Lesson 8 The Moderator Describes his Astral Visits to the Higher Worlds, The Seven Celestial Kingdoms

Welcome friends, to Unarius.

The lesson and narration this evening will be conducted by Emanuel Swedenborg. It will be entitled, "The Seven Celestial Kingdoms". Before going directly into this talk this evening, we welcome a new member and are very happy that you intuitively came this way.

Incidentally, I might take this time to mention that she was mailed the first four lessons of this course. Upon retiring after reading them, she experienced a partial physical levitation. She fell asleep and in the hipcognic state was taken to a Celestial Kingdom where she was given the golden key of inner perception. She now has a completely new and different aspect of life. She is able to see everything as it is intended for us to see it and as you shall see it in your future evolutions. Is this correct, Student?

Answer - "Yes, that is right."

These worlds are radiating, pulsating energy sources which she sees and they are being manifest in an entirely different and new way. Her life has changed; she has been stepped up in evolution many hundreds or even thousands of years. These are not her exact words, but covers what she wrote to us in a letter which she sent as a testimonial. It is results like these which make our efforts worthwhile.

Last week our message was of an astrophysical nature. It was pointed out that, just as in atomic structures and in various other manifestations of Infinite wisdom we, as human beings, have the same pattern of relationship, the same frequency interpretation, the same meaning of life which stems into everything. In a rough diagram, the seven Celestial Kingdoms, formerly known as Shamballa but now called Unarius, were also shown. Some of the functions and the necessary frequency interpretations were relayed to you then. However, because of the importance to you in assimilating a very factual and realistic concept of these things in your mind, we are going to take you there this evening in something of a word picture. We shall give you a realization of how these things came to us during the past ten months. Before going into this description, I would like to point out a very important incident which happened last Monday. The mailman dropped a small package at our door which contained a book entitle, "Heaven and Hell", by Emanuel Swedenborg. This may or may not seem important to you, but in view of the things which have happened in my life in the past, it is of the utmost importance. And as a demonstration of the perfect timing in which the Infinite works and, as a manifestation, it showed that all things were conceived and that they had been written before and are just awaiting delivery.

Strangely enough, up until last Monday I, for one, knew very little beyond the autobiography of Swedenborg. This manifestation was much more of a paradox when you consider that I was the fifth of eight boys and girls in my family and my very first memories and recollections of my father were seeing him, during the long winter months sitting in the kitchen with his feet perched up on the kitchen range, as he pored over Swedenborg's "Heaven and Hell". My father was a strange man; he was born in the northern latitudes of Norway and to us children he must have brought with him some of the ice and cold of those northern fjords. We were never close to father; he read rather strange books and mumbled in an undertone while he read them and was doubly terrifying to a small boy. So Swedenborg became to us, something which we bandied about and to which we had an aversion. These three books of Swedenborg's were kept high on the shelf out of the reach of small fingers, yet we would not have touched one of them if my father would have commanded us to do so.

And so we grew up, and while I had read many of my father's books either secretly or openly, yet Swedenborg to me was a fearful and terrifying individual. About two months ago Swedenborg stepped into our consciousness and gave a transmission on the recording machine. In a moment of interest, Ruth went to the library and borrowed two books to look up something about Swedenborg. The books were supposed to be about his mystical life, but turned out to be strictly autobiographies and dealt only with the material side of his life.

At the time, I did not find anything of academic interest which would substantiate or lead me into further explorations of this great mystic's work. And so for the time being the subject was dropped. You can appreciate my feeling when I opened this little package for, after one hour of reading, I had in so many words corroborated and verified many things which had been given to us from these great Celestial Kingdoms and which I had seen.

In Swedenborg's words, he described just as was described and implanted upon our magnetic tapes, the garments, the dwellings and various other things which the people in these Spiritual, Celestial Kingdoms do--how they move, act, live. If you do read Swedenborg, and I hope you do, you will see the similarities. When our book series "The Pulse of Creation", is completed you will read it and remember that over two hundred years ago, this great mystic lived and spent the first part of his life in the fields of engineering, anatomical science, paleontology, etc. He served in the College of Mines for the government of Sweden until his fiftieth year when he went into his psychic work.

Swedenborg was a strict fundamentalist as far as his early training was concerned. His father was not only a teacher but was in the priesthood of the existing fundamentalist church which Swedenborg was compelled to attend as a youngster. Therefore, in reading the works of Swedenborg you will find the language couched or phrased in the terminology or nomenclature of that day or time. As he termed it, the Lord does this or that, etc. In Unarius it will be the Infinite Intelligence. They are one and the same, for in these Spiritual and Celestial Kingdoms God is manifest at all times as the in-pouring, in-dwelling, Infinite Spiritual Force.

It was no small coincidence that for many years mediums or clairvoyants in this area saw (psychically) white-robed men with long white beards, carrying huge books, following me about; then about ten months ago and shortly before Ruth and I were brought together again in this life and time, these same men were seen with her! Now we have come to know these great men of wisdom and they no longer wear white beards and flowing robes in which they presented themselves at that time in order that some seer might see them for us. Rather, they are advanced personalities and perfected men living in these higher dimensions.

Back in the hills near San Diego, we had just completed the "Mars" book. They had given us a wonderful and beautiful collection of poetic gems or parables which we call "The Elysium", which means Words of Light. And so we were waiting for something to happen.

ne evening during attunement, I saw a beautiful, radiant figure standing before me. He announced himself--not in words but through the means of telepathic communication which is always used in these higher dimensions and states of consciousness; he inferred he could be known as Mal Var. We later found out from other sources that he was the disciple of John, or John the Revelator. He said that he had come to give us a new version or a new translation of that part of the New Testament which had been so badly and sadly garbled in translations, (Revelations), and if I was willing, he would start from the planet Venus, which is the mother-father planet of this planetary system. From there, the higher celestial forces were in direct communication at all times in the work of psychotherapy and spiritual healings for the people of this earth and other planets of nearby solar systems. So naturally, I gladly acquiesced.

In the next moment I found myself sitting in front of a beautiful lake. This lake, perhaps a half-mile in diameter, was of the most intense cobalt blue I had ever seen. The tiny blades of grass upon which I was sitting appeared to be hand carved of the purest emerald crystal, yet they were as soft as velvet to the touch. I looked about at the towering trees which surrounded me, they too had that crystalline appearance of radiant energy. I was reminded of some clear stick candy which I had as a child. The trees were transparent, yet gleaming. Each tree leaf in the canopy overhead was a masterpiece of emerald art of glowing crystal. Through the overhanging, I could see the huge orb of the sun, a golden yellow disc which appeared, not as our sun does, but many times larger. About the sky were swirling clouds of opalescence and mother-of-pearl. I looked at all of this wonder and beauty and saw the butterflies which were flitting about like huge brilliant gems and many times larger than those on the earth. The flowers and the wild life scurrying about us in the thickets were exotic and beyond description. My guide was smiling as I was trying to take in all of my surroundings and as we were sitting there talking, he was explaining all of these things through my vocal cords, Ruth was taking it down on paper.

After a few moments getting accustomed to the surroundings, we then walked out to the edge of the clearing; we went out on the plain and I saw before me a huge mountain range of the purest sparkling crystal. It was flat and on the top of this flat surface was a huge, wonderful city. It was an array of gleaming parapets, spires, minarets and domes, all glistening in that wonderful golden sun. Soon I found myself going rapidly up the pathway which led to the top of this beautiful city. I was told that this city was Azure and that it was the place where those who were in spiritual work with earth people were at present and had, for many thousands of years been so working.

When we arrived into the city, I was immediately taken to the top of a high parapet or minaret which overlooked the city. It was circular in shape; there were four main streets which crossed like an "X". In the center of this "X" was a wonderful, beautiful temple; it looked something like the Taj Mahal but it was so much larger, and so much more beautiful, and far more vast that it would have made even that gorgeous structure look like a whitewashed pueblo. All of the building which I saw about me, domes, towers, minarets which towered into the sky in all shapes and sizes and manner in a fantastic array of confusion, so it seemed to me, were composed entirely of that radiant energy crystalline structure. I was told that this substance was the radiance of the Infinite which had been brought down with the mind forces and crystallized into a useful, tangible substance which was projected as idea and form in these structures. I was then led in and out of these various buildings and temples.

I saw clinics in which were the suicides of the earth people, the murderers and the murdered while their psychic bodies were back to health. I saw obsessions removed. I saw people being born from flames--huge living flames which were built from mind energies. These beautiful excursions for this entire book entailed a total of thirty trips to the planet Venus before it was completed. I was led to this great central temple, in the center of which was a huge block of pure crystal. The temple could hold something like fifty thousand people, all of whom were arrayed in their shining, luminous garments which appeared to be woven of spun gold and silver. I could see through the garments of these people by now and saw their bodies as palpitating radiations of light. They looked like glowing balls of luminosity in the form of a human shape. These people were indeed wonderful and beautiful to behold. I saw the great lenses which were set in the temple ceiling in the huge dome which projected the energies down into this great crystal cubical in the center.

To cap the climax, a most fascinating and sacred event then followed. Soon there welled up throughout the distance all about us and filled everywhere, the sing-song chant of the energies and the mind forces of those gathered there. And thus they built up the living white flame of energy. Two people came up the aisle, walked slowly up the last three steps into the flame and disappeared. I was told that these two persons were Jesus and His polarity.

Later on, after a few days of relaxation following the completion of that book, I found myself sitting upon another planet. I was on top of a mountain of the purest crystal energy, so it seemed to me. Sitting beside me, was a most illumined person who identified himself as Nikola Tesla. We were sitting, so I learned, on the planet Eros although this planet is little known to the people of the earth. Of all of the seven centers, Venus is the most spiritual, if I can say, in its service to the earth. Far below me on the plane, I saw another wonderful and beautiful city. This one was laid out like a huge wheel with seven huge spokes, with a very wide rim. In the center, or the hub, was another huge domed temple and, like the others before it, it was of the glittering, glowing, pulsating crystal and even much more so. The atmosphere or air, if we can term it such, seemed to be swirling with this infusion of wonderful light. There was no sun overhead. The light seemed to come from everywhere about us and Tesla told me that there was no sun on this planet; instead, the light came directly from the central vortex, which earth people call God.

So we descended into the city and as we walked, I saw between the huge great spokes in this great city, the landscaped parks filled with beautiful trees, shrubbery, lakes and wonderful flowers. I was told they all grew thusly because the energy which composed them was intelligent and was directed, and no one therefore needed to attend to them. Their growth was due to the radiant infusions of the energies which they imbibed within themselves in those dimensions. In going through these great centers in this city of Parhelion, I found there things of the long past, the present and the future.

Although I had seen many wonders on Venus, the wonders here even far surpassed and outweighed them, for they concerned solar systems and worlds about which the earth people know nothing. They concerned histories which were not written on this earth. They contained not only the past histories of this world but the future histories and destination of man as well. I saw the scientific instruments which were used by these scientists here in the spiritual dimensions which were used for the removal of obsessions and diseases. I saw many other wonderful and beautiful things which related to the manner in which people came there between earth cycles and reincarnations. I also saw how they wrote their akashic records upon gold leaf books.

There were great galleries which were devoted to arts of various kinds as well as to the scientific versions of expressions in the numerous dimensions of man's life. Then, finally here again I was led into the great central temple and there witnessed another ceremony where another huge and great flame was built upon a crystal altar. More than a half million people were present watching this ceremony. I saw the man whom we used to call Jesus, step out of this flame with His polarity and become the mentor and the moderator of all the Shamballas.

These things, of necessity, I am making rather brief to you. You can appreciate the brevity in view of the fact that this will be a thousand-page book in seven different volumes and that we are completing the last transmissions and the last pages of this great book very shortly.

My next visit was to a planet which was much more homey, at least to my way of feeling, than were the other three which I had so visited. It was called Muse, after some Greek name of Greek mythology. It concerned, in five sectional forms, the different inspirational arts of the races of mankind in the various terrestrial and spiritual dimensions. They were literature, drama, sculpturing, music and painting. I went into this beautiful planet, which was of a very lovely coral shade, glowing out in space, surrounded and infused with this radiant energy. There were five smaller asteroids which were situated a various intervals around the planet of Muse. I was taken to the great city of Coralanthus.

Before getting directly into the heart of the city I passed down many streets under the personal guidance of Robert and Elizabeth Browning. They showed me various beautiful homes of people who had formerly lived upon the earth. Their abodes were set back in park-like grounds among the trees and flower gardens. The homes themselves were the most beautiful things that you could ever imagine, all glowing iridescent, opalescent, pulsating and of many colors, It was all so fairy-like and beautiful and I was tremendously impressed with the feeling of warmth and comfort of everything which surrounded me. I was getting into the city proper, of the five dimensional forms which serve in this five-functional relationship with the various five expressions of these inspirational arts. Here again I saw another demonstration or expression of this very precise integration among the students and the teachers occupying these various centers. One could wander about from one area to another to view plays, pageants, watch those artists painting scenes--see others carving in wood, in gold and in precious stones of all kinds. Everything was of this same beautiful glowing nature. I needed approximately ten or twelve visitations in this glorious planet to complete my explorations.

Then I passed on to an even larger planet which was called Hermes. Here the basic color radiation was green. This planet was devoted to the philosophical expressions. This great city was called Aurelius. In this city were many and wonderful things to behold. I saw Greece as it existed five hundred years before the time of Jesus. I saw China in all its height and glory, as it was long before the time of Confucius (Kung Fu). I saw the Temple of Solomon, or more correctly, I can say that it was Solomon who built the Temple which he copied as a memory from the great central Temple here on Aurelius.

In going about the various centers and seeing the ancient civilizations, the great museums, the arts, the works and the philosophies of the peoples of the past, I found these too were beyond the imagination to behold. During all of these different transmissions, the personalities and the intelligences would come and announce themselves very humbly. The only reason we were able to secure their names was in the value which it might mean to those who read the lines in the books as they will be published in the future. These people have long passed the point where personality, ego or individuality means anything to them and have supplanted it with the higher concept of inter-dimensional function.

I have a list of over fifty-two names (and it is not yet complete), of those who acted as guides to my explorations and who gave the descriptions and transmissions verbatim through my vocal cords on the recordings.

One of these great centers called Orion was visited next. It was devoted to educational endeavors and to the different ways in which educational systems and ways of learning are fostered and nurtured among the races of mankind. And here again I met a host of wonderful people. I was drawn to a great city which was called Helianthus. It was so named because it was laid out in the pattern of the sunflower, in thirty-three sections to correspond with the 33 Logi. Covering these vast, numerous sections was almost an impossibility and so I was more or less limited here to a visitation to but a few of these centers. I learned how the different students and adepts came and went to and from these different centers. I also saw the different educational systems, learned how they became purveyors of different sciences or arts of different types, or wisdom and knowledge which was found useful in the races of mankind. The prevailing color of this planet and of the space all about us was yellow.

My next visit was to the planet Shamballa, which has recently been named Unarius. It was here I saw the most remarkable city or rather an aggregation of cities. Here we found a huge cone-shaped crystal plateau with six different plateaus or elevations; the flat surface atop these was the seventh center. Corresponding centers were dedicated to integration and leadership. In studying these centers and learning of their services to the student, Initiate or Adept, one could see how he was wise to come to these centers to learn how he could use the wisdom and knowledge which he has incurred elsewhere in a useful way on a terrestrial planet. It is common knowledge that there are many great intellects in the world who never reach the point where they are recognized; where their talents are fully realized simply because they lack that one essential quality of leadership or integration of shall I say that it is simply a spiritual way of using psychokinesis. It means the difference between success and failure. You may go to the planet Muse and become a great musician or a great sculptor or a great artist in your evolution and in your soul flight. You may come back to earth and you may be like Franz Schubert and die at the age of thirty with your music portrayed on the wallpaper of your bedroom, or you may become like Ludwig Von Beethoven. The difference between success and failure depends upon the ability to learn the proper spiritual psychokinesis, the value of propagating or utilizing and extending the mind forces and the mind energies.

And so in those vast centers I found that they were taught in the laws of frequency relationship, as they linked themselves up to the other six different centers. On the top of this great pyramid of pure crystal was the seventh plane of Shamballa which was devoted to the art or the expression, or whatever you care to call religion, for the student who worships purely for the joy of worshipping. This seventh plane of Shamballa was called Elysium. Here I found the priests of the temples, the various people of many races and many creeds and many cults, all expressing their own choice of temples and in their own way, not only in the way they loved to worship and in the way in which they had learned to visualize and see the great Infinite Force of God, but they were also teaching these ways to others who were coming up this ladder of evolution.

So in all of these great centers and with all of this coming and going in these vast Celestial dimensions, mind is used to take the radiant force of energy to weave it to form the clothing and the garments, just as was described by Swedenborg. It is completely overwhelming to see buildings of all kinds and sizes and shapes, or all usefulness and all purposes, constructed in this manner, each tangible form was formerly an idea in form and perfection residing in the minds of people who had climbed to that point in their evolution in which they are all able to visualize and to bring into continuity and a conclusion, their understanding of the Infinite.

And so you can appreciate with me, when I picked up that little book last Monday morning and read there too, of another man who, two hundred years before, had seen and visited these same things. Perhaps he had not gone to these very same places and to the same extent (as there are many, many cities). Perhaps he did not come back with exactly the same description. But by and large, there is much too much similarity to be called coincidence. He also described the sculptured gardens, the buildings and the way in which people lived in these spiritual dimensions, just as I have seen them.

I have not spent time, as did Swedenborg, in the (as I call them) astral worlds, but perhaps in the future I shall do so. But I know something about them; I have seen so many of those people that I could give a very good description of them.

Here are a portion of the individuals who are residing in these centers and from whom I received these mental transmissions: first after Nikola Tesla, there was Leonard da Vinci; then I was confronted by Faraday and Kung Fu; William Shakespeare and Hilarion, who once was Krishna upon the earth. Robert L. Stevenson and Maha Chohan approached me next and one called Descartes; then Frederich Nietzsche; Mme Blavatsky, Lao-tse, Copernicus; Leeuwenhoek, Galileo, Lagrange, William James, Charles Peirce, R.W. Emerson, Darwin, Isaac Newton, Gregor Johann Mendel, Luther Burbank, Christian Huygens, Plutarch, Buddha, Maitreya, Athena, Kuthumi, Sir William Crookes, Alessandro Volta. Then came my meeting with Ming-tse, Pasteur, Washington Irving, Pythagoras, Eliason, Plato, Asoka, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Mozart, Omar Khayyam, Quetzalcoatl, Djwal Kul, Lord Calvin, Carrie Jacobs Bond, Zoroaster and Sister Teresa.

Of these and many others, we have captured even their personalities on the magnetic tapes which we treasure beyond words. There are many other Spiritual teachers of the past whom we are not enumerating here because the names would mean nothing to the average individual.

Thousands and thousands of people were there, some who had been great personages on this earth at one time or another. They are working in preparation for the time when the New Age will come, not only to the earth but to other planets as well throughout the great galaxies of this universe that are going through cycles of evolution similar to that of the earth. These people were learning the new ways, new methods and the new means of various interpretations, just as they had been learning in the various sciences and in the interpretation of the sciences in the five centers which I had just visited.

This great book shall be brought up-to-date and completed and the final chapter written on Easter Sunday. For this sacred ceremony in the centers in the Temple, has come the promise that my guide for this ceremony shall be Mohammed. The leader of all the Shamballas, (referred to in "The Voice of Venus" as Sha-Tok) who was once the man Jesus, will give the closing chapter of this series of books.

Now friends, I know that these things seem rather fantastic for they did even to me, and yet after a moment of thought it would be fantastic if it were otherwise, for are not all of the great souls who have formerly lived--not only upon this earth but who have associations with mankind on countless other earths and other spiritual planets--in a position, if they were so minded, in the general sense of humanity, to render their wisdom and intelligence through the means of spiritual inspiration?

On the planet of Venus, in their schoolrooms where the children and adults were taken during their sleep state, they were taught things which were of great benefit to them throughout their lives, even though they never remember those things the next day in their daily lives. Yet everyone was made richer. The lives of people around them were also made richer for their having been there. Their lives were saved many times from illnesses, accidents, and disease. This same process, more or less, is repeated throughout the seven different centers of this great universal Unarius. It has been very evident, during these numerous transmissions, in some of the daytime hours when the affinity and the closeness of all these things was temporarily gone, that I too would wonder whether I had seen these things and whether they could factually be true, (being a scientist by nature), but spirit always gave me the answer in the affirmations in numerous ways. They brought many demonstrations and proofs to convince me that they were true. Ruth was staunch, she needed no proof; she was able to accept them literally. But I was always prodding and prying; I had to know and so when I read Swedenborg Monday, I knew.

Now I am sure there are many things I have merely skipped over but they can be read in detail when the books are printed; the first volume, "The Voice of Venus", is now available to everyone. So it was apparent to both Ruth and myself and to others who are coming into our contact that this is a great and monumental effort, for a conglomeration of hundreds of thousands of great minds of very advanced human beings are concerned with the lower orders of evolution of mankind. They are concerned not only because it is the natural sequence in serving mankind--it is to serve the Infinite best. But there must always be, in the great Infinite Mind and Understanding, that continual movement of continual progress--that continual evolution which all things go through, not only in the atomical substances as has been shown to you here, but it follows through into the planets and into and through the solar systems themselves. It follows through even into the Celestial Mansions, as we have seen Jesus ascend into another dimension (after two thousand years as the leader of Venus), which was of a higher dimension. And we also saw Him return into the higher spiritual planet of Unarius as the new mentor of all.

And so we know that evolution continues there too, and evolution progresses ever onward and upward. They tell us that there is no end until this evolution. These great ones come to us most humbly, for they can see, just as we can see, and they claim no greatness, that they are just as we, that no man is greater because he has advanced farther along the path of Light. He only becomes a far greater servant to the Infinite and humanity. And nearly any one of them would know how to turn water into wine or feed a multitude of five thousand with a few loaves and fishes.

Many of these great Masters and Lords have walked upon this earth in different disguises and in different ways. We have known them by such names as Buddha, whether he was the Gautama Buddha or one of the several other Buddhas. Then there is the Krishna, Zoroaster, Jesus, Mohammed and a great number of others--Adepts and Masters who have come down to walk our earth and to bring spiritual guidance and teachings to the material planes.

So this, friends, should give you an idea of the mind and the force and the spiritual integration of the great conglomeration of the great and Infinite Wisdom which is behind the evolution and of which the earth itself is only one very small part. Even the Universe itself is passing through an age and some day too, every one of you, friends, will learn, if you haven't already done so at the present time, how people live in these wonderful, beautiful dimensions which are sometimes referred to as Heaven. And as you go out into these astral and spiritual worlds, as Swedenborg called them, you will see people there living without the sense of time, as we have it here. There people clothe themselves with the Infinite radiant energies. As Swedenborg puts it: "The Lord gives them their clothing" and so what is the difference? Their houses are beautiful beyond description. They do not need to eat food nor do they pamper their bodies as we do. Instead, they bathe in radiant energy fountains of pure crystal. They breathe through their minds, the pure food of the Infinite Wisdom. All these things I have seen and many more.

Thank you, dear ones. We shall now take this time to answer any of your questions on this discussion, or the ones we have given previously.

Q - Could we not use various colored lights and help mentally disturbed persons through vibration of color?

A - You can do anything if a person will believe in it!

Q - Without believing? I mean.

A - No, you cannot heal anyone with anything unless they first believe. First there must be the threshold of perception. Somewhere up in the spiritual dimensions, you may go out on some astral plane during the night when you have some physical ailment that needs curing and you have had no success with the medical men. So you go out into some astral plane and they tell you what can be done. They show it to you spiritually, so then in your Superconscious way--subconsciously through the processes of your mind--you link yourself up to such a relationship here on the earth plane or you believe that someone can cure you. You go to that doctor or person and will be healed, even though he may only give you some salt tablets. That is really what faith healing is; we have to start first inside before it can start elsewhere.

Q - In other words if I believe in this paper, it could heal me?

A - You could tear it up and put it on your cereal for breakfast and if you believe it, it would heal you. If you believed in it strongly enough, yes, and that is what it actually means for you cannot do anything unless you first have faith. We have to believe in anything before we can know it can happen.

Q - Conversely then, could it be that which is holding many people back from progressing because they have habit fixations of thought that hold them from believing?

A - That is true; and a little later on we will go into exorcism and obsessions and you will hear how these thought form bodies hold people down and how they attach themselves to the psychic. We will tell you how they have incurred what the psychiatrists call psychosomatic processes and psychic shocks which were incurred in the psychic bodies. They build up thought patterns around these persons and they become very obsessive. You know you can actually construct an ogre for yourself that will dominate your whole life and will do so for hundreds years unless you learn how to tear that thing down and reconstruct it from positive energies.

You know all the devils in hell were not born; many were created out of the thoughts of people, if we can believe in the subastral dimensions or hells.

Q - Are there such places?

A - You know, I personally do not like to think about such things; it's probable that there are but the more I can keep away from such a concept, the better I like it. However, we do know there are organizations of left-hand path workers and entities. It is rather an abstract equation. We say the Infinite (God) has become sinful simply because we're using the Infinite as a necessary ingredient of expression or experience simply to learn something better as a basic or a foundation! If we go out here and so some overt act which is sinful and we realize our sin or error and we make a resolution not to do that anymore, that is repentance. That gives us a firm foundation so that we can put our foot upon that and that experience will not harm us further. Then that experience has been good. It has brought something good into our life which we apparently could not get any other way. So then how could we say whether the Infinite (or God) is sinful or whether He is always good, because we use God according to our threshold of perception because Infinity is part of us and working through us. That is how we are expressing these things infinitely and abstractly.

Q - As the universes keep constantly expanding, etc., why is it they do not intermingle with one another? What is it that keeps them apart like that?

A - Well, you see when you get upstairs and when you get a little further along the line, you will be able to see these things as I am trying to explain them to you on the blackboard. They integrate themselves according to frequency relationship--not according to whether you are male or female or whether you must go to a certain school or obey certain social structures and go along with the protocol of this material world. You automatically link yourself up and conceive the whole universe according to your ability, according to your frequency vibration. It is much different than it is here. Those are the things we are trying to teach here before you get up there. That is reverting back to our concept here of knowing about these things up in the spiritual worlds and then coming down here and learning how to use them in this plane.

Q - Palomar Observatory can take pictures of those worlds; can they actually see them?

A - They take pictures of the terrestrial planets, the terrestrial suns, but they do not take photographs of the spiritual planets because even though we picture the universe as some huge vast maelstrom of energy with countless trillions of suns and solar systems, it is comparatively very widely separated; it is not dense at all and within that are constantly expanding and contracting universes. In fact, that entire universe itself could only be one atom in the whole great big cosmic whirlpool that is beyond your concept. That whole universe that takes light something like 100,000 light years to travel from one side to the other at 186,000 miles per second is but one tiny little spot, as one atom in the mind of the Infinite. And there may be hundreds of billions or trillions more such atoms and universes; you can see how big it becomes!

Q - Perhaps most people have no conception of what the word infinite means?

A - No, they do not have. That is indeed true, because the Infinite is so infinite that we here are more concerned with introspection or the relationship and the elements that come into our lives in what we call the threshold of perception as experience. And in getting back again to this, I shall revert back to these concepts until we get them home to you because we have to learn one thing at a time, for as Kung Fu says, "The longest journey starts with the first step." So we must learn these things along that pathway of life as they come to us; it is how we have determined them as infinite quotients in our life cycle because they are the exact polarities of the spiritual knowing. But we have to interrelate them into our lives through the terrestrial or the material plane through evolution, otherwise they do not mean anything to us because we function just as the Infinite does--the two polarities; we are oscillating back and forth--reciprocation.

We are trying to get these things all down in the printed form for you; and incidentally, the results that we are obtaining in putting these concepts into diagrams are quite remarkable for these abstractions are not the easiest things to bring down into this dimensional form, but we are drafting them so you can get a comprehensive understanding and I think the two ladies are doing a remarkable job on this.

Q - Is it the magnetic attraction that keeps two stars apart?

A - Well, this subject is not along the lines of tonight's work, but what you are talking about--there are forces of attraction and repulsion which are based on these laws or principles of frequency relationship as I have explained to you. The forces which hold the earth in its orbit around the sun, just like other planets, are the same forces which control all the movements of all the stars and suns throughout the universe. We might call them centripetal forces and centrifugal forces, but actually they are obeying these lines of magnet structures which stem from the central vortex because in those magnetic lines are certain very intelligent quotients; they are the determining forces of the Infinite Mind which keep these things revolving. They are the same forces that the flying saucers use, the spaceships use. Out of this little envelope of air we have around this world and right on down through this world for that matter, are tremendous forces; forces about which the scientists today know nothing. They have no concept of them. They are the same forces which hold the atoms in the earth and which hold the earth in its orbit, which hold the sun in its own particular orbit, as the suns proceed at the rate of about 3000 miles per minute outwardly toward the periphery or the rim of the vortex of the universe, leading its little cluster of planets like a mother hen leading her chicks.

Q - Then if man would be so foolish as to upset the equilibrium of this planet earth, won't that affect it from then on and other planets as well?

A - Well, it might affect seriously, all dependent upon the severity of upset, etc. If we could create some kind of a great cosmic vibrator and project it and change the earth back into its trajectory, we'd be very foolish to do that, but as far as affecting the other planets, there would be some effect; that's quite possible. It's like pulling a nail out of your foot or pulling a tooth. I doubt whether that would be feasible simply from this standpoint; when man becomes intelligent enough to such things as to move the earth, he'd be intelligent enough not to do it. If we give the scientists these principles today, it would be like giving sharp knives to babies because sooner or later someone would get those secrets who was not of the mental caliber of Oppenheimer.

Q - On the same basis, would not the Higher Minds prevent atomic wars and keep us from destroying everything here?

A - That, in itself, requires analysis and in such concept is that which we call our own birthright if you care to put it that way; it is based on our own threshold of perception. In other words, if we come into these worlds for the benefit of our experience--and which we do--it is our birthright to go through them. When anyone comes along with the pathway sufficiently far that he is trying to be directive, he points the way and teaches truth but he does not become a dominating or controlling intelligence with those whom he is trying to teach. Man can always use this choice--for it is the experience and the lessons gained from these experiences whereby he really learns to become a more intelligent person. The Higher Spiritual Forces never dominate the minds of others against their will.

Now, may the Infinite Blessings be with you.


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