maintain all of these things in his life cycle of which the Infinite is, just as evolution will so create him. That is his conjunction where he has ceased to be an animal and has taken on a body which is suitable and adaptable to this dimension.

Now going back to the place where this life cycle enters in so that he becomes a man, it is very important to note too, that here we express the same quotients of positive and negative energy or experience in everything which we do.

It is very likely at this time, as we may enter into these lower worlds as a primitive man or a jungle savage, that we are concerned with the various elements which sustain us upon this earth such as sex and the will to survive. Freud was one of the people who posed the hypothesis, and he would shake his head sadly and say that all our reactions were based primarily upon sex. Freud, like Darwin, in his expression upon this earth at that time, did not know of the important part of the spiritual cycle of evolution which exists not only in each animal but in every human being. It is quite true that while we are on this physical plane we are expressing a negative and positive polarity and that our sex is contained in this lower material level and all forms of physical life, as energy wave forms are maintained in that level. That is the reciprocation, or oscillation, the law of polarity. And so within this law of polarity there is also expressed another equation which is male and female since it is necessary for man to propagate and to recreate his physical form in a physical dimension for the spirit to enter into; therefore, procreation is necessary. We thus have these sustaining life forces which come from this negative or physical part of our world.

Now that we have begun to form a more cohesive pattern as to the evolution of how we entered into our bodies, we can say that so far as our life cycle is concerned, and we can go off out here some great distance to some great celestial realm and say that man existed there in a pure disembodied form as a spiritual being. There are those on earth today who believe in leprechauns, goblins and various other spiritual manifestations, and if you go to Ireland, you are confronted by such things. In other primitive parts of the world and even in this country at large, everyone has a few superstitions. These pet superstitions are based primarily upon these misunderstood concepts because the spiritual or angelic kingdoms which are in conjunction with this world are purely by-products of these various evolutionary factors through which man passes. So in the sum total of evolution, we bring it down to the point where we say there is the spiritual cycle which contains all of the ingredients of purpose for man to enter into the body. He enters in at the time of the dividing line when he is no longer an animal, or when he no longer wears the body of an animal and has so progressed to a point where it is suitable for him to come in and occupy the body so that it becomes a suitable vehicle for his transposition to the terrestrial dimensions, and that he assumes from there on out, the necessary experience, the necessary equilibrium whereby he can begin to relate all of the things which are his equations which are his transpositions, and which are contained in his life cycle.

Thus we can actually say that man is truly created of God in this sense of the word—The Infinite in Its Infinite Wisdom, through all of these many cycles, has brought us up through all of the various species, from the lowly amoeba up to the very complex system of our human body as it now exists with us. This, too, was an expression of that Infinite Will and that Infinity which is expressed through all the vortexes which support the atoms and which support everything that we do. This harmonic frequency transposition is found in everything, so that the Infinite does create man in His own image but not the image of the flesh.

I have debated more or less for some time as to whether or not we should enter into this topic which we took up this evening because it is something which is very abstract in nature. We need to understand these things very thoroughly and not allow the personality to enter into these objectivisms; if we do, we may become lost in them. The personal element has no place in the scheme of evolution from the spiritual side of life. Here in this earth plane we consider ourselves as definite personalities and we have created these ego structures for ourselves. These ego structures are very necessary to our proper functioning in this realm and dimension but they must evolve into a more universal function when we go into higher spiritual dimensions. When we get over there and begin to develop and get somewhere in the spiritual world, we will need to do a lot of tearing down and rebuilding of these ego structures. We will need to cease identifying ourselves as the "divine" and the ultimate purpose of all things which move about us or that we are personally, a pivot point for the whole Universe.

Instead, we begin to move with the Universe, we become an active and integrated part of the Universe. That was what we were trying to point out in the ascent of man instead of the descent of man, through the Infinite Intelligence as It equated all of these things in the life cycle of every human being. So the human being did, in turn and with the cooperative intelligence of this Infinite force, create for himself the necessary vehicle.

Now in the higher spiritual dimensions and in those which are called the astral planes and the astral worlds, the plant and animal life as they live and function in those dimensions evolve much more highly there than they do in this dimension. They function as spiritual creatures or spiritual developments just as we do. They do not have the atomic structures or forms of the body as we know them to have in this place; instead, they function from their psychic selves, just as we shall, from that point which is contained in our psychic bodies. As was pointed out in the last lesson, if a person goes around in the world and builds his psychic structures purely within the tenets of the material world, he will, after death, find himself in a spiritual dimension in which his little light does not shine far enough in front of him for him to make his way. He will be very blind and so he must need start all over again. He will continue starting all over again until he begins to include certain fractions of spiritual understanding into himself, until those concepts make it easier for him to proceed.

The understanding of the concept of the evolution of the species is one concept which will clear up many doubts and misunderstandings in your own creation. Going a little further along this line we have what is called biocentricity. Many have heard the term expressed as soul mates. Who and what is our soul mate? We must remember that in the life cycle are contained all of the elements of the Infinite concept just as the Infinite included them there. In that particular relationship of the life cycle, those intelligences must certainly function the same way that this Infinite does, from two opposite polarities. Therefore, it is in the concept of these two diametrically opposed polarities that man will visualize himself in another form, in another shape where he has reciprocated, as we say, like the two poles of the magnet. Here are two polarities; this is his own concept.

In the Bible it says that God made woman from a rib from Adam's body. We have only to say that this too is much more than childlike and couldn't even be tolerated by any of our present-day youngsters because that is strictly a spiritual "parable". It was written by men who did not interpret the spiritual writings as they were truly presented to them from the ancient archives, such as were written by the Essenes many thousands of years ago. Biocentricity or your soul mate merely means that you too, are expressing a more absolute abstraction to that of your diametrically opposed opposite. Your opposite will look much as you do and will function on the same level so that you could be taken to be twins. You will find that person from life to life because through the ages and through your evolution, contained within yourself is this law of the functioning of the two diametrically opposed poles and as a result, you have built your psychic structures in accordance with that concept. You have built it just exactly as has the other person who, so related, has built his (or hers). Consequently, you find yourself functioning with the very same law of harmonic relationship as two complete but two exactly opposite polarities, and with the interchange of that Infinite energy between you, you make all things manifest. That is biocentricity.

Q - What do you mean by their alikeness?

A - For instance, in the case of President Eisenhower and his wife, it shows that in their spiritual evolution, even though it is comparatively undeveloped at this point and will be more highly developed in their future evolutions, but still biocentricity is being manifest and exemplified with those two people. She is giving him all the necessary strength which he needs so much.

Q - Why is it people have such trouble in finding the right one?

A - Simply because they have not yet progressed in their evolution along the path of understanding to where they have become even intuitively or instinctively discerning. Your soul mate is not merely born, but develops. He (or she) develops as an exact idea, or counterpart of what you consider within your own self to be the opposite functioning part of that counterpart. It is developed from the interrelationship of the elements in your life cycle from those infinite intelligences, and from the infinite intelligences in the opposite polarity life cycle; so they meet on common ground as two diametrically opposed polarities which are functioning in the same rate of vibration. It is rather an abstract equation but if it is given some thought, it will make logic and reason and solve many riddles for you.

Student: I remember reading of Mamie being quoted as saying that when she met Ike she felt as though she had always known him.

A - Yes, indeed, that is usually true of most people who have found this same linkage. Remember, this is all done through frequency relationship, as in plucking of the two "A" strings on the violin, which is a crude hypothesis, but it does demonstrate what frequency relationship is and how we revolve or go into these vibrations which are compatible to our own basic rate, as we are proceeding along our cycle of life.

Q - In the periods when the two do not meet, is there some experience that each needs here?

A - Yes, that is true, but sometimes persons may miss the boat; we may say that conditions or psychic shock, etc., may cause a skip. Actually, the biocentricity begins from that line which I drew that appears on page 177. Up until that time your body and the energies which support that body are being generated and regenerated through the various principles of spiritual evolution. These spiritual evolutions are much more important than the phase of material expression because the physical expression is only the place in which they begin to solidify or to form certain definite structures (polarized). It is again the functioning of the Infinite Intelligence on another level. It is very necessary because we must have these two levels of integration. We may say that we attain an idea of something in the spiritual plane, but the idea gained means little to us until we reincarnate into the physical and relate ourselves to it from the diametrically opposed polarity.

At times it may be that one pole may pick up added acceleration and thus step time up along the cycle further and thus they would not be together; but we always maintain an equilibrium. Gradually as we progress along our life cycle we attain such perfection that we no longer need to come down into these lower planes. Instead, we can reincarnate somewhere into the higher astral worlds of which there are countless thousands. The astral worlds exist at higher rates of vibration than our own. There we shall find energy structures which are not like the atoms, instead, they are much more highly developed or evolved energy forms. Consequently, these people who have attained a very high rate of integration of life or, as we say, have become very advanced souls, do not customarily come down into the material planes. They come down from the astral worlds. We call it directorship. They start integrating and teaching their higher spiritual knowledge—which they have developed from these higher dimensions—into the lower astral planes.

Q - What about the animals, spiritually, when they are slaughtered?

A - I will relate to you a little story of a certain yogi who was teaching a guru in India. When he accidentally killed a fly and the guru asked him, “Have you not committed a sin thusly?” The Master said, “No, I have merely speeded up his progression.” In other words, we are not so concerned with the time element. If a cow or any other animal is slaughtered for food, it merely means that the physical life of that animal has been shortened somewhere along that part of its earth cycle. The animal itself is not concerned with gaining the energizing forces of the true domain of the Infinite as contained in the life cycle; this slaughter means little or nothing to the animal. It only means that the psychic body passes into the spiritual worlds. He merely gets to the point where he, like the amoeba, starts relating himself with the higher dimensions.

Q - Does this hold true with men killed in service?

A - Here you must remember the differences which exist in human beings; humans have the more advanced spiritual elements of integration in these psychic anatomies. It is very important to remember the principle of where you leave off being an animal and when you start to become a man. Actually you never were an animal in a personal sense. What you have automatically done in the development of your personality from the life cycle is that it has been built up to a point where it can be interjected and used by reincarnation as a means or vehicle through some terrestrial dimension. If a man is killed in war, it means that his physical life cycle is shortened on this earth. You have innumerable sizes of cycles. This life cycle, in itself, as it is contained in any of these earth dimensions, can be a lengthy one or a short one. What you are mostly concerned with in these little earth cycles is the relationship of experience with the knowledge you have gained from the higher dimensions. Now if you do not integrate the knowledge which you have gained in the spiritual worlds in working it out in this material or terrestrial world, then you will need to reincarnate and come back to work it out another time.

Q - What effect does it have on the one who kills the soldier?

A - That depends a great deal on the feeling, thought and motion which is put into the act. If we refer back to the concept that it is not the deed or act but the impact that it has made upon us, what it means to us, that is of the utmost importance. If a man kills in hatred, anger and revenge, he has committed a great sin—against himself. Our laws, so far as this world is concerned, say that you are guilty if you killed someone, whether it be accidentally or with intent, but this law does not hold true in the way that these negative vortexes hook you up with working out the negation or that karma which is concerned in the future. It will leave you with a tremendous guilt complex even though you do these things inadvertently. Guilt complexes are the parents of all negation.

Q - As Charlie, the amoeba, evolves until the time where he becomes man, does he bring through all these memories?

A - Oh no; it is similar to, say, baking a cake. You start with a few eggs, you add milk, and then flour and along the line other things. This is what has happened to Charlie: Through spiritual cycles in getting here, he has linked himself up with other spiritual dimensions in his psychic body so he took on these various ingredients which activated him into a higher dimension. The personality quotient which I just pointed out, was not involved because through each one of these cycles, personal identity is not so contained as is true in man. The ingredients of Charlie, the amoeba, which his body contained do not mean that he was Charlie or that they remember Charlie; it merely means that there are a lot of wave forms and vortexes in this psychic body which expressed themselves with the material form as an idea. It's a bit like chopping a tree down and cutting it up for wood to build a house. This is what we call spiritual evolution, taking these various energies, wave forms, structures, etc., and recreating them into different vehicles of transposition and various levels of life which we see as suitable to reincarnate into. The important thing to realize is that we have this psychic body which is composed of all these little vortexes, as we previously said, and it is constructed of millions and millions of tiny vortexes and waves of energy. That energy building is a product of evolution; it is not so much concerned with identity as it is concerned with how it functions in its own particular dimension and what its purpose is. It does not go about saying, I am so and so, and I was such and such back there eons ago.

Q - Would there be any intelligence in this psychic which would enable it to remember environment, for example, in that long past?

A - Memory is a product of personality associations. It is vitally important to remember that man, as a personal being, did not enter into this body until the #2 side of the line. There have been Adepts living upon the earth who have been able to peer back 15 or 20 or even a hundred thousand years; but at the beginning of this lesson we were speaking of elements which were in existence over two billion years ago. Even that length of time is the mere ticking of a clock when compared to Infinity. The scientist does not know what two billion years is. Two hundred billion would be closer to it because in these dimensions above this plane of life, we are not concerned with time as everything moves in cycles. The uranium atom itself is merely an idea or product of evolution and came down in substance just as Charlie did. It is so abstract that we really need to use the mind to reason it out.

Q - If one individual of the biune or biocentricity is quite far ahead of the other spiritually, would that mean they'd need be apart for many lifetimes before arriving together?

A - No, not necessarily, because the quotient or element of spiritual progression is not always contained in the experience of the lifetime. In these lower terrestrial planes of life, we are building up or polarizing certain psychic structures or wave forms which are very necessary for us, just as our physical body is to function in this world. We go along in our life cycle when all of a sudden, all of these things drop away from us. As far as time is concerned, it means absolutely nothing; we can do in one year’s time what would normally take perhaps six or seven lifetimes to accomplish. This happened to Ruth, also to myself; it happens to many of us when we get along the pathway. We reach a certain cyclic junction and progress more in a few years than we normally could accomplish in many thousands of years.

Q - What is the ultimate purpose of all this evolution?

A - Putting it in a most abstract concept, let us go back to the life cycle. The Infinite created man as a spiritual image by putting within this life cycle all of the Infinite energy of which this Infinite is, and the infinite nature of this energy. Man progresses and goes through these countless incarnations and innumerable experiences to gain this polarity just as the Infinite functions with the experience, because here is the Infinite functioning in the life cycle of the individual just as It functions abstractly in the universal way. Therefore, in the ultimate you gain in the infinite relationship; you become part of the Infinite Consciousness in a personal way because God, in being Infinite, now also becomes finite. He could not be Infinite unless He was also finite in all things. Perhaps in 10,000 years we can take another step but for now this is about as abstract as our minds can assimilate it. None of us in this dimension can conceive actually what the Infinite is, in the Infinite way in which It manifests. We cannot start from the top and go down, we must start from where we are and learn to go up. Later on we shall go further on with these other worlds and how we are linked with them and thus see what our progression will be in the next 100 thousand years or so. Our little universe is only one little speck in the great cosmic "void". According to the astronomers on Mt. Palomar, our universe has something like one hundred billion suns in it, as large and larger than our own sun; a great universe which it takes some three hundred thousand light years to travel across. It is such a tremendous thing. There are so many planets and planetary systems that you could live eons without having any idea of how many planets there are in just this universe alone. Out into space (and the scientists photograph these universes), they are hundreds of millions of light years away. Beyond these are other universes; and beyond these other universes are others and on and on, ad infinitum; there is no end in sight. We hear those statements from those perfected minds from the celestial planets—modern astronomy verifies this.

Q - Are all physical planets higher than ours?

A - No, indeed not. We refer you back to the concept of the atom, the hydrogen atom, one electron and one proton revolving in an orbit. Link these atoms up in a general sense of frequency relationship in their evolution from there on up to uranium. There are 101 elements that compose this terrestrial planet. Out in space among the suns and galaxies of the Universe, there are hundreds of thousands of other structures about which our scientists know nothing.

They have no instrumentation by which to discern them. These suns reside in dimensions which the spectroscope and various other methods of analysis used by scientists today do not have the means of recording. Helium was discovered on the sun first, before it was found in gas wells in Texas. This was through the spectroscope which is a prismatic device which reflects the light out in various bands. The scientists will see these bands, knowing now that certain elements give off certain color radiations but out there are many, many elements—just as we discovered—(more factually, as was brought into our consciousness)—that every atom in every one of the 101 elements had anywhere from 1 to 27 isotopes. The scientist today knows this fact. These elements are spiritual, each one having its counterpart in the physical world. So the subject of atoms is just as broad as that of the stars and suns, and even more so, but we must not get too abstract or we become too confused.

Q - I heard something of a new planet the astronomers were supposed to have located.

A - No doubt you mean Eros. It may be the one referred to from some of the metaphysical concepts; this is a seven-sided planet or an asteroid in the solar system, it is like a polygon or a seven-sided crystal. It is three times larger than the earth but has an elliptical orbit which revolves about the sun as does the earth. Now this planet is sort of an Ellis Island. It is higher in vibration than the earth or other planets in our solar system; all have a different rate of vibration than does our earth, to some degree.

Q - What are the so-called sun spots?

A - From what the astronomer calls the chromosphere of the sun, flames are shooting all about it and out into space. The scientists call it disintegrating masses of atomic gas or combustion. Actually it is not, but is similar to what was previously explained—the end of a great celestial vortex. All of these energies which compose this chromosphere of the sun are little energies which are expanding and contracting within this vortex. The negative energies all precipitate themselves into the center of this vortex, down into the end of the vortex and become the sun. As they are positive to our solar system they must, in turn, expand outwardly into another dimension as positive forces. This positive energy is transposed into our own terrestrial world as light and heat; this process is done through magnetic fluxes or hysteresis according to frequency relationship. That which they call the chromosphere is merely the activated ionized particles of various types of rare elements and gases. For instance, in a fluorescent light, the scientist takes a glass, coats the interior surface with phosphorus and fills it full of gas, the ends of which are attached to an A.C. These gas particles inside are then started vibrating at 60 cycles per second. As they are knocking and pounding together very rapidly they activate the phosphorus coating which glows and thus light is created. The principle of the fluorescent light is the same as the principle of the sun. All these so-called holes or spots are caused from intense magnetic storms which take place because of this great chaotic churning of energy or magnetic force.

Q - What is meant by upstairs?

A - This is a general classification of any plane higher than the earth, but to see these planes we must have instrumentation. We need to discern which are spiritual things. In order for you to taste anything you must have taste buds on the tongue. In order to get rates of vibration which are not discernable to the earth, it is necessary to have proper instrumentation. We all have that power but unfortunately we have not developed it. As far as our five physical senses are concerned, they have been sufficient for us to eat, sleep and function on this earth but the clairvoyant part, the spiritual part, the psychic self, lives in another dimension. That self is composed of all the vortexes and wave forms which are expressing outwardly into our physical self. But in order for us to visualize the things of the spirit, we need to become clairvoyant—need to develop the (so-called) sixth and seventh senses. We cannot see objects of high vibration with the physical eye because the eye only responds to seven different wave vibrations. So if we are going to discern these spiritual things, we shall need to have proper instrumentation. Things of the spirit are all around us everywhere, but we do not discern them simply because we do not have the proper instrumentation. As I have pointed out to you before, our body isn't dense at all; atomic particles are passing through us constantly but none of them ever strike. Density and all such expressions are merely a matter of concept because you have built up your life around it; everything has been based on your five physical senses. When you get into the realm of clairvoyance, you begin to see these other dimensions and other things in motion all about you. You begin to link yourself upstairs with the higher dimensions from whence all things really begin.

Q - Well, are we living inside the earth?

A - Suppose you shut your eyes for a moment, visualize yourself as living on a big red-hot ball of fire and moving through another dimension of energy which is pulsating and radiating all around you at all times. That is the condition in which you really are because the energy all around you is Infinite. You could never come to the end of it. You could reach higher and higher dimensions of relationship within yourself but you interpret these dimensions accordingly, just as you are interpreting your life in your physical body now. The same will be true in future ages of time. You will be integrating your life with higher concepts.

Q - Then we must be on the outside because we are rotating outwardly?

A - It all depends on what you call outside. If you speak of the outer crust of the earth, then we can be said to be living on the outside, but that all goes back to your concept of what is and what is not solid. When you get to be a spiritual being, you can come along and travel right through the earth and you'd never know it was there because all the atoms which compose the earth are vibrating in another dimension of which you are not a part, because you are in another dimension. The television picture which comes from the transmitter that we viewed last week, was not concerned with the walls of this building. They vibrate in another dimension from that in which the atoms in this building vibrate. Actually there is nothing solid; solid is only a concept which we build up within ourselves because we need to put our feet somewhere. We are all more or less in the 3rd or 4th grade and we are going on up. We have taken a few rungs on the ladder and that is about all.

Q - I don't quite understand about the isotope and the atom.

A - We shall go back as I pictured it to you before. When you pluck the "A" string on the violin, it vibrates the other. That process is a transposition of harmonic frequency. Everything functions accordingly in this same way, all the atoms do so. Whether we have a simple hydrogen atom or a complex uranium (U-238), or Mendelevium or any other atom, it makes no difference; they, in themselves, are merely the bottom or end of these vortexes. Up above this atom is where we arrive into the dimensions of the isotopes; directly above the physical atom is the place where the isotopes appear and above that are hundreds of thousands of different dimensions of energy, each one of a higher vibration which links and relinks the isotopes on up through the vortexes, way upstairs.

Q - Is it possible that during the changeover, for instance, of Charlie the amoeba and the change into the animal that higher beings took over the body?

A - No, you are confused or have not learned regarding evolution. You are still hanging on to the personal identity proposition. It is like when they build an automobile in a big Detroit plant, they take iron out of the earth, etc., to refine it and build it up on the different processes and that is what happens before you can obtain a physical body because it comes up through the stages of evolution as an idea of divine concept in which you are so integrated. You enter into that when it leaves the animal kingdom.

Q - Now could that divine being have been a higher soul or entity?

A - That is what I tried to explain to you here, that you came from this cycle of life which is a divine concept of God in a finite way as an individual structure of humanity; as it existed on the spiritual plane, it had to function from this same basis of polarity. God always functions on a polarity basis so that contained in this life cycle we have to come down in the material world to function in this same level of reciprocation, so we must have a body to function in, don't we?

Q - You mean everyone?

A - Yes, everyone on this earth plane must function and evolve in this same manner. We are all the same. An entity is just a word they use to refer to a disincarnate person which only means that the soul, the life cycle, the entire integration is entered in conjunctive relationship with some form or element of transposition in different planes—a physical plane for instance. This same life cycle functions in the psychic plane in the astral world, etc. Does that help?

Student: Yes, some.

Teacher: Well, you will just have to work on it and work on it. I know how difficult some of these abstractions are to conceive.

Q - Isn't it true that sometimes the children are more sensitive to the finer or higher vibrations and influences than adults?

A - Actually, children as they are born into this world are much more precocious; they are much more closely connected with these astral worlds than are the oldsters; they have a much more definite continuity and not only that, but they have not built up these walls of subscribing to certain intellects around them. They are steps along into the ultimate Aquarian Age. A thousand years from now which will be the top of the cycle or the Millennium, as it is called in Revelations, is where we will have the fullest measure of all of these contacts—the same cycle as we had way back there. It is the expression of one of these divisions. That is the wheel of life.

Q - May I ask a question on Shamballa?

A - As long as we have time for it; that does relate to some of the expressions we gave tonight. The entire book, in its entirety, will be about a thousand-page book in five sections which is coming out; we are completing the transmissions now. "The Voice of Venus" and "Eros" describe these things very intelligently with you.

Q - Regarding the pyramids in the Gobi Desert, were they built at the time of the Shamballas or since, as a result of that? The world seems to know very little of these things?

A - The large pyramid in China—the one to which you refer, the father of the other four or five, but the largest one in particular—was built about 150,000 years ago and was built under the direction of the Lemurian Masters who were, at that time, functioning from the continent of Lemuria in the middle of the Pacific, which was since sunk. That sank about 100,000 years ago with the conjunction of a nova, a free flying nova or star that exploded and hurled part of it past our solar system; that is all described in the book of Mars. That pyramid that these Lemurian Masters built became the father of all pyramids. The one in Giza was built about 82,000 years ago.

Q - There were also supposed to have been built, great pyramids on the North American continent during the glacial period, were there not?

A - Yes, indeed, for if we are to believe even a small part of these experiences—such as Joseph Smith, for instance, in digging up the gold plates in the Hill of Comora in New York state, the various mounds and various other edifices that have been left behind as earmarks—they might be evidences of that ground-up pile of stone which was once a pyramid.

Q - When these great edifices were built, didn't they use the principle of materialization, etc. to construct them?

A - That is quite correct; levitation if you wish to call it that. They also used vibronics in its highest form to cut sectional stones; they used saws that were edged with diamonds. They used vibronics to break out huge sections of the cliff and they could change the structure of the stone so that two men could pick up one of the twenty-ton pieces and walk up to the top of the pyramid with it. They were all perfectly fired together through vibration and cemented together in that same way.

Q - There are still spiritual interpretations to be revealed through the pyramids, aren't there?

A - Well, as far as spiritual interpretations are concerned in the pyramids, they mean a very vast and a wide margin or a variety of expressions to a number of people.

We find an interpretation to the mathematician, to the astrophysicist; we also find interpretations there for people who are of the occult and metaphysical groups because it is a very widely diversified structure that was produced under a number of conditions. There is nothing about those great pyramids that does not exist in some branch of science. During the earthquake in 1861 or up until that time, there was at least partially over these pyramids, a coating of stone, a white alabaster material which was perfectly formed and that was later broken off to rebuild the shaken down city of Alexandria and some of the other cities. The whole history of the world from time immemorial was carved in hieroglyphs on the outside of those pyramids and which has all been lost. Unfortunately, however, the strong winds over the deserts have greatly eroded them; after 150,000 years they would be eroded. However, we are not necessarily confined to the pyramids as a source of knowledge of these previous conditions because we can sit right in our living rooms and get it if we so wish and have the faith and ability in our clairvoyant power. That's getting it the hard way when they go out and tramp all over the desert with the camels and making big holes to find it. It is wonderful to see those things in the history books and they have their day and time and they can be duplicated in a thousand and one places in the various solar systems and in the astral worlds. We can see that type of thing functioning in other planets as well in full bloom as they were on the earth 100,000 years ago.

We can also say up here in these Centers in these huge cities which I described to you that we can see these things in radiant energy where the student and the teacher go and study and express these things.

Q - What is inside the pyramids? They aren't just all filled up, are they?

A - You know that will never be solved until they take those pyramids apart, literally piece by piece, because even the stones themselves hold secrets and are hollowed out. There is no instrumentation that I know of that can penetrate these solid rocks (such as detectors). There just are no appreciable tests. These people were very clever. Did you people see the movie of "The Egyptian"? They caused—through various processes like letting sand run out in holes, etc.,—great sections of stone to slide down these passageways in what seems to the present archeologist like a solid structure but it is not solid at all. Way down underneath they are catacombed and they will be unearthed someday. There are the bodies of one hundred priests in a state of suspended animation who are living under those catacombs in Egypt today. They will reenter their bodies someday to prove certain principles of life which are involved, perpetuating energy, as was explained to you.

Q - These advanced souls here now, inventing all these fine instruments for revealing these things to mankind, isn't it logical then to assume that by refining their own instruments that they can far transcend the possibilities of any of these physical instruments?

Teacher: You are referring to the scientific world as a whole?

Student: Yes.

Teacher: They have reached their point of diminishing returns with the development of certain kinds of fields of endeavor in the scientific world, and the field into which they are going and into which they are already partially entering will relate them into vibronics of higher natures which will integrate them with the higher astral worlds. There is much work being done in government agencies at the present time, through different scientific branches and they are exploring those things as much as they can with their instrumentation. It is still very crude and there is a lot of smoke and there is still a little fire, as they say, and it will develop and continue as time goes on.

You look into the hospitals and clinics today and see the vast amount of impedimenta, paraphernalia and apparatus they use to try to determine incurable diseases in the person's body and it is quite confounding. Those things are comparatively useless. The encephalograph, which is supposed to measure brain waves, does not determine to any appreciable amount whether the person's brain is normal or whether it isn't. It is only an indication. So in the future we have to develop instrumentation that functions from the astral dimensions which is much more serviceable, much more valuable.

Q - Some of the instruments they use now are even detrimental; are they not?

A - Detrimental simply because they are trying to treat the effect rather than the cause. The effect is only found in the physical body and the cause is in the psychic. The basis for practically 90% of all of people's ailments is contained right within the psychic self. The psychiatrist calls it the subconscious but the factual picture relates us as a spiritual being just as we are drawing it out here for you on the blackboard; and this body is but the end result. It is an outward expression of that mind and psychic self, from another dimension into this dimension, another relationship of experience; that is all.

Q - Does this all enter through our own thought forms?

A - Yes, through the doorway of perception which is your various five senses as well as your intuitive senses or centers. It is exactly as it was in the television and oscilloscope we had here on the table and you are expressing in that same way, from that circuitry of wave forms contained in that psychic self; you are reflecting that out and that is a composite pattern of wave forms which was reflected and built in the psychic self throughout the thousands of years.

Q - We counteract these by placing in different wave forms?

A - Yes, by realizing what it is and where these intensities of energy come from, we can turn the power of the Superconscious Self or the Christ Self within. That is what Jesus meant when he said: "Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven which is within and all things shall be added unto you." Because turning this inward Light of the Superconscious upon these negative wave forms in the psychic body, cancels them out. This is a point that we must stress very emphatically because when we relate ourselves to functional orders of frequency relationships, then we begin getting somewhere with it.

There are some of you who are not studying the lessons thoroughly. Now I do not believe any of you would be so unintelligent as to sit down and play a game of solitaire and cheat yourself at it. This group consciousness is very valuable, but it is just as valuable to take these lessons home with you and study them and to keep going over them, and over them, because you never get to the point where you cannot get something new from them. So it is very important that you do obtain them and take them home with you to study. Incidentally, these lessons and the truths which are being expressed here will be the basis for the new age, the Aquarian Concept, which will be taught in a thousand years from now. Do not worry about them ever becoming obsolete. They won't.

Q - Referring to your little book on Mars, one point in question: if everything is running and functioning so perfectly, how could a nova group go off, explode and cause so much trouble—why was this?

A - We are in space—first I will say that the astronomer knows about these things and there have been novas that have been seen in their photographic plates. Now if you visualize first these structures as I pointed out to you, and if there is some way of relationships of sync pulses or integration pulses set up within these vortexes so that they become dismembered temporarily from themselves, energy suddenly becomes disorganized. For instance, if you maintained that same concept in your body, you might get a cancer. The same thing that can happen in the body can happen to a star and so the star loses its relationship to the vortex and when it does that, these synchronizations or pulses of energy which hold it together and give the natural intelligent relationship are suddenly disintegrated, or they are broken down, or become unrelated and the star breaks up. Or we might have a meteor which comes from outer space and there again we have another peculiarity which is very abstract. This meteor has to be supported from a vortex just the same as anything else does.

Q - One more question: What is a comet? I have read where it is supposed to be a planet in the making; is this true?

A - It is a free body which is energy which is catapulting through space and traveling through at tremendous rates of speed. Now when it comes in conjunction with the sun, there is a gravitational field set up; there are also light pressures which is energy in a true sense. Now the tail of the comet does not trail out behind it; it is pointing away from the sun and as it travels, that tail points out from the sun in all directions away from the sun because the light pushes particles of energy off the surface which glow fluorescently.

For instance, that comet like Halley's Comet was visible to everyone; the astronomer thinks it is a big thing but it is not. Have you ever seen a shooting star in the sky? Well do you know that shooting star making all that light would not be any bigger than a head on a pin? That's right. And do you know how this is? I will explain it once more. When it hits the upper layers of the earth's atmosphere which are gaseous in nature and which are composed of some of the rarer gases, that little grain of sand is coming so fast, the little particle of cosmic dust is traveling so fast, at least 20,000 miles per hour, and so it hits this gas and piles up the gas in front of it into a big ball; because all these molecules of gas are in such violent agitation, they start to glow; they become fluorescent. So it becomes a huge object. You may be able to put it into your pocket and walk off with it if it ever lands on the earth in a sizeable condition without being burned. But the astronomer thinks it is a big thing because he sees the large fluorescent mass of energy which he believes to be a body. But it is not a large body at all. It is simply a piled up mass of gas. It is fluorescent and glowing and looks much bigger than it really is.

Q - But that star that came from Lemuria and hit the earth was of a large size; was it not?

A - It did not hit the earth; it passed close to the solar system—so close indeed that there were certain gravitational pulls set up and certain energy releasement; it was throwing off a tremendous amount of energy. The axis of the earth was changed, its rotation was changed and the orbit changed from a true circular to an elliptical orbit (or egg-shaped). It also has a plus or minus half percent degree wobble or oscillation which is very rapid and still maintains that after 100,000 years.

Q - Will that be corrected?

A - Well, we hope that it does not because if it is, there will be introduced great tensions in the earth's crust. You know the earth's crust is much thinner than the shell on an egg—comparatively speaking. And the inside is molten; in saying molten, do not confuse that to this point, because we see lava coming from a volcano which is supposed to be molten stone but this merely means that we have energy in motion in molecular structure which is violently agitated. The induction of thermal energy into any substance will do the same thing; it will speed up the molecular point to where the natural structures of alignment with the molecules are broken down so that they flow or become liquid.

Now this will be more than sufficient to assimilate for this session. Good night, friends.