The Moon Flight (Viewed Psychically)

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The Moon Flight (Viewed Psychically)

The Moon Flight (Viewed Psychically)

Part One
The Apollo (# 15) space flight to the moon has just been completed and marks the fourth successful at- tempt by mankind to explore the surface of our sister planet. These space trips to the moon, together with others which have been made in more recent years, have brought to light some very important facts regarding the health and well being of astronauts or men when they go beyond the periphery of the Earth's atmosphere and gravitational fields. Principally; these facts involve certain chemical imbalances which occur in the bodies of these men as they travel through space. Calcium and potassium are not properly assimilated and the body, in turn, robs the bone structure of calcium to supply the need for this mineral in the metabolism of the body. Curiously enough, supplementing this imbalance by the intake orally of these elements does not reconstitute the balance and the long term effect of such imbalances could be greatly increased should the space flights continue beyond the limited number of days which man has succeeded in remaining aloft and away from the earth's gravitational fields.
All of this, of course, poses a great mystery to the scientists and those who are concerned with the health and well being of mankind, either in space or more directly involved with our environmental factors as we so find ourselves in our daily lives: These very important facts could be very easily solved and the mysteries cleared up should the scientists learn to recognize and begin to work with the different electromagnetic fields which surround the Earth and which are a part of the solar system; some of which radiate from the sun and others are of a more fourth dimensional nature which are actually the constituents of "inner" space which holds the galaxy together, forms planets and suns, and even is the motivating force as well as the constructive elements in the entire universe. However, the scientists of today are not aware of the multiples of the electromagnetic fields as they are concerned either with the solar system or with the universe, and so the factors of metabolism which are upset when the forces of gravity and other electromagnetic fields are temporarily suspended, will no doubt remain a great mystery until the scientist does become acquainted with these different electromagnetic fields.
Hand in hand, so to speak, is another curious phenomenon which is common to all people who inhabit this planet, and while you may not see a direct relationship between this phenomenon and traveling through space, yet the underlying principles are exactly the same. This phenomenon of which I speak is the variance in weight which every person has during a twenty- four hour period. All persons may weigh from one to five pounds lighter at 4A.M. than they do at 10 P.M. These fluctuations cannot altogether be attributed to the loss of water or common dietary influences, metabolic "burning" of food to maintain body temperatures, conversion of food to energy and such, during the course of the day. It might be surmised a person should weigh less at night before retiring than he would in the morning, but the reverse is always true. Now again, if the total proposition of the different spectral electromagnetic fields which surround the Earth and which are part of our planetary system, together with the galaxy and the universe, if man's relationship to these electromagnetic fields were more properly understood, all of these mysteries would again be resolved.
In order to understand, we will revert back to our original consensus of our electromagnetic fields as they exist either with the atomic constituents of our bodies or any other objects of the Earth, together with the many electromagnetic fields which surround the Earth. The chemistry or the metabolism of your body depends partially or wholly upon the relationship of these electromagnetic fields for this proper function and metabolism; that is to say, all atoms have an electromagnetic field. These atoms as they are compounded into molecules and cell structures, etc., again re-radiate a magnetic field which contains a number of harmonics which are actually multiples of the original vibrations which surround the electrons of the atom. Now, according to phase or frequency relationship, these different electromagnetic wave forms can either repel or can be inductive to others or can combine with them, or they can also remain in a somewhat passive state-a quiescent state-depending of course upon frequencies and the harmonics which are regenerated within them.
The total sum of harmonics as they are regenerated in any human anatomy form that has been commonly called in the ancient occultisms as the aura, are the radiating force fields which surround every human. It might be well to mention too, that this same aura surrounds every object on the Earth, even the stones upon the ground, or the mountains, the lakes, the oceans. In fact, the total Earth has a great and magnificent aura, this aura of course being composed of regenerative harmonics which have been regenerated in the general processes which are going on at any particular moment during the entire twenty four hour cycle, together with the existing electromagnetic fields.
The picture here is rather complex and involves the entire solar mechanics: the revolution of the Earth around the sun, the revolution of the sun around the central apex of the galaxy, leading its flock of planets like a mother hen with her chicks. And with all of these different movements of the planets, the sun, the galaxy, and on through the universe, you can naturally see that an infinite number of magnetic lines of force are constantly being intercepted, passed through, or being in some way regenerated as harmonic structures within the net sum and total of our earth fields.
The metabolism of any human anatomy, or for that matter, any living thing on the face of the Earth, depends as I have said, on certain primary relationships with the total electromagnetic spectrum of the earth, the solar system and the universe. This is what is meant when it has been said in the Bible that even a sparrow which falls by the way is noted, because the movement of any particle or even an atom in the total spectral composite as it is in the entire universe, will, to a certain relative degree, affect its position as an inductive or a repellent capacity to this total spectrum of the universe. It can therefore, in its effectuation, be said to relay or to inject a certain variable degree of relationship even to the outermost edges of Infinity. When this total harmonic interplay is more thoroughly understood and envisioned within your own mind, complex as it is, then this will begin to give you a key to solving these mysteries which are now puzzling the scientists of this Earth at this time.
The weight of your body, for example, be it 150 pounds or 180 pounds or whatever, that weight is totally dependent upon the gravitational field, and this dependency or the relationship of this gravitational field with the Earth's gravitational field is, of course, as you can see, a relationship between the inductive properties of the electromagnetic field of your body and that of the gravitational spectrum of the Earth. We must also take into account that there are numerous other different electromagnetic fields which surround the Earth, and all but two of these are totally unknown to the scientist of the time. He knows only of the gravitational field and of the magnetic field, such as it might apply to the common horseshoe magnet. The gravitational field however, still remains quite a mystery to the scientist, chiefly because he has not concerned himself with the electromagnetic properties of the atom which constitute any object or body on the surface of the Earth, yes, and even the different layers of the Earth or of the total mass of the Earth itself-that this inductive field is a force or induced force which has been generated by the total electromagnetic fields of the solar system, the galaxy and the universe-all done according to certain patterns generated in the principle of harmonics, and one of these harmonics comes out in the third dimension as the gravitational field.
So you see that as your aura fluctuates, as it does during the twenty four hour period, the weight of your body will also fluctuate because it is either more or less attracted by the gravitational field, according to the principles which I have described. The inductive principles which attract certain harmonics in the net sum and total of your electromagnetic field or aura are likewise tuned, so to speak, to those particular harmonics which constitute the gravitational field of the Earth. The same principle is involved in complete totality to the entire metabolism of the human anatomy. While the psychic anatomy, which every person has, relays the necessary information or the compelling intelligence to the many different cells, molecules, atoms etc., which keep metabolism going in this human body, yet the necessary movements within the atomic structures themselves, as they constitute molecules or cells, would not be possible unless they had their relationship and their necessary oscillation with these fourth dimensional electromagnetic fields.
This relationship is achieved constantly at all times through and with these different electromagnetic fields which I have mentioned, and as there are many thousands of them which, to some degree, can be said to be harmonically attuned or in a relationship with the cells, molecules and atoms which constitute your body, therefore their effect upon your metabolism can be quite readily seen. As you are sleeping, the metabolism of your body changes. That is why it is possible for you to rejuvenate your body much more successfully and completely during sleeping hours than it is during the waking period of your day. Also, many other accomplishments are achieved within your body, together with your psychic anatomy during sleep, which is not possible during the waking hours.
All of these functions are of course rebuilding, readjusting, recharging, renewing the different electromagnetic fields which are constantly radiating around the different atomic structures which constitute your body. You must remember that while your body is composed of countless trillions of atoms, yet the entire body is dependent upon the health and well-being of every single atom in your anatomy. And should one atom begin to fail, so to speak, that is, not to maintain its proper relationship with the total electromagnetic fields of the solar system, the Earth, together with the impelling intelligence or commands as they are reflected by the psychic anatomy, then this atom can be said to be cancerous, and it can affect other atoms. A number of atoms, as they comprise a molecule, are in turn, involved in the structure of a cell. This in-harmonic or lack of harmonic interplay, as I have described it, can regenerate a cancer.
Principally, however, we are concerned with the everyday factors of common living, such as they are expressed. So you see that by affecting the total metabolism of our body as it is involved during the sleeping state and toward 4:00 A.M. your weight will change. You will become lighter because the physical or that particular part of the aura of your body has somewhat less of a direct relationship or a pull to the electromagnetic field of the Earth. When you are awake and during the day, you regenerate a certain particular amount of physical oscillations in the total atomic structures of your body. These build up until about the time you retire at night so that your pull toward the gravitational field of the Earth is somewhat greater at that period than it was at 4:00 A.M. When you understand this somewhat clearly you will have solved this mystery which has puzzled scientists and doctors since almost the beginning of the bathroom scale.
It will also solve for you why calcium is taken from the bones of the skeleton of a man in weightlessness in space, or that potassium cannot be assimilated simply because of the relationships in the net sum and total of the different electromagnetic fields of these atomic structures concerned with the metabolism of the body, the calcium and potassium itself and the net sum and total of all electromagnetic fields of the solar system, the galaxy and the universe.
Now you can readily appreciate that this has been a rather difficult concept to explain; however, you must also rely upon other ways and manners in which you can take principles which I have described to you and Interject them into your daily life to explain why you have certain particular cycles of, shall I say, regression or progression in your own daily life; why some days seem to be better than others and vice versa. It is an expansion of this concept into what we will call planetary aspects which the astrologer of today relies upon. Here again, the astrologer is not conscious of and does not know about the different and numerous electromagnetic fields which are the composite of our solar system; neither does he understand, as I have described these electromagnetic fields to you, their effect upon the human anatomy or the psychic anatomy of every individual. Astrology therefore is invalid as it is so exercised today because it does not take into consideration the numerous other different factors which are relevant to your daily life on the planet Earth. That is the reason why any astrologer will tell you that astrology impels but does not compel. We are concerned in these compelling forces and motivations of your life and what makes it possible on this planet Earth.
As I have said, the total environment of any Earth world such as this is very hostile; it is hostile to life, yet strangely, this hostility in itself propagates and makes life possible on the basis that it selects the species according to the Darwinian principle of selectivity in its total evolution. Therefore, as a product of evolution, you as a human have learned to breathe the gas of the air even though during the first nine months of your life your lungs were entirely filled with water, and this water had to run from your mouth before you could breathe.
It will also explain to you, in understanding all of these mysteries as we are concerned in our evolution on this planet Earth, if we go into the basic factors which have not only made life possible, that they have engendered life and these principles have also constructed and reconstituted planets, suns and galaxies, etc. And I am speaking, of course, of the original consensus of principles as it involves the structures of electromagnetic fields, the harmonics which are therefore regenerated within the electromagnetic fields, how they apply to the inductive or to the repelling forces which make the difference between atoms, molecules, cells, human beings and every other form of life or any object on the Earth. You can very clearly see that there are no two objects on this Earth which are exactly similar in every respect.
Therefore, in the future, whether it is another space flight to the moon or whether you read in the local newspapers about other mysteries which men have discovered in their daily lives and what makes it possible on this planet Earth, you can then resort to the explanations which I have given you: the properties of the electromagnetic fields, their relationships to each other according to harmonic structures, and bearing this in mind, will give you a great and added amount of wisdom which will help you in your evolutionary climb into the future.
Part Two
It is only fair to note at this time that certain very important discoveries and developments have already transpired here among the scientific segment of humanity on the planet Earth. In Russia, for example, scientists there have made tremendous strides in what is more commonly known as ESP and as another factor in the total relationship of mankind in his life on the planet Earth, ESP is also made possible by the total electromagnetic spectrum of the fourth dimension. Notably in particular, a man and wife team have discovered what is known as the Kirlian effect. By using an oscillator-generator, working on frequencies between 30,000 and 40,000 kilocycles, certain objects animate and inanimate, life, plants, animals and even humans can be radiated to the extent that certain harmonics will be regenerated in the total auric emanations of their bodies, and these harmonics are photographed.
There are actually many thousands of photos of auras which relate to plants, animals, objects and people etc., and while this is a very important discovery and development which points in the right direction, there is still no indication that such explorations and discoveries will be pursued and followed into the adjacent fourth dimension, which is the seat and origin of all life, including the planet Earth and other similar untold millions of planets in the galaxy as well as the suns which warm these planetary systems and furnish power and energy to the life forms which are found on the surface of these planets.
Looking at our life here on Earth in sort of a totality, it could very well be said that any human, or any life form for that matter, is simply a little glob of energy in an infinite and great sea of energy wherein if we look at this energy closely and begin to resolve it into its dimensional form, we will see in the fourth dimension and all the adjacent dimensions, energy revolving in cyclic patterns and manners which are not comprehensible to third-dimensional minds. You, then, as a little glob of energy, moving about in this great sea of energy, can readily see that not only is your life here as you manifest it in your consciousness made possible by all of this energy, but that you are actually, at any given moment or any given time, merely relating yourself to anyone or a number of different wave forms in a phase relationship to this total sea of infinity.
In consciousness or in a physical aspect, this relationship must take place constantly at all times; you are inductive or you absorb this energy in much the same manner and fashion that a radio or television receiver would absorb the energy from the transmitter. The number, ways and manners in which you absorb or that you re-radiate energy are almost countless and without number-the absorption or induction into your psychic anatomy, into your physical body, into your consciousness, the re-radiation of different wave forms from the physical anatomy and your consciousness into infinity. You can therefore see that this is not only a complex picture but is one which must be, at least to some extent, understood.
Life without the physical body in any other dimension would not be possible unless you attained some of this understanding, and the degree in which you learn to understand will determine the net sum and total of your life in any of these future dimensions. If you have no comprehension, then your life without your physical body, without the correlative factors which I have described to you, will be absolutely impossible. It is your physical body and your conscious mind, as it is constituted in the brain cells, which number anywhere up to 50 million or so, which make your life possible here on Earth.
However, divesting your psychic anatomy of this body in the way in which it expresses itself in relationship to all of the electromagnetic fields of force in the totality of the interdimensional consensus, then you can readily see that your life could very well be nightmarish. You would live in a vague, suspended, dream-like state where you would resort to such memories as were contained in your psychic anatomy, and some form of consciousness would be made possible only on the basis of these dreams. In other words, life without your body in another dimension could very well be one big nightmare unless you possessed some knowledge of the many different factors which relate to harmonic interplay of the numerous electromagnetic fields of the interdimensional cosmos, which I have described to you. So therefore, persist and do not be discouraged that you do not assimilate all of this knowledge in a few days or even in a lifetime. Remember, the assimilation of this knowledge is your future; it could well last the next hundred million years or so before you would arrive into any kind of a compatible position whereby you could live a really good life in a higher dimension. And when you achieve that life, you must also bear in mind that the common factors which you find palatable and necessary in your daily life now would be entirely foreign and unknown to you at that time. You might even look back on them in sort of a telepathic way into the past as one might read his own Akashic record and you would wonder how you ever lived through being such a vegetative creature.
To further enlarge our prospective, therefore, on what has been discussed, it could be envisioned in another way: that as a human on an Earth planet, whether he is an astronaut, or Tom, Dick, or Harry, or whoever person he is, or for that matter, any animal, bird, tree, rock, etc., all life processes involved on this planet take place in what might be best described as a plasma; that is to say, the net sum and total of all electromagnetic fields which are concerned around the Earth, the solar system, the galaxy, the universe, as well as all other adjunctive relationships with the interdimensional cosmos, would form the composite of this plasma. The third dimensional constituents would of course be the harmonics and the more direct phase relationships which are third dimensionally inclined or expressed. In this specified and constantly oscillating space-earth plasma, the average person has, through evolution, learned how to conduct and live his daily life.
From life to life, each life has added its own individual measure and which has gone into the psychic anatomy-that energy body which is the second person or more properly could be called the first person, as the psychic anatomy, being fourth dimensional in nature, does not die but lives eternally. It also is dependent to a large degree upon certain infusions, I shall say, or direct radiations into, or being inductive into the net interdimensional cosmos. It finds within itself certain compatible relationships or frequencies which oscillate with, regenerate with, and totally build up with, and help to recharge from the interdimensional cosmos.
In common metaphysics, as is sometimes taught in earth world dimensions, it is said that God has created everything in infinite supply. Well, that is quite true; however, you must remember also that infinite supply and that Infinite Creation in whatever form you imagine has been done interdimensionally in cycular wave forms of energy. Each one of these large or small cycles contain within themselves certain idioms or quotients of intelligence, or they contain some sort of a form or embodiment which is of course, all as an oscillating component part of this cycle. It remains however for any individual consciousness such as is expressed in a human being, to incept this cyclic form and in a comparative ratio with his past that he can again re- manifest the intelligence or the quotient in this cyclic wave form contained in that cycle, into his daily life. For example; he may have, in a previous lifetime thousands of years ago, lived in a crude house constructed of stones on a hillside. Today, the same oscillating wave forms in his psychic anatomy could, when combined with a higher idiom or quotient of intelligence from a higher cyclic wave form in this oscillation from infinity, and combined with the two, develop into a much more modern house with indoor plumbing and all of the other amenities which are concerned with modern-day living.
Such is the way evolution is conducted. It is the constant re-induction or manifestation of the past into the present surface of consciousness, then added to with the infinite supply, or number of oscillating wave forms contained in an infinite number of cycles, and when so properly combined and expressed, become certain developments in the consciousness of each individual.
The sustaining motivations here, however, must always be remembered; that they are the past lifetimes; they are of the primary importance and no person can go beyond the precepts of what is being constantly radiated from his psychic anatomy and which is the determining factor of whatever he incepts or rejects into his daily life. A house, whether it is past or present, is a familiar object. Even though it was a hundred thousand years ago, it could still be, to a certain degree, a form sufficiently familiar to develop into a modern house.
So it is with the astronauts in space, when they are removed from all of the adjunctive oscillating electromagnetic fields which are concerned more directly with the evolutionary life on the planet Earth, then they become, to a certain degree, disoriented; their thinking is affected and it takes several days after they get back to Earth to adjust consciousness to the gravitational and electromagnetic fields of the Earth. Likewise, the same adjustments or maladjustments take place in the net sum and total of the chemical processes of the body or what can be considered to be the mineral metabolism of the body, such as in the assimilation of calcium or potassium. The same is quite true with all of the other inductions and processes which are concerned with our daily life, and we are concerned with them at any given time or any hour of the day, as can be seen in solar mechanics. There is a different relationship with the sun and with all other inductive or radiating sources in our planetary system at 4:00 A.M. than there is at 10:00 P.M., and you will have a somewhat different relationship to the total infinite cosmos on the same basis. Because of negative and positive polarities in harmonic structures, etc., as to your own particular position, your life, your thinking, your physical processes, all that is concerned with you will be affected to some more or less degree.
Yes, even wars and other types of human derelictions, famines, plagues, have been largely superimposed upon the facade of Civilization by the same interdimensional cosmic processes; the changing of the different relationships to all of these inductive processes throughout the interdimensional galaxy will even adversely or conversely affect the weather of the Earth. It will affect the demeanor, the attitudes; even the stock market is affected.
A far greater understanding of astrology is needed than could now be considered, nor are any of these facts presently involved in our present civilization; they are as yet almost totally unknown although they may be vaguely recognized in different expressions such as extrasensory perception, mind telepathy, telekinesis and other factors of human expression which are still almost unknown to the present earthman.
In the future, many of these different aspects of life will be entered into more thoroughly and will be explained to you on the same basis of phase relationships, harmonic structures, isochronisms, and such, as it totally involves the infinite cosmos.