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people18We are excited you have an interest in becoming a Unarians United Community member. Because our membership has no cost, EVER, many may visit this site to distract students and add extraneous comments impeding the study of Unarius. We mean to minimize such efforts. Unarius students strive to apply the Unarius science by posting lessons-learned aimed to advance mankind spiritually.

Thus, we created a private area in the site where students may pursue their study of Unarius with other like-minded individuals and participate in an open, safe, positive and friendly forum less any dogmas or judgments. As such, we require anyone wishing to access this private area to apply for membership. The form below is where this simple registration process begins and most everyone is accepted.

After all, we want as many people as possible to share in all the wonderful things Unarius has to offer.

Why Register?

dogs1Registration ensures Unarians United Community students abide by our Standards of Conduct, enjoy a positive constructive environment, and participate in educational development. Students that do not adhere by these standards may be subject to private site access restrictions or removal. We hope that you'll agree this practice will enhance your enjoyment of this site, focus participation on Unarius and its principles, and provide a supportive environment for all. We believe it does exactly that!

So let's get started...