The ABC's of Immortality

By Ernest L Norman

During the past many centuries and up to the present time, many religionists, evangelists and other religious groups have preyed upon and exploited the physically and mentally ill; in fact, every religion of the world, including the greatest of all Christian churches, are exploiting the masses of humanity with coercive tactics which are based upon the fears, insecurities and superstitions of these people who are ignorant of the facts of life.

They preach the false hypocrisy of intercession, the remission of sin, forgiveness by confessional, washing away the sins by blood, etc. They have literally and figuratively, partially or wholly hypnotized entire populations and nations into a semi-subjugated state of control through these coercive tactics. They use the false and assumed depictions from their so-called ‘holy’ books, and they have set themselves up in their priesthoods as the dispensators and the intermediaries of their false gods.

Sylvester I and Constantine - UnariusThere is no other human iniquity so depraved as that which capitalizes and exploits the human weaknesses of ignorance, disease and superstition

Yes, they have even clothed themselves in the so-called ‘divine vestments’ of a murderous and adulterous god, holding up the crucified image of this god's son as one who was conceived in adultery, attempting to clothe this iniquity in immaculate conception, a pagan ritual still believed in and practiced by the savages in the jungles; all this great iniquity is superimposed in our present-day society as the highest sustaining moral virtue which is demanded of all people in allegiance to the conformities of this society.

Strangely and paradoxically, the children of this great Christian church are told and taught they are born in sin—a direct reflection that sex is a sin—entirely contradicted in the necessity of human procreation; yet all of this, vile as it is, recedes and becomes insignificant when one considers the destructive and demoralizing effect on any human who allows himself by allegiance to this or any other church,to be robbed of his birthright of progressive evolution, for by making the priest or minister the conveyance of his spiritual and moral values, he has automatically ceased in any forward progressive evolution.

At What Cost?

He has relinquished the most cherished of his possessions—his birthright—to choose for himself the values of life and the exercise of his franchise as a human being to make of himself and his life what is predicated in the values of his evolution. Every human has the inalienable right to express his own quotient of life according to his position on his scale of evolution. This individual human expression is always a part of the total infinite expression. To usurp, to thwart, or change or adulterate any part of any human expression by any other human is to usurp, to thwart and misuse the net sum and total of infinite expression.

Again, the classical sparrow that falls by the wayside: if a sparrow's fall can be noted in Infinite Consciousness, then is not every other motion so noted? And if these expressions are changed in their most ultimate values as they concern individual human consciousness, then Infinite Intelligence is also changed so far as any and all elements and factors which are connected with this human; yet Infinite Intelligence remains absolute. Reborn with Unarius - Science of Life

The net sum and total of all human expressions remain in Infinite Consciousness as absolutes, not subjective to change. The change of values then which occurs in any human consciousness is his perspectus of values when they are reflected into his life as the motivating impulses and determinants of his life.

So far as Infinite Intelligence is concerned, any human has a more ultimate capability of expressing an infinite number and variety of lives. He could at the present moment be any one of a hundred billion people. Conversely, his past evolution could have also assumed any one of innumerable identities.

At this point you may think this is pandemonium.
Nothing could be further from the truth

As it has been presented many times, Infinite Intelligence is highly ordered and organized. The principles of Infinite regeneration automatically convey this total infinity of expression to any form or substance including man, which is an evolutional form in a dimensional perspectus. Any and all forms and creatures, including man, are automatically selective in their expressions and life concourses according to these well-defined scientific principles. This selective process is never intelligently conducted or made use of until knowledge of these creative principles become not only individual knowledge but actually a way of life, automatically lived with these creative principles ever in effect.

Being a Unarian with UnariusSuch a person, however, would be a Super Being and not a materialist, an earth-bound man subjective to the vicissitudes of emotional values constantly superimposed in every life transmission. In this material phase he is selective only on an emotional basis, not one principled in more ultimate creative values expressed by Infinite Intelligence.

Any person, therefore, be he a government official, an executive officer, a priest or a minister, does, to some extent in his particular capacity, usurp moral values as they concern individual expression.

There is, however, some justification to this system, especially in our present societies; as every human is subjected to emotional values, so every human likewise reacts and determines these values differently.

The difference in any human disposition is the net sum and total of his many past lives and the differences of the experiences so compounded in these past lives. Again this is Infinite Intelligence expressing itself infinitely in some small part in each individual human consciousness.

The Result Is ...

There is at this present time an attempt being made in this country to equalize all forms of human consciousness into a singular level, an attempt to vindicate a false religious assumption that all men are created equal. Up to this present time the net result of this attempt to perpetuate this false doctrine has been racial riots, mass demonstrations, even bloodshed and death. How much better it would be if all peoples could see the individual and racial position of human consciousness on the scale of evolution, to respect these various and different positions as expressionary elements and attributes to Infinite Intelligence and to see this Infinite Intelligence in action in every human; yes and even in every other form of life.


For if the sparrow that so falls is noted, so indeed are all other human forms of expression. To deprecate one such expression on any assumed material reactionary values is to deprecate Infinite Intelligence.


Any attempt to philosophize our past and present civilizations, their values as being either redundant or decadent in the prime motivating necessities of human existence, whether or not they are moral or amoral, should not be done without a more fully comprehensive perspective of Infinite Intelligence, of its many kingdoms and mansions, its infinite number and variety of forms, human and otherwise. Such values as are now in existence as expressionary forms of human conduct can be rationalized as born from out the necessity of this form in evolutionary transitions.

Religion, as it is now currently expressed in the higher echelons of our society, is still basically and essentially the same barbaric spirit worship practiced by jungle savages. The priest is only an evolutionary form of the witch doctor separated only by a few hundred or a few thousand years time.The priest is still using the same coercive tactics as does the witch doctor; he is still capitalizing upon the fears and superstitions of an ignorant people.

He does this not because he is more learned than his victims or that he is ‘divinely’ commissioned, for his god is as false as the god of Babylon. He is simply astute enough to become an executive part of a system which has, in one form or another, victimized man since the beginning

So long as there is a planet earth and it is peopled by humans, so will there be religions and political systems. They will assume many forms and be called by different names, but basically they remain the same. The intellectual level of any race of humans who so inhabit this earth remains comparatively stationary; the plus or minus of this level of intelligence amounts to only a few thousand years in his evolution, and only many countless thousands of readapted forms of consciousness which he began learning in the early stages of his earth world evolution.

Do not look for any great changes in the future; the intellectual capacity of any human always relegates him into the environment which is best understood by his particular intelligence. When that time comes, when he is more or less intelligent, he passes from that particular environment into that which is again the most suitable.

This is a built-in and inviolate law of evolution and as the earth man is still ignorant of the greater capacities of this law, he is still ignorant of Infinite Intelligence, so does he so contain the perspectus of his knowledge as the incumbency of his earth world life, and from this limited horizon he attempts to span the limitless reaches of Infinity with an intellect capable of living only in an earth world.

Unarius BrainToday he is busily engaged in fashioning rockets which he hopes will hurl him to the moon or some nearby planet. He thinks once he has escaped his terrestrial boundaries he will be able to solve the riddle of the physical universe or even life itself.

How senseless and foolish, for this is but a new contrivance in which he will attempt to circumscribe Infinite Intelligence within his limited earth world. Even more senseless if we remember the words of an Emissary from a higher world who said,

“Seek ye first the Kingdom which is Within”

You as a Unarian student have at your fingertips the means and the whereby, the pertinent knowledge, yes, and even well-regulated help from higher Advanced Spiritual Organizations to achieve and attain your own personal miracle.

The greatest of all miracles which could happen to any human is the metamorphosis of an animal-like earthbound material consciousness into the expanded consciousness of a Super-intelligent Being who lives and functions in the Celestial reaches of the higher worlds.