Lesson 7  The Wheel of Life, The Three Planes, The Higher Influencing Dimensions

Greetings folks, and welcome once again to Unarius.

This seventh session will be entitled, "The Wheel of Life." It will be inspired and overshadowed by Copernicus and Galileo. Jesus once said, "In my Father's house are many mansions." It is our purpose tonight to discuss with you some of these many mansions and what you might expect when you leave this coil of flesh and go out into these spiritual dimensions, so that you will not go unprepared or without some idea or form of cohesive pattern whereby you may suitable conduct your evolutions.

As is our custom, to establish continuity we shall momentarily review the previous lesson which was given on evolution. In it we established that in the law and order of frequency and harmonic relationship, the various innumerable species of plant and animal life evolved from the lowest dimensional forms through and into the higher and more complex structures. It was also established that by far, the largest part of this evolution evolved into the spiritual dimensions. By these various different evolutions, regressions and ingressions in these spiritual and terrestrial dimensions in the forms of plant and animal life, they took on and imbued within their own psychic selves, differences in psychic intelligence. It was established that this was another way in which the Infinite re-created Itself, manifested Itself into an infinite number of forms. In the final and culminating form, this evolutionary process was carried to a point wherein it became a suitable vehicle for man to enter into an evolutionary development.

Now the supreme achievement of creation is not the physical sense, for while the human body is a very complex mechanism of various organs and an infinite number of cells and other structures, yet primarily we are concerned with the spiritual part of this understanding. And so it was that the Infinite (or God) manifested Himself in the supreme and most Infinite concept of all by combining himself within the life cycle of man so that man, in his true nature, could ultimately revolve into a closeness and affinity with this God-self. So it was to be and so it is, that through these numerous evolutions and continuity of evolutions, man will reach continuously higher and higher destinations. It is the difference within the mind or within the psychic self or the actual manifestation of this Creative Force from within every individual that differentiates him from the lower orders of the animal or vegetable kingdom. It is this high and Infinite Intelligence which causes one man to lay down his life that others may live. It gives him his finest and most heroic stimuli whereby he can continually express this Creative Force working within and without himself and, in the final unity of all law and order, understanding It is primarily the basis for the future evolutions of the different races of mankind. Eventually, man will not only find his unity with the Infinite but he will also find his unity with an infinite number of his fellow being.

So tonight we shall point out to you some of the various ways in the dimensional forms in which we live, function and conduct our daily cycle of evolution. We shall draw these lines to denote what might be termed a dimension. "A" we shall call the terrestrial dimensions; "B", the astral dimension and "C", the celestial dimension. In "A", we shall find an infinite number of terrestrial planets similar to the earth. However, we must for a moment, regress and draw for you something of a pattern of what is called our Universe. It has been sketched previously and you have no [Image p205] doubt seen it in the various magazines or pictorially in planetariums or observatories, such as the one on Mt. Wilson or in Griffith Park, California. You have some idea of what this great Universe, (wherein are contained our solar systems), is like.  Actually, while it appears to us in diagram #1, (illus. page 206) yet looking at a cross section, it appears as in #2. We have also pointed out that the universe is the end of a huge vortex of energy. At the point or the lower end of this vortex of energy #3 (or eave form), we manifest the same continuity, the same wave expression as do these various forces which are stemming down from this great central vortex so that actually, our Universe might be [Image p206] likened to the end of a ballpoint pen, the earth representing the round bead that writes the line. This great Universe manifests in the same manner--in a great vortex of energy--and while the astronomer and the astrophysicist are aware of perhaps 100 trillion suns which are visible in the photographic plates, within this Universe are countless millions of other solar systems similar to our own. We are familiar with the sun and the nine major planets which are revolving in their orbits around our sun; however, contained within this great cosmic universe, of which our earth is a part, are literally hundreds of millions of solar systems, some larger and some smaller than our own, although we are told that our solar system is one of the smallest. Thus we begin to get an idea with what we are confronted in this great cosmic universe, containing innumerable terrestrial planets that are similar in frequency rates of vibration or in their atomic structures. Now referring back momentarily to the concept of the atom, you know by now that all atoms have isotopes, which are really higher spiritual atoms.

We shall begin first by referring to the simple hydrogen atom. WE find on up into the vortex which supports this atom are also isotopes. They are still hydrogen atoms but with a different rate of vibration. They do not, however, have the same atomic weight. We have the same relationship between the terrestrial planets and the astral dimensions. (See B. illus. page 205) In this astral dimensions we find innumerable planets of different sizes from different universes and all stemming from the ends of different vortexes. These different planets in the astral realms, in themselves, all have a higher frequency rate of vibration of their energy structures than have those in the terrestrial dimensions. In the terrestrial dimensions these energy structures manifest as the 101 atoms, which the scientists know about at the present time.

In the astral dimensions the atoms have gone into a higher state of evolution. There we find energy expressing itself in innumerable ways, not only in atomic structures of a higher form or nature but also in a higher relationship of energy expression, both in mentality and in other ways, which we might liken to these terrestrial dimensions.

According to fundamentalism or to the various orthodoxies which exist in the Christian churches, many people have a vague idea that after dying they go up to a heaven in which they will find a golden city with streets paved with gold or they may expect to float on a pink cloud and play a harp. Such a belief is neither factual not realistic. It would violate every known precinct, dominion and expression of life because man in his ultimate destiny desires to become Infinite in nature and to obtain all forms of expression and experience, because man is the Infinite (or God) and although God is completely abstract, God also becomes finite in the expression of the homosapien, which is man.

We continually stress these points so that they may become a very definite part of your new philosophy. It is plain to see, as we evolve into these astral dimensions and return through reincarnation down into the terrestrial dimensions, there has been a very definite and cohesive relationship. This relationship has been established, as was stated, according to the laws of frequency relationship. We do not mean that whenever you die you leave the terrestrial dimension, reincarnate into the astral and come into an unknown world to which you are foreign or to those with whom you are unfamiliar. Through this law of frequency relationship and through various wave forms which are contained in your psychic body, you function from a certain specific fundamental frequency or plane. Your functioning rate of vibration is the determining element in your progression through these various cycles from the earth into the astral dimensions and back into the terrestrial dimension. So all in all, a great deal of law and order is expressed in man's progress. If you pause and think  for a moment, like everything else in this great Universe both cosmic and celestial, the human expression in which we find ourselves at different times is very infinite. There must be a considerable amount of integration with the higher orders of mentality of human beings as they exist in the higher planes.

In the various past ages of man's history, recorded and unrecorded, the higher or more spiritually minded people have recognized certain spiritual leadership as it was exercised in the minds of men; some of these beliefs centered around a pantheology of gods, others were most monotheistic. In all cases, however, these various religions were a direct acknowledgement of certain so-called mystical forces which produced various natural phenomena as well as what appeared to be unexplainable phenomena.

In no instance, however, save only in one exception, have these various religions have been realistic in man's approach to better understanding of creation and man's progressive evolution in respect to this Infinite Creation. This one exception was the Lemurian science of life, first established on this planet some 150,000 years ago. This was done by a group of eleven super-scientists from a far-off planet called Lemuria. These eleven men migrated to this earth in a spaceship and set up the first civilization on a now sunken continent which was in the mid-Pacific Ocean.

From the four corners of the world these men gathered together the primitive aborigines and tried to teach them a better way of life through a scientific approach to creation. This science was only partially understood by the undeveloped minds of these savages. This science did, however, in a crude symbolic form, remain on the earth and in our day and time we are witnessing a resurgence of this science as it begins to develop in our space-age atomic sciences.

So it has been, through the thousand or more centuries since Lemuria passed that legends have persisted and many attempts have been made to reestablish this great civilization. One of these was Atlantis and was the most successful of all. Another was Egypt, and others too have been more or less symbolically contrived from legendary knowledge of Lemuria.

The Hindu pantheology of Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu was developed from the ancient legend of Shamballa, a great spiritual city which was transplanted from a higher world onto the great plateau of the Gobi desert; a city of crystal structures wherein a race of white-skinned people dwelt in heavenly harmony and taught the peoples of the world this better way. This city is still called Shamballa.

Today there are still remnants of a race of white-skinned people found in West Pakistan near where this city is thought to have stood. These are the Aryans, tall, blue-eyed, blonde-haired folks who are in strange contrast to the brown races which surround them.

Thus we can trace the influence of certain higher spiritual planes of life and of their contemporaries, who have expressed a higher earth life. The Lemurians, then and now, belong to this group as do the Aryans, yet these are only two spiritually and scientifically developed races which have had a great effect in man's earth evolutions; but by far the greatest of these is Unarius, a group of seven planets which function in their orbits from a higher spiritual plane than that of the earth and our solar system. On each of these seven planets are centers on which are found the more high-developed people who have advanced in their evolution to a point where they can live indefinitely in these centers. There they live, study and learn to further their evolution; sometimes they reincarnate to an earth planet to teach the less advanced what they have learned.

Each planet functions on a somewhat different frequency; these different frequencies I shall call rays and call them by their respective colors. The differences in these various frequencies enable people of different development to segregate themselves into an environment more suitable to their particular phase of development. It also enables those who wish to start some new phase of life to enter into the environment which will speed their progress.

Each of these different centers relates every human being to a very definite and specific fundamental frequency or vibration rate. As with the television set, Unarius has different centers as a means for the higher forces who have evolved into these higher dimensions, to reflect their Superintelligence down into our superconscious or subconscious minds. In this way these advanced souls can give a great deal of inspiration, knowledge, wisdom and other ingredients essential to life to any human being who is so receptive to and knows or of aligns himself with these teachers. Each one of the seven different centers of the great celestial planets has its own particular vibrational rate, or ray, or beam, or a color. The first orange; the second, yellow; the third, green; the fourth, coral; the fifth, red; the sixth, blue and the seventh, violet.

Now, whether we are writers, scientists, doctors, or whatever profession in which we find ourselves in this particular way of life, we shall, through the different astral centers through which we have evolved at different times, find ourselves being related through these different rays into our daily walk of life. These impingements and influences from the higher minds on these higher centers will always be with those who have the inner ears and inner eye to perceive and to be in contact with them.

The first center is also called Unarius and functions upon the level of leadership and integration. It is through this particular center and ray which we shall find expression in the political fields or in such leadership as may be valuable to the human race as a whole. We are not referring to any tyrannical dispositions which might have occurred in such personages as Adolph Hitler--for there was an example of machination by the black or evil, or left hand forces. In these centers we are primarily concerned with only the higher and most beneficent of the influences from these celestial dimensions.

In #2 we have education and other methods of concentration, perusal and inquiry. The #3 plane is devoted to philosophy, synthesis and anti-synthesis. The 4th is devoted to the fine inspirational arts--literature, music, sculpturing, drama painting. The 5th is devoted to science. The 6th, to the Spiritual healing, psychotherapy and other vital elements which are necessary for certain corrections and impingements in the psychic body. The 7th, to devotion and other inspirational methods of obtaining inspiration which may be contained in such beliefs, dogmas, creeds, churches and other religious expressions as exist in the astral and terrestrial dimensions.

Every one of these various solar systems which we find throughout our galaxy seems similar to our own planetary system. Each planetary system has a mother planet; in the case of our own solar system, it is the planet Venus. It is our mother, father, doctor and nurse planet. It functions along the line of spiritual therapy down into the terrestrial dimensions. We shall also find that in the various astral worlds as well as in the terrestrial, each of these seven different centers has its own ray, its own influence and its own relationship. It can be likened to a TV set or a radio. It can also be said that many people are taken to planet Venus during their sleep. They leave their physical bodies on earth and travel to various planets through frequency relationship, which is just above the dividing line of frequency relationship. The book called "The Voice of Venus" explains this planet and its functions and its relationship to you. It is from this planet that we have much integration in salvaging human derelicts from the various sub-astral worlds or in assisting soldier boys who have been shot in the battlefields or "killed" through other processes. Now it should be easy to see how yourself or your neighbor, or your relative may be linked up through one of these basic centers of Unarius by his earth expression.

The scientist will be connected with the fifth center; the artist, musician or poet with the fourth, the philosopher with the third and the teacher with the second. These planets in turn, as has been given to us from the minds of those who dwell on these planets, through mental transmission, have been called for the purpose of identification, various names. #1 is called Unarius; #2 Orion; #3 Hermes; #4 Muse; #5 Eros; #6 Venus; #7 Elysium.

Each of these great planets manifests in some way as a huge center. The centers of activity on these planets surpass anything that you might envision on the earth or that you might even imagine could exist. There are temples wherein are initiation ceremonies with ingresses and egresses from these various centers. The temples themselves can hold several million people. We find too, in the processes of initiation, the people will actually walk through huge ten or twenty-foot flames of pure lambent energy. This is done so that their psychic bodies may be cleansed of lower astral and negative vibrations which are literally catalyzed or removed by these energy flames. It is, of course, a painless process in which nothing is felt. We find also in these dimensions that the buildings are constructed primarily from energy as it stems from huge vortexes which are above the centers. Through the processes of the mind and other processes known to the Masters who dwell in these centers, this energy is converted into structures and buildings and so, instead of having drab brown walls as are about us tonight, the walls are constructed of the purest, sparkling, radiant crystals imaginable.

This crystal energy is condensed from the radiant energy which fills the (so-called) void about you. On these higher planets there is no atmosphere because you need none there. You need no lungs, for you function in a spiritual body of pure energy. You both radiate this energy and absorb it. It may be done through the process known on earth as attunement or you may walk through the energy streams or flames which revitalize the spiritual body. If I were to name any one of a hundred or a thousand Adepts, Masters, Initiates, Lords and Logi who live in these centers, the list would be like a reading from the roster of "Who's Who" of every great life lived upon the earth. We could name any one of thousands, such as Plato, Pythagoras, Jesus, Archimedes, Mohammed, Gandhi, in fact, anyone you would care to name. All have either an affinity or a part and reside either in these centers or in the higher dimensions connected with them. Now going up one more flight in our elevator of Cosmic understanding, we find the "D" of our sketch--the Super-Celestial dimensions--which are connected through the same laws of order and frequency relationship with the seven centers, down to the astral and on down to the terrestrial level.

One way in which to understand the 33 Logi and their particular influence, not only in our own earth but also in various other terrestrial dimensions, is for us to understand the influence of our little earth's egg-shaped orbit as it travels around the sun. At one point in the cycle, we have the Spring Equinox and directly opposite, we have the Fall Equinox. The same lines of magnetic force of the Universe are stemming out from the sun in the same pinwheel fashion. These are very strong magnetic lines of force. We say that the rotation of the earth requires 365 days and so many odd hours and so many odd minutes, according to the Gregorian calendar, but here is the little joker: every year we wind up minus several degrees, consequently, every four years we need to institute another day in our Gregorian calendar. Now you may question what value this had to you but you will see after a moment's thought. What this actually means is that the earth is changing its position, according to these radial lines of force, to a more or less degree every year. Now these magnetic lines of force are very important because they determine to a large extent the nutritive value of our crops and they influence our own personal behavior and even Wall Street itself. We also say that animals, as well as people, become more or less prolific. There are certain benign or malign influences which are continually manifesting and remanifesting according to the regression of this cycle. So the earth is greatly influenced by going through the various lines of force in the cycle of the recessional. We need to take a little time to figure out this rotation factor, along with the recessional cycle, in order to get the full impact of the meaning. This entire cycle, taking it from the first point of 360 degrees to where it comes into that relationship again, requires 25,862 years, according to our Gregorian calendar. Back in the old Yoga writings and the Vedic transcripts, we have the similar cycle described, which took 24,000 years. According to the old Lemurian astrophysical calendar, it required 33,000, which corresponds with the 33 Logi which are the dominating influence, not only in these higher centers but also down through the astral and into the terrestrial dimensions. Taking this cycle as a whole, we shall divide it into 12 equal segments like a pie. According to these three different translations of time, we shall find that there will be variances from [Image p214] one cycle to the next from a little over 2,000 years to something like 2,700 years. But whatever the time figures out mathematically, it all means one and the same thing. We can say that we start from Pisces and rotate to Aquarius. That is the basis for your old astrological calendars upon which modern astrology is based. It relates to the relationship of the rotation of the cycle of the recessional. You must bear in mind that all of the other planets with which the sun is concerned are going through the same sort of gyration. They have the same kind of cycle to figure out in relationship to the number of years, months and days required to encircle the sun. They too have a certain cycle of recessional or excessional. Therefore, no matter with what we are concerned, be it human, animal, vegetable or mineral, these forces are intersecting and bisecting these lines of magnetic force, not only from the sun but also from the center of the Universe itself and are influenced by these forces.

Now we are way out in space with our little planetary system which forms one little indiscernible speck of light. The prime purpose of explaining these points is to show you the frequency relationship that we get in manifesting in the innumerable relationships, with our attention on the higher forces, from the lower and back into the higher. Because we start with the Infinite concept of Creation, and to imbue and instill that concept into our psychic centers, we have to build ourselves a spiritual body of individuality, personality, and integration with the Infinite. Consequently, we must come down into the terrestrial dimensions and into the astral to attain all the experience, all the integration, all the knowledge of these various, innumerable linkages.

Now friends, it is very obvious to you, that to try to give you even a small part of a thoroughly understandable concept of astrophysics, of our flight into the astral and celestial dimensions in one lesson, is of course a physical impossibility. Enough information has been given during the previous part of the lesson on which a person could devote several thousand years for study and comprehension. However, it is hoped that by now, you will have some idea of what Jesus meant when He said, "In my Father's house are many mansions."

A point which I would like to clear up a little more for you is our relationship to the astral worlds, what they are and what we are when we arrive in these worlds. As I said before, we do not assume or contact anything in our evolution which is foreign to our nature, whether we are in the astral or in the terrestrial plane, for all of the factors are combined within our psychic selves and within our psychic intellects. Whether we are bricklayers, carpenters, clerks, sailors, or whatever profession or trade that we follow on this earth, we shall find similar and compatible astral worlds and dimensions wherein we may again take up our trade and use our craft.

As was pointed out last week when Charlie the amoeba found himself in the spiritual world, he was still an amoeba but he was now in contact with certain spiritual forces and certain advantages could be obtained from these spiritual forces which he did not have in terrestrial dimensions as an amoeba. We also shall find these same advantages in the Spiritual nature. Guidance, relationship, inspiration from these different centers of Unarius are much more strongly manifested in our activities on the higher planes.

When we kick the frame, or die, we do not just cease to be, or go into some suspended state of animation but according to our development, we are most likely to find ourselves in a world which is the sum and total of our knowledge and beliefs of creation. The person who has no knowledge other than his lustful earth life will be in some sort of a purgatory; all things of which he knows about are not in a dislocated, unrelated and nonfunctional disarray. So he will go through an infernal nightmare until he succeeds in getting back into the earth world.

To those however, who possess some knowledge and have been previously conditioned in other in-between spirit lives, may find themselves in a world which may, in many respects, be quite similar to their earth worlds. The differences will be that when we awaken and are aware of our spiritual eyes, the energy forms which surround us will be somewhat different. Instead of these so-called solid atomic structures surrounding us in this earth dimension, we shall have energy forms and relationships in these astral worlds which will be vastly different. There the walls of our homes will be constructed of a radiant glowing energy substance. We shall learn, just as others do, in our progression through those different astral dimensions, of which there are many, just how to take and use this universal energy. This universal energy is revolving and involving and continuously infusing itself around us, and just as we breathe oxygen in the terrestrial dimensions, so we "breathe" the radiant energy in the astral dimensions. We shall begin to learn other uses of this energy. Instead of sitting down to a machine with a few yards of cloth to make a dress, or instead of going out and laying the brick for a new house or plastering the walls, there we learn to construct these things from the radiant energies through the directive forces of our minds. We actually learn to clothe, house and feed ourselves from these radiant energy sources through our minds. This process is a highly-developed form of psychokinesis.

Once Barney Oldfield, in one of his earlier racing days, (as an example of psychokinesis), was finishing an auto race and felt as though some part was breaking in the car. So by sheer will-power, he held the mechanism together and won the race. Immediately on crossing the finish line, the part broke in two. I was very interested in this story and at a later date came the opportunity to try it myself.

There is a part known as a voltage regulator in my car which maintains a certain balance of charging rate between the generator and the battery. Now it is a very delicately-balanced little mechanism and it came to the point a few years ago when it was no longer functioning or serviceable. Being interested in the electronic field, I would not give it up and refused to let it go. After two weeks of unsuccessful tinkering, I climbed behind the wheel and extended the mind kinetic force to the regulator. It took off and worked continuously for two years hence. You can call it coincidence if you care to, but there have been numerous similar instances.

We shall learn to use these forces directively in the astral worlds much more than we do now. The proper application of the principles of psychokinetics, or the extension  of the mind forces, not only as they are unified with our higher and superconscious self, but also as they become unified with certain astral and celestial forces, may often determine the difference between life and death. There have been many instances, and no doubt many of you have had similar experiences in which it was the momentary project of these inward mind forces which actually prevented some accident.

Now we shall try to shed a little more light on our understanding astral worlds. Because so many are interested in the spacecraft these day, we shall touch upon this subject. It is from these astral worlds, such as the planet Venus, that  we are getting some of these manifestations. There are many levels of life on the planet Venus. In the book by Lee Crandall, we found that one of these lower astral forces was able to materialize and dematerialize or more correctly, experience an astral flight from Venus to Earth. These beings have the secrets of frequency transference and are able to concert atoms of the walls of the room into something which is not a familiar form.

For instance, one man made a scratch with his fingernail on a plate of steel which would have required a diamond point with a pressure of 17,000 pounds to the square inch to duplicate. Yet he made it easily with his fingernail. The secret lies in the changing of the rate of vibration of the little atoms which compose the metal. We do much the same thing when we inject the thermal energy in the form of heat and cause this steel to flow. But this was not the process used in the case of the Venusian, according to the story. We find, as Venus would be located close to the borderline of astral worlds and the terrestrial world, Venus does not have the atmosphere or the atomic structures with which we are familiar in this world. The astronomer or the astrophysicist has not actually seen the planet Venus. He believes it to be surrounded by a halo of vapor. This vapor is a fluorescent shield of energy which was purposely erected to keep the prying eyes of the earth scientists diverted.

In the book (dictated verbatim from a Venusian) these points are described very factually to you. When we find people who have maintained an understanding for several thousand years, enabling them to change atomic structures, to walk upon the water, and to walk through walls as did Jesus, very often individuals become imbued with a desire to help suffering humanity on some of the lower levels. It is not always that these thoughts and intents are well directed nor are these people completely within the jurisdictional field in which they are entitled to manifest these powers, even though they may build spacecraft or use existing spacecraft which they have on the planet Mars in our little solar system. They may look down upon this little planet with their electronic telescopes and other means which they have and they may acquaint themselves with the various mistakes which we have made, such as the atom bombs and other inquisitive derelictions of this Infinite Power, not only in the fields of science but also in our fundamentalism and in our personal philosophies. They may say, through certain earth minds, that they are going to "save" the world. For instance, it is common knowledge today that through one mind comes the word that there are ten million of these spacemen lying in wait for the fatal moment when we succeed in destroying ourselves. They will come then into our earth and take all these people off this world, out somewhere into space.

Now this sounds very good on the surface. Every one of us has an escape mechanism; we use that expression in the realm of personal psychology. When pressures come into us from various phases of life, subconsciously we want to be relieved of these pressures so we find an escape mechanism. Some people are, as we call them crepe-hangers--those who go about predicting the end of the world by the explosion of the atom bomb. What are we going to do? We become fearful, so we fall victim to these various reflections of astral forces who are projecting themselves into the world. Now the fact of the matter is, if one man were given control of ten million super-powered men who could change frequency structures to save the world, that man would be sufficient directive to get in touch with not one very emotional person, but through the president and other open-minded directors of this country, whereby they could set up a well-organized and well-ordered preventive campaign whereby the earth could not be destroyed. To me that would seem a much more logical conclusion than to give credence to the various expressions of these different astral forces which are endeavoring to reflect themselves or their doctrines of salvation into our own dimension.

Primarily, we say that the earth was created for one purpose; it is a planet for experience. It is very necessary as a place of growth for hundreds of millions of other souls in the future.

It is therefore quite logical to suppose that in the culmination of all of these forces, linked up as they are with the Infinite Forces, the higher dimensions and the powers in the astral realms, there would be a sufficiently intelligent cohesive pattern of guidance in our little earth which would keep us from blowing ourselves to "kingdom come".

Doesn't this seem much more logical? I, for one, am not going to wait for the time to come when we blow ourselves into a cloud of atomic dust for it will never happen, we have long since passed that crucial danger point. The things which we need to be aware of now are those lower astral forces working through mind influences in well-organized bands for separating, dividing and destroying the races of mankind as they exist.

At the present time we are progressing from one cycle into another. This is the cycle of the Aquarian Age in which God places His right foot upon the earth (symbolically), and in His right hand He has the horn of plenty which He is up-turning upon the earth. In His left hand, He holds the trident, which is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The principle of the Trinity itself has been quite thoroughly explained in different ways earlier in the lesson--our super-conscious, our subconscious and our physical--which is the Holy Trinity. We all have the "Holy Ghost" within us. There are no exceptions; it only means a time in which we bring this consciousness into our own being, for this Holy Ghost is the point of integration where the Infinite (God) enters into our life cycle and we begin expressing the condiments of relationship of the God-force within ourselves through all of these astral dimensions. Now, are there any questions?

Q - Are there different dimensions or graduations in the astral worlds?

A - Oh yes, indeed; in the astral worlds we find numerous spectrums or places where we find energy assuming many different rates.

Q - Is that in addition to the 101 elements?

A - We do not have the 101 elements in the astral dimensions. These 101 elements are energy expressing themselves in a certain form in the terrestrial dimension only. We have other elements in the higher realms in which energy is vibrating at different rates and relationships.

Q - Have those who are the Logi also had expression in the lower realms?

A - Yes indeed. The rules and moderator of the entire seven planetary systems is the one who was called Jesus. Mastership means graduation from each one of these seven centers. The Logi have not only achieved this, but also have mastered many other dimensions which are above these.

Q - Why are there thirty-three?

A - Because we are only concerned with the question as they relate themselves to our astrophysical concept. There may be one hundred trillion, but the ones with which we are concerned are those rotating and influencing into these dimensions according to our mathematical formula.

Q - Do we ever incarnate in other physical planets of our solar system?

A - Yes, we do; the fact is that  our evolution, as we are rotating back into these astral worlds is only one very small part of our total evolution. It may take anywhere from 100,000 to a half million years or even a million years to complete all the necessary ingredients. But out in these other great voids of the universe are other solar systems and other planets which are on the same similar level or frequency as the earth. We eventually will go to one of those and start a new evolution and a new cycle in a different rate of vibration from some of these other centers.

Those planets of our system maintain a certain relationship to each other and in their expression of life. It is a very infinite and abstract concept. We need to think about it much before we comprehend it because we find innumerable numbers, not only in our own solar system but countless trillions of others.

For instance, Jupiter: the astronomer says there is no life on Jupiter because of the mean temperature of 240 degrees below zero. The atmosphere, he says, is composed of frozen ammonia but that does not mean he is correct. The present-day scientist is concerned only with life in our 101 elements. And how many other millions of billions of elements or energy expressions do we find. Jupiter maintains a balance of relationship a little below that of the earth. It has a much heavier gravitational pull. It is about 318 times the size of the earth, the largest of all in our solar system. We have other infinite forms of life and must revert back again to our infinite concept of God, expressing Himself Infinitely. One's present imagination isn't capable of conceiving Infinity. One's imagination isn't capable of imagining the immensity of these vast cosmic concepts.

For the past twenty-five or thirty years we have had a great many of what are called fantastic or amazing stories printed in magazines and books. Now by far the greatest part of them are inspired by writers who, in their sleep state or other ways, actually contacted people who lived in these other planets. The stories were too fantastic for the normal person to visualize, yet it is quite conceivable that such places and things could exist for that is the Infinite Nature of God.

Q - How can scientists measure temperatures on other planets?

A - This is a very tricky business to try to measure temperatures and other types of relationships which the astronomer is endeavoring to do through the spectroscope. The spectroscope gives certain lines of reflection according to the different elements with which it is being tested. So the scientist uses the spectroscope in conjunction with the telescope to try to attain the analysis of atomic structures of other planets. That would be fine if the spectroscope worked in all of the different atomic structures, but it doesn't. It works only with the 101 elements because it is purely an earth crystal, an earth substance machine. So one needs to become clairvoyant before he begins to see these things on other planets, before he has the actual facts.

Q - Do the scientists on Parahelion recognize these 101 elements or are they not limited?

A - The go far, far beyond that number. It would tend only to confuse us if they gave us all that data and it would mean nothing to us at this period in our evolution. The scientists on Parahelion, such as Nikola Tesla and Leonardo da Vinci, say that the radiant energy stemming from all the great vortexes is the Supreme vortex which they call the force of God. All there is, is energy. There is no such thing as a solid substance, including atoms. That conclusion is what the scientist of today is approaching. Einstein was laboring with this principle when he passed over. That conclusion was the basis for the entire theory of Relativity which he brought out in 1909, which made the atom bomb possible.

Our 101 elements which are only by-products of energy from some higher dimension, as in the vortexes, all have their supporting structure. Within this supporting structure the scientist finds the isotopes. We begin to see the co-relationship between these many concepts. Whether you are considering atomic concepts or astrophysical concepts, it is the same dimensional linkage through relationship, which is vibration. It is energy expressing itself according to its own I.Q. We, as human beings, manifest the highest form of that intelligence quotient because we have the integrating faculties of the Infinite. We think, we believe, we manifest faith, we have brotherly love, etc. We function on two levels so far as this world is concerned: from the physical and the spiritual.

Q - Is Mars an astral planet in the 4th dimension?

A - No. It is still a terrestrial planet, however, it is an older planet in evolution than earth and people there are of a more advanced state of relationship. The savants on Mars know how to change frequency or change the atoms just as Jesus did. In my trips there, we found that the Martians were learning to transmute bodies into energies, then they could project them over a beam and materialize them at the other end, just as it is done with the television. This is a new means of travel. Of course, we can do it another way, as in astral flight. It is not fantastic when we analyze it.

Q - Isn't it possible when mankind frees himself from some of the past bondages and traditions and gets into this freer form of thinking and has revelations within his consciousness as well as outside, that he could get so in tune with these higher intelligences from other planets that man could, in a short time, have an enormous revelation?

A - Yes, that is very true. Actually, all of these sightings of saucers is to build the consciousness of Eartheans up to a point where these visitors can actually come into this world and set up a continuity or relationship which is healthy. But that will have to come through an evolution of time. It is not for this day and age. It will have to be in the future when people are more suitably quickened to this New Age, this New Aquarian Cycle.

Q - (A question regarding psychokinesis.) Are there some seemingly miraculous preventives for accidents which take place in people's lives at times in order to save them from certain situations and accidents?

A - Yes, that is very true, because here again we find some sort of an Infinite working out of the different frequency relationships, for they are either sponsored from our negative forces or equations and counteracted or we maintain an equilibrium from our higher self or superconscious self.

Q - When I was a small boy of six years, I wanted to help herd the cattle. One of the cows was vicious to children and as I was starting through the herd homeward, this cow started after me. It so happened previously during the day that the hell of my shoe had some off but left all those sharp spikes in the heel. When I fell over a gopher mound and landed on my back, I kicked the cow a couple of times in the head and she bled and shook her head and went away. Do you suppose that heel came off for that purpose?

A - Yes, I should think that could be true. The subject there so far as our own preventive measures for accidents are concerned--the field is very broad. There are many people who have had these things happen to them and the protective forces come partly from our superconscious and partly from our forces who work with us. It is all a very definitely conceived plan. In fact, no one here could live even a couple of seconds if we didn't have this help from these higher dimensions. It comes into us in many, many ways.

Q - Are those who are evolved from these seven planets of Shamballa beyond the point of reincarnating into the earth again?

A - By the time they arrive there, they are. Buddha referred to this stage as Nirvana.

Q - If they would choose to, they could though?

A - Yes, after one lives in one of the celestial realms, he might look down clairvoyantly and be overwhelmed by the feeling that those poor people needed help and he could set up a plan within himself whereby he could go back to help relieve those people. That is where we get some of these derelictions.

Q - They could materialize a body if they wished, could they not?

A - Yes indeed, if they have evolved high enough. They sure have, and can appear and disappear.

Q -  Are the Rays from these seven centers in association with some of the mountainous centers such as those on the Himalayas?

A - Anything which is devoted and genuinely founded upon constructive principles of fellowship to mankind will be under the influence of any one of these centers, be it a group or an individual. We also find there are organizations in the world which are seemingly devoted to higher things but really have underlying principles which are destructive in nature. That refers to some of the so-called contacts with flying saucer men, etc., We have genuine flying saucer people and others who are not so genuine from the lower orders of Venus, who are still overzealous. We need there, just as here, to learn to separate the sheep from the goats, to discern.

Q - You can tell by the vibration, can you not?

A - Yes, indeed, and not only that, but we must be analytical and not become overwhelmed at the moment. We can analyze and reason that any intelligent or constructively-minded order or group of individuals from these higher dimensions, if it was part of their prerogative to do so, could contact the leaders of this country. We must remember that these higher spiritual forces are not concerned with making physical appearances on this planet to lead us from going astray because they know how valuable these experiences and growth are for our own personal evolution. They can radiate these influences to us by giving us inspiration and comfort. They can show us that there is a Light, there is a path to follow, but it is up to us to follow. You see we are concerned with about 170 million people who are all very reactionary in nature. Even if all of them knew about flying saucers and were completely conditioned for it through our various means of communication, I believe there would be 160 million who would go stark raving mad and panic the minute a fleet of those flying saucers came down out of space. If you recall the time that Orson Wells gave a radio program saying that the Martians had landed? Due to panic, there were thousands of people who were killed and injured that night.

Q - Do the people on Mars have to go through all this evolving and incarnating?

A - We must take these things as they are, in a very infinite concept; even the universe as we know our universe, is only one little speck of light in the great cosmic void. Our universe has something like a hundred trillion suns (according to Mt. Palomar) all as large or larger than our own sun. You have seen the pictures in the Observatory, sort of a pinwheel proposition, like a huge platter, and there are appearances of certain radial lines which stem out from that universe edgewise. It is like putting two plates together, thicker in the middle and stems outwardly. Now in this big universe--and it takes light something like 100,00 light years to travel across it--you picture that this is actually a very tremendous thing in itself. There are so many planets and planetary systems that you could live from now 'til kingdom come and you'd not have a faint idea of how many there were in just this one universe alone. Now when we go out into space (and they have photographed these universes), they are hundreds of millions of light years away and there are other universes beyond that.

Q - Isn't it comforting to realize that there are no limitations to it all?

A - Indeed, and we have it from good authority that those from "upstairs" who come to us and give us these revelations tell us that the end is nowhere in sight for people even above them!

Q - As you were saying awhile back that everything is all interconnected in the cosmos, then if they were to explode an atom bomb, would it not affect these other worlds indirectly as well?

A - That is right and I have often used that homey little expression of the tail wagging the dog or the dog wagging the tail but there is nothing that we do that does not first start upstairs or in the Inner Dimensions; there has been nothing taken place that has not first been an idea form, a part of that infinite that is contained in your life cycle. You are merely expressing this in the world of experience to solidify it or integrate as a factuality so that it can attune as a wave form and mean something to you in the future.

Q - What do the scientists mean in their talk and working with so-called radioactive isotopes?

A - This subject will be entered into more thoroughly a little later on, but it deals with the threshold of spiritual healing. I might tell you a little story. Back in Europe if you were a doctor there and were purveying medicine of any kind, you could sell anything at any price you wanted if you attached an American label on it and labeled it some antibiotic drug. There was one woman in Spain suffering from a salt deficiency and sent to the doctor, who gave her salt tablets and told her it was streptomycin or some such thing and she immediately became well--so this topic is on the threshold of perception. If you interject radioactive energies into your body and do so as they do in a solution of substances on the betatron or some other atomic machine where they can project their pure neutronic energy into a phial of substance they use for that purpose, and when that gets into the blood stream, they use a geiger counter and if they activate a certain substance with iodine, for instance, when that solution gets into the blood and with the geiger counting moving it about, it goes immediately into your thyroid, if the thyroid is working right. They can determine by the number of clicks on the geiger counter, from their experimentation, whether or not your thyroid is working. Actually you do not get any cure from these radioactive substances. The only radioactive substance they use for curing, are capsules of radioactive energy which they imbed in cancerous tissue or something of that nature and they burn it out; it is only a burning process. But there is no known cure for interjecting radioactive substance in the blood and hoping to do any good with it because they do not. All they are doing is using a geiger counter to determine from the ticking noise whether that gland is functioning properly.

My friends, it is now time to bring this seventh lesson a close and until our next lesson, we project the Radiant Energies to you, one and all.