Lesson 9 New Age Psychiatry, Obsessions, Fundamental Elements of Man's True Spiritual Nature.

Greetings from those of Unarius.

Tonight's lesson will be given on the New Age Psychiatry, and will be moderated by Charles Peirce, William James and Pythagoras.

It is largely conceded in this day and time, that we are living in a highly developed or scientific age. With the various modern ways and developments of science about us, our systems of communications, travel, and various other mechanical and electrical devices and other impedimenta, as well as great strides in the field of medicine, it would be reasonable to suppose that these things should have brought to mankind some sort of a Utopia or some degree of advancement whereby he could realize something of greater Spiritual as well as mental and physical life. However, there are many indications which belie these general beliefs.

Speaking of the so-called civilized world and especially of America, one might say that from all indications, mankind as a whole has not yet come to the place where he has fully adapted or adjusted himself to this rapid stride of advancement in the fields of science and technology. Because these very rapid advancements have brought about great pressures from within and without the consciousness of every individual, many people have within themselves many vague fears and maladjustments which rob them to a large degree of the joy of life which otherwise should be theirs. That we have many indications of these many things is quite apparent.

Through our various systems of communications, we are constantly reminded that one person in four will die of cancer and that if you are able to walk you are urged to solicit, and if you are able to earn you are urged to donate funds to such worthwhile charities as the Heart Foundation, Multiple Sclerosis, or Cerebral Palsy, or to various other charities. You are also cautioned to see out your doctor regularly, to have cancer examinations, to have X-rays for tuberculosis and you are given various other reminders. These are all indications--they are straws in the wind. While we can say that science and medicine have alleviated man to a large degree from some of the old plagues of the past, such as smallpox and various other decimating diseases which swept the earth from time to time, yet our civilization has created new and increasingly heavier pressures.

In view of all this, it is rather strange that very little if anything is ever mentioned about the actual number one problem of health. The number one problem of health is not strictly organic, nor does it concern the tissues or organs of the human body; instead it is the problem of mental health. While the current available statistics at this time are incomplete and rather sketchy, we can draw for ourselves a sufficiently enlarged picture to give us some idea of the seriousness of this problem of mental health.

Beginning with state mental institutions, we find that there are over 500,000 people who are incarcerated as hopelessly insane from various advanced types of mental aberrations and who can be said to be in the last stages of these mental diseases. However, this number is but a small portion. There are something like two million hospital beds in either private or publicly-endowed institutions throughout this great country. About sixty percent of the hospital beds are filled with patients who are suffering from some sort of mental aberrations. Sometimes these conditions are further complicated by physical appearances of the advanced forms of these aberrations. Add to this number several million more people who are residing in sanitariums and institutions which are privately maintained. We must also consider a large number of people who are in the advanced stages of mental sclerosis which is called senility or old age, in which an otherwise normal person loses his normal cohesive factor in relation to himself.

We have not yet considered that there are six million chronic or advanced alcoholics in this country and that this too is a type of mental illness and starts primarily from maladjustment, negativity, insecurity, fear and problems such as obsession within the individual. There are also several million more who are addicted to narcotics or other drugs. We find various other types of mental aberrations confined in the penal institutions, whether they are city, county, state or federal penitentiaries. So all in all, totaling these figures, we arrive at a very staggering total.

One group of statisticians estimated that there are over twenty million people in the United States who are suffering from mental sclerosis in one form or another. Another group published the fact that one person in ten is in very drastic need of psychiatric treatment. One eminent psychologist states that one person in every three should have immediate psychiatric adjustment.*

Now in painting for you this very drab picture of our problem of mental health, it is quite indicative that something is sadly lacking. Going behind the scenes in our hospitals, in our clinics, and in our psychiatric centers of healing as they exist today, to study these methods we will observe almost immediately that these institutions present a creditable appearance with their vast amount of scientific impedimenta and apparatus for the so-called determination, analysis and eradication of mental aberration. Yet, as a whole, the psychiatrist of today does not really know what causes these mental aberrations.

*These percentages and figures were given (written) in 1956 and now at the turn of the century have all increased immeasurably!

I have before me a book called "Great Psychologists". It was published in 1950 by a very eminent New York Psychologist. It lists some fifty or sixty well-known contributors to the psychological and psychiatric sciences which exist today and are being practiced and used by the modern technicians of this time. I have searched this book but have failed to observe the words "obsession", "exorcism", "entity", or similar other terms which might be used in the spiritual relationship of man in these concepts. They are strangely lacking; this, in view of the fact that this book goes back to the 16th century to the time of Rene Descartes and Helmholtz and to various psychiatrists of the Middle Ages who brought something to psychology as it is practiced today, realizing that in those days of Medieval Europe, as everyone knows, there was considerable witchcraft, sorcery, etc. We know it was almost a daily occurrence in many of the cities to have someone burned at the stake for the practicing of witchcraft or sorcery. The Holy Roman Empire of the Catholic Church was very strict in its observance in any deviations from everyday life. They usually followed by meting out a very swift punishment by burning the "witch" or "sorcerer" at the stake.

It is not possible to conceive that psychologists such as Helmholtz, Descartes, Watts, or others would eliminate from their writing such technology as related to the time and place which would include witchcraft and sorcery and deal with these subjects as they saw fit. In listing William James, to point out a further deviation in our modern psychiatry, we find that James lists something like twenty-four different types of instincts. About fifteen or twenty years later, Sigmund Freud came along with his denunciation, and said that there were actually only two instincts--sex and the will of survival. The great Swiss psychologist, Karl Jung, added another or third instinct, and very bravely so, the instinct of gregariousness--or the "herd" instinct.

Today, as the situation exists, the word "instinct" in psychiatry is practically taboo. Instead, they have substituted another word which is called "mechanism". So briefly speaking, every individual as he exists upon the earth today is purely a creature of biological circumstance. You came into the world because your mother and your father had little germ cells which contained chromosomes. When these were emitted, they produced a child, or you, so that as you came into the world you were influenced by two dimensions of interpretation--heredity and environment. So all that you are today is a result of these two elements or factors. Supporting this modern psychiatry, it is easy to see why we have so many mental derelictions and aberrations at this time.

In order to find out how far present-day psychiatry has deviated from the true course of truth, let us go back in the pages of history to the time of Ancient Egypt to what is called the Hermetic Sciences. Here we shall find that people lived from day to day and from age to age under the teachings of the priesthood of the temple; or the metaphysical sources which related them to the spiritual world which existed as the science called exorcism. When you became ill from any cause, either physical or mental, exorcism was called upon. The true cause of the disease was determined largely from the contents of your being as it was presented. This was also true in India and other civilizations which existed at different times. Coming down to more modern times, shall we say, 500 years B.C. at the time of Plato, Pythagoras, Archimedes, Socrates and others, here again we find their works were large compounded of numerous references to spirit, obsessions, exorcism, and to casting out of evil spirits or devils which possessed people. It is well known in Christian dogma or fundamentalism that the very tenets and precepts of Jesus' mission on earth was founded upon exorcism. He taught his apostles and disciples this wonderful science. We are all quite familiar with how He cast out the devils from the man in the cemetery and how they cried out against him until He told them to enter a herd of swine; and after doing so, they ran down to the Sea of Galilee and cast themselves into it, as the Bible claims.

Coming into the more recent medieval history of Europe at the time of the Renaissance or the Age of Reformation, again those who interpreted their works, whether they were poets, literary giants, or in whatever fashion they aired their various views in the world, here again we find numerous references to man's relative position in regard to the spiritual dimensions. Milton, in "Paradise Lost" and "Paradise Regained", gave much in the poetic form of an association with the spiritual dimensions. Numerous other philosophers and scientists of that time were wont to give great references to these things. However, they were very cautious in these interpretations, as their writings could bring down the dire judgment of the Holy Roman Empire upon them. So it is very evident at this time that the greatest portion of our human relationships which concern our origin and our evolution through the various and numerous cycles of our lives, has been completely eliminated from our modern psychiatry. We have been stripped and denuded of the very essential and vital elements of spirituality. To the modern psychiatrist, it is a problem whether or not you even possess a soul! As to the man Jesus, He is largely a parable. His teachings and his exorcisms too cannot be substantiated; perhaps a myth or some such vague interpretation.

Getting down to cases, as has been explained in our past lessons in this class we are primarily considering man, not as a biological creation, a product of sex impulse, but as a spiritual creation, motivated by the highest precepts from within the mind of the Infinite. Man is evolving down through these terrestrial dimensions for the purpose of the various experiences incurred, is taking into himself the necessary quotients and ingredients which will enable him to progress further into higher spiritual dimensions and thus to lead a more spiritual or a more abundant life. We could say also that his ultimate destination, if there could be an ultimate destination in the evolution of man as an individual or as a collective mass, would be very godlike in nature. He would express outwardly and inwardly all of the elements of the essential ingredients which are contained within the Higher self, all the infinite conceptions born of the vale of experience.

Man today has been robbed of his birthright. He has been robbed of the faculty of relating himself with his true spirituality. In the past several years, and particularly during the last few months, I have come in contact with some very striking examples of what our modern psychiatry is doing for this modern day and generation. I recall for instance, one woman in particular, who came to me for aid (accompanied by another person). She hardly dared drive her car without help. She was very confused; she had been under the care of a psychiatrist and incidentally, a very moment one at the rate of $25.00 per visit (once a week), for over a year's time. She had been told by him that she was hopelessly mentally ill; she was unable to care for her four children, do her household duties or even to think in a normal way. He informed her that she could expect a nervous breakdown at any moment. Her husband, incidentally, is a professional man.

My first task was to rebuild her confidence within herself and to tear down the false ideas of negativity which had been instilled in her mind. The next step was to place in her mentality the time, place and manner of the incursion of her illness. The next step given to her, the experience which caused her loss of direction or lack of cohesiveness, was in a previous lifetime while she was living in New England in its early days as a Puritan girl. She wandered into the woods in search of berries, became lost, and perished. So this psychic shock and fear was impinged in the energy vortexes of her psychic self, which she carried down into her present life. This knowledge placed in her mind immediately relieved the condition and she no longer suffered loss of direction.

Further and subsequent investigations into her Akashic revealed other complications of intense fears which were likewise removed. Today she is a very well and normally-adjusted person. She is caring for her home and family very successfully. This recovery all came about from seeing her only twice and the healing within a few weeks. In fact, she drove her car home for the first time immediately freed of her fears.

Coming directly to the problem of obsessions and to the manner in which a person compounds within himself the various obstructions of our present-day highly-pressurized system of life, these things in themselves are so highly productive of neurosis or psychosis that rarely, if ever, do we see a person in conflict with emotional deviations that he is not in some way, to a lesser or greater degree, obsessed. In fact, there is not one person in the world today suffering from a chronic or advanced aberration, who was not or is not obsessed to some degree.

These statements are not only substantiated by my own findings, but are verified by Charles Peirce and William James in discourses from them and others which have been given to us by magnetic tape transmissions. They have explained and the subject has been gone into thoroughly by those two spirit collaborators that according to Charles Peirce, we have two types of mental aberrations or obsessions.

One type is classified as the thought form obsessions or self-constructed obsessive forms. The other type can be classed as discarnate entities. If we refer back to our lessons on frequency or harmonic relationships, we shall find that in our understanding of chord structures, we see how the different energies in their translations as wave forms link and re-link themselves with various dimensions of translation. We must thoroughly understand this principle because it will enable us to see how one becomes obsessed, either from one or the other of these obsessive influences. Peirce further explained that although a person may be thoroughly saturated by thought-form obsessions, the condition is usually further complicated by outside or disincarnate entities from other dimensions.

A thought form obsession is one which is constructed by the person himself individually from some of the great psychic pressures from within or without himself. He can dwell many days, weeks, months, or years upon a negative sequence or happening in his life so that he will actually create for himself a monstrosity of energy which exists within his psychic body. We have often heard the story of the Frankenstein monster, how the scientist in his experimentation succeeded in transplanting into his mechanical man, certain brain structures and other organs from some human who had died, but when the machine was activated by electronic impulses, the monster rose up and destroyed his creator.

Likewise many a person has created for himself a Frankenstein monster. These obsessive influences are the most difficult and stubborn to remove because they have been constructed from mind energies; in fact, the very life principle of the individual himself. To tear these thought form obsessions from the individual requires a great deal of patience. In one of the great centers of Unarius, I personally witnessed an operation conducted by Pythagoras in which he used electrodes and electronic equipment to separate the psychic bodies of a mother and daughter.

The story goes like this: this mother died of cancer. Before she died, she spent a year in a very obtuse state of consciousness; hell--if we may call it such--fearful of the time she would die. So the daughter, who was very close to her, became steeped in the same fearful negativity. At the passing, the daughter, of course, mourned for a long time. The mother likewise could not leave the immediate domain of consciousness of the daughter. So the two psychic bodies became very firmly entwined. The energies merged. About two years later, the daughter began suffering vicariously from the same symptoms of cancer. It was inducted through the hypothalamus into the tissue substances of her body. After being informed by her physician that she was correct in her assumption that she did have malignant cancer, she jumped from a ten-story building as a suicide. So this problem confronted the doctors and scientists in the therapeutic centers of Unarius, for through the thought projection of the daughter's husband, these two interwoven bodies were brought into the operation rooms and after a lengthy period of careful manipulation with long prongs and electrodes, the bodies were finally separated from each other. Then they were taken to other centers for convalescence, where energy beams were directed upon them to bring their psychic bodies back into their proper structures so that they could again reincarnate into the earth dimensions in order to exercise their prerogative of experience.

In future discussions we shall probably go deeper into the problems of obsessions, whether they are spiritual obsessions or alcoholism, narcotics or sundry other obsessions which will confront the individual in his daily life span through the various planes and dimensions. Because you people are here at this day and time, does not mean that you will solve all of your difficulties and differences. In future evolutions you will be confronted by newer problems which will tax the strength of your wisdom to the utmost. They will be problems which would, in this day and age, tax or stretch the outermost dimensions of your present concept. I can say these things so that you shall go prepared, so there will not be one among you who will not contain within the dominion of your psychic body, the necessary ingredients which will enable you to survive through these various impetuous dimensions of experience. In your relationship to these things, as you overcome them, you will be stronger.

You will be made whole and cleaner; and through the purging fire of experience, the dross is burned from you as the slag is drained from the fiery pit wherein the steel is melted, so this shall become the temperer of your soul. This shall become your own personal useful interpretation to your future man. You will see in these days and in future times, not yourself as an individual, but as an integrated factional and functional and functioning order of Infinite Intelligence which will express itself outwardly just as the Infinite expresses Itself within you. Then you will relate this inward expression of the Infinite in your outward dimensions. Man will thus come to know you and you will thus come to know man.

There is at the present time much literature, if one wishes to seek such literature, both ancient and modern, relating to ancient translations of various esoteric sciences as exorcism or casting out. The average student can become somewhat acquainted with these things by reading. Our purpose with Unarius is to explain these things to you scientifically, in the nomenclature of the modern day scientist, of the savant of this time. From these teachings we shall begin to build a future concept wherein those false structures of the subversive elements of negativity as they reside in the astral planes shall be torn down and voided, for truly, man is today--and particularly the people of America--suffering from derelictions and malformations of interpretation from the lower astral orders.

We do not need to fear that man will blow himself into a cloud of atomic dust, either do we need to fear invasions of spacecraft. These things have given the uninitiated or the unobservant person on the earth today something of a fearful consequence in his mind. But we need to be more aware within ourselves of the forces of negativity which are about us and are moving for the destructive purposes of mankind. It is safe to assume that our modern medicine and our modern psychiatry are struggling with these subversive forces, and that in this struggle while they may have fallen on one side or another on the path of truth, they must rise again, they must reinstate themselves. They must come back to the fundamental elements of man's true spiritual nature. The future scientist and psychiatrist of the world will learn and know all of these things which you people are being taught and he will use them for the benefit of mankind. For the hopelessly insane, incarcerated behind bars into screaming, raving masses in incurable humanity, we shall have ways and means, either through scientific instrumentation or with the aid of clairvoyant perception, to cure all of them. We shall not do so with the crude use of shock therapy which is in use today, but actual electronic instruments shall remove obsessions in a scientific and orderly manner. The patient will neither suffer pain nor consequence. These things are being done on other planets among other races of people in other dimensions. They will be brought into this world in their proper time when people require and demand that they be given.

As children, mankind will be taught the factual relationship of man's true spiritual self from within himself, so that there will not be incurred and grow up in this world these large masses of people who come under the classification of neurotic derelictions. In looking forward to that future day and that future time, perhaps some of you in this group will live and will teach these things; let us hope so. Let us be positive with that all-pervading, permeating, indwelling force of the Infinite which is within us, and this understanding shall exercise its true dominion of consciousness.

If there are any points not clear to you, we shall answer your questions on them.

Q - Where does the responsibility lie, with the psychiatrist leading people astray through lack of fundamental concepts or with the gullibility of the masses in responding to such inept teachings of the psychiatrist?

A - We might say that these things primarily were motivated from a lower order of astral forces. There is in common use and practice among some of the professions today, a great deal of dereliction by which the public is purposely exploited to the full amount of which it is possible to exploit them, either individually or collectively. There are some very honest doctors, psychiatrists and other practitioners but primarily, there is so much confusion and so much dereliction that it is almost impossible to give a direct answer to your question. Then we also have another factor involved in which we, the people as a whole, are largely to blame. That is the concept of clairvoyance or spiritual interpretation. Because of the separation of the third dimension from the higher dimensions and structures and spiritual realms, we do not have proper interpreters or proper mediums. Today they are associated, as far as the doctors or scientists are concerned, with black magic or with various other types of sorcery or witchcraft. The average spiritualist medium, as spiritualism is practiced today, is strictly a pseudo science. So we will say that the problem doesn't lie entirely with any particular individual or group. It is just an overall dereliction of this present day and present time which has been bred out of the pressures of this civilization. It bears much thought.

Q - Can people who understand things like black magic, actually cast a spell on a person or a curse over him, and if he didn't believe it could be done, could they still have this influence over an individual?

A - Practice of either black or white magic, as it is interpreted either in the ancient or any modern interpretations, is very real and factual. We can go into the jungles of Africa today and find witchcraft and exorcism and sorcery as it is practiced to a very high degree, and it is indeed very possible to cast a spell upon a person. We must realize that we have forces from the lower astral worlds all about us who are working in conjunction with these individuals. They obey to a certain extent or in a cooperative sense and will enter into the aura of the unfortunate victim and cause certain derelictions in his natural continuity of life. They may cause him to have an accident and lose his life or various other things may take place. He may incur diseases within himself.

Q - Could that be in a future life if it were impinged in his psychic body?

A - Indeed so; just as easily as any other of the numerous derelictions in his physical life, because everything is primarily pivoted upon the fact that it is psychic energy. On the other side of the picture, it is also applicable to white magic or constructive processes of psychokinesis, to project the mind to the good and the betterment of mankind. We will cover more thoroughly in the next lesson how to learn to use these mind energies for the benefit of other people.

Q - In black magic, could someone influence you if you keep on a higher plane?

A - No, indeed not. If you are on a higher plane, you are not influenced in any direct relationship as you would be on a lower or the same plane. The higher you get, the farther you remove yourself from them by your natural protective forces. You are also more attuned to the higher forces; but let us never forget that if you do slip, your consequence will be far greater by its intensity than if you were on a lower plane.

Q - Even when a person is hypnotized and the hypnotist tries to influence him for evil against his nature, wouldn't his higher self prevent the evil influence?

A - That is a commonly accepted belief, but it is not actually factual. A person can be influenced against his will under a hypnotic spell for the simple reason that a person does not have an actual cohesive interpretation with his higher self. Anyone who allows himself to be hypnotized is not a very advanced (spiritually) person. Such a person is usually suffering from some sort of a neurosis. He does not have a strong balance or a strong projection. When a person allows himself to be hypnotized, he is merely placing himself in a direct path of all the unknown and intangible elements of his own confusion. Any outside influences can push themselves into the unprotected aura. You may call it against the person's will because it may look evil and it may be evil, but these propensities were within the psychic self of the hypnotized person to begin with. He merely let down the bars on his corral and stepped out into the wide open spaces, often lower astral.

Q - If a person will not accept to be hypnotized, then he could not be, could he?

A - That is right. If you are conscious of what is going on, if you are strong minded and you use your willpower, you shouldn't be able to be influenced against your will. But the joker here is, if you are not clairvoyant, you cannot see all these so-called invisible forces which come to you--into your aura and come to you in your sleep state and various other ways. And, believe me, I know. They can come in many disguises. They come even disguised as good.

Q - Are we going to hear in a future lesson how to protect ourselves from these things, as obsessions?

A - Yes, we will tell you how to form proper contacts with the higher spiritual forces; how to discern, even if you are not clairvoyant. You can feel it inwardly. We shall tell you how to do these things so you will have the necessary protection. When you are on the path of Truth you must have plenty of protection. We need to know integration from many different ways.

Q - Is this practice, as was mentioned in Africa, of black magic, of influencing one to fear, similar on a lower plane of evolution to the so-called brain washing on a higher plane of the present day? The effects seem similar.

A - To a large degree and in a general way, yes. Brain washing means that the operators are subjecting the individual to a successive or a repetitious sequence of certain conceived elements of personal thought or integration to such a point that he ceases to think or function normally in his mental way. It is the same principle as waving your arm up and down until your arm becomes so tired you can't raise it anymore. The victim comes to the point where he has no more memory and consciousness. That process is called brain washing. The same process in somewhat of an advanced form is used in hypnosis. But hypnosis does not usually have a lasting effect simply because hypnosis is only a temporary state of suspension. The hypnotic influence doesn't really rectify or go back into the psychic self because it is not constructed on highly founded spiritual principles.

Q - What do you do when the influences sneak up on you?

A - That will take a lengthy time to go into and will come in another session. It is a big subject in itself. Everyone who is advanced in Truth has a little back door where astral entities or their influence sneaks in sometime in our daily life, in our relationship with the outside world. It is very necessary to keep a balanced life. I do not approve of people who put on a sheet and who find a cave in the hills and build a wall about them and live on squirrels and berries. We must have a proper relationship with the outside world. That is where our little back door is. We must be very discerning with whom we come in contact, and we must have our forces of protection and learn how to relieve ourselves of these conditions when they are incurred. More later will be given on these things.

Q - Can anyone in the same dwelling influence others there?

A - Yes, everyone influences everyone else. We must realize that; we all have a radio sending and receiving set in our heads or brains. We are always sending and receiving, even though we are not conscious of it. We are tuning into their waves, even though we are not aware of it. These things are done through that which the psychiatrist calls the subconscious mind; so people can always influence us. We are attuned to hundreds of thousands of people, those living or those who have gone on into the spiritual realms.

So dear ones, these things will help you to realize the universality of the Infinite.

Until next week, receive the blessings of Unarius.


As to the question regarding the akashic records and as to the function thereof, it is quite a common one. We shall give you the basic principles of the operation of the past life readings. The process is usually a two-fold process, functioning primarily in the same manner as a radio or television. Certain wave lengths are picked up in the mind of the channel; with these wave lengths, he is enabled to see within the psychic body of the individual certain vortexes of energy which are actually millions of tiny wave forms. These wave forms all convey certain impulses which are re-created as pictures in the mind of the channel.

The secondary part of this process involves the help of certain Spiritual Beings who are called moderators. These are especially trained persons who help to clarify picture presentations and many other necessary functions while the reading is taking place, protecting the channel from false entities, and most important, presenting and projecting through into the channel's mind certain Spiritual polarities of energy which are the exact counterpart of each scene being viewed by the channel from the psychic body.

The ability to thus read life records requires a channel who has been highly-trained in the Spiritual worlds for this specialized work. There are a few isolated instances where persons have been used as channels who did not have all the necessary training. They were therefore placed in a trance condition and the vocal cords of this body and subconscious mind were used by the spiritual operators to do the diagnoses or readings, such as the work of Edgar Cayce.

To properly give life readings, just as in every other form of Spiritual transmissions or mediumship, requires many elements which can only be acquired through thousands of years of concentrated training in the Spiritual words. No one acquires these abilities as gifts. There are no gifted healers or clairvoyants, or any other purveyors of spiritual sciences. There are a few who are temporarily separated from their conscious mind while the work is being done by others and later when the individual returns to the body, looks about, sees the results of the work and tries to crown himself with glory.

True mediumship in any form must be worked for and trained for. When one is so properly trained, there is no trance condition or separation. This properly-trained person knows what is taking place about him at all times, even though he may be speaking words which come from the mind of some great Avatar in a Celestial world.

Healing, too, is one form of Spiritual transposition which is thoroughly misunderstood. When you hear someone say, "I am a Spiritual healer or a faith healer", usually that person does not understand all the mechanics involved in corrective therapies. We must remember, to better understand, that a person is oscillating on a wave length frequency back and forth between his conscious and his subconscious mind, this so-called subconscious is only the actual part of the psychic body which contains the wave forms which portray experience.

The governing quotient of energy, as an opposite polarity, is being constantly reflected into these psychic structures from the superconscious, which in turn through frequency, is connected to the Infinite supply.

When a person is healed by faith or spiritually, merely means that this person has externally objectified his conscious mind in the faith effort, either upon some person whom he believes can heal him, or in any other particular thing whether it is salve, water or medicine. In this active objective externalizing of his conscious mind he creates, by stopping temporarily the oscillation between the conscious and the subconscious, a favorable condition whereby the Superconscious can project or shine through as it were, into the physical mind and body and either partially or entirely remove any existing imperfections.

This process is carried on by everyone twenty-four hours a day and usually without their knowledge, as it is usually manifested as the natural life processes which keep a person alive. The Superconscious healing is quite naturally in a much more active state during the sleep hours, when a person's objective mind is not active but passive. That is why the normal process of sleep can rebuild and revitalize the body as in no other way.

*          *          *

It is truly said that each person is his own worst enemy and this is quite true when we consider, from the personal psychology viewpoint, the great web of fallacious thought patterns that an individual has woven for himself and in the weaving has become thoroughly enmeshed; the more he struggles, the more closely do the coils draw about him.

The "Father" of which Jesus spoke was the Superconscious Self which is within everyone and is the very well-spring of life for that person, just as it is in everyone. We all the Father within; Jesus also referred to this Father as the Christ-self. It is linked up through frequency vibration just the same as in television or radio, to all of the Infinite Intelligence of the great God Mind. We cannot go within to this Superconsciousness, this Christ or Father and accept or reject what is there and what we need by the standards of our thought patterns in which we have enmeshed ourselves. We cannot put the stamp of personal censorship on everything in God's Infinite Mind. If we say this is so, or it is not so, if we refuse to give up petty vices and various perversions in which most all of us indulge--either knowingly or unknowingly--then we are not approaching the Father within as little children.

Without these escape mechanisms, thought patterns and various mental and physical perversions which everyone has--only the best of us, those who have schooled themselves to go within and approach the seat of Infinity without the constrictions of these thought patterns--only that person can get what he needs and can be healed.

*          *          *


Learn to first visualize everything as energy, whether it is the vibrant light energies which make things visible about you or whether it is the co-called static energies which form the tiny solar systems, called atoms, in your body.

You must learn that either personally or universally to you, as everyone, life is a continual regenerative process of energy transferences. When you have mastered this concept and all of the ramifications which it contains, then you will be wiser than the wisest man on earth.

More than that, it will give you the answers to all problems, including self. It will dissipate the false ego structures of self which you have erected around you and instead, replace them with a conscious realization of the universality of man to man, nation to nation, world to work and to the Infinite Cosmos.

Within the concept of energy, there is contained all the values, all the ways and means to the process of life called evolution or reincarnation, not only for yourself but for everyone.

There are many other wonderful concepts contained in these lessons of self-mastery. To obtain true self-mastery does not mean that we purposely use our willpower to squelch all of the emotional content of our natures, nor should we be like the yogi who completely retires within himself and out of the world but instead, replace the strong undirected content of our lives with a constructive and a directive consciousness which links us with the higher self.

Yes, we could go on for many hours and enumerate dozens more of these wonderful concepts; concepts not viewed from a personal angle but an actual bibliography of ageless wisdom which comes directly through various channels from the Infinite Mind; time honored concepts traditionally handed down from one Avatar to another; truths which have elevated man from the status of beasts and have erected empires and have brought man his greatest blessings, given him the warmth and comfort of every secure faith which he now knows.

As Jesus said, "By their fruits ye shall know them", and by this He referred to many things, but basically, to the type of philosophy of life of any one particular individual.

If that philosophy bears only thorns of indiscretions, pain, suffering, personal recriminations, false ideologies, then indeed should that philosophy be changed for one which bears wonderful fruits of wisdom, fulfillment and attainments.

He will not reap the whirlwinds which are created by indiscreet perversions, sinful lusts, self pity and many other false concepts. His life will be full and fruitful, his pathway strewn with flowers, the air fragrant with perfume and every need will be fulfilled from the table of infinite supply within the house of the inner self.